I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 441, the most lonely person in the world

"Are you in ... Should I humiliate me ?!"

The face of Unecho Sasuke flashed a angry!

Even if the white beard wants to give a home, it doesn't matter, because all of his love for loved ones, he left Unexpectedo.

As a whole family, even the whole family, Yisi Bozo is far more firm than others.

In the next moment, Unecheo Sasuke's fingers suddenly missed, and stretched out towards the sky, the cold voice open: "You think ... you are talking!"

" la la la ... is angered?"

White beard slowly lifted his head and looked at the air, and his face was flashing, because in his opinion, a huge meteorite flew down!

The earth is aloud!

One of the ability to look back in the eyes.

This meteorite is enough to easily destroy an island!

If this meteorite falls, it will let their entire island directly break, there is no reason to have a survival, this trick is like average!

White beard looked at the fell of the air, and gradually appeared in the hands, covering the power of shaking, his body suddenly jumped into half air, a boxing on meteorite!

The mask suddenly broke out!

In the sky, a light flashing, the whole meteorite was split into countless huge pieces, and it was sprinkled in the sea.

This is a man who has seen the second boxing meteorite.

"Little ghost, there must be a limit!"

White beards were reappeared on the island, watching Sasuke, who is still full of angry, spreads their palms: "If you still want to continue to play, there will be no people on this island, I am Not willing to have your own son ... "

"I don't want Aes to be hurt!"

" la la la ... is really a qualified vice man!"

The white beard is grinned, sitting on a rock and turned to look at it very flat, and the sound is told: "Very flat, go to the people on the boat! Wait for everyone I am awake, but I have to start a banquet! "

"Yes, old!"

I nodded very much slowly.

When Portkas D. Es woke up, he learned that he had two options from the population of the scene. One of the options is to leave here back to fight again. Another choice is a full member to add a white beard sea. Thief group.

As the captain, I, whoever, gave white beard, according to the rules of the pirate, his life should be disposed of a white beard; but because Yu Zhiwu is helpful, white beard gives Es two options.

Potkas D · Es looked at Unechebao, who was guarded by himself, flashing on his face, this seventeentylened youth closed his eyes.

"As the price of life after the defeat, I will quit the black peach thief group, become a crew of the White Beard, but don't expect me to succumb! After I left, the Hei Piece will be By the deputy captain ... "


Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, palms were taken on the shoulders of Ice, and the mouthway: "The Black Piece is no longer, no one means."

Yuxi Bozuo has fallen on a white beard: "We follow the captain to temporarily join the White Beard One Piece, if you dare to accept our words ..."

"what did you say?"

The captain of the third team diamond J J J J J J J J J J J Ji flashed.


White beard stopped Joz, he looked at Unechebra, and did not change the color. "So, prepare to start the banquet! Welcome the little guys of the Hei Piece!"


Malco couldn't help but frown.

" La la la ... Malco, the man on the sea should not be small!"

White beard smiled and waved and stopped Malco's next way to say, once he did decision, the entire White Beard One Piece would not easily violate his will.

With a grand welcome banquet, the war of the White Beard One Piece and the Hei Piece and the Hei Piece was officially ended. At least this stage is over!

This news will soon spread through the sea!

In history, the strongest super new star Potkas D · Ace challenges white beard failed, led the next 100 pirates to join the White Beard One Piece!

This is really like a tiger ...

Originally because of the old age of White Beard Edward New Gate, many people believe that the strongest title of the White Beard One Piece is relied on him.

Now more than two super newcomers, the entire pirate group has a vitality, at least it can be determined that the white beard will not have a good wood.

Marin Fanto.

After the Buddha's Warring States got this news, the look is hard to see: "From this moment, the strongest One Piece, in the future, it is completely reached."

"This is also something wrong ..."

The crane is sighing, whispered: "From now on, Potkas D · Es' strength is still not strong, but the Unecheo Sasuke can already become the biggest power of white beard ... "

"New World Day ... It's going to change!"

Red Fos.

After the red-haired fragrance sees the newspaper, the whole person is a bit stupid: "Hey, joking it? Even if it is a failure, it is not so bad!"

"White beard's chest is still so wide?"

Ben Bakeman looked at the newspaper, couldn't help but wrinkled his own brow: "Ace and Sasu help really joined the white beard of the thief group, always feel that our future days may not be very good!"

"This is definite!"

Xiangke couldn't help but hit a cold, suddenly laughed and opened: "Then when we can still open a banquet!"


Ben Bakeman's forehead jumped, and finally couldn't help but a sentence: "Into! You can't get a little normal!"

These are people who know the strength of Unechebra.

Others don't know if Yuxi Bozuo will help real power, there is no special reaction, after all, the most powerful title of the white beard is on the head.

Mobi Dick.

For the entire White Beard One Piece, the truly nervous moment will only start because they add a big bomb.

Botcas D. Es received the failure of the white beard, I was forced to join the One Piece, I wanted to find a chance to assassinate white beard.

Or, Ace is actually a bit embarrassed.

Ace has always feel that he is sorry for Unechebra.

If his captain is strong enough, it can defeat white beards, and the pirates of the black peach will not fall into this situation.

This guy is not a matter of assassination.

But the captains of the White Beard One Pirates have some nerve nervousness.

In accordance with the power of the Hei Piece, once the One Pirates reappeared, they have the harm to the white beard, and even no one can handle it.

The sun in the morning rises.

White beard came out from his own room, when took a towel and wiped his face, a moving figure suddenly appeared behind his, holding a dagger, you have to pierce his body!

It is Es!

In the next moment, the white beard flew it out, and the body of Es flew down the railings and fell on the deck!

Unechebra helped saw the nervous captain, slowly walked up to support Es, high voice: "Hey, white beard, take your hand!"

Malco turned over his own deadfish, couldn't help but hear: "Betting, give me a little respect for the old!"

"Malco, don't care."

A smile was revealed. He looked at an Alice, and he looked at Unechebao, and smiled and said: " La laun ... Sasuke, this is the battle between men, it is Never leave your hands! "

Since there is the first time, there is naturally a second time.

Portcas D · Es came back and forth to assassinate the white beard hundreds of beards, until he didn't understand what to do, it was simply designed to give his own deputy captain, or to persist in surpassing brothers D. Roger.

The people on the Mobis Dicks gradually becomard.

After all, Dr. Es really said that it is not dangerous. The only dangerous person is actually Unechebra, the guy is a real dangerous person!

The captain of the sixteen teams of the White Beard One Pirates, almost every day is a turn-free monk, which is afraid that this guy is there.

As a result, Unecheo is not intentionally.

Even this guy will ask them to ask for juice!

"Hey, Marco."

Yis Zhipo touched the juice in his hand, called tonight to monitor his Marco, and unhappyly opened: "Don't worry about what actions I have, that is the battle of Es, I won't go to do."


The Malco's face revealed a wipe, he turned over his own deadfish eye, asked: "Yu Zhibo Sasuke, what is your purpose?"

"Purpose ..."

Yiszhike saga will slowly play the juice in his hand, whispered: "Maybe just don't let yourself look too lonely!"

This sentence…

In fact, it is a semi-half vacation.

Never have someone more lonely than Yuxi Bo, but Unecheo is not afraid of loneliness, he has been used to it.

"What this ..."

Malco slowly spread his palm, laughed: "Then you are coming to the place! The people here have more loneliness than you!"

"is it?"

Yuxi Bozuo shook his head, looked at the stars in the night sky, sucked a juice: "I lost a lot, everything lost, will make anyone in the world will envy ..."


Malco stands next to Sasuke, can't help but start their own brains: "Sasuke, your guy will not be a dragon?"

After all, this Yizhi's surname is ...

Malco has never heard of it.

The world's most envious of the people ... no doubt is the waste of Tianlong people known as the descendants of the Creator descendants?

The face of Unecho Sasuke revealed a contempt, he was open: "How can the garbage be compared with Unecho?"

This arrogant posture ...

It sounds still a family! This guy almost killed three Tianlong people when they were in the shampoo!

Malco silently after a while, suddenly said: "Because there is a good colorful bastard, I can understand the country, the ninja and Samurai seem to have no Sui Zhibo's surname ..."

"Ha ha."

The face of Unechebra helped his face to show a smile.

Just as the time I want to continue to say anything, I secretly sneaked into the white bearded room to assassinate the white beard.

Ace fails again.

This is also normal.

Potkas D · Es, even met, there was no threshold, and the white beards were dominated by the world's top people!

Yuxi Bozuo looked at this scene. He did not help the Ece, just watched the figure, whispered: "Hey, Malco, will help me to persuade Es," He has received here, I have never blamed him to lose to white beard. "

Yuxi Bo saga will slowly go back to his room, the voice is low: "Also, help me ask to ask ... He really wants to be a home, or the Pira King!"