I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 442, a person who does not dare to mention the name of the name!

"Hey, your guy should not assign people!"

Malco is a bit unpleasant. This Unechebra helped who he was, dare to make him the captain of this White Beard One Piece!

The voice of Unecheo Sasuke came out from the room, his voice was a little leisure: "If you don't go, then I use the name of the tribute to fight the Sword Tower, he wants to challenge me ... Should you feel bad about your family? "

"... mix ... Bar!"

Markco can't help but hold your fist.

This bastard, actually took the flower sword to threaten him, how is the character of Unechebo Sasuke, really is not a person!

If you don't fight Uchozuo, Malco really wants to fight with him, let him know that the first team of the white beard is not promise ...

Unfortunately, Malco fails to help.

In Marka, Malca remembers that he himself turned into a non-dead bird. The result was directly shaped on the ground ...

This guy can restrain his abilities!

After I heard Malco outside the room, Yuxi Bo saga was slowly hanging down, whispering: "The guy's means ... it is really effective!"

In this big sea, many people don't scrap their own lives. Once they mention their friends and family, they become very smooth.

This is this practice ...

One is not a person.

late at night.

Malco falls in front of Es.

Malco wrinkled his brow, looked at the heart-lost Es, cold voice opening: "Hey, your guy will continue to make it? The old man on this boat and Yizhio Sasu help two people waiting for you The choice! "


Es raised his head.

Malco thought that he did not understand, whispered: "Old and Yishe Sasuke are waiting for you! The old man wants to stay on this boat, he gives you more than 100 times chance. Yischo Sasuke has been waiting for you on this boat ... "


Ace is falling into silence.

Anyway, his captive assassinated more than a hundred times, and even on this boat, the white beard was indeed large enough.

Not anyone can tolerate a guy jumped on his head.

The Marco stalls his palm, Shen Sheng: "What is your guy wants? Until now I haven't found an answer yet?

If you want to leave this boat, go to the old man talking! If you want to stay, you will go to Yuxi Bozuo to talk about it! "

After that, Malco slowly stood up and put a hand: "Oh, yes, Sasuke guys let me come, he let me ask you, do you want to be a pirate, or want a home or What kind of place ... Anyway, I will ask you that you are willing to stay on this boat and become our companion? "

Malco's face couldn't help but show a smile, whispered: "Sasuke guys are very bad, but he said yes, the old man did gave us a home, let us have a disgusting guy who is disgusted by the world Have a reason to live ... "


Ais slowly buried his head, muttered: "Is it a guy who is disgusted by the world?"

Next, I was suddenly shaken, whispered: "Forget, I don't want to continue, let white beard killed me, I ... I can't stay on this boat ... I can't let Sasukes with me waste time ... "


Malco turned over to the dead fish eyes, couldn't help but a sentence.

The night is getting deeper.

Moonlight is getting more and more bright.

I is sitting in the white beard room, there is a bit of a little in the face: "Simply smash, kill me! I am the son of Gorr D. Roger, you are enemies, I can't stay On your boat! "

At this moment, Estead said his identity.

"I thought what you have to say ..."

After a while, the white beard was silent, and his face was revealed: "You are the son of the guy ... but ..."

White beard suddenly laughed, whispered: "No matter who is born, everyone is the child of the sea. Everyone has the power of how to live."


The look of Es is a bit amazed.

The white beard's palm suddenly fell on the shoulders of Es, grinned: "Ace, no matter what you want to stay here or leave here, you are your own choice, if you leave, then you must not It's easy to die ... If you want to stay, you will be my son! "


Ace is falling into silence.

Ester is busy tonight.

When I aphere left the white bearded room, he rushed to the room of Unechebra. Just as he just wanted to knock on the door, it came to Sasuke's voice: "Es, no matter what you do, I decide me. Will support you, don't tell me. "

"I want to stay."

"I know."

Yizhi Bozuo is lying in bed, slowly swallowing: "As long as you don't regret it, I said, I will support your choice ... I will take a break!"

Sasuke ... "

Ais shakes his head, still stopped outside the door, no departure, even if you open the door: "Everyone has the power to choose how to live, if you want to challenge the strong enemy ..."

"Shut up, roll!"

Yischo Sason's forehead jumped.

In his knowledge, I is left outside.

Yuxi Bozuo's eyes flashed a shining, his brow wrinkled slightly: "Is it in the Shangyuan guy? What everyone has lived ... our life, still in other people's control Zhongh ... "

I have to say is.

The atmosphere of the White Beard One Piece is really good.

Now the Hei Piece is officially incorporated into the White Beard One Piece, the entire White Beard One Piece is indeed stable, and the strength is also strong.

Because in addition to the members of the Black Piece, there is also a fisheriful group of fish people, this is the power of the same should not be underestimated.

After a very flat king, the Wuhai Sea is abolished, the fish people will also be expelled by the new king seven Wuhai dry persimmon ghost, and even with a white beard.

Now their strength is called the strong horse.

Since this is the case ...

Just take a challenge of the enemy!

The first one is picked, naturally it is expelled with the fish people, occupying the new king of the fish island, seven-seven-weapon-ranheore persimmon.

After all, the fish island, but insert the banner of white beard!

Cartry is the fish island, which is equivalent to provocative white beards, which means to fight against the White Beard One Piece!

early morning.

Mobi Dick.

A group of captains demanded anger, no matter how much to give the martial arts, the king of the martial arts, and even a steady Malco agrees this.

"I advise you to do this best."

Unechebra helper, sitting in the railing, indifferently opening: "The guy of the mortar ghosts can be so good, the strength of the ghost, although the strength of the ghost, but not you can deal with."

"Bet, what do you say?"

"One King Seven Wuhai ..."

"We are white bearded hundred pirates!"

"All the mouth!"

Malco stopped the noisy of others, watching Unecheo Sasuke: "Hey, Sasuke, do you know him?"


Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled his brow and whispered: "The guy used to be my brother's companions. Although I can't hate the guy, he can live now ... You should know that the guy is not good to deal with it. ? "

"My husband's companion?"

The only one who knows that Yizhi Pub is Alz, he can't help but show a curious: "That kinderry ghost ... will not be strong than Sasuke?"

The Malco's face revealed a surprise, if this is the case, the strength of the mortal ghost does need to evaluate it.

"Hey, Es!"

Yuxi Bozuo looked at an Alice, dissatisfied with the mouth: "Don't take someone with someone with me and compare with me!"

White beards seem to have heard what a laugh, his mouth can't help but smile: "la la la ..."

Aies: "..."

Malco: "..."

Sasuke this guy also said that these captains are not as good as ghosts? As a result, it is not as good as it is, these captains are not as good as you?

"Hey, I am serious."

The look of Yuxio Sasuke is still calm. He slowly looked at Es, cold channel: "Ece, remember that there is a guy than me? Cotmoti ghost and my brother Zhiso Is his part, don't provoke him ... "

" la la la ..."

White beard grinned, looked at Sasuke and he couldn't help but asked: "Is there anyone who made this little ghost to recognize?"

White beards and Sasuke fight, he knows how strong Uzecho Sasuke, so there are more curiosity to the person in the mouth of the Sasuk ...

"That guy is indeed a terrible."

Yuxi Bozo helped his own cup, Shen Sheng: "The guy is a person who makes me dare, the name ... His part ... all call him is a true god ... When it comes, he Forces, it is indeed known as God ... "

Yuxi Bozuo helps to continue: "If you have to provoke the person of the ghost and his back, I can only ask, the fishing is not enough to bury you so many people ..."

"Bastard, are you ridicule us?"

"The pirates can be scared!"

"Reassured, the sea of ​​the fish is is large, can bury a lot of people ..."

"You are a white idiot, is it now this time!"

The whole white beard will immediately re-excited.

As the strongest helpless group in the world, the captain of the White Beard One Piece is very confident. They don't think Unechebra can scare them.

White beards looked at the scenes, grinned, showing a smile to Sasuke: "Hello, Sasuke, don't be too small to see people, Laozi is white beard!"



Fortunately, this time, the phone in Malco rang, after the connection came, there was a rush of the sound: "Malco captain, the Cairo Hiès came to attack our territory, leader ... is drought Jack! "


This is fine.

The troublesome enemies jumped out first.

After Malco, after the people opposite the phone, looked up and looked at the white beard: "Old, it seems to have more troublesome enemies, first solve the people who lost Thae?"

"Let's go!"