I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 456, the original na, this guy ... is not a person (third!)

The original neck is very happy.

Because Klock Darr did not have any accidents in the middle of his plan, he drilled him into the circle set.

right now…

I finally arrived at the time!


Klock Darg's expression is obviously not very happy.

Because the original Crokdal came to this wasteland, it is intended to see a little bit of color, let them know that the sand crocodia is not a good provision ... The result is now to come to this island, it seems to be a trap in a trap. !

The expression of Klkkdal gradually became gloomy. He immediately asked questions about his hidden crane in his body: "Straight crane, what is going on?"

How to provide fake information!

The laughter of a tail guard finally became bad: "Hey ... Klock Darr, how do I know? People you should ask you to sit in front of you!"


Klock Dar slowly looked up, watching the three people on the wooden table, the two Navy of the two Navy of the Navy of the Navy, and the original Nairou is sitting in the host ...

This order is a bit outline.

"Hey, will not be a really navy general!"

The eyes of Kloddal slightly smashed, he knew that he could not run, just asked the most familiar humanitarian: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, this is going? You and these two Navy general it's here?"

"We are waiting for you ..."

Shangyuan Nairi smiled and looked at Klock Dal, and the palm was opened: "I hurry to sit down, the boat is big, I have a lot of words to tell you ... Now Robin should take the boat, no matter what you also I can't run away! "


Klkdal's face is not very beautiful. He asked in a word: "Nicole Robened me, sold me to you?"

"No, the boat grows."

Shangji took the table, smiled and smiled and opened: "This is actually a long story, don't worry, let's talk slowly ..."


Crokdal snorted, and the face was difficult to sit in the last position of the wooden table. His eyes slightly flashed, and the two Navy's generals were gave up.

At the last naval, I looked at Klock Darr, narrowed my eyes, laughed and opened: "First, I will introduce yourself to the boat! My identity, what should I start introducing it?"

"Identity ... more ..."

Klock Darn stared at the original navigation, yin and a voice: "It seems that you and the Navy have the corresponding links ... It turns out that you are also a traitor!"

"This is said ..."

Shangji shook his head, slowly closing his palm, hook in his mouth, showing a smile, meaning that a deep and long: "In fact, you have a mistake, all people who betray you ... I have always been my person ! "

Shangqi Na Lu Loud and smiled and continued: "Cotmoti, Dida, Zhizi, Nicole Robin, all is my ministry ... As for those who refuse to be loyal to me, I have been I have been Direct all cleaned up! "

Shang Nai is looking at the unusual face of Klock Dalt, but smile is getting stronger: "The original Baroque Total, I have been hollowed out! Of course, this is not very good for you, because you never be in the Trust Workstone Workshop "

"Blend ..."

Klock Darl couldn't stand the bite.

Although he did not say that the Baroque Tourism is not intended to be the Baroque Total, this does not mean that Klockdal likes people to play!

This bastard ...

Shangyuan Na will continue to say slowly: "You think that you can control everything in the dark, in fact, all your things are in my control ... Unfortunately, I want to get your trust is too difficult, so I can only think about individual Method. "

The original Nairou reached out, referring to Crokdal, whispered: "That is to put a tail guarded in your body, it is my pet ... How do you feel, its power is not bad?"


Klkdal's face change!

Nowadays, a tail guard is his greatest relief, because he is willing to lend him to him, Klockdal dares to be unscrupulous!

Klock Darl just felt that the Crane had problems ...

But now I heard the original naval and admit that the guard is his arrangement. It is still not to believe in Christine, this kind, his life is not always held in the hands of Shangyuan Na.!

Klockdal slowly knead his fingers and opened his mouth: "What is your guy has been lurking around me?"

"It's fun."

Shangqi Nair returned a sentence to let Klock Dalthe's head violent!

What is this fucking?

Just just for fun, come to toss him?

"In fact, I don't want it."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, whispered: "I just want to stay in Baroque Tourism, I will be effective for Mr. Clockdal, I will hit Malin Fanto, attack Mary, attack Mary, kill a few Tianlong people What…"


Klkdal's expression is subtle.

This fucking effect!

Which boss in the world dares to make you do this!

He should celebrate that the Baroque Trying Corporation is disbanded early? If you are so dry, he is estimated to be chased by the Navy and the World Government!

Shangqi sighed and sighed in the air: "Unfortunately ... Captain, Captain ... You only let me do a middle-level agent, I have never willing to make me promotion ..."

Looking at Klock Dal, full of faces: "Do you know how serious consequences do you know if you don't give a hard work? This hardworking staff will destroy your company directly!"

"…To shut up!"

Klock Dar is ugly, he stared at the original naval, and his employee, who will bring you in anyone else ... "

"No, this is wrong ..."

Shang Nai was launching, whispered: "My last boss is very good. After his bankruptcy, he got a safe and long working here."


Several other people in the scene are subtle, your last boss is bankrupt, and the result is your employee. Is this a special call?

The boss of the luck ...

What is the difference!

The eyes of the green and the red dog slowly fall in the body of Klock Dar, the sand crocodam should be the boss that is poor.

"Let's talk!"

Klock Darl looked at the original naval, Shen Sheng opened: "Shangyuan Na, what is your guy, what is the purpose of following my side!"

"Hey, I am just a normal god!"

Shangqi Nai Lu shook his head and sighed, and the opening continued: "I have been with your own purpose, in fact, just to see your present expression ..."


Klkkdal is full of question marks.

Blue and red dog face black lines.

What is this devil saying!

Shangqi Nai Loud laughed and explained: "Mr. Crokdal, in fact, your luck is good, Wang Xia Qi Wuhai has seven people, I pick it up, I finally selected you, treat you as a candidate ...

Unfortunately, this guy is really very bad, just want a nest in Alabasan, what can I become a Piece? You have to become a man of the One Piece, how can you nest in Alabasttan to do a seven Wuhai!

So I secretly manipulated the Baroque Total, let other people do their bad things in the sea, provailing countless powerful enemies for Baroque!

Until forced the Navy to completely moved to Baroque's work, I secretly colluded the Navy and sold your identity. "


Clockdal's expression is increasingly ugly.

Oh shit.

This guy is a good idea!

The Baroque Totoci has always been very low, since he tricks up the original navigo, the whole Baroque workshop is steep ...

A look and the whole world does not share the sky ...

Directly forced his Baroque Tourism, the boss did not dare to appear ...

However, the Shangyuan Naoli, which is the dangerous situation, but it is straight for the Navy, directly selling him, let him carry all the black pots!


The fascinating is directly to the big black pot!

Mom, how is this bastard?

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead, rushed to Klock Dar laughed, and continued to open: "But I will realize that your strength is too weak.

Even if it is the battle of the World Government to give the world government, I can't do it, so I will give you the crane ... "

Shangji, I took the juice on the table, sucked a bite: "From that moment, everything is also in my hand ..."

The Shangqi Nai's face gradually exposed a regret: "I put you forced you to the sea, I originally want to go to the new world with you, let you recruit the four emperors of the new world, all the way to Di Don or directly Hell, unfortunately, there is a little accident in the middle ... "


Kroddal doesn't know what is his expression ...

Mom, because Pelton is the sea-shelf big prison!

Which of this is the top of the top, he has never heard of this year, and there is also a summit because Pelton's statement!

The captain of the family said that he became a pirates, this king's eight eggs let him go to the big prison or directly under hell ...

Before you say these words, you can't think about it. Is it a human language?

At the last naval, I watched Klock Darr, wrinkled: "Well? Captain, Captain, this time you should ask me what is wrong?"


Kroddal took a deep breath and sonned: "What is wrong?"

"Don't tell you."

At the end of the original Nairo, he almost knew Klock Dal, he opened to continue: "If you are willing to save me, I will still be your ship doctor ... Unfortunately, your guy actually abandon his companions!"

"Fortunately, Lao Zi did not come to save you ..."

Klock Darr almost almost biting his teeth: "If Laozi saved you, I don't know when you are as a line of puppet!"


Shangji shook his head, sighed: "Mr. Crokdal, isn't it very good? In fact, ignorance is also a kind of blessing!"


Klock Darn gripped in the palm of the palm, full of face: "Your guy, what is the purpose of doing this for Laozi!"

"I said it before."

Shangqi Nai raised his head and stared at the face of Kloddal, smiled and said: "Now I am actually want to see, I destroy your plan, let your life become this ghost, you will be What express is exposed ... "


Klkdal feels a blank brain.

The endless anger instantly drowned his reason. He only wants to directly suck dry water in front of the Shang Shang Na, directly into a mummy!

At the last Na, I watched the Crokdal Yinqing and I was slightly brought. I gave a lot of eyes: "Well, this expression is really wonderful, I think it is quite satisfied ... Mr. Qing, Mr. Red Dog, you think two ? "


It is silent with green and red dog.

The two personnel are not uncomfortable, the idea of ​​this moment is surprisingly, and they only have a thought.

The original navar is returning this guy ... it is not a person.