I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 463, Navy, the Navy's Navy's part

"That born ..."

After listening to the discouragement of the pharmacist and the crane, Kapu will be willing to stop with the eagle eye rice Hawk. Only the red dog does not stand the bite, only he knows that the pharmacist is a little bit.

This pharmacist is definitely the dead loyalty of the original Nairo!

At least in the field, the pharmacist pocket and the original Needle are very similar, this road is not all the programs of the Pharmacist.

Just because the Sui Zhi is a member of Xiao, the pharmacist will give up the chasing?

It is also a pharmacist with a pharmacist. It is also a campaign that can also be rejuvenated in the Pirace, which can only be rejected by a navy.

On the other side.

When Uzhi Buched and Unecho were helped to rush to the second quarter, they could only save both Potkas D. Es and Marshall D. Tiqi.

Because Dofontech and Carton Ghost seems to have determined the pirates they catch up, it is absolutely not letting them save, let alone colleague ...

This kind of fight is really wronged.

Where is it, it is basically a person.


The mortal ghost has grinned, and the Francience made a road for this for the Yuxi Bo brother: "It's been a long time."

"Ghost ..."

Yisizhubo is a bit complicated.

"Nissan, let's go first!"

Just as Yuxi Hose wanted to talk to the ghost, Yu Zhibo Sasuke suddenly launched a complete body, grabbed Es and Tiqi, dragging Uzhi, with several people Walk.

"Really ..."

The mortar ghosts reveal the full mouth shark, watching the way to fly away, can't help but laugh: "The person's fate ... is destined to escape ..."

" ..."

The Francumbhan's face also reveals a smile of the Chinese: "The first public announced that he is a member of the child ... Yishi Hose ... The world has to set off a wind wave?"

This doesn't mean ...

The tailor is finally what people have to appear?

Even if it is compared to the World Government, the organization is tested in the top war, it can also be called a big substitute!

Up to the original Nairo sent the purpose of Unechecko, in addition to letting their brothers met, in the way, in the case of Uzhi Pub, I want to take this opportunity to let the organization surface out of the water, start slowly letting this world accept .

Perhaps this is the case ...

When the Navy's generals in the future, it is not particularly awkward for other people in the world.

Anyway, this war in front of now is over.

The Navy has achieved a victory that can be announced to the whole world. They defeated Unecheo Sasuke and White Beard in the momentum, declared the Navy's G1 branch to return to the next half of the new world.

Everyone in the sea is stunned.

Just as the white beard of the pirates, even if the other four emperors and the Navy, the Navy suddenly concentrated on the power to play.

First, I destroyed several sub-subflings under the white beard, but also defeated the top 2nd team of white beard's strength. Only Unecheo Sasuke and Es, Tiqi was suddenly rescued, and she barely escape. .

The members of the other 2nd team were all sent into the sea.

The pharmacist has given the entire navy's high-level scraping for the mission. If it is not a coming to the aid soldier, this time the action of encirclement Urcho will be successful.

Although there are some regrets ...

However, when the crane will report to the Warring States, the situation will also analyze the situation in the whole world. No regrets from Unecao Sasuke has become the advantage of the pharmacist.

"There is no greed."

The crane will hold the phone in the hand, and the smile in the corner is almost no stop: "No matter what, this war has complied with our expected goals ... as long as the G1 branch can re-return to the new world, it is enough. "


The other end of the phone is also very much very much: "In fact, if you seize the words of Yuxi Bo, it is just in the face of the white beard. But this time is indeed a bit, and it is also right."

"Straight, the war must win ..."

The crane will slowly open the way: "Takadapo can exceed our time ... The location of the Navy should be assured to him."

After the Warring States Marshal agreed, whispered: "The World Government also issued orders, breaking the way to upgrade the Navy's department, but unfortunately there is no powerful devil fruit ... The Navy is also a staff member."

The help of the pharmacist this guy is indeed a small.

Other Navy's part will be mostly relying on capture of the pirates, and the pharmacist is almost all the way to sit on the Navy.

From the TRC, it is helped to destroy the conspiracy of the former king seven Wu Haiklodal, and the navy has taken the upper wind in the negotiations with the ghosts of the mortar. Now it is played in the war of the White Beard. Orthodox role.

In the entire navy, I can't find a few brains like a pharmacist.


The combat power of the pharmacist has become the only shortcomings.

"Let him annihilate a few pirates in the new world ..."

The Warring States Marshal on the other end of the torse: "Although we all think he is qualified, it is still a broken body for others ..."

"I am going to talk about this ..."

The crane will turn around and read the pharmacist who quietly wrote the battle report, and smiled and continued: "Little pocket may not think that he has qualified to become a middle general.

He believed that this time did not catch Unechebra, he was his own mistake, and even thought that he was so good, and it was unauthorized to make a mistake for the four emperor's thieves. It is estimated that it is now written as a review. ... "

It's a modest young man.

Whether it is the crane in the Warring States Marshal, the two old people think of the same evaluation, such a young person can assume the future of the Navy.

Originally, two people are very optimistic about the pharmacist, and now the good feelings of this little guy are getting higher and higher.

After the crane is deducted, after sitting around the drug teacher, reach out of the fighting report by the pharmacist, showing a little smile on his face.

"Don't be too harsh to yourself."

The crane will shook his head, softly stuck the mood of the pharmacist: "This time our goal is originally letting the G1 branch back to the new world, now our goal has been reached ... You will be upgraded to the Navy. Staff and the Navy. "


The pharmacist slowly raised his head and pushed his own glasses. It flashed on his face: "Can I refuse this time? We mobilize the red dog general, Kapu will have three kings and the three kings , Still don't ... "

"Hey, pocket!"

Cap piping took a slap in the shoulders of the pharmacist, smiled and smiled: "Do you want to refuse to promote? However, the navy will be free attack power, don't refuse ... and your little ghost Already done! "

Kapu will sit around the pharmacist. After smiling, the face suddenly became serious: "The world is the most unpredictable is the sea, nothing is destined, Anything can not be 100%! Don't be too small to see the top of the big sea! "

"... Yes, Qapu predecessors!"

The pharmacist nodded carefully, and it was a respect for the heroes who would respect Cap.

The red dog is sitting on another desk. He saw that this scene couldn't help but bite his teeth, and a piece of hot tea poured into his mouth.

This cup of tea is very hot ...

But the heart of the red dog feels very cool.

Marin Fanto.

The Warring States Marshal's movements quickly, announced the victory of the Navy to the whole sea, and also announced the order of the promotion of the Pharmacist General and the Navy's part of the Department of Naval.

Originally, the Warring States Marshal and Crane will still worry that there will be people who are not convinced. I didn't expect the pharmacist in the navy. At least the entire Marlin Vantra's naval never could not find an opposition.

Modest person ...

It is always very easy to make people feel wrong.

After the war of the Navy and the White Beard, the pharmacist pockets a few pirates that make the world government a headache in the new world.

Among these battles, the method used by the pharmacist undoubtedly let the Warring States Marshal are bright, whether it is inserted or encirclement, it is unique.

Among this trip, the crane will be hit by the Helong, and the two middle school will read the personal show of the drug master.

It is another battle to end.

The pharmacist watched the rumored boat that was quietly sinking in the distance. It was a soft way to say: "As long as it is a demon fruit power, in this world, sea water must be their natural enemy, the sea is the world's most powerful weapon."


Caupi will not help but take the point.

The face of the crane will not endure it on the face: "There is no waste of a bullet, just make people play the banner of Kapu and Saskaski, forcing this acette to enter this danger. The sea area until this thair is sinking, it is really a boy. "

"No, it is actually not so troublesome."

The pharmacist shakes his head and whispering: "This sea area is too dangerous, there will be a hundred pirates from here, so I am very famous, I have read all the intelligence of this One Piece, several combatants All is the demon fruit power.

And I checked the information of this One Piece, and their sea boats have been sinking twice. The two sins will let them be arrested in the ghosts and spiders, which means that their ship has no navigation technology. Extremely super-super nautical, so they will have a high probability that the reef is sinking here. "


Kapu bites a donut, I feel that I am not so understanding.

The face in the crane is full of admire, her smile is almost more and more rich: "These fine broken information can notice it ... even I rarely think of using these intelligence to apply to the battlefield , The little pocket is really intelligent ... "

The head of the crane has flashed a thought, or if you do it, you just have to retire, and you will be more excellent than her ...

Anyway, what do you see ...

The pharmacist is perfect for the Navy. This young person must bring more help to the Navy, so that the flag of justice is fluttering throughout the big sea!