I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 454 God ... is not dead.

The snow is alive.

Shangyuan is walking on the snow, step by step to the red dog.

Just, I just wiped up the red dog wolf in the snow, and wiped the blood of my mouth and couldn't help but touch my lower abdomen. He could clearly felt that the internal organs were severely painful.

At the last navigation, I looked at the movement of the red dog. I slowly shake his head: "It's hard to see ... Only this strength, how do you sit in an universal position?"

"Blend ..."

Saskaski bites his teeth, his boxing smoke, armed tall domineering, rolling the magma, slamming the head!

Shangyuan Nai's fist is also suddenly a magma, and a layer of militant domineering is usually adsorbed on the magma. His fist is also bombarded!

The fists of the two suddenly hit together!

The magma spread quickly from around, and a shaken ram was flying out on the ice, and buried it by the ice and snow.

The red dog is flying out again by a boxing!

The tall naval general is directly in the ice and snow, and the blood is sprayed out in the air!

The red dog is somewhat in the snow, and this is the same as the half of his body, as if it is lost!

After seeing the fighter of the original navigation, the red dog knows that the battle may have a disadvantage ... but I didn't expect to start fighting, his disadvantages were so big, even half of the game did not get!

The enemy is not in the power of his strength ...

Because, regardless of their own strength, the Shangyuan Nairou will always perform more than him!

"Meteor volcano!"

The red dog will stand up and stand up, and the huge fist is wrapped into a meteorite wrapped in magma, falling from the air!

The entire island has fallen into the scope of the red dog!

Almost endless magma meteorite falls above the island!

This is the power of the Navy's general, everyone has the strength of a small island to thoroughly!


This is an ice and snow island.

Shang Nai did not look at a magma meteorite in his side, and quickly drowned with ice and snow, did not pick up the slightest.

A rocky rock suddenly appeared in the palm of the original Needle!

Next moment, this rock is as if it is like a ray, and a magma meteorite falling in the air is precisely in the air, defeating these attacks directly!

The red dog looks gloomed with this scene. He has already prepared in his heart. This strongest ability should be resolved by Shangji ...

Only didn't think of it, he was so easy to resolve this trick!

At the front of the Nairi, I walked to the red dog. I looked at the navy general of this look. Lucky and said: "Hey, Mr. Saskaski, you are willing to pay your soul, from my hands in your hands? ? "


Listen to it is really like a devil!

The eyes of the red dog changed, his fist was once again gripped again, looked at the original navigation and opening: "Do you think you have a victory? Even if you can kill a navy, it is impossible to eat the justice in his heart!"

"I kill you ..."

On the ground, his figure suddenly rushed to the red dog, waving his fist to fly this Navy general: "I just grind your justice ... No, you should say ... I It is the justice you should believe! "

Shangyuan Nairi is like a hurricane, instantly appears in each location around the red dog, this moment in the sight of the red dog, he seems to see countless phantom!

Next moment, the continuous fist appeared on the bare dog!

Until the lower bare dog, the chin, he hits the elbow!

The navy will fall on the snow!

Shangyuan Luo standing around him and looked at the Navy general of lying on the ground, laughed and opened: "Can we talk about it now?"

"Blend ..."

Red dog's body pain.

Even if he has already met, it is still unable to resist the attack on the original Nair, this is still a desperate inatal in his heart!

This ...

Playing is really wrong!

No matter what attack will be easily resolved by the enemy, no matter what attack, what is the attack, how do this?

The younger guy ...

Is this going to surrender?

"So, do you have no strength to resist?"

The palm of Shangyuan Na, suddenly appeared a black hole, and the four-tailed Sun Wukong in the fire world jumped out of the black hole!

Shangyuan Nai laughed, looking down at the red dog around the four tails, smiled and said: "He accepts the power I have given you! This is not the power of others ..."

Under the control of the original Naid, the four-tailed Sun Wukong quickly turned into a group of Chakra floods into the body of the red dog!

Blink between blinks ...

Shangyuan Na will complete the human columnal ceremony.

It is unfortunate that the red dog is really rough, and even the seal is not set, and the four-tailed Sun Wukong can use his Chakran to urinate the body of the red dog, let him enter the tail and beast!

If the red dog wants to avoid the occurrence of his body, every moment must try to use his strength to press the riots!

If you have been rioty,

This general is equivalent to waste.

"Bastard, what did you do this?"

The red dog saw that Chakra flooded into his own body, because he instantly felt a monster in his body!

This monster seems to resonate with magma fruit capabilities, with an energy that makes him quickly recover from the original navigation ...

But at the same time ...

This monster is also faintly invading his body!

This ... what is it!

"do not worry."

Shangji is looking at the red dog, and laughs and boats: "This is the power I gave you, and it also monitors your means."

Shangyuan Na Roun looks after the four-tailed Sun Wukong gradually incorporates the body of the red dog, and laughs and continues: "If you like, I will obey it later; if you don't want, I think this big sea all the pirates Should like to see a news ... "

The Shangqi Nai's face is full of strange land: "This news is ... The Navy's generals betrayed the Navy, destroying the Navy's Ma Lin Fan Du ... This news should be enough to explode?"

"That thing ..."

The face of the red dog suddenly changed, he looked at the original navigation, and asked: "What did you do this? What is the thing!"

This threat is sufficiently fatal!

The red dog began to implement their justice from small!

As a result, this year, I entered the fifty-year-old, is that it is about to be hidden by people in front of people!

"Four tails Sun Wukong, it is your companion!"

Shangyuan Nair laughed and continued: "Four-tailed Sun Wukong is a unique life, it can borrow your extremely powerful power, let your magma fruit ability.

The cost of this force is that once it is noticeable to your mind, it will invade your body, let you become a unwise beast ... "

"Blend ..."

The face of the red dog suddenly changed.

The navy general tries to deprive the tail beast in the body!

It is a pity that the red dog does not understand these Chakra systems at all. He is just his own spiritual world and saw a red gorilla with four tails!

"Don't struggle."

Shangyuan Nae Looking at the red dog, whispering said: "If you are willing to listen to my order, you are still the Navy of the Navy that can perform justice; if you refuse to listen to the order, then you will become a navy. traitor…"

"Do you think yourself ... Can you threaten a neighborhood?"

The red dog looks gloomy looks at the original navigation, slowly pinching his fist, Shen Sheng: "The old man starts to the navy, there is already a realization of death ... Death, you think olders Do you dare not die? "

"I believe you are not afraid of death ..."

"Mr. Needa, can I talk to him?"

When I got the original navigation, I wanted to continue to say something, and a figure took the wind to their side.

It is another part of the part of the world that has been watching.

Youth goblin looks at the red dog lying on the ground, turned to look at the original navigation, softly open: "Oh ... Although I have not said something and Sakasky ... but I think ... I still know the present his."

"Please feel free."

Shangyuan Nairo smiled nodded, whispered: "So ... don't let me down! If I am disappointed, this world will become very bad!"

When I said the last time, the smile of Shangyuan Nai was still relaxed, but his smile fell in the sight of the green, but suddenly made the greenness to feel a chill.

When I saw the original navigation, I left the two navy's generals, and the green flaming was scratched, and the mouth said: "... Sakaski ..."

"Do you have a monster in your body!"

The red dog looks at the green goblin, and the sound is open: "Youth, so your guy chose to betray his justice!"

"Do not."

The green swan shakes his head and sighed a little: "It should be said that my body is more terrible than that kind of monster ... I have never afraid of death ... but if we die, then who will check the bottom of the guy Who will monitor the guy? "

The greenness sat around the red dog, quietly opened: "The guy called the original naval, perhaps only one tenth of him, one hundred percent ... Who Know it ...

Anyway, it is a dangerous guy, his thoughts are also very dangerous ... But we can't destroy him, even if Busasolino has no way ... I have been secretly monitoring him, stoping him from making some dangerous moves "

Qingli looked at the red dog, continued to say: "Saskaski, join us ... The guy is now just a vicious monster, who knows that he will become a person who has killed the world in the future ... Must Blocking his actions ... "

When you say this, you will look at the sky to continue: "You also see it? No one can stop him with strength ... and even when I follow Mr. Corll D. Roger, there is no I have seen such a powerful human ... "

"So you became his part?"

The face of the red dog is cloudy, he looked at the green goblin, Shen Sheng: "Such a monster that cannot be a day, will you listen to you?"


The blue goblin low-eyed dog, scratched his head, slowly opened: "Hey, how to say ... It's a monster ... It's better to say that he is a godman of a game ... probably ..."

"That person, is it a dragon?"

"More than Tiantong people are more troublesome."

The greenness shakes his head and sighed a good air: "That group called Mr. Kapu called the world slag slaughtered guy at least a way to bind them ... Shangnai Luo, the guy is the real unrestrained and arrogant ... His There is a mysterious organization under the hand, and the people of this organization are powerful, but they all call him for real God. "

Qingli looked at the red dog, whispering said: "Hey ... I joined that organization, about the development of his dangerous move as much as possible, let the guy more ...?"


The red dog slowly closed his eyes.

Next, the red dog opened his eyes and calmly opened: "I thought you would stay around him, I want to assassinate him ... I didn't expect you to use such humiliation."

"What should I say ..."

The green swan shakes his head, looking at the Shangyuan Na, the snow in the ice island in the island, and couldn't see the people who just beaten the Navy. The general is him ...

That rascal…

In fact, we will leave everything, it is a simple guy!

"There is a word, it should be said so ..."

The greenness shakes his head, slowly hanging down his head to look at the red dog, and his eyes have a shadow. The Navy's general talking is getting lower.

"God ... is not dead."