I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 460, you, etc., I will ask what is going on.

The plan of the pharmacist is finalized.

Therefore, their strong naval fleet did not choose to change the warship in Mary Joa, but through the shampoo island into the island.

When the fish island, the pharmacist is as a messenger who has exchanged on behalf of the Navy and Cartillmatmatmatmati, and the resident of the king is called.

Carton ghosts did not refuse the proposal of the pharmacist.

After all, everyone is my own, two people are followed by the former navigation, the pharmacist, this guy, no matter how it can be believed.

Just when the goalmatmon ghosts boarded the armship of the red dog, the eyes fell on the arm of the dog, couldn't help but grin: "It is a neighborhood of the Navy ..." actually has such a huge power ... "

Obviously ...

Carton ghosts also notice the four tail of the barefather.

Moreover, the martial artist is different from the pharmacist. He got the orders of the original Naji, and also learned the Navy's general joined the organization.

When the martial artifacts passed down the red dog, he laughed and said: "General, the gift from God, must cherish your strength ..."


The red dog slammed his fist.

When I heard the ghosts, the red dog immediately understood that this king's seven Wuhai must also be a member of Xiao!

Because only the members of Xiaoyu will call the original navigation, only the members of Xiaoyu know that the four-tailed Sun Wukong in his body is the original navigation to force to his body!

Mom, how is it again a member of the organization? The entire navy and the king are in the seven Wuhai, how many of the members are good!

In the crane, the warship.

The pharmacist pocket and the crane will still negotiate the second king of the Queen Seven Wuhai, Drescent, the second king, the second king of Draz, Dragon.

The crane will sigh, sigh, sigh, said: "Drivemmon Ghost and White Beard One Piece is because of the predecessor of Qi Wuhai, there will be a war sooner or later, he accepts the call is not surprising ... Differee kids, I hope he can also be well-behaved! "

Because of the relationship of the distance.

Their troops will only temporarily bring the two kings, the seven Wuhai, rushed to the new world, the remaining eagle oyster hooded, Amazon Lily of the king of Hancuk, etc., will be reached later New world.

And if they accept the call, they are unknown.

However, at least go of persimmon ghosts have chosen to sum up, and there is a good start for the Navy.

After all, they have to face ...

But you can defeat the four emperors of Unechebra!

This naval fleet left the fish island, and when he rushed to Drescenta, it was shocked Duran Ming Ge. He thought that this army was to die, did not expect them to call He went to the new world to fight Unechebra!

" ..."

Dofran Mingo stands in the port of Dresrosa. After heard the intention of the crane, he couldn't help but nod his mouth.

"I promised."

Dofran Ming brother saw two colleagues in the warship and pharmacist, and this trip can be relieved.

However, there are some doubts about Dogon Mingchi.

He thought that Yu Zhiso was betrayed, so he wanted to clear the traitor with the army of the Navy!

On this way, they have no chance to communicate.

Until the G1 branch base of the new world, the Navy's leader and the Navy and other navy attacked the pirates of the white beard.

Only the entire G1 branch base has only the two kings of the two kings, and they believe that there is a safe communication opportunity.

"Mr. Ghost, what is going on?"

"I am not clear ..."

The mortal ghost grinned and laughed: "Mr. Po is probably trying to use the help of this guy as a springboard!"

" ... What?"

Dofonteo couldn't help but pick the eyebrows and smiled and said: "I thought Sasuke did not want to do this?"


The mortal ghost shook his head, lowered his voice: "No one dares to violate God's will, even if it is Sasuke, you can't ..."

Although the mortar ghosts are not clear why the pharmacist will use the Navy, and a military action against Unechebra.

There is no doubt that this is definitely beneficial.

Whether it is Suzhio Sasuke victory, let his reputation rise; or the mission of the pharmacist victory, let him be promoted at the Navy.

Xiaoyang is already in the two heads.

The entire navy's action is in accordance with the general pockets of the pharmacist, and the red dog led his warship to destroy the three white beards, and all the members of these One Pirates were sent into the seabed big prison.

This news is in a new world.

The news that the Navy and the White Beard One Piece will pass to boil.

Because the news of the three consecutive gains spread throughout the new world, the naval of the original G1 branch base finally had some appearances, at least this also announced that the Navy would never give up the attitude of the new world in the second half of the world.

at the same time.

The king of the whole sea is in the seven Wuhai, and the eagle eye is the first to choose this recruitment and rushed to the new world in advance.

Mihof wanted to look at the Skille strength of Unechebra.

Other kings seven Wuhai are slowly grinding.

Because the summary of the Navy's part is not mandatory, there are even two seven Wuhai directly refused the Navy's call, which is busy to earn money and the king of Amazon, Lily of Amazon.

For pharmacists, it doesn't matter.

The pharmacist wants to convene the ideal combat power of the Shi Zhiyu, only the eagle eye is mok, and the red dog will be in the army, and the remaining people are adding.

White Beard One Piece.

The atmosphere of the war is also spread throughout the white beard sea.

The Navy ran into their waters, attacking the three-white beard affiliated to the thief group, which obviously caused the turmoil, the whole white beard, the thief group, was stunned to give the group of Navy. Look.

"Don't quarrel."

Malco turned over the eyes and interrupted all the noises, and it was not pleasing: "The second team has rushed to support ..."


The field is still quiet.

After all, the second team of the current team is Potkas D. Ees, which is also Yisi Bozuo to help the monster, and it is certain that there is no problem with the army of a navy.

Catch it carefully ...

Yischo Sasuke seems to have not been handed over with the red dog!

Yuxi Bo sakard two times and Huang Hao, all defeated it; once and Qing Dynasty handed over, forced the green gust, stopping the chasing; only didn't beat the red dog.


The white beard was obliquely, looked at the big knife around him, whispered: "Malco, I think the situation is not right, let Alce and Sasuo will come back first ..."


Malco looked at a white beard.

During this time, the entire White Beard One Piece has recognized the strength of Unecheo Sasuke. The guy can even win the four emperors, and can you still turn your car?

After Malco has been a second after a second, I decided to implement it in accordance with white beard's order, he quickly died the second queen phone.


Unecheo Sasuke and Es refused the proposal of Marco.

Or, they have to reject Marco's proposal.

Because after the 2nd team of the White Beard One Piece, the head hit the army ship in the Navy, and encountered the killing of the Navy!

This kind of thing is a bit trouble for the second team ...

The old man who is known as the Naval Hero is not weak because of the body, but there is an old-fashionable style ... and this time, he seems to be the iron and the second team.

White beard sea.

The warship in the crane.

The pharmacist is holding the phone in a slow position, arranged their established strategy: "Sakaski, Mr. Mihk, led to Yishe Sasuke;

Mr. Dofran Ming Ge, Mr. Ghost, after Yuxi Bo saga, immediately shot the Battle of Portkas D · Es, according to our arrangement, in accordance with the frequency attack, forced Uzecho Sasuke ;

In Cap, you will be prepared to match Unecho Sasukes in the middle of the way. "

After that, the pharmacist put down the phone in his hand.

Hezhong will stand around the pharmacist, nod, no matter whether it is a strategy of the big direction or the tactics of the subtle, the pharmacist has no problem, even more than the crane.

The crane will slowly clogging your palm: "It seems that our plan is successful ... If the white beard New Gate has not been dispatched, then the victory of this war must be a navy."

"There is no reason for white beards."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "Our purpose is just for a big victory, the white beard will now have a defeat, there will be other portrait of sharks to smell the wind, torn on his body Blood meat ... "

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Everything is done according to the preview of the drug.

Yuxi Sasuke's strength is the strongest, but his people who need to deal with it clearly, but also ready to support Es and 2nd team, a little tired of life.

The most pit is ...

Colleagues who are still in these enemies!

The Navy's generals and four tails column power bare dogs, drunmers, Dofran Mingge is all colleagues, these people have absolutely not to give him a head ...

After all, no one is in the past!

These guys ... will not be the original naval to clear him? Just because the last time I almost killed Thaed, violating the meaning of Shangyuan Na. Still Shang Nai, the guy felt that he was too arrogant in the new world, hurrying his head?

It is also possible to ...

Both are both.

Just as Yushu Sasuke is still fighting, his ring suddenly flashed, some people gave him a command: "Sasuke, Kaido refused to succumb, you went to a country, help Yizhi Bo belt soil Guy ... "

"Your guy ..."

Unechebra helps to touch the vision, this will participate in the members of the 2nd team of the White Beard, and three of them should be in the hands of Shangyuan Nai ...

At this time, I will call him to work!

Is this bastard or a person?

Yuxi Bozo helps his teeth and cutting the mouth: "Your group is siege, how do I have now!"

"What happened?"

Shangyuan Na will be strange for a while, whisper: "You wait, I am calling, ask what is going on, I have been traveling in this time."