I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 469 Unecho Sasuke and Es Travel


Just when Thaedo is still drunk, a man suddenly fell on the ground, rolling up to Kahand, let his eyes can't help but tight.

"Blend ..."

Thaedo's face flashed an angry.

This man is one of the six sons.

In addition to his thair, the entire Thane tip is the strongest three disasters, and under three disasters is the six sons.

The figure of Unechyo has appeared from the vortex between the time and space. He slowly opened: "Killing people say, I have never been trouble ..."

Yisi Bo has a step by step approaching Thaday, and it continues to say quietly: "The only one of the Thane thieves is useful to us, only you alone ... If you still refuse to surrender, you will see the head you see tomorrow, perhaps Will make you won't have a drink. "

"Laozi is Thaedo!"

Thara's palm slammed his wolf tooth stick. He looked at Unexhoe with sole, and the domineering on his body broke out: "Your bastard will dare to move the lovely part of Laozi. "

"How can you?"

Yischo took the soil approached Thaedo, and kicked his wine jar. He didn't care about his palm: "Maybe I don't need me to do it ... I received a fun intelligence, Yuxi Bo Sasuke is in the country! "


I heard the intelligence of Unecho Sasuchong, and the wine in Thara is almost instantly wake up. His fist is smashed on the ground, and the floor instantly broke!

Thaedo's eyes looked at Unexhoe with sole, a word: "As long as you help Laozi to solve the Huszuo Sasuke ... Laozi does not mind and alliance!"

"No, not alliances."

There is a lot of bloody smell in the voice of Yischo, and he lifted his head and looked at Takham, the cold voice opening: "But you unconditionally listen to our order ..."

"Hey, then you simply kill Laozi!"

Customs didn't care about his wolf tooth stick, step away from this huge room: "Yuxi Bozuo helps the born ... Now, Laozi will go to him!"

"The guy should come soon."

Yischo's mood is in a time space whirlpool disappeared, leaving only a sentence: "Think about it! You can't win the guy, he is, but there is the power of Yisi Bo ancestors! "


Thaedo cleverned his wolf tooth stick, playing a loud bark, a stinky smoked day, he just stepped away from the door: "Just lose him once, Yisi Bo sauo help the little ghost really thinking Can you argue in Laozi? "

Kaido hurriedly called the Thane Tiger, looking for Yuxi, who was arrested, Sashi, Sasuke and Es were in an ordinary small village.

Jiuli, Qiwu Village.

This village is suffering from famine.

When Uchi Sasuke and Portcas D. Ece just arrived here, he wanted to find an information in the country, and their ship left on the shore.

Perhaps it is the villagers in the village in the village, have been hungry because of the famine, and finally decided to steal the food on the boat.

This is undoubtedly kicked to the iron board.

When Uzheo Sasuke and Ece came back, they also saw a group of villagers who were moving on their ship, and the faces of Sasuo could not help but black.

"Really ..."

Yiszo Sasuke slowly took out his own troirers and looked at this small village, cold channel: "Want to find shortcuts of life endpoint?"

Unechebra has experienced more cruel past, as a ninja, never cares about there will be a few lives under your hand.

A group of villagers who are carrying food are full of face panic, watching the sudden championship, they can have no power to resist!

Among the villagers in the village of Qi Village, a tall old man with a feather wings came out, his waist with a knife.

The tall old man stared at the knife in the Huszhi Sasuki, and the face showed a shot: "That is ... that the knife ... is no big fast knife!"


This old man is the forging tricks in this village, named Form, and his body has a big fast knife twenty-one work.

In the next moment, a lot of feelings immediately got a farther heart!

Although the entire Nava Village blocks unclear news, there are also many knives in the village, which even include the big fast knife twenty-one work ...

One thing is absolutely won't have a mistake, that is, a man who is a famous knife is no doubt!

In front of you, this man who can hold a unparalleled knife is definitely the top of the world.


The villagers have more and more people starve!

On the side of the top, one side is the villager who is about to starve, if you continue, even a child may not support it ...

The tall old man pulled his own knife, flying in front of the villagers of the village, with Unecho Sasher, and sidelines: "Sorry, this is a misunderstanding, we are just because of the famine ..."

"So just grabbed my head?"

The face of Unecheo is a little indifferent to the old man, and calmly ran on his own troirers.

Yizhi Bo sakuo slowly raised the grass sword in his hand, pointing to the old man in front of him, cold channel: "Show it! I can see it, you also hold a knife in your hands, it seems that this battle seems to have So something mean ... "


The elderly slowly slammed a cold sweat.

Although they have not been handed over, but the meaning of the big quick knife makes the elderly, I don't dare to give birth to any challenge ...

Once you shoot ... it is desperate moment!

Next moment, the old man bite his teeth, waving his own knife rushed to Sasuke, but he was easily flying out, and he didn't defeat the trick!

"It's really weak ..."

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, looking at the old man in the ground, cold channel: "Is this guy who did not eat?"


The old man nodded some of them.

The air is suddenly a stepping breath.

The old man looked at the face of Yischo Sasuke, raised his tutor, and put it in front of his own.

This name is slowly moved towards Sasuke, Shen Sheng: "Please forgive our rude ... This village ... Sorry, I will use this collection of big fast knife twenty-one The second generation of workers, in exchange for your forgiveness! "

"I don't need any other knife."

Unechebra is still indifferent.


Es gazes at this small village villagers next to this small village, each villager is almost hungry and yellow muscle thin, many people can't stand up.

these people…

It seems really very pitiful!

The most miserable thing in life, is it hungry!

There is even a little girl, poor Baba holds a bread, I don't know if I should take my mouth, her eyes are tightly staring tightly, and the face is full of fear.

At the next moment, this little girl biting his teeth, holding a well-lost bread in his hand, and ran to Yishe Sasuke!

"A jade, danger, come back soon!"

The old man watched the little girl ran to Sasher, hurriedly stopped her, he didn't want to see the little girl angered Yushuo saga!

The little girl took advantage of the bread in his hand. She looked up at Unecho Sasuke, and said: "I ... we haven't ... I haven't eaten ... I will give you ... don't kill the teacher ..."


The villagers in the village hesitated for a while.

Each villager looked at the food stolen from the 100 pirates, one took one afterwards, and put the food in his hand on the ground, stacked together.

Every villager is on the ground.

It is a bit uncomfortable in the eyes of each villager, but they seem to want the old man to live ... or, I hope that Yuxio Sasuke and Es will forgive them, let them live. .

According to the villagers of the village of the village for the pirates, the pirates never only kill one, stop their killing.


Yischo Sasuke looked at the little girl who said in front of him, and did not dare to cry. The brow couldn't help but wrinkled. What should this happen?

Anyone who encounters trouble ...

Is it not good to kill?

The villagers of these Queu Village don't seem to be worth his again, but from their hands to take food and materials, it seems that it is not very wrong ...

Especially standing in front of Sasuke, this named A Yu's little girl, her belly is still screaming, but strongly supporting her hunger, it is necessary to help the bread in his hand.


Yuxi Bozuo helped his face, and his face waved his hand: "You dare to steal things from our boat, and you are very gut, this is your own, then you will eat it!"


Every villager in the village is not rising autonomously, and their face flashes a shot and surprises, can't help each other.

After that, Yu Zhibyo took a knife flower, and the grass in the hands was increasing, and the head did not return to leave: "Hey, Es, Go!"

"Wait, Sasuke ..."

Potkas D. Ece slowly walked to the little girl named Ayu, reached out and touched her hair, and his face revealed a smile.

Es turned his head and he had to leave Sasuke, whispered: "Hey, Sasuke, since we want to eat, then you must ask everyone to eat! Will it be too rude to walk. ! "


Yizhi Bozuo stopped his footsteps, and he didn't return back: "If you want to do something, you can do it! I am not interested in doing boring things!"