I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 479 comes to the gods in the ghosts

After a long time.

The rabbit well was captured by the Ninja Joint Army.

The oppressive power of the golden nine tail, the entire rabbit well without anyone, the strongest epidemic laundry has been in the neck of the neck with the golden nine.

Even if the beast One Piece uses a sufficiently high sea chain, which cannot be reached on the nine tail of gold.

These locked chains are not bored with gold nine tails, let it lose strength, but by it directly use of the disapproval to tie the trim.

The epidemic will be wound everywhere, and his body is tightly bundled by the highest purity sea line. Because the distressance directly exits the wrist dragon.

The whirlpool squatted from the golden nine tail, standing around the disaster, curiously gotting the body of his fat, reached out, touched the belly of the prison, I couldn't help but praise: "It's amazing ... you are more than ... I have to be fat and a lot! "

"Breast, this is not fat!"

Uppersthesis was refuted by biting teeth: "This time is a lot of money! Don't think that you can really fight Laozi! Cairo big brother will not let you!"

It is indeed that he is very good.

When I knew that the enemy was so troublesome, I should use the plague bomb in the past. After I didn't expect to become a wristband, I was lifted by the golden nine-tail swirls.

It's just that the epidemic is also a little drum in his heart. In the battle, the wrist dragon form faces this little guy, but there is no power!


Is it a powerful person as Su Zhibo?

Obviously, it seems to be teens, now there is such a powerful force, it is a monster that is almost as Zhiso!

Pathoasia is sensible, and the whirlpool also has the power of challenge Thara ...

this era…

Is there so much monster?

And why and the Congress will take the tens of thousands of ninja, it seems to be so strange, the power they use is very strange!

When is the ninja actually use the wind soil?

Mom, is this group of people who are positive?

"Thaedo, Thaedo, Thara ..."

The whirlpool scorned the head and turned his head to the coming, and whispered: "Hey, good color cactus, is the guy named Cairo? The pirates encountered on our road have been taking more What…"

"It should be very strong!"

After shaking your head, I touched my own chin, sinking the opening: "According to the information sent by Uzhi Bo, Thaedo can do and have a round-eye, and it is absolutely not a general figure. ! "

"Is there a guy who can challenge Sasuke?"

The whirlpool screamed his fist, and his face revealed a wiped war, and gradually became a black: "But Hui Night's mother-in-law also came here, then Thamedo should have no problem ..."

The whirlpool eucalyptus remembers Yuxi Bozuo, I can't help but sigh: "I don't know where to help, we haven't seen him for a long time, everyone hit him!"


Wood leaves estimate that only the seventh class is still missing Unechebra.

The dishes lying on the ground will end the whole process, and the sweat on the forehead is more and more. Is this guy also knows Unechebra?

What is their relationship with Unechebra?

It sounds that this name called the whirlpool, the Yiszo Sasuke relationship is not very general, a pair of old friends look, no wonder his strength is also so strong ... After all, you can help the Yischo, which is higher than the top, do a friend, strength Where do you won't go!


How did this quirky ninja army come?

It seems like they and the born eggs with Unexpello also look like ...

The disaster is suddenly remembered that Hydad and they mentioned a month ago, Yishibo belt should occupy and the country, everyone has nothing to do, just when it is usually careful ...

After all, the assassination of Unexpello is too weak.

Only didn't think that Yizhi Bo took the land directly to bring a military, and now this army directly broke the strongest rabbit well in the country!

Do not…

Or, it may have broken the whole and country!

The disaster is not believed to have any exceptions in other parts, and the entire country may have been captured by the Ninja coalition!

"Big trouble ..."

The epidemic latter is constantly risking cold sweat. Does Cairong Dado have not been negotiating with Unexpello.


Someone listened to someone else to deal with Thaedo.

This tone sounds great, but these people who know these and Unecheo should not be lying.

To deal with Kamad, it sounds a mother-in-law called Hui's night, should it be as strong as Big Mom?

No ... no!

Uppervascular Rui, because he saw the vortex, he heard the respect of the whirlpool, which means the strength of the brilliant mother-in-law is absolutely stronger!

Just at this time.

Suddenly, I suddenly dropped a bright light.

Everyone is not compromised in the direction of the light, that direction is the location of the ghosts of the hundred beasts!

Looking up, I looked at the light and looked down, muttering whispered: "That is ... What is the way of goddess?"


The whirlpool nodded and whispered: "I have already got a breath of Chakra, Hui Night's mother-in-law has come in that position ..."

Ghost Island.

Baorence Piece Camp.

Thaedo received a group of notices, he originally wanted to send three disasters to support, but there was an intelligence from the rabbit well, and the disaster is defeated!

Just when Thara wants to rush to the rabbit well, it is slowly falling in the island of the ghost, but also stops his movements.

this moment…

Kaido remembered the warning of Unecao Bo.

That Unechebra is full of face, and after a month, God will come in the country. She will become the god of the rule and the country ... that once suppressed Yu Zhibo Sasuke!

"What is messy ..."

Thara looked at the air, and his face flashed a angry: "Zhang mouth is God, the shutter is God, all in one place is talking about God ... God is something, but the old Lock A group of animals in guys! "

Whenever I mention God, Kaido can't help but remember the dragon people, he has participated in the god of God!

What dog butt!

He will not care!

The thief group of the whole ghost island, and looked at the light of the air, it was a bit amazed on each pirate.

That ray was suspended in half, and the rays gradually became, showing a white long-haired exquisite woman, she clonted her eyes calm.

"It's very beautiful ..."

A group of pirates couldn't help.

Thaeda looked at the woman, couldn't help but frown, looked at the two corners of the woman's head, and did there be such a small corner?

next moment…

The long-haired woman suspended over the island of the ghosts suddenly opened their eyes, so that everyone couldn't help but shrink!

The woman's eyes are actually a pair of white eyes, with her eyes open, a strong momentum instantly swept the whole ghost island!

this moment…

Even if Kamada is not surprised by autonomous land!

This woman is just a powerful power?

Even the woman did not use the tyrants of the tyrant, and the people of the whole ghost is to feel her deterrent!

Just at this time, a spatial vortex appeared around Thaedo, and the figure of Unexpello has been revealed.

"see it?"

Yuxi Bo took the sky and looked at the woman, whispered: "That is the god that is in the country ... now, do you choose to give up and the country?"

"Laozi does not believe what God!"

Thara's face fiercely looked around the THHHO band, and the anger was rushing: "Your bastard is dare to attack the people of Laozi. If you want to launch a war ... You have a group of guys who are tibied towards the detention. what!"

There is indeed a lot of anger in Thara's heart.

Because he consciously has enough to retreat to Yishe Bo, even planned today and his own, the whole and the country will give the land to Yishe Bo.

did not expect…

Yisi Bo Tongli This guy actually wants to swallow and countries!

The resources and geographical positions of this country, but Thaeda's future wants to hege over the world, and even get the power of Lavdru's secret treasures!

no matter what…

Never let Yu Zhibo belt soil!

Even if the woman in the air is strong, Kaido is not intended to succumb!

There is a war in the district. Thara's favorite is the war. Just let Yuxi Bo belt clear the reality, his one hundred thieves, but there are hundreds of devil's fruits!


I have been providing him with the Duran Mingo, who has not been shipped recently. It is said that someone wants to have a thrive of the Francium's head to destroy Dresrosa threatened him, not allowed to beham Transaction demon fruit.

this matter…

Perhaps it is also the shackles of Unexpello!

Just when Kamada wants to ask Yuxi wave with soil, he saw that Yuxi Bo Tongtou said heroic: "Glorious night, according to the rules, let's say hello, let this group of guys know Xiao Horror! "


The big tube floating in the sky slowly nodded, and the palm was taken down to the ghost island, and Chakra drilled out of the ground!

"God · Tree Directory!"

The voice of Hui Night is indifferent to even hear the cure.

The tall god tree drilled out from the ground, just a few seconds, this god tree has been wearing the sky, making people hope not to the top!

Thaedo looked at the tall god tree, and the eyes were more surprised. What did the woman call this tree?

Soon, Thaedo knows.

The tall god tree enveloped the entire ghost island, countless rough vine tree roots, flying towards a hundred pirates!

White Island ...

To a tree sea!