I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 477 World Battle, open!

The weather is still sunny.

White dance area, edging in the arm.

The inner sea of ​​the country is still calm.

A hundred beast One Piece is here to patrol.

Because the inland sea of ​​the country is not possible to have enemy vessels, this group of patrols will open a banquet on the boat, and it is more about the top of the hundred beasts.

At this time, a group of dark black holes suddenly appeared on the sea, causing a pirate attention, he is a little surprised by the black hole: "Hey, big brother, come and see, what is going on?"

"what the hell…"

When the team leader responsible for patrols slowly turned his head, he looked at the black hole that suddenly appeared, and his face suddenly changed!

Because in the black hole ...

There are tens of thousands of dense magnes!

Everyone wears a private cloud protection, most people wear the same ninja uniforms, which is definitely a military!

A army actually broke through the natural barrier of the country, directly falling into the inner sea of ​​the country, how could this?

The entire and national outsideso are natural barriers of the cliff waterfall, only along the waterfalls, climb the cliffs, in order to arrive in the inner sea of ​​the country, have the opportunity to see the land of the country.

This is a region where the world government is long, because the warships cannot directly arrive directly and the country, no matter how many troops are directly climbed.

Unless the warship can swim into the waterfall into the sea ...

This is a bit less real, as long as you lay a few shoresfielders around the waterfall, you can easily destroy the warship.

The whole and country's external communication is only dependent on an underground cave, which is directly connected to the outside sea. This cave foot can only transport goods and people.

Therefore, in addition to the hundred pirates that can drive countless troops directly arrived and domestic sea, no one can capture and countries.


But there is another more terrible army!

These people seem to be the god troops, and they appear directly in the sea, the coast of the country, only a few hundred meters from the coast of the country!

This is a big panic on the chair of the patrol.

Just as these pirates report to the upper floor, a row is floating from the sea, and the pirates are directly destroyed between the rapids!

It is the scripture of the Ninja, the water dragon bomb!

This is a super war from the undic, one world, under the guidance of the organization, the first voice of another world!

Here is just one of the troops.

After the Ninja Joint Army, the team leader defeated the pioline after the Ninja, the Ninja, and loudly reached his own order: "Everyone quickly landed, and the investigation force immediately dispatched to the enemy!"

"Yes, like beauty!"

Hundreds of ninja quickly out of the big team, each summoned his own spirit, flying towards the shore!

After watching an eye investigation troops, he continued: "The location of our present is the sea area of ​​the white dance area. Within 12 hours, quickly eliminate the whole white dance, solve all enemies, enter the flowers of the flowers!"


Thousands of ninja s screams trembled the sea!

This ninja army quickly broke into the Black Dance of the Bai Dance area, quickly and got straight to the city and the foot, there was a way to control the entire and country!

Under the leadership of Meime, this ninja army is almost a speed. In just a few hours, he swept the white dance, captures the town of Wealth, and controls the foot.

In the way ...

They also caught the predecessor of the white dance area.

This guy has been persecuted because of the support of the Yue Yutian by black charcoal, and the Frost Moon Kang family saw the Ninja army and thought that the Founding army of the game was encountered.

I grasp him as I got it.

the other side.

Jiuli area.

There is still quiet in the village.

Just at this time, a black hole appeared in the sea area near Queu Village, one of the ninja and the warriors appeared.

They are the fifth troops of the Ninja.

The person headed.

It is three ships, four generations of Thunder and Chilabi.

The three boats got through the armor, holding the trous knife in his hand: "I didn't expect Mr. Lei Ying and Chiraby, will be divided into the fifth troops ..."

"This area seems to have a troublesome enemy!"

The four generations of Lei Ying's arms held the fist, the cold voice opened: "Don't waste time three boats, hurry! Quickly shovel the enemy of Jiu Mili, rush to the flowers of flowers!"

The temper of the four generations of Lei Ying is still so violent. Now he is very curious about the new world, and you want to see new strength, some is a battle in this world.

Three boats generally pulled their own tangle, whispered: "Everyone immediately assaults! Within 12 hours, the investigation force immediately dispatched to search for the enemy!"

After the fifth troops suddenly joined the nine miles, they met the resistance of Qi Village, and only a few samurai in this village were defeated in the four generations of Lei Ying!

But this village can not hurt at will, because the perceived team discovered this village with Yischi Sasuke, Chakra, ...


This is really impossible to hurt.

Even the little girl named Aya Village, there is a handle of Yuxi, a handle of Yuxi, who is boring, and a bitter handle, and a bitter handle.

When Yishibo saga, when he was given to Ayu, it would be a strong ninja after it would be a powerful ninja after it would be a great ninja after growing.

"Hey, little guy ..."

The four generations of Lei Ying took A jade's bitterness, cold voice opening: "This is the help of Yiszo Saso to Ä? You are» What is the relationship? "

Ajutsy looked at these people, and everyone's hands seem to have a bitterness of Ninja: "Who is it ..."

In the next second, Ayu's face was awakened in an instant, she was looking forward to the opening: "Do you ... Is it a ninja of the light moon?"


The three boats slowly touched the small head of Auda, smiled and said: "We are from Unechebra, and he tells us that this country suffers from suffering. We are only tide."

What a shit is a moon!

If you don't make a mistake, all the characters such as the Moon, Day Moon, Yue Yue, all in this war belong to the must be cleaned!


A Yu is looking forward to the three ships.

Have to say, these warrs and ninja have indeed a good feelings.


After the three boat general smiled, he nodded, and he continued: "Okay, leave a squad is alert here, everyone will continue!"

"Yes, the three ship captain!"

The fifth troops are far from the wind, and the vastly swept the whole Jiuji!

Until when I arrived at the head of the mountain, I met a tenacious resistance. Because there is a powerful thief, this thief has been the family of Guangtian, now renamed the head of the head of the Takhan, the leader!

The strength of the head mountain thieves is not very good, but their leader of the Tianzhu's strength is extremely strong, the single guns and the four generations of Lei Ying become a group!

"Betting ... Who is you!"

Wulien pill waved his long knife, after the four generations of Lei Ying, looking at the army to surrounded their army: "I don't remember that there is a guy in the light of the moon!"

"What is it!"

The four generations of Lei Ying shared the fury and waved the box!

This game has been playing for a few hours!

Although the four generations of Lei Ying is extremely fast, he can escape the knife of the wine Tian Pill, and finally can't break through the army of the wine Tian Pill!

This battle also made the fifth troops of the Ninja All-in-One of the world's strength, a thief to let the four generations of Lei Ying play so hard!

Until the four-generation Lei Ying battle arrived, I woke up domineering, I used a thunder plow hot knife to defeat the rice pill, and it was a fixed trouble in Jiu Mili.

As for the weapon factory in Jiuli, because the Baorence Festival lost the empty six sons, only some of the rare devil's ability, in addition to let the Ninja coalition forces are very surprised, there is no trouble.

After the four generations of Lei Ying and Chiraby defeated several demon fruits, they realized that these guys did not have a strong place ...

Oh shit…

Seeing more than a dozen a rare guy, they thought that they met the tail beasts, almost scared people!

Compare them here.

The third troops are not too leisurely.

The flagmarks led the third troops to easily capture the entire greece, because here is the most desolate place with the country, and encountered several hundred pirates and never hit.

The combat of the second troops is very stable.

The loess led the second force to gradually advance in the bell dance area, in accordance with the traditional Ninja fighting, because he led only the war of the first troops.

Although the matte style of the loess is very stable, he is not resistant to the resistance, but it is mistaken to be a rescue of the country.

Really speechless ...

There is even a guy named Parang and a weirdo called Hisson, and they bring a woman who claims to be a light, and they will come with them, let them stop this unnecessary sacrifice, because there is no one at all. Can defeat Custom.

"The courage is really big ..."

The loess is a bit speechless. He originally sought the enemy of the Tharai, which is also a member of the old aristocrats, such as the captive moon, and someone sent the door?

I really thought that Ninja is their home!

The loess wave waved, indicating that the Ninja Force of themselves: "Grab them, arrive at the flowers, and hand it over to the small people's disposal!"

Since the empty six sons under Thae were cleaned by Unecho Sasuke and Unechebra, the entire country's intelligence was also sent back to the endurance by Unexpello, so the progress of each forces was very smooth.

Only a troops are a little bit trouble.

That is the first troops that attacked the rabbit bowl.

Because the rumors are also hitting the first troops, it is a hard battle, and even for this, I am equipped with Nara Luo Zi'an Zhonghai.

Nara Luojun Commands the first troops to distract, quickly cleaning the peripheral staff of the entire rabbit bowl, only surrounded the final destination!

And the national prisoner - rabbit well!

This disaster in the three disasters is a large number of piolis, and there is a pihydramine, which has a large number of pihydrates.

Not too clever ...

The enemy encountered by the disaster is also very powerful!

The last nine tail of the endurance, the whirlpool!

In order to be able to touch the situation of the rabbit well, there is also a talent with the whirlpool, because the Naruto is very strong in the enemy's strength.

Of course, the whirlpool is said that it is definitely not a person.

If the other name of the whirlpool is reported, it may be easier to make the disaster, which is forced to jump him for a long time to jump in the previous month ...

A little coincident is ...

When the whirlpool sneaked into the rabbit well, the disaster is also jumped in joy.

"This bastard, it is really tarnished the art of dance!"

I also looked at the evacuation of the disaster, and the pirates danced, and I felt that this scene was a bit spicy eye.

The whirlpool is not so much, even it is also praised: "Good color cactus, the dance of this guy is still very good, Bichirabi is still powerful!"


I also shook my head and sighed. "Your little ghost is too small, don't understand the art of dance ... Hey, Luo Jiu, hear me talking, ordered the army, from the outside!"

"Yes, you are also adults."

Nara Luli learned his order through the mountain.

The position of the rabbit well is good, and the outside people are hard to go in, which means that people inside is hard to go out, once surrounded here, there is no escape possibly!

I have slowly closable my palm, and my face slowly appeared in the face, and I opened the mouth: "I have to say that this world is very powerful ... I just started Cactus mode ... "

I also slowly erected my finger: "After the Luojing led the arm, we started!"


The face of the whirlpole is gradually solemn, and his fist is gathered, and there is a smile in his mouth: "Is it going to be a big thing here?"


The head is also looked up and looking at the old rabbit well, whispering continues: "But according to the group of people who can't have a day, should it be a greess of the enemy?"