I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 475 is coming to the Ninja

And the country, Jiuli.

Thaedo has got a big and Zhi Zaissa from the mouth of the hand, and she rushed to the position of Unechebra.

When Mado rushed to Jiuli, Yiszo Sasuke and Es have left the country, leaving only the big and a group of small pirates left; Unexpea Sasukes took the butt, staying one Full of ruins and countries.

Because the generals of the country of the country have been dead, Kaido wants to migrate the ghosts to the flower capital, let the big and succession of the general position.

However, Unecage Belt has put forward a non-discussion.

Or, it is a non-discussion behind the people behind Uchiwa.

"Sasuke is a good thing. After he killed the black charcoal big snake, is the whole and the country become an ignorant?"

Shangyuan Na is slowly smiling, and laughs and tells the soil in the spiritual world: "Let him pick up the people clean ... I will prepare enough members to come in and the country, there will be Become our new base. "

The entire and country of the country is not small, plus the geographic location here, even if the Navy can not penetrate, and there is also a specialty sea stone.

And the country can do the base of the organization in the Belle of the One.

And the domestic warrior who is loyal to the light moon and the frost moon, and the Catering weapon factory, the twitching of the hundred pirates must be all expelled.

Cause this is the ?

No, this should be called Huang Ying invasional thief?

This matter naturally caused Thara's dissatisfaction.

Among the ruins of the flowers.

Thane and Yisi Bo belt are still negotiating.

Thaedo waved his own alcohol, watching Unexpello belt with his face: "And the country is the land of Laozi ... no matter how Laozi will not agree!"

"I am not discussed with you."

Yizhi Bo shakes and shakes his head and calmly opens: "You still have a month, all migrate your factory and mini ... Are you not working with Dofunan? Let him find a suitable Places continue to open the factory! "

Well, this is really interesting.

At that time, the entire hundred beasts will be in the nearby and countries of the country's tie, the weapons and artificial evil fruits of the Baorence, and the fruits of the artificial evil fruit, but also be subject to the Franmin.

that time…

Thaedo and Baoren One Pirates can be impossible. If you want to go out, you must be subject to logistics ... Still not think how to play, how to play, how to play?

"This place ... but I'm a good fortune!"

Thaedo put down his own alley, anger, said: "This country is the most suitable war fortress in the new world, and the base of Laozi dominates!"

"But we look at this place."

Yischo took the soil looked at Thara, quietly opening and continued: "After a month, God will come in the country, she will become the god of rule and the country ... that but once is easy to suppress Yu Zhiso ! "

"Hey, Yuxi Board!"

Thaedo leaned his head, and the eyes of the big eyes glared at Yisi Bo Tole: "You are a bastard ... you are not like all the attitude ..."

"Ha, do you remember?"

Yisi Bo belt with the mask on his face, lifting his head and looked at Kai Domi to open his mouth: "Our allies clause, isn't you abide by our order?"

Yisi Bo has opened his palm, and suddenly he continued: "But it is not good for you ... At least our people are also a strong aid! That is a true homonym!"

Yes ... a real phenomenon!

The strength of the whole organization is definitely a more powerful forces compared to the four emperors of the new world, and even easily destroy any four emperors!

Yischo took the soil looked at Tham, smiled and opened: "But we will not be particularly unfair, I will be the supervision of the beast of the 100th Mission! In the future, our Baoren One Piece will stay in the ghost island. Let's do the strength of the country! "

"You mean…"

Kamado took his own alcohol and looked at Yisi Bo Tongkou: "We have just planned the circumstance ... that is, let Laozi becomes your vision, but also to give you a door to you in the island of Ghost!"


Yisi Bo has paid his hand, and he will continue to say: "Don't use it so hard to listen ... At least, you have a big riser! No matter what you want, we have our back, we have we support you. ! "


Cased, one of the harshums in his hand, was angry with his face: "What did Laozi who want to do what!"

"I used to be previous ... now is now ..."

Yuxi Board's laughter converges up, faintly open: "Now ... aren't we come? The situation naturally has changed ..."


Kaido clenched his fist.

This fuck is not as good as you come!

Originally, he didn't think about what colluded with Uzhi Bo. It's not a babies, and it happened to catch the invasion of Unechebra.

Now Yiszo Saso will leave, although it left a fluff, but also the political power of Karaneung and the country, so that he can arouse the soldiers to invade and the country, and immediately build a weapon factory, concentrate on the cause ...

As a result, Yuxi Board is suddenly coming to a dove!

This fuck, how do you feel a bit familiar?


I want him to make it out of the country!

This can be a real natural fortress, the world government and the navy are unable to be close, and there is also a rich sea resource ...

No matter how it is absolutely unfair!

Kaido looked at Yischi Band, Shen Sheng: "That is to say, is our alliance invisible?"

"Really ..."

Yuxi Bo is looking at Tham, scratching his back, and smashed his mouth: "When do you have a qualified week? We don't have a discourse, if you are unbearable, we will feel Very troubled ... "

Yuxi wave looked at Thara, the voice suddenly became gloomy: "Thaedo, occupation and country, this is God's will! As a return of these days, I advise you not to resist!"

After that, the sturdy figure of Yishibo belt disappeared in the time space, leaving only a sentence: "This month, you are ready!"

"Who do you think you are!"

Thaedo overthrew everything in front of him, looking anger when the spatial vortex disappeared: "But it is a group of small mice who are tangled."

After Urcho leaving soil, he immediately contacted the original navigation and reported his negotiation between him and Tham.

"Chemism should not be willing to let the country."

The voice of Unechyo belt is a bit hesophiliated: "We have to flush with him ... In addition to Sasuke, can anyone defeat him?"

"Many people?"

Shangji is still drifting at sea, by the way, the new branch mission will be brushed. After he heard the report of Unechyo, it sounds: "Let's take a look at his month's performance! For a month, just let it make It's ready to be prepared over there! "


Nutcress invasive pirates.

At the very least, you should prepare your hand in advance. After all, this is to let the organization rule the whole and the country, rather than simply letting it.

Naruto World.

The big capital of the organization is completely in the rainy village.

In the end, no matter what, the decision of the entire endurance must be announced from Yuyin Village. All strong people must participate in the conference of the organization, certainly can't be in a cave.

Since the original Na Ruo, the entire endurance slowly entered the right track, and a member of a member was added, except for the big country to fortune, some ministers have also been A meeting.

The leaders of the small country of Linlin also have seven or eight members, they do not name the strength, just a symbolic identity can vote.

As a fair, the number of the big country is more.

In particular, the talented people's wooden villages, in order to curb this trend, the organization is getting stricter for review.

The country of fire: the famous fire, the fifth generation of the wooden leaves, the leaves of the wood, the fire, and the flag, the flag, the flag, the singer, the singer.

The country of the earth: the country of the country, the third generation of rocky village, the third generation of Shanxi wild wood, the shadow assistant black soil, the loess, and the text.

The country of water: the famous water of the water, the fifth generation of the fog hidden village, the water shadow, the water and shadow

The country of the wind: the famous national name, the fifth generation of sandy village, I love Luo, the five generations of winds, the accession of Zhilao, handcuffs.

Lei Zhi: Lei Zhi's famous name, the fourth generation of Yun Yin Village, the fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai, Lei Yuxi Zoda Lui, Chilabi.

:: Shangyuan Na, Changmen, Xiaonan, Cotta Wooden Hui Night, White, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, Pharmacist Pocket, Carton Ghost, Yuxi Sasuke, Dida,, Corner, Flying Section, Lin Yuyu By profit, ghost light full moon, ghost lights.

Because the original Nairies led a part of the members in the outside, the voting rights and the veto of them were temporarily made by the long gates.

These conferences ...

Basically, it is impossible to have a resolution that cannot be passed.

Originally, this meeting should be held in three months. Today is some strange, the long gates have also collected five shadows, discussing them a proposal.

"Nowadays, more than 30,000 Ninja coalitions are needed to assist in the establishment of a headquarters in the new world, please discuss some people who participate in the new world in the new world!"

"In addition, there is also necessary strong people, this time they have the opportunity to get into the new world, but also to help governance, get more resources ... So please be reasonable to select the leadership of Ninja. people!"