I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 466, another man who wants to get dark fruit

Yishibo brothers are destined to be separate.

The two brothers stay together for a long time, it is easy to give birth to the heart of the rebellion, and they will not allow them to be out of control.

Yizhi Bozuo must go to the country to implement the mission to him, and Es also want to travel to the country. Yushuo can't stay with them.

They quickly sailed on a small island, respectively.

Just when they respectively, Marshall D. Tiji suddenly opened: "Ace captain, Sasuke, we are also separated here ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi fladded a smile, he grinned: "I want to go back, I have always been stupid, I don't want to go to the country to drag your hind legs, I encountered the Navy on the road Let you protect me ... "

Tiji ... "

Sasuke's eyes were hidden, and he whispered to persuade: "It doesn't matter, this should not encounter a navy ..."

Tiqi shook his head, grinned and smiled: "This time I have been going too long, still some miss Mobi Dick's home ..."


Sasuke frowned agreed to Tiqi.

Everyone in the White Beard One Piece is free. Since Tiqi is afraid that the danger doesn't want to go to the country, I want to return to the white beard sea area, Sasuke and Ees are not stopped.

Perhaps Marshall D. Tiqi is waiting for it to be too long in Mobik, I don't want to leave the warm pirate ...

"There may be dangerous on the road ..."

Portcas D · Ece is still alive.

Tiqi grinned and smiled and said: "Don't worry! The Navy can't see my little role. I have no reward on my body ..."

This is the truth.

Marshall D. Tiqi is a wonderful.

The guy of Mingming Tiqi stayed in the White Beard One Piece for more than 20 years. So far, there is no reward by the navy, it is a magical ...

Anyone feels that Tiqi is in a mixed day in the white beard, but Tiqi is also very heroic when fighting. Every night, I will take the initiative to make a sentinel.

No one is eligible to refuse a man who wants to return home.

Potkas D. Es and Yishe Sasuo did not continue to persuade, and their groups have left this, and Yisi Pubie and Tiqi left.

Yischo Sasuke and Esper waved farewell to the boat, they rushed to the direction of the country, and the faces of Sasuke were still reluctant.

But Sasuke know ...

After the scene, the person who has manipulated their brothers will never let their brothers stay together for two long times.

Sasuke. "

Es took the shoulders of Sasuke, and I smiled in the heart: "I don't need to be saddened to leave! As long as we are in the sea, after all, I will reunite."


Unechebra nodded.

At least he knows one thing now, that is, Yuxi Pubo has been resurrected by the original Nairi, which is enough.

Just know that his brother is still ... it is already very good.

Es looks at Ux Zhihe, which is getting farther and farther away from them, softly sigh: "Mushed Mr. is really a distinguished brother ..."

This brother ...

It can be better than him brother!

Although Es and Yisizo don't get along the time, Ace also notes not paying attention to Sasuo.

I really have a bit embarrassing ...

His brother seems to have been so seriously treated the brother of Lu Fei ...

"Right, Sasuke."

Es suddenly took a shot of his forehead and smiled and said: "I almost forgot, we can invite your brother to join our One Pirates!"

"Stop dreaming!"

The face of Unechebra flashed a wipe, he shook his head: "No matter what, Nissan is absolutely impossible to leave Xiao ... and anyone who dares betrayal, there will be no better. End. "

Yiszhike Sasuke slowly cleared his fist, and continued his teeth: "As long as there is where I am here ... that person will never let Nissan and I stay together!"

"It's really awful ..."

I was shook his head and suddenly grinned: "Don't worry, we will definitely knock down the guy and save your brother!"

"To shut up!"

Yischo Sasuke frowned wrinkled, looking dissatisfactory: "I didn't say it? Let you don't talk ..."

"What, here is only two people ..."

"To shut up!"

Unechebra helped and manipulated the boat to rush to the country, they were getting farther away from the separate island.


Yuxi Bo Sasuke and Ace were leaving.

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes flashed a fierce light, and then quickly hidden, he slowly turned to the Yuxi Pip, laughing: "Thief hahaha ... Mr., Where are you going? "

"do not know."

Yiszhiso shook his head and whispered: "It should be to find a bustling place first, inquire about which one hundred thieves have got the devil fruit ... The sea is still too big, I can only find it slowly."

"Do you want to go to the road together?"

Marshall D. Tiqi squatted his hand, whispered to invite Uzhi Posh: "Just I have to go to a big town, see if I can catch a merchant rushing to our sea area ..."


Yisi Hosi slowly nodded, calmly opened: "Is it interested in the road to talk to me? I also want to hear the story of Sasuke in the White Beard One Piece ..."

"Thief hahaha ... of course can."

Marshall D. Tiji's face revealed a smile, he quickly nodded: "Now Sasuke is the strongest person of this big sea!"

Two people chatted while chatting.

Unfortunately, this island is too small. They did not find their own desired messages, two people simply bought a boat, rushed to the next island.

After Tiqi looked at the boat together, his face flashed a sinister smile, his heart was still thinking about his own plan.

Be sure to find a chance ...

Kill this people who are also looking for dark fruits!

In the big sea, this is the best opportunity, as long as the rapid sneak attack solves the Yuxi foot, no one knows him.

Only let Tiqi's drums are two things ...

The first thing is that Yuxi Bozuo has been mentioned that the leader of the Xiao is able to manipulate Uzhi Hose behind the scenes. You can understand anything he experienced through Uki.

The second thing is the power of Uzhi.

Once the sneak attack is unsuccessful, then he basically has no living road!

At that time, no matter what the mysterious organization behind Yisi is, it is still not letting him!

and so…

Must be able to move!


Marshall D. Tiqi's mouth flashed a smile, he looked at Yuxi Pub, curiously asked: "Sasuke seems to mention it, the leader of the news, people who can't say name, really have him So strong? "

"This is not."

Yiszhip's mouth touched a smile, shook his head, whispered: "Sasu help Xiaoyao, was deceived by the leader, so his heart has some shadows ... In fact, the leader did not think so powerful ... "

When you say this, the voice of Yuxi Pub is gradually quietly open: "In addition to this death, the leader will rarely take the initiative, his status is too super ..."

Yis Zhi Pubie even spread his palm, continued to talk: "I just worried that Sasuko is too much dependent on me, will tell him that the resurrection people have no way to get rid of the leader ..."

"It's really a good brother ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi station behind Yuxi Pub, his eyes flashed a fierce, and his mouth revealed the total bed of dental teeth!

Tiqi listened to the unknown leader, which has been hidden in the ambitious man in the White Beard One Piece, the smile on the face gradually became more and more!

His strength is not weak ...

His ambition is very big ...

His planned is very deep ...

Although Marshall D. Tiqi plays a weak pitiful and some weak dripping, he knows what kind of person you are!

Once you have a chance, you must not be missed!

Once you can master the opportunity, you must not hesitate!

Because Tige knows his strength, he also has enough conceited. After all, he hides in the white beard of the thief for more than 20 years, but it is not in the heart!

Yisizhiso seems to have nothing, he stood on the ship bar and looked at the sea to continue: "It is already getting fell! If I quit this organization, I will use it for a long time will be dissolved ...

As the White Beard One Piece is the same place for you, Xiao Xia is also a place for me. Although I can leave Xiao at any time, I can't leave here, I can only threaten it, I hope he gives up this idea. ...

Because of the relationship that is hidden, there are fewer and less membership in the organization, and the strength is getting weaker, so we need secrets ... "


Marshall D. Tiqi listened, while nodded.

This is in line with the fact ...

A organization that has been hidden behind the scenes, and even he has never heard of the name, how can there be a general power?

It turns out that Ji Zhibo is supported by Unexpeus.

No wonder Yisizhi is going to find dark fruit ...

It is estimated that the leader of the Xiao is to reach strong power with dark fruits, so that he continues to maintain his weak organization.

Oh shit…

Yuxi Bo sang him is all afraid!

As a result, the brother of Yuxi Pubo has been scared in order to appease his brother, almost scared his hidden farmers!

"Hey, dark fruit ..."

Tiqi slowly pinched his palm, the fingertips gradually felt, suddenly attacked the back of Yisi Hou, the palm of her hand covered with black, slammed into the heart of Yisi Bai!

Marshall D. Tiji's face flashed a murder and crazy smile, his palm penetrated the man, directly stabbed the heart of Yizhi, he was laughing and opening: "Dark fruit ... is a little ! "


Yuxi hub did not care about his chest, just calmly turned over calmly, and he looked at Marshall D. Tiji stood behind him.