I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 474 and the people of General (the third!)

And the country.

Jiu Mili, Qiben Village.

Potkas D · Es stood around a strange woman, he rushed to the return of the arm, whispered: "Sasuke, you finally come back! Come back, I will introduce you to you. A new friend! "


The expression of Unecheo Sasuke is a bit subtle.

Because in his big flowers, when he fought at Kamad, Potkas D · Es actually paid a new friend.


what's the situation?

Potkas D · Es pointed to the woman around him, grinned and smiled: "Sasuke, introduce you, she is big and ..."


Yiszhike Sasuke's expression is more subtle.

If there is no mistake, the leaves also have a ninja called the big and the bodies, and later, I have passed the assessment of the organization, and I have joined the organization.

This is different from the woman in front of you.

The woman's appearance is a little show, and there is also a little cute. It is just a pair of weird corners on the top, and she is in a somewhat strange, a refreshing sleeveless and clothing, behind the fine endage .


Her hands wear a slash.

"first meet."

The Qing Dynasty woman looked at Unecho Sasuke, showing a little smile on his face: "My name is big and the son of Thara ..."


Yischo Sasuke's expression is getting thinner.

Whether it is in the style, it is absolutely a woman? Why is this woman who claims to be a son of Thara?

What is wrong with people in this country!

White Beard One Piece 16th captain is like a woman, but a real man; the big and obvious is a woman, but it is a man who claims to be a man.


Last night, he just took Thaed Domed ...

I have encountered Thaedo's children.

Yiszhike saga took the grass sword in his hand, and the Essenger was in his own body, and his face was clearly opened: "Let's say it ... What do you want to do? I? "

"No, no ..."

Big and hurriedly waved, hurriedly opened: "In fact, I secretly slipped, because my father met the enemy, I can slip out ..."

Yizhi Bozuo suddenly pulled out his own grass sword, and fell on the big neck, cold voice opening: "The enemy is me."


Big and full face is confused.

Next, her little mouth is slightly, surprised to help: "Is it said that the whole hundred beasts made a warning of the whole hundred beasts last night ... You are overcome his Unechebra? How can you be so young? what!"

"Hahahaha ... don't misunderstand!"

Es took the shoulders of Sasuke, took him with the grass sword, laughed: "Sasuke, big and is not our enemy!"

When I said here, I was introduced the big sum.

The big and indeed the daughter in front of the eyes, just because she saw the light moon, I was generous to death, I once lost the Royal Tiantian.

Big and because of the extreme worship, in order to be willing to die in the country, it is willing to go to the death of the Laoyian, thus, with the identity of the light moon Yudian, and later I got a navigation diary of Guangyu Yutian, but also to him is extremely forward.

simply put…

This is a little girl who believes that it should be inherited to the Yudian's meaning.

Really ...

Tharao guys even played their daughters!

Of course, no matter who is born with such a daughter, it is estimated that every day is three or four, this is actually in the ground!

No wonder this woman can talk to friends ...

Both of them have some yearning for light, and they don't like their father. The common topic is not too much.

After listening to the story of the big sum, Yiszo sauo helped silence for a while, suddenly open: "If you don't lie to me ... then ... then you must don't learn someone else, for others' will live, it will be very painful. ! "


The big and shake his head, smiled and said: "Can inherit the will of the Royal Tiantian Hall, I think it is very happy!"


Es suddenly reflected in the big and hands, smiled and asked: "Hey, Sasuke, can help me to unlock the

Es explored the big and shackles, continued: "If you can solve the , she can do our companions, and take us in the world with us ..."


Yizhi Bozuo helped his forehead, full face helpless: "You are not worried about how she is a spy that is Caise."

"I am not a spy!"

The big face flashed on a flash of anger. She looked at Yuxi Board, and the anger rushed: "The spy is too dirty!"

It is said that the black charcoal big snake will grab the people of the country from the light moon family, which relies on the spy undercover, so it is a little bit of a little hate this kind of profession ...


Yischo Sasuke's expression is black.

What is this woman's mind?

Spy this industry strokes you?

This is the woman's luck, I met Sasher, I was a spy, but I also annoyed my spy.

Otherwise, if the big and this woman encounters another man who likes to be undercover, I dare to talk ...

Death, it is a luxury for her.

After all, that man can be very careful!

"Okay, you go back soon!"

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled and wrinkled, and waved to leave this woman. He turned his head to the Ais: "Let's go, let it go here, I am fighting for one night at Night last night, the guy has colluded Unechebra Soil ... "


Big and smashed, still standing around Unechebra, extending his arm: "Sasuke, since you can defeat my father, you can do it, you can do it, I will unlock him, please ask. You help ... "

"Sorry, I don't have this interest."

Yizhi Bozuo waved his hand and looked at Escool: "I will get up soon, I don't want to provoke anything."


Ace screamed his back, curiously looking at Unechebra: "But is it not you?"

"Shut up, idiot!"

Yuxi Bozuo is a moment of fried hair, and I grabbed the garment of Es, and my eyes gradually became dangerous: "Now ... immediately ... I will pick up things, let's leave here!"

"Yes Yes Yes…"

Ace screamed his head, he was bored to open the mouth: "I still want to stay more than a period of time ..."

"Intercourse, hurry to get me!"

After Unechebo, after the Ece, the eyes fell in the big body. His voice is still cold: "The generals of the whole and country are killed by me, the country has been destroyed by me, I also killed a lot The people of the hundred beasts. "

"But what is this?"

Looking at Unecheo Sasher, I was seriously open: "I am not a member of the beast, I just want to go to the sea, like the Yu Tiantian Hall ..."

"Big and young master!"

A voice suddenly fell in their ear!

It is a small pirate that came to search for the trace of Unechebra.

This pirate was found here, I couldn't help but immediately said: "Find Unechebra! This guy holds a big and young master!"

"Hey, let's let go of big and adults!"

"Just, otherwise, let's now ..."

"Shut up, do you want to irritate him? That's super monster who is fighting with Caoto Governor!"

A group of troupes with a strange wings quickly surrounded, and loudly exchanged each other, and rushed to the high-level news.

Unechebra helped his face black, his fingers pinned a hand in a hand, flying out, his fingers quickly knocked a few handprints.

"Tolerance · Hand Sword Shadow Differential!"

There are countless dense numbers of hand sword shadows cover the air!

A group of pirates responsible for inspections were in the hands of the swords!

"I have never seen it, I have seen it!"

This simple rushing, immediately caught the big admiration, she couldn't help but open: "If you can have an early years, I can have the ninja you in the Royal Hall, when he will never ..."

"Thousands of birds!"

The face of Unechebra flashed a meadow, and his hand suddenly floated, these lightning quickly wrapped the big body!

In an instant, the big and the lightning of the thousand birds fell to the ground!

This big is too much to die? I still want Uchozuo to become the Ministry of Guangtian!

Yischo Sasuke can do not like to have someone on top of his head, and there is no way to go back, after all, they have too complicated ...

Although Yiszo Sasuke is easy to knock down, it will finally have an anger, but this scene is in the group of the hundred beast, which is a nightmare!

the other side.

Temporary Temporary handles your injury.

This time, the battle did not leave Unecheo, the Empty Six Sians of the Baorence Festival also had a vacuum, and even his allyned black charcoal is also killed!

This is more troublesome.

After a while, Heldad had a decision suddenly had a decision: "Hey, simply let the general and the general of this country! Anyway, she always thinks to be the innocent idioty of the Royal Tiantian ..."

"I have a good candidate here ..."

Yisi Bo took his own chin. In fact, it was the original navigation to design a suitable candidate. This person will inherit a big country's position.

Yuxi Bo is slowly open: "I know a guy called Qikakasi, the strength is a little quirky, not too strong, it is too weak, he may be competent ..."


At this time, Suddenly someone interrupted Yuxi Bo belt soil: "The big event is not good, the big husband is helped by Unechebra!"