I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 483, the big sea is about to set off a new wind wave

Xiao Zi is the daughter of the light moon.

No matter what, her identity is too sensitive.

Nowadays, the organization has occupied the entire and the country, and naturally, it is natural that the family of the light moon is willing to continue to do things. If they really surrender, there is also benefits for the Xiaomi ...

There is also a benefit of the future plan of the original navigation.

If the help of peach passes the performance of the performance, he found his sister's light moon and his family betrayed him ...

that time…

I don't know what he will think?

Now, under the guidance of the original Naid, the flag-like Carti will come to play, forced the two people who have given up all the hopes, and have to organize their life.

A large number of Ninja scattered in all regions of the country, assisting the civilians of the country quickly resumed production, in the Jolilang's intelligence, secretly seal the warrior who loyal to the light moon family.

In addition to this ...

Shangyuan Nairi also provides an intelligence with CP agents. The Ninja coalition will easily grasp the CP agent that sneaken into the rabbit well.

The country quietly recovered calm.

After the Shangyuan Nai, she was still waiting for a long time, she chose to contact the Navy. It is a bit unexpected. It is a pharmacist who listened to his phone.

"Needelled colonel."

On the other end of the nematon, the pharmacist is a public look, it seems that it is a bit less convenient: "What progress is there in the country?"


After the Shangyuan Na, after a second, the low voice: "The whole and the country have a government, and the organization occupies the whole and the country, their leaders are a woman named a big tube, claiming to fall. The god of the country. "


The pharmacist is also silent.

Who is the true leader of the group, and the two people know.

To be honest, the pharmacist is expected to be the same as the country.

The best way to make a spy for the Navy as the country, the best way is definitely to become a country with a country ...

What I didn't expected was that Shangyuan Na will not be confident, directly sent a terrible woman with an attenuated mood!

After the pharmacist, after a while, the pharmacist will only open to continue: "I know, Needan, what other information? How is the movement of the beast a thief group?"

"The two sides alliance."

Shang Nai said, and provided an intelligence: "There is a tens of thousands of ninja troops under Xiaoxiao. They are all difficult for the entire country. I am very difficult here. I have recently searched the members of the Fang Moon. World Government's CP Agent ... "

When Shangyuan Nai said here, the sound is somewhat embossing: "Now they are still trying to investigate, I am worried that I will latenate and keep silent ..."


The pharmacist in the phone did not hesitate to agree.

As long as the original navigation, he is in danger of exposure in the area of ​​the tissue, and it is definitely dangerous.

This is not required.

And the country, the sea.

After the pharmacist hanged the phone worm, I looked at the cranes around him and the peach rabbit will be opened. "Seniors, peach rabbit, unless we have the determination of the war, otherwise we can do ... perhaps only Waiting for the time. "


After a while, the crane will think of a while, whisper: "According to your information on your intelligence theory, the information that this is called the original naval, at least we know the enemy's identity, the rest can only make him slow Slowly check ... "


The pharmacist nodded and pushed his own glasses. Shen Sheng said: "Maybe we will have new opportunities, Mado is a war madman, especially he just got a powerful allies.

Before he lost in the war of the White Beard, it would not be easy to make a good break. He also had a chance to welcome the war.

According to our intelligence, a group of hundreds of a hundred thieves under the white beard repeatedly passed the fish island, they would like to let the original king's seven Wuhai hit the fish island ... "

"what do you mean…"

The crane will be surprised to look at the pharmacist, and then nodded slowly: "When the white beard, the thief group wants to retreat to the fish island, how will Tharao really appear?"

"This probability is very high."

The pharmacist has a slow point, whispered: "As long as there is a movement of the White Beard One Piece, in accordance with the character of Thaed, he will not easily let the white beard succeed ..."


The back of Thara is working well!

Because the existence of the original Needle, the tissue will not have any allies, and the pharmacist can guess, and Thaedo may have become a member of Xiao!

How can I take a four emperor group near the base of the organization?

Unless they belong to Xiwi.

Ghost island.

The whirlpool eucalyptus walked into this island full of pirates.

Since Case has joined the organization, the Baorence Festival is already a peripheral armed for tissue, and the whirlpiece joins the hundred beasts.

All the way is a hundred pirates that have a face-to-face, let the whirlpool's face amazed, these pirates are too scream!

How can people feel like a long!

Kaido saw the whirlwired people wandering on the island of the ghost, and the eyes became somewhat fierce: "The group of guys, actually sent this haunt kid."


The epidemic will not be surprised by the vortex, and I can't help but surprised. "Actually the little ghost! Big brother, his strength is very strong ... I have always doubted that his body should be some kind of euroe Ability! "

"Hey, this is normal ..."

After drinking a wine, Kaido took a drink, looked at the whirlwood, slowly swallowed: "The devil seems to be some identity ..."

Because Thaedo joined the Treatment, he also saw the whirlpool and the big torch, and heard the conversation between them.

That is called a whirlpool ...

It is the grandson of Hui Yiji.

Mom, this is what it is!

Anyway, this thing is Caillup unable to reject.

What's more, this is a stupid whirlpiece joins the hundred beasts, which is better than that like to kill people!

In order to express this suspected illusion of the vortex, Thaedo has held a banquet in the island of Ghost, and in order to boost the morale.

On the first day, everyone is very happy.

The next day, Kaido knew why the whistle is joined the hundred beasts, because the whirlpool is to cultivate with him for a while, mainly to learn the three-color domineering.

People who have taught ... Are they neurological?

Is this group of guys?

I dare to let the body of the Emperor's emperor to guide a small ghost to learn the three-color domineering. Is it true that the four emperors did not have a temper?

What's more, they really thought that domineering is so simple?

Domineering, you need to be awakened, not just teach you to learn, especially in millions of people, you can have a domineering domineering!

The whirlpool is really ...

This world is too screaming. How can I get a domineering from Huang Maozi? Even the whirlpool is awakened after he domineering, his perception is more than Kamada!

It's a full monster!

Only armed tall domineering has a little trouble.

After all, the armed high-gardens needed is physical strength and long-lasting battle. Thae's teaching means is rude. It is simply found a unattended wasteland in the new world, directly and whirled troper uses Sports and armed tall domineering Ten days and ten nights ...

Just starting Camhar indefinite, the whirlpool is a pure sandbag, wait until the whirlpool is in his persecution, I am so awakened soon, I am awakened the militant domineering ...


Thaedo lost.

This year, the number of times at Kamado is a bit.

Especially in the aspects of your best, there is a battle ...

As a four emperor with the strongest recovery ability, Cairdo has always believed that no one in endurance is comparable to him. As a result, I met the whirlpool of the monster ...

In this world, monsters are commended commendy words.

"Hey, you have these young little ghosts, it is really terrible!"

Camino lies in the island, looking at the sky, the sound of the mouth: "Now your armed high is just awakening, actually more than the domineering of Laozi ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

The whirlpool is also lying on the ground, scratching his head: "The nine lama learns to convert Chakra into domineering, can help me provide domineering!"

This kind of thing is not like Cai Domo.

After all, there is still a hiking in the swirl.

The whirlpool signs looked at Tham next to him, suddenly asked: "Mr. Ca, I heard that you have seen Sasuke ..."

"The arrogant little ghost ..."

"Hahaha, Sasuke guys just have a bit stink!"


Two people are not bad.

Have to say, the vortex moistature is quite infective.

Thaedo also believes that the whirlpool is in the sea, and there is also the potential of the One Piece. His character also has Roger and white beards ...

If there is no news in the world, Mado just simply encountered a whirlpool. He will let the whirlpool becomes his own, bring him to find a big secret treasure, and all means will be willing to take him. .


This world is well aware.

The whirlpool is also standing behind the god and a bunch of people.

Just Triado and the whirlpiece are talking about Uzecho, the White Beard One Piece is also discussing a big event.

Just like a pharmacist ...

This One Piece wants to return to the fish island.

After Uzecho Sasuke and Portcas D. Ess returned to the white beard sea, these people finally helped the fish people to take the agenda.

No matter how it is impossible to change anyway.

If the banner of the white beard can be pulled out, then they are too unqualified!

Force group ...

The fluttering piracy flag is the treasure of their treasures!

The martial artifogged the banner of the White Beard, which announced that the land of the fish is is his site, and the hostility between them cannot change!

What's more

No one in this sea is able to block them!

Even is the same as the hundred beasts of the four emperors, and Thaedo, nor their opponents, even the navy deals them can only use the despicable trick ...

Kill the mortal ghost ...

Resemble the white beard's pneese flag on the island!

Announcement to the entire world, no one can infringe on the territory of the White Beard One Piece, which is the Souvery of the Slifting One Piece of the World!