I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 459 Pharmacist's strategy (third more)

Marin Fanto.

Marshal office.

When the pharmacist, the peach rabbit will arrive here, the entire number of Navy's high-rise in Malin Fan is almost here, and the new world is really serious.

G1 branch, in addition to Malin Fanto, a branch of the Navy's most attaches importance, and the Navy wants to reach the importance of the new world in the next half of the world ...

It is now destroyed by Unechebra.

Even the Navy of the Navy of the New World Station, the Huang Hao was also seriously injured by Unechyo, which is simply repelting the incenseous islands!

Mingming Huanghuo is a flash fruit power ...

Mingming Huangbo is a general of the most salty fish in the Navy ...

As a result, the Huanghuo saw that the Bar of Unecheo has been on the bumper. This year, it has already happened two consecutive times, and it was defeated by Unechebra.

But can't you run?

This kind of thing is true ...

The red dog bites his cigar, and the face is open.

"If you have been over, it is too late."

The Warring States Marshal whole person is a bit decadent. He slowly shakes his head, sighs a gap: "This is my decision-making mistake, but fortunately, Pu Saleo has no life, the entire G1 branch base staff has also fighting them Evacked when it was. "

"But now is the most needed to stabilize the military ..."

The crane will close your palm and whisper: "White Beard One Piece has a little guy named Yu Zhibo Sasuke, it is always a lot of trouble, it is really a big trouble for us!"

The Warring States Marshal looked at a red dog, closing his palms, sinking: "Saskaski, after the New World G1 branch, be careful, don't want to ..."

"Know, it's really embarrassing ..."

After shaking his head impatiently, his eyes stopped on the pharmacist who just entered the office, suddenly opened: "Oh, and, I want to transfer the plumber to my squat, serve as my staff."


Whether it is the Warring States Marshal or the crane, they are not compromised by their own attention, this is as if it is ok!

After all, the pharmacist is indeed a new generation of Navy, and I accept the baptism of the fierce war early, and the shortcoming of the pharmacist is that he has not experienced the horror of the new world of the great navigation.

Now there is a red dog's Navy's general led, let the pharmacus go to do a red dog, it seems that there is no problem, just can take it out to exercise ...


The Warring States Marshal slowly put his gaze on the pharmacist, whispered: "Maxi will, do you have any questions?"

"Do not."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his eyes gradually became serious. At this moment, he seems to be an upcoming Navy will receive a challenge.

"I am very willing to follow the red dog general to rush to the new world."


The eyes of the red dog look at the pharmacist, the cold voice open: "Let's go with me! After you get the news, the warship has been waiting outside!"

"and many more!"

The crane will slowly shook his head, interrupted the red dog, this old man looked at the pharmacist, her eyes moved slowly, and stopped in the red dog: "Saskaski ... I am The old bones are also following you! "

"Crane staff!"



The crane will shook his head, showing a smile on his face: "G1 branch should be rebuilt, but also the military heart ... Single is just a Navy's general, let them have no confidence ..."

When I said here, the eyes of the crane were parked on the card, she opened: "Hello, Kapu, take a trip together!"

Only the naval hero has passed, in order to let the Navy of the G1 branch, the Navy of the Navy, after all, Kapp can be the navy's true medium-sized column!

It's not polite to say ...

Even if the Navy's three major will be, it is not as good as the confidence of cards, and let alone cards have also pursued the black thief group together!


On the Kapu's mouth, I took a donut and used it to nodded: "Well, I will take your warship together. By the way, I is the two little ghosts of Es and Yuxi."

Kapu knows his old friend.

Since the Headman will come to the past, he will need his strength, and the card will naturally do not resign.

"Let's go!"

The crane is smiling and nodded.

Just as they had to leave, the peach rabbit suddenly followed up, whispered: "There is no trouble in the evener in the first half, I am with you!"

"Do not."

The crane will slowly shook his head, and to refuse the proposal of the peach rabbit, open the mouth to persuade: "This is not safe. If you want to rebuild the G1 branch, you have to play a hard battle in the new world! "

"Little pocket can go ..."

The eyes of the peach rabbit fall in the body of the pharmacist.

The pharmacist shakes his head and whispered: "The G1 branch has the words of Kapu, the heaven and the red dog, there is no need to waste a general war."


Kapu will still bite your own donuts, turned to look at the Warring States: "Hey, Warring States, I will go with the boat of Ah, help me stop the warship!"


The Warring States Marshal impatiently helped his forehead, just watching the figure they left, and said: "Sakaski, Kapu, be careful, don't underestimate those little ghosts!"

The Warring States Marshal is also very clear.

This trip to rebuild the battle of G1 branch base, red dog and card two talents are real war, and there will be more people in addition to this.

Because the rebuild of the G1 branch is imminent, he is slightly hesitant to say that the belt will become a paradise, absolutely can't delay.

Otherwise, the Warring States really want to wait until the yellow and hurt, the Qingqi rushed back, directly let the Navy's three generals to the new world!

Only the three major parts of the Navy will all transfer to the new world, it is very likely to touch all the nerves of all four emperors, it is easy for them to think that there are war.

It's enough for the past!

Two of them were the big bare dogs and naval hero colors with strong battle, and the other two were the neighboring navalist cranes and new generation naval pharmacists.

of course…

The Navy is not no aid.

After the general dog, Kapu, the Hezhong will leave the pharmacist, and the Warring States urgently dialed the World Government's five old stars, applying for the call for the Queen Seven Wuhai to cooperate!

After the application for the Warring States to the World Government, I immediately intend to send people to the Queen Queen Seven Wuhai. When I went into the crane, the Warring States knew that she had a first step in his first step.

It is the most powerful pharmacist who leads to the new generation of nepon.

The warship in the crane.

The army of the red dog is followed by the side, he is in the middle of the Cap, and the crane will look at the pharmacist in front of them.

"Although the king's seven Wuhai's war is not good ..."

I thought of Wang Xia Qi Wuhai's fighting power: "But our time is too urgent. There are several kings, and the seven Wuhai may not be able to reach the new world. Here. They also need to be able to block other pirates into the new world. responsibility…"

The pharmacist looked at the map in his hand, whispered: "I suggest that we call the king's seven Wuhai, mainly to use the power of the Queen Seven Wuhai to supplement, calmly respond to the second war ..."

"Secondary War?"

Cap Pu couldn't help to pick your eyebrows.

This word is a bit fresh, isn't it enough to play a single?

Do you still have two?

He is satisfied with satisfaction, but it encourages the pharmacist to continue to speak: "It seems that the strategy of the little pocket seems to be more perfect ..."

"Don't dare."

The pharmacist shakes his head and pushes the push eye mirror, whispered: "There are too many seniors in Malin Vanto, I am really sorry to open ... Only in front of the crane, I dare to use this.......................................................................................................................................................................................................

At this moment, the pharmacist pocket turns into a modest student.

However, next second, the face of the pharmacist revealed a self-confidence, continued to say his plan: "In our time, this time we rushed to the new world, immediately called a few kings, and added our high-end. The power.

On the way we rushed to the new world, the only way to travel directly with us, there are only two Wang Qiqi and canmon ghosts, and the remaining five new world will have one. Short time difference;

Just in this time, we rebuild the G1 branch base, and he first passed a victory of the War of the New World, and announced the reconstruction of the Navy G1 branch!

The next time is to wait for the anti-fall of the White Beard, of course, this kind of anti-pop will not be too violent ... The people who dispatched the people of the White Beard, should only dispose of Unechebra. "

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and his face revealed a confident smile: "I looked through all the information about the foreign war of the White Beard Pirates. White Beards rarely took the initiative, his deterrent significance is greater than The actual significance.

In fact, the white beard did not really shot about five years, perhaps because of the age of aging, perhaps because of the sick, perhaps because of the fear of the world balance, the probability of his shot is greatly reduced ...

And Su Zhi Bozou helped him have gradually began to take white beard in the foreign war since the overcome of Thaedo.

We have destroyed a hundred and bearded ace ceremonies, rather than a team of white beards, and only need to cope with Unechebra, which is the highest force outside of the white beard. "

"Hey, little ghost!"

There is a dissatisfaction on the face of the red dog: "Is this significant! Is it just to go to a hand under the white beard?"

Sakaski. "

If you interrupted the red dog, she looked at the pharmacist, the smile on his face was more and more satisfied: "Our purpose has never been a war, but to let the navy's justice back to the second half of the new world. what…"

If it is just to rebuild the G1 branch base, a sub-subfixes who have destroyed white beards are enough to have an explanation of the world. The most important thing is to greet the back of the future.

It looks now ...

The priority of the pharmacist is quite good.

This young man did not have a good high to go directly to the white beard, and even he deliberately chose to reduce the probability of appearing as much as possible.

The most important thing is that the rationalism of the pharmacist is the most satisfying thing in the crane, because the real wisdom will definitely can't be hot.

His goal ...

It's all calculi Yuxi Board!

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai, Navy, Sihuang, and the third party forces all in planning, two major wars, the purpose of two war, and the pharmacist is almost all.

"It's really auspete ... small pocket."

After the crane will praise a pharmacist, the light open: "If the white beard does not follow you, it really shots?"

"There will be this possibility."

The pharmacist shakes his head and whispered: "In the case of all, white beards never dare to conduct a comprehensive war in the navy ... We have given him enough face.

The Navy will never give up the New World's G1 Branch base. the power of! "

The pharmacist said here and biting his teeth: "Of course, if I am in that step, I will be a naval soldier, for just fighting to death!"


Kapu and Crane are nodded.

Red dogs' attention becomes complicated.

If you are not a red dog, you are also a little undercover. I know that the pharmacist has a lot of things. Maybe he really believes in the pocket!