I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 451 This island is not prepared for Crokdal

On the island of Justice.

The green sputum is standing in the port with the original naval, watching a warship slowly stopped on the edge of the port, looking at the tall man on the warship bow.

Navy's general, Sakaski, code screwdriver.

The Warring States Marshal command came to and the Youth Legend of the Navy's Navy's Navy's Navy's Navy's general, and finally arrived at Judi Island.

The Navy's generals are covered with naval justice, wearing a dark red suit, with a rose chest flower in the chest, looks like a blind date.

After the red dog arrived in Justic Island, he looked down at the greenness of the port. I couldn't help but wrinkled my own brow. The cold voice opened: "Hey, a Crokdal can't get it, you still need old people to come together ..."


Youth is helplessly scratched.

If Arabastan is disconnected by the war, it is not because the original Nair's hand is controlled, and the gang has already grasped the guy in the sea.

In that case, everything in Alabastton is in the control of Shangyuan Na, don't say it is him, even if the Navy's three major will gather together.

The cyan is too lazy to pay the provocation of the red dog, and even very good cards will remind it: "Hey ... that you can go back immediately."

It is best to go right away.

If you go late, you can't get it.

"Red Dog General ..."

On the next, the original Nairi interrupted the greenness, and his face immediately revealed an exciting color, as if a little fan of the red dog: "If it is a red dog, you will be able to catch Croatar. Get up! "


The red dog's brow is slightly frowned, watching the face is obviously uncomfortable when the original Needs fall, and there is no one to hear the happiness of the Shang.

The red dog looked at the original navigation, he didn't pay attention to the original navigation.

The red dog also looked at the green goblin, coldly opened: "This little guy is the undercover that is lurking around Klock Darr, this time we are a bait of Croolk Darr?"

"Oh ... probably ... just like this ..."

The face of the blue gum is slightly complex.

To be honest, I feel that the bare dog is really over, this is the same, the heart is still smaller than the needle. He just took the initiative and red dog. As a result, the red dog ignored him ...

This hatred ...

I just met it.

The eyes of the red dog are still indifferent. It is always the way to say to the original navigation. He is willing to say the last sentence. He is open: "Well, the Navy is the original navigation, do you have a determination to be sacrificed for justice?"

"of course!"

Shangnai is a bit serious on his face, Shen Sheng: "Implementing the thorough justice of the navy, roaring the evil in this world, do not hesitate to do all the price!"

This is definitely the love of the red dog.

Although this is said to be on the original mouth ...

In fact, it must be quietly recorded down.

The first thing, there was no active question after seeing him; the second thing, he didn't take the initiative, and the red dog didn't return; the third thing, they just met, the red dog is actually thinking Sacrifice him in the battle of Clock Dal ...

Really ...

Live too comfortable!

These navy's generals are really a more comfortable!

This is on the sea, the crisis is four, how can these Navy? How can these Navy?

The red dog does not know the belly to his belly, but after hearing the original Needle, his face is slightly satisfied.

The Navy is looking at the excitement on the face of the original navigation, and slowly nod, it is a prize for the Naval Maji Majeng.

"Not bad."

For the red dog, this is already a rare praise.

Although the red dog is a natural system, the muscle is a capabilities, but his heart is more cold than the guy. It can open a truth.

Of course, this is also the last appealing.

Because the encirclement is the strength of the Crowdal, Shangyuan Na, the strength of Shangyuan Na, is very likely to sacrifice on the battlefield.

The red dog has been prepared for sacrifice.


Shangyuan Nai is sorry to rise red face.

At this moment, Shangyuan Na, as if I don't know how to sacrifice him, he is just a small fan that is very admired by the red dog.

The green squat is speechless.

This guy's acting is really good. If it is not a green, you know what the original naval is fine, know what is going to do next to the red dog, it is estimated that he is here!

The red dog is really a navy college!

"Is there a waiting for us to do?"

The red dog is looking down at the green goblin and the original navigation, Shen Sheng said: "The old man can't delay it here too much time, the new world has poured into many pirates recently ..."

"will not."

Shangji shook his head, sinking: "According to our intelligence, Clockdal should be a wasteland near the northern of Justic Island, where is the most suitable place, ready to turn the Justic Island or Shampoo Islands ... "

Youth is slowly opened: "In fact, we can stay here, waiting to attack the Justic Island on the door of Klock Dal ..."

"What is the majesty of the Navy and the World Government!"

If the voice of the red dog is overcast, he is ugly. His look is ugly: "Since you know his intelligence, then quickly rush, will catch the Crokdal arrest!"

Youth: "..."

This is really a person who wants to die ...

No matter how it stops, can't stop!

Moreover, the eyes of the original Nairies have gradually become dangerous, and the Qing felt that they will continue to say, there may be things ...

Forget it, the red dog is looking for himself.

At this time, the trip to the Queen's Cape did not arrived at Judic Island, but it was only a joint action with this king.

It is just a bare dog, I don't like the king's seven Wuhai, and the navy arrested the one.

Especially the corner, this guy has just got the king's seven Wuhai's position began to assassinate the aristocrat king that was wanted by the dark world.

Two navy general ...

Anyway, it is absolutely able to grab the Crokdal!

Since the person is set up, the green gods simply sat on the arm ship of the red dog, discussed the things in his warships.

In order to worry about playing the snake, the Youth proposalious that they don't bring too many ordinary naval soldiers to avoid causing the vigilance of Clock Darr.

The red dog naturally has no reason to refute, let alone this game is the battle of the strong, there is no use with ordinary naval soldiers, although the screw dog does not care, but it does not mean that he will rely on the life of the Navy ...

"Upper Naidu University."

The Red Dog is sitting in the meeting room near the port, looking at Shangyuan Na, sitting in the corner, cold voice opening: "If you can determine the location of Clock Dar, he can also stay in Justic Island, so you can avoid danger ... "


After a little silent, you will shake your head and open the mouth: "I think it is better to take him together. His safety is heavy, the CP department is still staring at him ..."


The red dog's finger knocked on the table, slowly nodded, high voice: "Deputy officials, speed to prepare! We immediately rushed over, I only had three days, absolutely can't waste!"


Port of Justic Island.

The two naval generals of the red dog and the green spoons sat on the same warship. In addition to hundreds of must-have naval soldiers, only green spoons, red dogs and Shangnai will drop this.

Now they have to choose to take the initiative to Crokdal.

This road is on this way.

Two people who are bare dogs and cyan are not too dealt of.

As long as they are on a boat, I don't look at each other.

The mood of the red dog is a bit bad. Fortunately, there is still one of the original navigation. This naval college seems to understand what he meant.

The red dog wants to put the original navigation for its own, this little guy is in favor of his justice, it is worth sending to the cultivation of the Naval School.

The speed advancement of the ocean flow is faster than the inverse foreign flow, and the Crok Darr has not returned from the shampoo. When Shangyuan Na, they have rushed to the wasteland. .

Obviously ...

There is no trace of Clock Darle here.

Even the traces of the vessel stayed around this desert island.

"Hey, there are too many intelligences!"

A cigar is bitten in the mouth of the red dog, I can't help but open: "Your information and speculation are completely mistaken, whitening waste me!"

The eyes of the red dog gaze the original navigation, Shen Sheng angry: "I thought you were a creative, now I am a basic information, you know that the time to waste two Naval's generals means What? "

"..." Sorry ... "

Shangqi Nashe contractedly retired from the fence of the ship, his eyes slowly fell on the blue face standing around the red dog: "Green spoons, I accidentally wasted your time, what should you do? ? "


The green gangs can't help but sigh, and they sigh. "In addition to forgive you, what can I do?"


The red dog frowned slightly.

What happened to this navy?

Although the red dog doesn't seem to see the lazy, the guy of the Youth, but the Navy's general, the Navy general represents the majesty of the Navy!

Moreover, the voice of this guy is a bit lazy! This is not an attitude towards an apology!

The attitude of this guy is more problematic!


The red dog's face is full of black lines, and he slammed his fist: "Youth, Shangyuan Na, you will give me a little more!"

"Well ... Red dog general, I want to tell you something."

Shangyuan Nai turned to the small island, slowly spread his palm, calmly opened: "In fact, this small island never prepared for Klock Darr ..."