I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 484 I am scaring a little girl who loves crying!

There is no belief and honor.

No, perhaps the fairy flag of the waves is their honor.

White Beard One Piece wants to initiate a new war for the king of the hundred, a fishman, and a fishing man, and solve this provocative white bearded, which is the way to help Yizhiso. .

Because the macmon ghosts are also involved in the battle of the surrounding Wai Zhibo.

This kind of Yusu Sasuke can be understood, but there is really no need.

If you don't attack someone from the sneaky persimmon, the top is just a face; if you go to attack your snout, it is estimated that you have to lose your face ...

However, Unexpello Sasuke persuaded.

Yizhi Bozuo can do the only thing, that is, pass the news to the mortal ghost ...

It is a big written embarrassment.

Obviously, these companions think about the way of helping to help, and the result is to help the enemy to ventilate, so as not to look good at everyone.

This world is too much!

Fish man island.

The island of this sea has become a ghostous site.

When the origin of the pasta announced that the fish island, he has also appeared or assassinated his fish, and these fish people are died in the skein.

As the fog's mutual, the martial martial artifacts, the martial martial arts, which does not care about killing this kind of thing, and the next hand does not work soft.


Gradually became synonymous with mortal ghosts.

For the King Nittun of Fish Man Island, the people of the mortar ghosts are simply let him love and hate, and they are respectful and scared.

after all…

This guy does block many hundred pirates and slave vessels in the outside of the fish, anyone who violates the fish is to kill the ghosts.

However, the martial martial arts is not soft.

The entire fishman is in the first day of the citilla ghost, it has been killed into the river, and there is no prisoner under the ghosts, only bloody body ...

Fish island, Dragon Palace.

Fish Hire Island King Napitton is today in a banquet to be dried, thank you to the martial artifacts to clear the flying heline group around Fish Man Island.

Because Van De Dai Ken has been harassing Nipton's daughter, who has been harassing Nipton, who is in the picture, and will attack the Golden Tower living in Bai Star.

Now Van Der Dai Ken is killed by the martial arts ghost, since then, the crisis of the White Star is finally released.

Today, the White Star Princess is finally able to leave the tower.

This is the princess of the merma fish protected by Niton in the Tower of Tower. This year, it will be twelve years old. It is very cute, pink long hair is on her body, and the head is bundled with cute hair, a pair of big eyes It looks very simply.

But her body is very high.

Even if the White Star Princess is only twelve years old, the height has exceeded ten meters. This world is really not a lentry ... nearly two meters of mortar ghosts, in front of the King of Nitton, is very small.

Bai Star princess flew to the side of his brother, curiously bowed with a ghost, a guest, who is drinking juice, and the eyes are not blinking.

"Ghosts ... Do you like to drink juice?"


The mortal ghost put down the cup in his hand, looked up at the White Star Princess, and his mouth suddenly revealed his full shark: "Don't like juice?"

Obviously just a normal smile, the mortar ghosts laughed out of the place of choosing people, immediately scared the White Star Princess, I couldn't help but shrink after my father!

This performance has not been excited to be too rude to the guests!

After a while, this tall mermaid little girl was timidly explored, and he replied whispered: "Hi ... I like ..."

"is it?"

The smile on the martillamon ghosts is more strong, and the spot is todped slowly: "The princess is like, if we like something like, the world doesn't like it ... will make me feel that this world is too Strange."

"Why do you feel weird?"

White Star Princess wanted to explore his head secretly looked at the ghost, but after seeing his smile, the body couldn't help but tremble.

The martial martial arts is still smiling, spreads its palms, and the smile on the face is a little horrible: "Because this world is incompatible, the world should not exist, but should be destroyed. "


The white star princess's eyes were full of tears, tears quickly flowed quickly, crying while crying: "Ghosts, I like juice!"


The mouth of Nitton King can't help it.



Just at this time, the phone in the hand of the martial artifact rang, he looked up at Niton and others, and slowly connected his phone, smiled and said: "I am not very convenient here." ""

"what are you doing?"

A young man's voice came from the phone.


The mortar ghost looked at the White Star Princess who hid behind Niton, loudly said: "Now the fish island is scarning a little guy who seems a little love crying ... No, or a big guy "

"Do you have someone to do this group?"

The young man in the phone can't help but jealous, "said that the banner of the White Bearded One Piece is quoted, now the White Beard One Piece is now Looking for you to calculate! "

After that, the youth man didn't hang it directly.

Obviously, youth men don't care about meat martial arts, or he believes that the martillant ghost must deal with this.

Cartry ghosts slowly collapsed their own phones, not in the troubles of the meutue, and repainted juice on the table.

This calm look like Nitton King.

Just thinking about the overall situation, Nitton king can't help but open: "Mr. Ghost, White Beard One Piece is the strongest One Piece in the world, we have lost them before, they can let the fish people ..."

"What is the relationship with me?"

Can't help but laugh.

"Mr. Ghost is not impulsive ..."

Nitton Wang loudly calmed the mood of ghosts, Shen Sheng: "This is perhaps I can talk to it ... and you will understand ..."

"do not worry."

The mortar ghosts interrupted the King Ni Ten, and reached out and took up his own muscular big knife back, turned to the Dragon Palace.

After a few steps, the mortal ghost, it seems to think about anything, smile and open: "If Nepton Wang wants to contact the White Beard One Piece and a very flat guy, now you can do it ... but I hope you can I want to clear the consequences ... "

This war ...

Who will lose who wins still not necessarily!

Although the white bearded pirates are strong, but the ghosts are not the power of resistance, but here is the fish island under the deep sea!

As long as it is fighting in the sea ...

The whole world also can't pick a few people who have compensated with him, not to mention as Shangyuan Na, there is a killing!

Even if it is really defeated ...

He can also continue to do your own members!

"Ghosts ..."

White Star Princess suddenly flashed from his father's body, he worked hard: "It is also a good person! Why are you ..."

"you are too young."

The martial martial arts smiles and watched the White Star Princess, turned to leave, leaving him with the last voice: "After you grow up, you will understand ..."

After you grow up ...

I will realize the cruelty of this world!

However, when the mortal ghost left the Dragon Palace, when he returned to his own residence, he saw a person who made him very unexpected.

The sea is very flat.

According to the constant executives, it should always stay in the white beard's boat waiting until the war broke out. At this moment, he is inexplicably in the fish people.

Even, it also actively appeared in front of the ghost.


When the chanmon ghosts saw very flat, the mouth couldn't help but show a smile. His palm slowly cleared the muscles behind himself: "Is this not a gentleman? Come here to take everything you have?" ? "

"No, it is not coming to be enemy with you."

I shook my head, and I looked at the martial artimatimmon, and I watched: "Ghosts, come here, I hope you can re-insert the piracy of White Beard, in the fish people, avoid This war broke out ... "

Most of the senses of the mortar ghosts are somewhat complicated.

Although the people in the pasta, when he went to the White Beard Sea, it suddenly came to take a salary, occupying the position of the Queen Seven Wuhai and the fish island ...

Although there are also many fish people in the fish people during this time, even some of the younger brothers, only those fish people are also self-take ...


I have to admit it, and the mortal ghosts do it.

Or, the mortal ghost is better than him.

Under the protection of the martillant ghost, this time has not been a pirate and å ...

Whether it is a strong pirate, you can't escape the murderer's sea chasing, that is, this guy is a fish or mermaid.

This is quite complicated.

And very flat is very clear, those fish people are also the root cause of tightness of fish people and human relationships, but they can't get down ...

This sore persimmon is much more powerful than he.

Cartry is not thinking about what is thinking, just shakes his head, grinning light: "If you want war, then come ... They defeated me, don't you just help you take these seats ..."

"You don't care if you are!"

At very flat, I shook my head, and I was solemn to open the mouth and continue to persuade: "Do you know what you and White Beard One Piece, what does it mean?

This time, white beard old and sixteen teams are dispatched, and they also include you to help the Navy to help the Navy to encircle the land, and the ghosts, you don't want to see you in this war! "


Can't help but squat.

What happened to this world? Is this guy who rushed over in advance and reported to him this enemy?

At very flat, the martial arts is open: "The ghosts, after the next return to the island, it never robbed those virtual name, but to stop the war ... I don't want to see you to move towards the way, please follow, with white beard old Please let sin! "