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Chapter 471 Chapter of the Beast of the Piece ... Yischo belt! (Third more)

And the country, the flowers.

The disaster is not obeyed without uniform.

As the epidemics among the three disasters, Quin has never had an urgent intelligence, and it is absolutely unable to resist when it is resistant. This Unecheo is not that simple person!

If Sasu is just luck, it will be complete ...

However, this guy has entered the new world all the way, except for losing to white beard, it is basically not lost!

"Hey, Quin is so yield ... we are not happy!"

Qui Dynasty chose yield, but someone else did not agree, some of which did not care about the identity and order of the three disasters.

In the six sons of the empty, in addition to the black Maria who came to hide sighed a little low, the other empty six sons were a self-contained look!

Although these guys know the power of Unechebra, this doesn't mean that they want to humiliate low!

One of the tall men pointed to Yishusi, and the face was angry and felt and said: "Yuxi Bozuo, don't think that you will overcome Thara people, you can insult us ..."


Yiszo's scorpion flashed, and looked at everyone at the scene. He slowly pulled it out: "It's so good ... I still have to provoke me ..."

Yuxi Bozuo waved the grass sword in his hand, pointing to the older black Maria in the Saturow, the cold channel: "You, go to help me prepare juice!"

"... Yes, Sasuke."

Black Mary nodded in the eyes.

Just as the black Maria's tall body has just turned over, she heard the sound of Unechebra, and her brow couldn't help but.

The figure of Unecheo Sasuke suddenly appeared in the middle, his eyes flashed a shine, a gravitated moment from his body, pulling a few empty six sons to his side!

"Yan Yu · Yan Lei God!"

Next, a group of dark flames came out of the body!

This flame is like a sharp blade, and instantly runs through the rest of the Sixth Saturi. After killing them, they burn their body into ashes!

In the black flame, Yischi Sasuke seems to be like the true magic God, and it is easy to solve several empty six sons!

"What joke is joking ..."

The face of the disaster is large.

On the identity of the Saturi, he is really low, but two guys are very difficult, even if Quin is solved, they also need a lot of strength.

right now…

They are all solved by Unechebra!

Not, but the disaster is somewhat surprised, black Maria also dares to confuse this scene, those companions with her, are so easy to kill!

In addition to the woman in black Maria, the Saturns of the Emperor Sato in Yuxi Board and Unechebra helped the two of the two surnamedo guys, all ended their lives!

Yisi Bo's surname, it is awkward!


These people are killed without the power of others!

The faint fear of the disaster in the disaster, "No, this seems to be normal ... this guy can defeat the Hamare brother ... this guy ... this guy ..."


The grass in the hand in the hand in the hand is falling on the neck of the disaster, and his voice is cold: "Do you want to fight me?"

"Do not…"

The disaster is squeezed on the face, and his sweat drops a little bit in a little bit: "I just thought of having a happy thing ... should jump what dance ... These guys have long been in my position. I have to thank Mr. Sasuo help me solve them! "

The disaster will be dilently stretched ...

Of course, this guy is really able to dance.

Just because Quitern's long is a little wonderful, the body is also very obese, no matter how Jump, the picture is a bit spicy eye.

In particular, the flower of the country is sitting next to the music, and the two seem to be more intense, and it is more ugly that the dance of the marble is more ugly.

"It's a strange person ..."

The little purple is secretly bullied, and there is curious to take Yizhabe Sasuke.

It is very handsome, and the strength looks very powerful. How is this happiness? Why do you like to see Kui, a dead fat dancing?

This preference ...

It's really a mind.

The current little purple is very good for Unechebra.

Because Xiao Zi's true identity is the father of the light moon, Yumati, but only her unknown truth, can only continue to conceal his own life.

Just now Yiszo Sasuo, the epidemic taste of the 100th beast is not dare to move, and simply, it is straightforward, and the general snake is in the army, and it is a strong domineering, Yan Lei, who is directly killed. Empty six sons ...

Listening to those who were spent before the six sons, he has also overlinked Thaed!

This young man is really full of goodness.


Yischo Sasuke does not seem to care about her beauty.


After the end of the end.

Black Maria looked at Unechebo, who had a juice, and his fingers continued to make musical instruments and continued to re-play with the dance of the disaster.

It's a strange man ...

Even if it is black Maria to see the wide, some seem to be helpful, how can this powerful enemy drink juice like a child?

Xiao Zi stepped by step by step, and his sleeve was slightly licking, and his face flashed a slim, and the most moving gesture was put.

Little purple is pressed against his voice, the sound is like a spring water, "" "" The hometown of adults is also the country ... "

"No, do what you should do."

Yuxi Bozo helped his heart and continued to drink juice, carefully appreciate the dance of the disaster, in fact, Quira is not bad ...

I can tell…

The disaster is definitely a favorite of dancing.

Xiao Zi looked at Unechebra to look at Quini, her expression faintly collapsed, what happened to this man?

"Yes, adults."

Xiao Zi's eyes were faintly reversed, let her eyes look out, but she can only borrow a step back.


Time is getting late.

Thaedo still has not yet rushed.

Because Thaedo is in front of the flowers, we must think about how to deal with Unecheo Sasuke, after all, he has lost it in the hands of Sasuke.

In addition to the powerful powerful powerful, Unexpello helps the guy's ability to make him difficult to get rid of the difficulties.

At the beginning, Kaido has exhausted the whole body strength, and she reluctantly escaping from the explosion of Unechyo Sasuke, and later, if she is not a Zhiso to save him, Kaido believes that she can tell himself. Hand ...


After Celtans came, I decided to seek negotiations with Unexpello, I hope that Unexpello will help him.

When Hello came, he returned to Zhang. In case of the country and the country, he was hit by Unechebra, his four emperor's face is completely unfair!

"Laozi can do things for you."

Thaedo clenched his fist, Shen Sheng: "No, or should be helping each other, when you have trouble, you have to come to God!"


Yuxi Bo belt doubtfully smashed, he couldn't help but scratch your head: "Let me think about it, what you mean, if I raise dogs and other dogs, I need to take one Does the roots help my dog ​​fight? "

"Don't insult your child!"

Thaedo waved his fist in Yuxi Board, but it is still just to get the air and let his face angry!

Yischo's voice is instantaneous: "Cairdo, do you think you have a choice? Yuxi Bo Sasuke may be the strongest person in the Yi Zhibo family, you want to overcome his chance."

When Uzhi Bo said, he spread his palm and continued to say: "Your fate, maybe it is completely sealed by his land, in the dark stone ball, never get rid of the stone ball. "

"To shut up!"

Cased bite his teeth, looked down at Yischo, cold channel: "Laozi would rather be helped to be a born, the born ghost, will never ..."

"Your daughter is big, right?"

Yuxi Bo has touched his own mask, smiled and said: "Her name is really interesting, just like a person I know!"


Thaedo's face was now overcast.

Indeed, Thaedo is a daughter called the big man, because the daughter's temperament is, Caicom is always can't be worried, can only take her as a son.

That kind of daughter ...

The reason for him is not yield.

Yisi Bo belt also seems to know this, the voice gradually became gloomy: "I will join the big man in tomorrow. There is also a woman named Black Maria, I can't use it. In the year, your beast will be kill ... "

After saying it here, Yuxi Belt is suddenly paused. He suddenly laughed: "No, maybe for a few days ... because I don't help you resist the little ghost, the whole hundred beast One Piece will definitely be killed by him I have a clean! "

"That is also the road that I have to go!"

Kai Dom hated and filling a wine, bowingly echoating in the main hall: "Laozi has also killed another hundred thief group very clean ...

Hey, this kind of thing ... sooner or later will turn to our guys, no one will exceed the exception, white beard guys will not, the pirates will never live more than home games! "

After that, Kamadel threw the wine tank, picked up his wolf tooth stick, just left the temple to find Yishe Sasukes.

"It's a stubborn guy ..."

Yischo took the soil to look at the oil and salt, and sighed, suddenly opened the mouth of Mado: "Thaedo, as the price of the help of Uzecho, the price, we ask for only a little, that is our The order of the next order, you can't definitely! "

Yuxi Bo has opened his palm and continued to follow: "Don't worry about what excessive orders we will reach, because your strength is not worth mentioning, this should be clear.

The only valuable, perhaps just your four emperors and hundreds of metal pirates, which means that you will do in the future, just in some things to charge the scene ... "


Takhainese paused.

The words that Yishi Bo belt soil are too insulting.

He is one of the emperors of the sea, and the members of the Baorence Group and the Affiliated One Pirates don't count, just being used to charge a scene?

It's better to come to some excessive requirements!

Next moment, Thaedo slowly closed his eyes, and the cold voice opened: "I promised, this matter will definitely can't disclose anyone to know!"

"rest assured."

Yuxi Bo has calmly spreads his palm, whispered: "When I help you expel the Huszhi Sasuke, I will join the hundred beast One Pirate ... As for the position, I killed one of the three disasters. Can take it out ... "

"Do not."

Thaima refused the proposal of Unexpo, he was deeply said: "In the future, this bastard is the deputy captain of Laozi, which is the supervision of the entire hundred beasts!"