I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 465 Oh, I am ordered to find secrets (third!)

"Don't say this."

Eshupeng rushed to Yisi Borath, and Tiqi, who cited next to it, couldn't help but bow together, and the face of Es has exposed a little embarrassing, very politely benting a ride: "In fact, we have been in the help Take care ... "

When you say this, the Ace's figure suddenly lived!

Not too strong, he said that he is a brother of Sasuke?

Although Utizhi's etiquette is very serious ...

But I will remember that I didn't make a mistake, Yisi Bozuo should mention that his brother has already died, what is going on?

"and many more…"

Ais's face revealed a shot, he couldn't help but looked at the Unexus on his eyes, and he turned his head to the help: "Sasuke, your brother is not ..."

Nissan ... "

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the Yisi Pubhou, whispered: "It is resurrected by the guy! I have long known that there will be this day ..."

"Re-... resurrection?"

The look of Essen flashed a lot of excitement, he remembered the brothers of the childhood, Shen Sheng: "Can you still resurrect the dead?"

Now I still know what Sa Bo is still alive. He naturally wants to resurrect the novel brothers, and even he also wants to see your mother Potkas D. Lu ...

Even next to Marshall D. Tiqi's face also flashed a lot of excitement, obviously he seems to have some regrets!


Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but knead his forehead, whispered: "This is just a ban on the soul ... Nissan's current is controlled by the guy, even in one fell swoop now, he Can be seen by Nissan! "


Es is still alleged.

To be honest, it is not possible to manipulate this kind of case, and he feels that as long as people can live, what else is unacceptable?

"Forget it."

Yiszhi Sasuke's brow couldn't help wrinkled, whispered: "Anyway, I have to find a way to resurrect Nissan ... If you want to resurrect ..."


Yiszhipo interrupted the words, rushing him, shook him, whispered: "Don't do a stupid thing, I have never thought about resurrection ..."

Yisizhiso slowly reached his palm, and took the neck of Sasuke, knead his hair, calmly opened: "I just worry about you, just give me this opportunity, even if you resurrected I, I also escape the man's control ... "

Yisizhip's mouth and even showed a smile. He looked at his own brother, smiled and continued: "Everything you do ... I am very happy that you have new friends now, perhaps this You can live better in the world ... "

Nissan ... "

Unechebra helped his bite.

But he is not good at all now!

That behind the scenes, the Shangyuan Na, still in the scene, still manipulating them, there is no honest heart.

It's easy to find a new friend, and the guy of Es is very tragic. The guy still wants to continue to manipulate an ece, can you be a personal?

"That person may not be as bad as you think."

Yisiza was shaken his head, smiled and opened: "Although the process of that person is always in someone else, but from the results, it is not necessarily a good result for us ..."


Yischo Saso will take the doubtful gaze to Yishaoso.

If he knew that the manipulator after the shooting of the secret, he will definitely be converted into his own voice, and Sasuke is suspected to be the right naval to control the words of Yis Zhi Houli ...

How do you feel that his brother is brainned ...

And it is not satisfied with the process of doing things in the original Needle?

It is not very personal!

Although the results of the original Naida seem to be good, such as the endurance, there is no war, many people can live, but he can make more ...

Anyway ...

Shangnai is absolutely not a good person.

Yuxi Hostel lost his head, he didn't know the younger brother's stubborn, Shang Shangnai didn't have a little improper person ...

However, he also let Sasuke open the eternal kaleidoscope to write the eyes, but unfortunately, Sasuke opened the back and glance.

This is also something wrong.

After all, the original navigation is the chakra who has of their ancestors.

Yiszhimo learned all the truths, it was not so deep for the original Nairi, after all, when the guy was helping homeless, she reached out, she pulled the organization, and she also took the help as a chess piece. ...

Calculate ...

In the view of Unecissy, there is a absolutely free person in the world, and those who are free people have deprived the freedom of the world.

The most important thing is that the guy is really a good thing, even God dares to play, he can let Saso help, let Yu Zhi Houki satisfied ...

At least better than his brother ending.

After experiencing the most cruel things, Yuxi Pubicon's acceptance ability is extremely strong, let alone leaves are also in the palm of the guy ...

"You have been saying that person ... that person ..."

Es didn't scratched his head, curiously asked: "Who is that person? Do we know?"

"The leader of Xiao."

Yischo Sasuke's face flashed a wipe, his voice continued: "Once you have forced him, you must not mention his name, absolutely can't mention his appearance ... even if it is me, I don't dare to mention his name. "


I couldn't stand a cold.

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes flashed a shower, he seems to find extremely interesting things and an extremely terrible confidentiality.

Yisizhike slammed the head, watching Es and Tiqi, Shen Sheng open: "If you can, you don't have any entanglement with him in this life ... Never see him ... Never know him ... and don't He said something wrong in front of him! "

The face of Unecheo Sasuke continued: "There was a person who said wrong in front of him, and the result was pushed to the world's vertices!

Then ... it was held by him, pulling it from the top of the world and falling into the abyss ... that guy has the power to dominate the world! "

Marshall D. Tiqi couldn't hold his mouth and whispered: "Thief haha ​​... Sasuke, don't be too scared, he can't overcome the old man ... If he really has the strength of the world, how? Will hide ... "

"Tiqi! Don't talk casually!"

Yischo Sasuke interrupted Marshall D. Tiji, he was still very good for this person, but Nothing wrong, Tiqi also got up the list of Shangyuan Nai ...

That is to say ...

Marshall D. Tiqi is likely to be an Shang Shang's chess! Now this guy is still satirize the original navigation, it is really not to live!


I looked at him to interrupt him, Marshall D. Tij couldn't help but swallow their mouthmake.

That rascal…

Really so terrible?

Tiqi can't help but doubt.

If he has the power of the world, it will definitely began to declare war to this world, becoming the most powerful people in this world, how can it be behind the scenes?

Tse didn't know.

Just after he just finished, the Yisi's brain has more messages, this message makes Uzhi Pubo have some doubts and intake.


For Sasuke, everything can be patience.

"Okay, Sasuke, no need to scare them."

After Uzhi Subper, after watching Tiqi, he looked at Sasuke, smiling and helped the hair, whispered: "The person is not so terrible, he let me come out this time, in addition to saving you, mainly In order to find dark fruits ... "

"Dark fruit?"

Marshall D. Tiqi couldn't help the voice. His face changed, he didn't expect that someone will look for the fruit like his goal!

That is the purpose of he hides for many years!

If you can't find dark fruit, Marshall D. Tiqi is willing to have a lifetime in the White Beard One Piece!

did not expect…

Now some people are looking for dark fruits!

These people who are looking for dark fruits seem to be stronger than the power of the white beard, because Yuxio Saso helps in the Mobik, never fear the white beard, but the leader of the legendary is like a tiger!

I heard Marshall D. Tiji's voice, everyone did not help but look at him, and I asked: "Well, Tiqi, what happened?"

"No, there is nothing."

Tiqi shakes his head, covering the opening: "I just seem to have heard of this fruit's name, it is said to be the world's most fierce fruit ..."


After Unexpeus, he nodded, and quietly opened: "The dark fruit is the most vicious natural devil fruit in the world, others are hard to control its power.

But the strength of dark fruit is also very powerful, so that person let me find this fruit on the big sea, let the people in the organization to take it, so as not to fall into other people ... "


Tiqi quietly lowered.

At this moment, Tiji's face is difficult to see.

In case, this Urshi Subiches really found secretly, which means that all hidden hidden in these years have become bubbles!


What can I do now?

Doesn't help him with Yis Zhi?

Yisi Hoski has a mysterious organization, you can find dark fruits on the sea, he can only wait for dark fruit in the White Beard Mission ...

This is really not very wonderful.

Can he also grab the dark fruit from Uzhi Hou's hands in the hands of Yisizhiso?

Yiszhibo's brow couldn't help but wrinkled. Some skeptics: "The guy is so good, just let Nissan help to find a devil fruit?"

"I am not particularly clear."

Yuxi is shaking his head. He has incorporated Tiji's face. It is just that Yu Zhi Pubo has no audience, and it will continue to say: "Do you want to go to the country?"


The Es' s face flashed a smile. He nodded: "We have heard that the country has a ninja and warrior, or the hometown of a captain in our second team, so I want to see it, know us What kind of person is the last captain ... "

Ace is indeed thinking.

Just, they were intercepted by the Navy, and simply went to travel with the country. I also went to see the captain of the last 2nd team, the Moon Yutian, what kind of person is.

"It seems that we can only be separated here."

Yishuohe took the head of Yuxi Sasuo, smiled and looked at the brother of the face, and loudly calmed him: "Don't be sad, Sasuke, how long, I may go to the white beard sea area ... At that time we can still Goodbye. "

Nissan ... "

Yischo Saso can't help but bite his teeth. He is just a Shen Sheng: "I first seal your body first, immediately find a way to resurrect ..."


Yuxi Hosi quickly shook his head, reached out to help the neck, stuck his forehead low: "Sasuke, we have never been serious chat ..."

Yiszhimo's mouth revealed a touch of unpacking: "Now you may have known those truths, that doesn't mean that I don't want to tell you ...

Sasuke, be sure to live well, even if you don't forgive me, I don't matter, no matter what you become, I will always love you. "


Yiszhike Sasuke's heart giant earthquake.

Even if the Potkas D. Ees next to it is a little surprised to look at Utizhi Pos, as I know some of the truth, my face flashed.

Aes seems to be finally understood, why Yizhi Sasuke always said his brother impeller, is the most perfect brother in the world ...

Nissan ... "

Yuxi Boato bite his teeth, tears unconsciously from the eyes, he clenched his fist, whispered: "I must ..."

Sasuke. "

Yisiza took the head of Sasuke, interrupted what he wanted, just whispered: "Sasuke, you have new friends and new life, then continue to be yourself, don't always live past…"

Yuxi Pubie has gradually low, almost whispering: "No matter what the scenery is, it will always be better than the past ..."

There is no more bad thing in the world than their brothers, no matter what the scenery is, it must be very good ...