I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 461 UX Zhi Bozuo helps ... Uzhi Houki!

Ministry is played in the air.

Shangyuan Needs and I was still drinking ice juice leisurely.

In this case, I didn't know that it was a bit, but the news he got from the ghosts was that the pharmacist wanted to be promoted. It was necessary to defeat Unecheo as a promotional feeding.

Shangyuan Nair is not a serious event, just let the pharmacist you can do, anyway, the members of Xiaoyu, helping each other to better occupy the high.

And the original natellite is also a little curious, how to do the pharmacist can use Unecheo Sasuke, did not expect the pharmacist to play this big ...

Even help Unexpea Sasuce to this extent!

The world's first big sword hawk eye rice Hopker, the navy will be Munqi D · Kapu, the Navy's general dog, everyone's strength is alone, it is estimated that it can touch the help ...

Today, these three people will be able to help Uzecho, and there is a heart-fashionable Donming brother and mortar ghosts ... don't turn around!

"In fact, I am not very clear about this."

Shangqi Naihui quickly put the news to Yishe Sasuke, sighed a good way: "I will solve this problem immediately, they will soon clear what I mean."


Yuxi Bozuo will stand within the crystal of must, look at the three people who are siege, everyone is not good to deal with;

Sasuke also looked at the two people who attacked Portkas D · Es, and the two people were more refused ...

Yuxi Bozuo saga took his ring, Shen Sheng: "I don't care, but I is guy, so I will be caught by the mortinger ghost and Duran Ming Ge!"


Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and said: "I believe that the assistance will make you satisfied, I have already prepared it for you ..."

After that, the original neighborhood was cut off and the contact of Unecheo.

In the warship in the crane, the drug shipment of the crane is monitored, and his consciousness has received an order of the original Needle.

"Pocket, I remember there is still a coffin in the Shenwei space ... Open the coffin, let the person passed the brother!"

This command made the mouth of the pharmacist couldn't help but tick a smile. This is a person who made him hosted to encircle Yu Zhibo, helping Unechebra helping the crisis?

Because the pharmacist has a white coat on a little, there is a live garage, so you can open the Qiwei space.

Indeed, there is still a coffin in the Shenwei space.

But in the coffin, it is very troublesome!

After all, it is a person who has been modified will!

Only, I will return to the past, and the person has made that person into her own collection, but the discord and sinny and the hands of the strong hand, that person is first class!

"Forget it."

After the pharmacist, the pharmacist sighed, faintly opened: "Who let this be the order of Needar? No matter who is not refuteed!"

After the pharmacist found a chance, quietly opened the Shenwei space, throwing the coffin in the Kwai space to under the sea.

After the coffin landed in the sea, it slowly opened a young man who exposed a refrigeration, and the young man immediately got all the situation from the person who washermed him.

He did not delay.

Because the reincarnation of the dirt will not die, so the young man quickly swims from the bottom of the sea, using his own perceived tolerance to the island of the battlefield.

At this moment.

The battlefield is still very intense.

The fists in Kapu becomes dark, and a punch is on the body, and the whole body must appear in the armor. The next moment of help, the next moment is rushing to repair the need. Can!

Under the punch of Kapu, the air was played with a sense of trembling!

It seems that even the air is also afraid of the old man's iron!

Obviously, it is just a naval general, even a seventy-six-year-old man, but he shows the top war in the world!

"This guy…"

The eyes of Yuxi Sasuo couldn't help it, biting his teeth and manipulating the knife to force the knife to force the Kapu, his face flashed a shit: "Ais's born ... His Grandpa is too strong! "


The last time I encountered Kapu and Qingli, I was in the shampoo, I didn't play a wave of water, and the father of Kapu was definitely played!

And it's still too much ...

Last time, Unechebra helped to face the cyan, Ece's battle card, and the two of them won, and the idiot didn't win the card!

Obviously, it is just a box of armed tall domineering ...

That armed colored domineering directly runs through the defenders, even attacks the inside of the mustvas, directly smashing the body!

There is no fruit capability on the Kapu's fists, which has already shown the giant force that is not lost in white beard. The strength of this old man is stronger than it!

The guy of the Cap Par is definitely Sasuo has seen unprecedented strength, so what is the idiot of Alice last time?

Oh shit…

It's really outrageous.

Such a powerful armed color domineering, I can't win, I can only use Burning fruit capabilities, this acting is still too much!

A black knife suddenly hit!

This is the world's first big sword hawk eye hooded!

When I didn't submit the cracks in Kapu, I didn't have the rupture of the rule of Zuas, and even if I want to be able to get from the shoulders of you!

Compared to Kapu ...

Eagle Eye Michac Thermally brought the pressure of the world's first big sword, and Yisi Bozuo has heard of his name, nor I didn't think that the big sword is so powerful ...

Mingming the Sword of the Sword Tama is not very good!

And Bis Tam always claims to challenge the eagle eye rice Hawk, do Sasuke think that the eagle eye mook and the floral swords are unable to go ...

to be frank…

Feeling that Bosta still doesn't challenge, almost 100% will be delivered.

"Betting ... also give you a knife!"

Yizhi Bozuo quickly repaired the cracks on the shoulders, and manipulated himself to sway a record, this is a wide snorkeling momentum to tear the air, island The countless forests are directly cut!

When you get on top of the sea, you will be boundless!

This hit, directly forced back this world's first big sword!

As the world's first big sword, Mihof has never had this experience. When many people are siege, they are hit by other swords!

Miho was tightly held his knife, flashing on his face, because the black knife in his hand was in this sicking.

Black knife · night!

One of the twelve of the world, no big fast knife, known as the world's strongest black knife!

Not only Mihak is excited, but the black knife in his hand is excited!

The original eagle eye Michac as the Queen Seven Wuhai, the restriction of the Navy is to look at the swordsmanship of Uzecho, and now the seventeen-year-old Uzecho is not completely disappointed!

Whether it is strength ...

Still controlling the control of swords, it is absolutely far more than groups!

This priest of Suzhi Sasuo has no more than other swords from other swords. It is completely real murdery!

Especially Unechebra, after the complete body must be protected, even the huge pressure is also a huge pressure!

The world's first big sword is the position, maybe the Lord may not!

If you don't know that Capu will not agree with the red dog, the eagle eye is really trying to try, invite Unechebra to help a sword.


This is a real war!

Even if the eagle eye is also decided to have a war!

Because the Navy is angry with the G1 branch base, the attitude of encircling Unecheo Sasuke is extremely resolute!

"Sasuke Uchiha…"

Mihof slowly looked up and looked at the taller, and sharp his eyes slowly narrowed. He stared at Suzhi Sasuo, which must be Sasone headed crystals!

This name is a man of the world's first big sword. The face became more and more serious: "Xiang Ke sesual arm ... I have always thought that this big sea is no longer able to make the black knife excited Sword ... Your appearance, It's just right ... "

Miho's figure suddenly high, waving the black knife in his hand, and slammed a knife towards the crystals that must be Sasone, and smashed the shot to the crystal of the need!

This begins ... it is Mi Hof's full blow!

Even if the air is cut directly by this, the momentum that is driven is like to cut the sky, and even the clouds of the sky have been cut in the sky!

"Can you stop?"

Yiszhibo's brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and it was indeed strongly of the crystal defense, but there is no lack of people in this world to break.

Kapu's iron boxing ...

White beard's shock fruit ...

The world's first big sword is full of hits, and there is absolutely a chance to break the defenders, these guys are really a trouble!

"Murcase · Meteor Volcano!"

Just at this time, the red dog is waving his fist, the four-tailed Sun Wukong and magma fruit capabilities, his fist is turning into a rock meteorite falling from the sky, flying to the head of the must

Once Miho's sniper cuts the need to be able to defend the crystal defense, the attack of the red dog will quickly enter, directly attack the body of Sasuke!

Just as Yuxi Bo saky to play with the sky, he saw a familiar figure suddenly appeared, flying to his crystal!


A red half body must be opened in the air!

This red mustage body is more than 30 meters compared to Suzhi Sasuke, it seems that it is just an ordinary giant, it is not hit!

However, this red must suddenly opened a red shield, it is a kind of spirit that must be affair, and the artifact of the ability to block all attacks!


The power of the Eagle Eye Michac, letting the red need to rush, and there is no one to defeat the half-length!

However, the red circular shield is still in all the way, and even the magma meteorite falling in the air has blocked it!

Even with this spirit of the Jaguchi, I will meet the meteor volcano of Mihok and the red dog, and the red must be finally completely collapsed.

A young man's figure appeared on the battlefield.


The red dog's brow is slightly frightened, his eyes are tightly staring at the man who suddenly appears to attack.

"Hey, it seems that our adults are still inserted ..."

Cartry is still playing with Dofonteo, when he saw the man who suddenly appeared and helped to attack the attack, his mouth couldn't help.

"Do you have a gestine?"

The macaroni wavy waves directly in his hand directly to retreat the pirates in front of him, and the face is faintly revealing. "I really didn't see it for a long time ..."

" ... Who is that?"

The Francumbhan's mouth has a smile, handling a miplide, and he also looked at the sudden man: "It seems to be a very great man ..."

"That person ..."

Cartry ghost looked at the figure, laughed and said: "He is a brother, I used to my companion ... Yu Zhi Pub."