I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 443, Yuxi, what is going to help God rely on the boat! (Third!)

To be honest.

Yischo Sasukes feels that the Thane delegation is much better.

Es, which is officially added in these days, can't be in such a way that I will travel to the fish people in this way?

Even if they really kill the martillamon ghosts, how can it, completely irritate?

Why bother?

The Mobik is going to the edge of the sea.

Malco is assigning various teams to fight, he looked at Unechebra helping and Es, whispered: "Hey, you will follow the first team first."


Yuxi Bozuo helped the head did not lift, his hand looked at the drought Jack's reward: "This guy ..." 10 billion rewards, will be ? "

"Not very good ..."

Es touched his chin, thinking about a while, got pointing at it: "There is no low price in the Kingdom of Coaga ..."

Malco heard their conversation, the forehead couldn't help but jumped, couldn't help but said: "You two give me a little bit ... that is, the drought Jack of the Thane Tie!"

After that, Malco was self-discovered: "Strength ... It seems to be a general look ..."

Yizhi Bozuo snorted scorn: "Hey, even you feel that his strength is not good, it seems that he is really not very good!"

"... Feast! Don't look at me!"

The forehead of Malco collapsed a cross.

Since Unecheo Sasukes joined the White Bearded One Pirates, he has been provocating his nerves, and Marco feels that he can be helped to live for ten years!

White beard looked at this scene, couldn't help it.

At least it looks now, the relationship between them is not bad!

More than a year ago, the new world's four emperors completely established, many hundred pirates in the second half of the new world became the cannon fodder of the war between the four emperors, which does not mean the end of the war between the thief, but more play Stronger.

Because of the four emperors of the new world, BIG MOM and Kaido are madmen. When they are uncomfortable, they will fight for the four emperors.

A small island attached to the beard of the beard.

A huge picture header leaving the port of this island, the entire island has been completely clear, many bodies have been burned into the sea after burning, and there is also a pirate of the Thairi Group on the island. flag.

This also shows this island to occupy the Thairi group.

The pictures of the head warship slowly saved the depths of the white beard sea, which was one of the three disasters of the Thair Group - Drought Jack's battleship.

A pirate on board is a bit of a skeleton: "Jack adults, the adults have not followed it, do we do this, is it really okay?"

"Don't worry about him."

Jack's face with a metal support, hanging a pair of coarse ivory, his head hanging two corners, looks a bit rough: "Now we have to do it, it is a close white beard! "


There is still hesitant to face a female pirate.

When Jack wants to be angry, it is responsible for observing the surrounding post: "Jack adult, there is a person standing in the sea ..."

As their mammoth warship gradually approached, people present in the field also saw the appearance of the person standing on the sea.

The pirate responsible for the post is watching the person's appearance. His face suddenly flashed a panic, and the sound was mixed with a nervous: "Jack adult ... that guy ... is the super newcomer Unecheo Sasuo!"

After that, the fog on the shot also found a marine boat, and his voice became more and more stressed: "There is no dead bird Malco ... Super New Starport Cas D. Ece ... all is a reward of more than 10 billion guys! "

Everyone's reward is higher than Jack!

Whether it is Malco, Yuxio Sasuke or Es, the three people's rewards are much higher than drought, at least from the literal language, they and Jack should be the same level of hundred pirates, may even be more stronger.

If you fight at sea, their advantages are not big!

What's more, you have to deal with the three equivalents of characters, an illusion of the beast demon, a natural demon fruit power, plus an unknown Unechebra, no matter how it is very low.

The pirate responsible for the helm can't help but open: "Jack adults, we must first retreat to wait for adequate people to come over ..."


When I heard the words, the eyes of drought Jack became a little cold, he looked at the sea boat behind the portals and people behind the sea, and his voice suddenly became a brutal!

"Who do you think that Laozi, what they count, put the boat over the past!"


Is this crazy?

I know that the enemy is not good to deal with, but also harder to attack attacks, is this not clear?

The mammoth is said to the pirates of the helm, it is helpless, can only continue to drive this ship, can you win this battle Jack?

Next moment, the purple Maski has appeared within their sight!

Unechebra Sasuke's movie is on the crystals that must be affordous. It is necessary to pull out a sharp and huge tackle with a sharp and huge tackle, and smash it down!

A shocking snapped down!

The waves are inserted in both sides!

Jack's figure suddenly rushed to the air, but was smashed from the air from the air, and Zhangou spurted a blood from the shroud on his face!

The whole mammoth is also smashed directly into pieces!

The spray on the big sea was repeated, and the fierce fragments floated on the sea, and everyone on the boat did not know.

Among them, there is also a drought Jack.

Because it is a demon fruit power, drought Jack is also weak under the sea, can only be paid by other people's rescue, but drought Jack is a fishman, but don't worry about it.

Even if I was tied, Jack's face was also flashing, his body slowly went down from the sea.

White Beard One Piece, the first quarter of the ship.

"I only use one by one ..."

"I slammed the drought Jack directly!"

"No, even directly defeat all the Jack!"

Members of the original White Beard One Piece also thought they would fall into a fierce battle, and I didn't expect Unexpea Sason to take the initiative.

Moreover, solve the drought Jack directly directly.

On this ship, due to the no captain, the second team was temporarily owned by Malco, one of the obvious older fat thiefs looked at all, he looked at the taller, Hold your fist.

He is Marshall D. Tiji.

It is only an old qualified member.

Seeing Yuxi Bozuo, he snatched the drought Jack and his driver, Tiqi's face flashed, he was eager to have this force!

No, it should be better than this kind of power!

However, this Unecheo Sasuke is indeed worthy of recruitment. If there is a chance to get dark fruit, Tiqi wants to take Yushuo Sasuo as his own vice captain!

"This guy…"

Malco looked at the mustvas, I couldn't help but sigh my breath, I took the mouth: "Although the character is not good, the strength is really horrible ..."

"Hahaha, that's of course!"

Estead clenched his fist, and asked some questions in the next moment: "Is that we let go?"

"Hey, will the banquet?"

When Malco said, I saw Ashi.

Sure enough, the face of Es flashed a joy, hurriedly nodded: "Okay, good!"

Malco: "..."

You really want to start a banquet!

The sea must be fly away, and when it is about to fall on the ship of Marco, it will be quickly dissipated, showing the figure of Unechebra.

Unechebra helped watching Malco, unhappy, said: "Hey, Malco, go find someone to pull his ivory!"

"What ghost?"

Malco looked for a glazed, turned over the white eye, and asked the anklet: "Why do you have to pull out his ivory? Wait, then ..."


Yuxi Bozuo has revealed a more confused expression. He seems to think about what, suddenly open: "Forget, Malco is a duckling ..."

"... Bar!"

The brow of the Malco wrinkled.

Yischo Sasuke's eyes slowly moved, stopped on Marshall D. Tiqi, because this guy is the oldest member of the second quarter.

Therefore, Tiqi also stood the forefront of the second quad.

The face of Unecheo Sasuke revealed a wipe, he was cold and said: "Hey, can someone help me fish with Jack?"


Tiqi's face revealed a shot, and after the next moment, he suddenly laughed: "Thief hahahaha ... Let's come! We will help the adults come up!"

After that, Tiqi really brought a few people to sneak into the water, bringing the seriously injured drought jack.

Drought Jack has long been arrogant.

Only, his face is still a little uncomfortable, and the sharp teeth are flashing on a slightly: "Hey, you are a little ghost ..."


The sound of the knife from the knife is falling in the ear of everyone!

Next moment, I saw that Yizhi Saiss will suddenly pull out the unparalleled fast knife in her sheath, and a knife is flashing in an instant, and all people are not compromising their eyes!

Drought Jack's face change!

When I was in this drought, I would like to live here. I saw the thick ivory of his body was saved!

This is not Jack's ivory!

This is just Jack uses the weapons made by ivory, which has been hanging on himself. This is not my own ivory!


Everyone in the field is falling into silence.

Es looked at the ironware inlaid in the ivory, couldn't help but sigh, some regrets: "It turned out to be fake ... I really have to talk to Sasu, I want to use your ivory. He made a beautiful scabbard! "


Markco can't help but turn over the dead fish eye: "I said, that is fake, that is the army!"


Malco feels yourself ...

Why is Sasuke this guy persisted in Jack's ivory.

Yuxi Bozuo also wrinkled, watching Jack in the cold and coldly: "Your guy ... actually use fake deception ... It seems that you have never used the last one!"


Jack's forehead jumped, and I was angry to rush to Es and Sasuke: "Are you insulting to Laozi?"

This fuck is too insulting people?

At this big sea, there is Yizhi Bozuo to help this kind of person, is he is a violent fruit? Do you have to be ivory? This guy is distinguished to humiliate him!

Next moment, Unechebra helped directly on Jack, playing this drought Jack and kicked down!

Even if the body is out of control, the drought Jack is still awkward. His body has rolled a parabolic and fell in the sea. After splashing a wave, slowly sink.

Malco looked at Yuxi Bo Sasuke, shook his head without helpless: "I thought you would simply kill Jacka guy ..."

"It doesn't matter."

Yuxi Bozuo did not carefully open his mouth: "The kind of waste who can't resist it, there is no difference between life or death, just like a small bug, as long as you want to kill, you can always Kill. "


I started again.

The forehead of Malco can't help but jump, his captain of the first team, should it be a trick?