The whole ghost island towering a god tree inserting the cloud.

The vines on the god trees fly quickly covering the whole ghost island, and there is a vines of the god trees after each pirate on the island!

"Hey, who will cut them!"

"Don't think, hurry, escape, can't finish it at all!"

"Never be caught by vines, otherwise it will breathe!"

On the island of the ghost, a hundred thief is panicked or escape!

In the end, these pirates were still grabbed by Gods, and the vines sucked their power. When they wrapped their bodies in an instant, they wrap them on the branches of the god trees!

In just a few minutes, whether it is a giant or an ordinary person, even the demon fruit power is, it is impossible to escape the control of the gods. After the vine is tied to their body, quickly take the strength of their body!

A jumper fruit power is panicked, trying to escape the champion of the god, the result is still dense Ma Ma vine directly bundled a mummy ...

"Jack adult, save me ..."


Drought Jack is also attacked.

Drought Jack is surprised to look at the tall god trees on the island of the ghost. More and more pirates are hanging on the trunk, and a vine is instantly grabbed Jack ...

Jack hurriedly waved his knife and hurriedly opened this vine, just the vine vines as a life, continued to attack him!

One of the three highest cadres of the Baorence Mission moved his gaze, stopped on the god tree that was in the center of the ghost island.

Next moment, drought Jack suddenly in order to mighten the shape!

Drought Jack has spread throughout the whole ghost island: "What is joking! How can there be such a tree, a tree, Laozi hits it!"

Drought Jack under the shape of the form, rushed to the torso of the god, all the way to fly all the vines, I want to directly crash directly!


In front of this god tree, it is like an antcle.

Drought Jack did not even rush to the trees of the god tree, countless vines spread from the gods, blocked Jack's way!

In an instant, there were countless tree roots on the ground, tighten the drought from the mammoth form tightly!

"Cared Big Brother ... Ambago ..."

Jack's eyes are slowly wilting.

Tree roots and vines fly quickly, the power of Jack, this ancient species demon fruit power is distressed, re-become human form, slowly wrapped into mummy, hanging on the branches of God trees ...

Even the grade of the grade of drought Jack, can't escape the grab of the gods, let alone the other members of the beast.

"Blend ..."

Thaedo's face is full of anger!

Even if I have never thought about Thara, the ghost islands will encounter this situation. The enemy just released a tree, and almost directly shot his part!

After Kaido waved the wolf bobbin on his hand, after a vine, the body was instantly turned into the god dragon, flew in the direction of Jack!


A spicy flame falls on a vine in the height!

Dragon is directly burning the vines who want to hang Jack on the god tree. Just that Kamada wants to reach out the paw to grasp the fall of the fall ...

It's a root of a vine!

Thaedo did not dare to touch vine, there was no choice but to give up Jack. Visually, this is re-captured by his most loyal part, hanging on the branches of the god tree ...

This scene…

Still continuously in succession ...

Thara's eyes gaze the ghost island, in his, almost everywhere, a vines that capture the prey and returned to the branches of the god trees.

After a while.

The ghost island quickly became quiet.

Thousands of pirates on the island of the whole ghost ...

In addition to Hamado and Inflammatory disaster, other hundred pirates, whether drought Jack, or ordinary small pirates, this is directly taken away by God ...

The branches of the god trees have fallen into the number of large and small mummies, those who are captured by the gods are hung by a vine ...

As if it is a fruit of the god tree.

The inflammatory disaster relies on his own flight, constantly avoiding the chasing of vines, his body is constantly raging, trying to destroy the god tree ...


God tree is still not moving.

Until the inflammation is finally unbearable, the incarnation is the unhabited Wing Dragon form, trying to use his strength, when trying to kick the god tree, a vine is quickly spread, and he bundled him directly. ...

Obviously it is just a tree ...

This tree seems to eat people, and turn all the thiefs of the whole ghost island, and anyone is unable to break away from God.

The power on them instantly got a clean!

The big tube is floating in the air, slowly spreading his palm, a rich armed colored domineering as if the flowing water is the same, floating on her body.

The eyes of Hui Night look at the armed colors of the mobile phone, and the glutinous pulse around the white eyes is storm, checking with domineering flow: "Well, this is the new force? It looks like this world, perhaps than that Planet is more energetic ... "

"It seems to have a person ..."

The big tube Hui Hui night slowly lifted his head, and his eyes fell on the Shenlong Cai, who went around the god tree. Nanyu vines and tree roots were tightly chased after Thaedians. The four emperors directly grabbed!


Kaido returned to a dragon, and then repeated countless vines and roots, once again surrounded this towering god trees ...

Above this god tree ...

The elite thief of the entire hundred beasts is hung!

This is the ministry of the Kaika Day and Night, and the elite troops he carefully cultivated, so it is directly grasped by the enemy.

Almost unbounded ...

Obviously, it saved for a long time, and even this pirates were enough to shake the world, change the situation in this world, but there is no effort in front of the woman!

Just like a nightmare ...

Thaedo faintly understood that when he defeated Molia, the single-person uniquely killed all of Moria's part, what is the taste of Molia?

This taste ...

Really not very good!

The monk of the god dragon flies around the thick god trees, avoiding the chasing of vines, and also looked at one by one by one by one ...

next moment…

Thaed's faucet suddenly turned, and the gods of Shenlong flew in the direction of the big tube Hui Hui night. If there is no chance to solve the god tree ...

Then I solve the woman of the summoned god tree!

"This is something I absolutely can't forgive ..."

Thare's dragon body continued to wind, rushed to the big tube Hui, and his mouth quickly accumulated a huge thermal energy: "No matter what you are ... put my ministry ... all give me down!" "


The look of the big cylindrical wooden glow night is slightly, her eyes look at Thaedo, slowly extending his palm of the palm.

Next, the gods of the gods loudly in the sky, and the horrible nightmare is accompanied by the horrible nightmare!

"Eighty God air hits!"

A illusory fist is instantly formed, the armed colored domineering flows above the fist, Hui Yi Ji just got the power, instantly learned how to apply!

Countless wrapped in a huge fist of armed colored domineering, directly in Thaedo's body, under the eyes of white eyes, even if it is avoided!

A huge fist is smashed in Thara!

"how come…"

Thaedo did not help but self-pain, did not reply to feel his body was destroyed by Eighty Gods!

The huge god dragon is directly in the ground!

Thaeda can even feel clearly of his internal organs, which is definitely the most important injury in his life!

This battle is a experience that Kaham has never had.

Regardless of the enemy, Masedd is always able to find a chance to belong to him, but in this battle, he has not even issued any attack, even the enemy's hair can't touch, it has been defeated ...

So far, the big tube Hui Night uses only two capabilities. One is God's tree, destroying the entire hundred beasts; its second is eighty gods, there is a flash, and they defeated four. Huangke Dom!

Shenlong's body fell on the ground, blood flowers splashled red ground, the dragon body was full of muddy blood, even where there was a broken meat ...

Thaedo will have to have already lifted his own god form ...

This is the strongest creature of the whole world. At this moment, this moment became a blood, and the injury was reluctant to stand up.

Steering steadfad ...

A footsteps were on the ear of Thaedo.

Yuxi Bo has slowly walked to Thara, helping the mask helping his own mask, opening: "Thaed, saw it? This is the power of God ..."

"You bastard…"

Tharao tried to raise his head, the painful face was full of blood, let the four emperors look unusual: "I didn't expect ... Laozi actually ... will fall in your hands!"

"Is this not normal?"

Yisi Bo belt soaked in front of Hamare, spread his palm, quietly said: "So, now please tell me, what is your current choice?"

"Laozi is ... ha ..."

Takada spurted blood, pain almost suppressed, he stubbornly looked at Ux Zhibo with soil, forcibly asked: "Tell me ... you ... and those Tianlong people ... World Government ..."

"There is nothing relationship."

Yuxi Bo sighed a sigh, shook his head: "Look, the name of God is really tarnished ... The land is finally throwing together."

Yuxi Bo Tong reached out and touched the corner of the fracture, whispered: "Thaed, now you know what to do?"

"Don't hurt ...

Thara is desperately struggling to sit up, and blood shouted at his chin. He finally started to say a complete words: "Since Laozi is defeated, the title of the emperor, and the country, what Take it! "

Thara slowly looked up and looked at the air of the air in the air, and he looked at Yuxi Bo, and finally looked at the god tree covered with a pirate.

Thaedo's face slowly exposed a touch of relief.

One of the four emperors of the new world seems to be able to have the opportunity to go to life.

"There is also a life of Laozi ... Take it together!"

Kai Domao gasped gasped, slowly extended his palm, grabbed his own broken corner, he directly used the bad horns to pierce your own throat!

This guy…

Still very strong!

Yischo's eyes flashed a red light, increasing the badge in Hamare, and sighed a breath, took off his own mask, revealing the crack on his face.

Thaed's blooddrawed face flashed a meteorid: "Your guy, what else, what is it? Laozi will never look at the dog!"

Yuxi Bo took the soil of Tham, and the mouth of the mouth: "You know ... why is our people, why is it called God?"


Kaido reluctantly opened his eyes and looked at Yishibo.

Just as Yuxi Bo belt should continue to decrypt him for him, Yisi Bo will continue to say, "Because God's eyes are not born with dead bounds, even if you die, your soul will also be pulled Go back and continue to work ... "


Thara's body suddenly broke out a force.

Thara's fist suddenly cleared the broken corner of himself.

What God is this fucking!

This is not God, is it clear?

At this moment, Thaedo raised his head and looked at the air of the sky. He suddenly felt the god in Unexpello, which seems to be bad than the group of Tianlong people behind the World Government?