I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 478 Chapter of the Fats of Understand!

And the country.

After the war is open.

Due to the intelligence provided by Uzhi Board and the temporary lack of the middle cadres of Kahake thieves, the entire Ninja coalition has fly fast, and the movement of the attack and the country is fast.

Other troops have basically completed the task, the first troops completely remove the thief power in the rabbit bowl, and began to attack the Rabbit well quarry.

Rabbit bowl, rabbit well peripheral.

The first forces of the Ninja, relying on the assault forces, most of the rapid closing methods, and directly defeat the pirates of the peripheral defense.

The Ninja coalition soldier, Nara Lifeng, lengoaded his hand on the mountain in the mountain, release his own order to the first troops.

"Investigation Force, quickly confirm that the terrain has no miss!"

"The gratia strikes, quickly launched the way to monitor the movement of the entire rabbit well!"

"The ground troops quickly took into the port of each entrance to the rabbit, and be sure to leave the rabbit well!"

Most of the Ninja coalitions are mostly combined with many teams, collective combat experiences are much higher than these hundreds, especially these ninja, learn and train with murderers.

If everyone's power level is at a level, a group of ninja troops besieged the hundred pirates, not too easy.

Especially the first troops ...

This troops have tens of thousands of people, which are the most complete troops, and each attribute is almost covered, these ninja is very good at fighting!

The Ninja coalition is also a regular army!

What's more, this is the partner that can cooperate in Nazi Mountain in Nara Luoji Mountain. Even the first troops exceed 10,000 ninja, can be easily commanded by Nara.

"The power of this world is a little quirky."

Nara Luozhi commanded the first troops, after the rabbit well, he looked at the captives of the ninja, the brow was slightly frowned: "And no matter what to see, these enemies are not like normal human ..."

after all…

Most of the members of the Thairi Timentarius take advantage of ...

Nara Luli also looked at the captured pirates. "

With the first troops of the Ninja Counsel, the periphery has finally sent a warning to the disadvantages of the tranquility of the tranquilly.

The alarm sounded throughout the rabbit well!

When the disaster is still smiling, he suddenly heard the alert. He immediately flashed an angry in an instant: "Breast, what happened? I don't know if today is the days of our carnival?"


The pirates on the shot were laminated to watch the Ninja troops surrounded, and the high voice: "At least 10,000 people rushed over the rabbit well!"

"What joke!"

The epidemic will refer to the pirates on the post, and the opening is said: "Yu Ting has already been sent to the island of ghost soon, how can there be ..."

In the next moment, the sound of the evacuation was suddenly stopped!

Because of the half-air, a black purple tail beast is suddenly hit in his body, and he flessed him directly, and the whole rabbit well was panicked!



"Is there an enemy sneak into the rabbit well?"

"Come and catch them!"

All the pirates and prisoners did not come from autonomous turning to the position of the beast jade, where the yellow hair wearing a Xiangyun care, the yellow hair youth gradually put on the golden coat, the corner of his mouth A smile.

This guy…

The momentum is suddenly amazing!

Standing around Huangfa Youth is a white-haired middle-aged man, his face is applied with a weird oil, and there is a powerful breath on his body!

It is the rigmatics and immortal mode in the nine lama mode!


The palm has gradually raised, and his palm is slowly closed, and the sound is open: "Start ... big trouble!"

"Yes, good color cactus!"

Checklaws on the rumors of the rumors came out of a golden giant claw, and they flew a group of hundreds of pirates. Anyone couldn't block him!

Many of the owners of the Rabbit well are the actual power of the animal, and their figure turns into an animal form, rushed over the two!

"Kill them!"

"Betting, two people in the district!"

A group of pirates, pounce towards whirls and tap!

It's also flying to the height, watching a group of enemies, and smashed a flame to the enemy: "Xianfa Haolong bomb!"

The palm of the whirl tagged also suddenly emerged a spiral hand sword, throwing out in the direction of the fire: "Fengxi · Super jade spiral hand sword!"

Two of the scriptures immediately caused dramatic explosion!

This group of guards just flew to the animal form!

In order to attack the rabbit well, the Ninja coalition will arrange the strongest whirlpool, and believe that the ninth ninja can defeat any enemies!

The disaster is dragging his body, he has just ended the front impact of the tail beast jade, but the body of the beast jade is also quickly recovered, the recovery ability of the animal demon fruit power Indecent.

The epidemic will looked at the swirls of the squid to defeat a group of swims in a group of squids in the face angrily.

What jokes!

The momentum of the youth of the golden coat is too strong!

The epidemic will not hold some drums in the heart of the vortex, and it is an enemy who has never seen anything!


This enemy is definitely not a general manager!

Because of the high gardens of the disaster, he saw a strong beast shadow through the whirlpool.

That is a ...

The horrible fox can choose people at any time!

"This guy…"

The epidemic will naked his teeth, and stare at the whirlpool and arrogant: "Do you both, what is it!"

"Swirl moon!"

The whirlpool song suddenly closed his fists, lifted up and looked at the evacuation, and the face was self-introduction: "One ... will become a ninja of Naruto!"

At this moment, the whirlpool is very serious!

At this moment, he greeded to this world for the first time!

However, after listening to the self-introduction of the whirlpool, there is a string question mark for each prisoner of the rabbit well.

Finally, they only understood a sentence.

When everyone in the rabbit well looked at the whirlpool, he did not help but look at it. He did not care: "Oh, it is a ninja!"

"Not that ordinary ninja!"

The whirlpool tonar talented, Shen Sheng: "I will listen carefully, I will be the ninja of Naruto!"

"Stupid, you and they don't understand these!"

I couldn't help but I went to a whirl, he looked up and went to the evacuation, and coughed a few times, and the sound opened: "The male true color, the woman captured the woman; ... There is absolutely no woman can escape the palm of the hand! "

"Hey, good color fairy!"

The whirlpool is waving his fist, and the loud relief: "I don't understand what you said! Every time ..."

"No, understand."

The disaster disaster and a group of people shook their heads, interrupted the whirlpool, everyone looked up and looked at it.

The epidemic is a cold, and his body gradually became tall: "Your guy ... thinking that you are? Laozi is also a beautiful woman calling to drink!"

The body of the disaster is directly related to his demon fruit shape!

Animal system, dragon, ancient places, wrist dragons!

Next, there is a small thief to look at the huge wrist dragon, the small channel: "But Quinner, you don't say small purple a few days ago ..."

"To shut up!"

The wrist dragon format off his own one, the huge body looked at the voice and the whirlpad: "No matter what person ... dare to come to our site to take the rabbit well, then stay here to dig Ore! "

Dozens of meters high wrist dragons overlook the rumors and twists and dwarf ordinary people on the ground!

Single only is on the body, the wrist dragon accounts for an overwhelming advantage!

"Do not."

The whirlpool screamed his fist, his body was rushing, turned into a golden nine-tailed fox who tied upright!

The shadow instantly covers the rabbit well!

As golden nine is getting bigger and bigger, the surprise in everyone's eyes is getting bigger and bigger, and the eyes of the disaster is faint, and the head of the wrist dragon gradually emerged!

The golden nine tail of hundreds of meters high, and the complete body of Unecheo Sasuke must be invaded. It is very different than the golden nine-tailed body shape, and Quin Dragon is particularly short.

The golden nine-tailed head gaze his wrist dragon, Shen Sheng: "Although it is very embarrassed, here ... is now our place!"

Next moment, the golden nine tail grabbed the thick neck of the wrist dragon, fell this huge dinosaur!

Whether it is the momentum of the golden nine or its strength, it has made the disaster base for complete weakness, perhaps the only thing is fortunate, his body recovery ability is strong!

In the face of golden nine-tailed attacks, the disaster is still able to live ...

Just ... it is estimated that you have been beaten!

After the disaster is fell to the ground, he immediately turned his head and looked at the part of the side.

After the disaster is in a hurry, the body of the wrist dragon seems to be sandbags, and it is directly fell to the ground by gold nine!

The epidemic taste of the wrist dragon is tried to stand up, and he looked at the tall golden nine tail. He could not resist the strength of the nine tail. This feeling made Quiin a little pain.

"Breast ... I thought I was so easy ..."

"Breast ... Don't think you can be so exciting ..."

"Betting ... If the gut is large, we don't have to worry ..."