I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 488, anyway, you are also a loose organization

Marin Fanto.

Youth office.

This office is a bit unfatient, there is a sleeping mat on the ground, and the green is lie on the mat and slowly closed his eyes.

"It's trouble ..."

After you returned to your office from the meeting, he kept this posture. He was also muttered in his mouth: "Walking a piece of pair to win three chess pieces ... Is this the most important part of the guy?"

Qing Yin just started to think that the pharmacist pocket is to help relieve the troubles encountered by the martillamon. By the way, the way to weaken the White Bearded One Piece and the Beast of the Beasts ...

As a result, the pharmacist took this opportunity to lead the yellow.

Do not…

Or this is the truly purpose of the pharmacist!

Taking this group of guys really wants to make the Navy's generals!

Once the yellow goblin has to join the tissue, the three parties of the entire Malin Vanto, a naval staff, all of which are undercover of the organization ...

Well, evil completely invaded the just camp.

"Contact Sakaschi guy?"

The greenness touched his phone, slowly swallowed the tear-talk: "Hey, Saskaski, I want to ask you ..."

"Your guy ... Is there something?"

The mood of the red dog sounds not very good.

But I have to say that it is ...

Both people and red dogs become the undercover of the organization, the relationship between the two people has a little slow, and the number of contacts is much more much.

Perhaps because of a common secret?

There is no more helves, and I told the Antisper in Malin Fan Dodianda: "Hey, the pharmacist and Pu Saleno have to perform a task together, I feel that he may escape our contact. Fate ... "


The red dog in the other end of the phone caught silence.

What is this fucking? Both of them have achieved tacit understanding, away from Malin Fanto, which makes the yellow ocean in the future ...

As a result, the yellow gob may also join.

If the three major parts of the Navy will become the undercover of the tissue, then who will perform the naval justice, the two people who like to touch the fish, and can maintain justice as much as possible under the compression of the organization. Just ?

"I know this thing."

After the screwdriver responded, there were some angry: "One by one ... sooner or later, you can't rely on guys ..."

If the Navy's three major people will be undercrend, then the two unreliable guys in the Qing and Huangbo are really unresolved!

The navy can basically declare it!


The green gathered a woman who was hanged, the expression became subtle, can this? It seems that they can prevent the same thing ...

The pharmacist of the tissue now has fully blinded the Warring States and the officials, and even officials of the World Government, and a large number of naval officers also convincing him.

What can he do in a general naval general?

New world.

G1 branch base.

After the red dog hanged the teleconace of the green, a cigar was given to yourself, allocated the pheasant's phone, but unfortunately, the phone rang several times without turning on.

The face of the red dog can't help but black, bitten the mouth: "This guy ... Is it a wrong phone?"

After a long time, the phone was finally connected.

One of the sounds of some young men fell into the ear of the red dog: "The red dog is general, this is the Naval Science Force, I am the most tight man in the world, and the father has just left here. I forgot to bring the phone. I will leave myself and the pharmacist. "

"I know ... that born!"

The red dog can't help but hung up the phone insects.

The bow of the red dog smoked a cigar, he took another cigar, and the whole room slowly filled the smoke.

That is to say ...

Do you have to contact the pharmacist first?

The red dog is sitting in his own room, after picking up his cigar, press the cigar's cigarette butt on the table, repaining his phone, slowly dialed a person who never contracted.

The leader of Xiao, Shangyuan Na.

It is quite strange that Shangyuan Na returned to his body, forced him to join the tissue, never contacted him or used him.

Two people first contact ...

It is still a red dog.

After the red dog gazed on his desk, the expression on the face was flashing, just when he wanted to look down, the other end of the teleconference was first opened.

"Red dog?"

The original Nairou leisurely passed out from the phone, and he seems to be a little impatient after he said: "Hey, it seems to be the first time, what is your important intelligence?"


The red dog shakes his headself, and the caller is silent: "There is no intelligence, I just want to talk to you about the Navy."

"Oh, don't worry."

When the phone insects, I came out of the Shangyuan Nairou: "I just have a good news here to tell you, we can quickly attract to the Huangqi General ...

Perhaps wait until next time a collective meeting, you can see your two colleagues, after we want to turn the navy to what is like. "


The red dog slammed his fist.

What is the mixed egg, what is the navy?

The red dog is because I am worried that the Navy will turn the Navy into those blame. He wants to contact the Shangyuan guy!

The mother of the mother is too fast!

Sure enough, in the conference of Malin Fanto, it is not discussing the wars and the two four emperors of the white beard and Kamad, and the real purpose is clearly designed to lead to the yellow gob.


The red dog grabbed the phone on the table, and the sound suddenly became a lot, he walked out: "Busasolino guy is my sympathy and friend, but the guy's character makes people feel unpredictable Not worth trusting at all ... "

At that time, the red dog and the yellow gob were in the same period.

Two people are also known as the monsters in recruits.

Even if there is no ability to deviate, they also have extremely powerful power, two monsters will naturally become.

In fact, the relationship between the red dog and the yellow gob is not bad, occasionally drink tea bubbles, and two of them are truly harmonious colleagues.

Ha ha…

As for the green, it must be excluded by them.

The red dog pinchs the phone in the hand, and the sinking continues: "The ability of Pu Saleno is sparkling, Shangyuan Needle, even if you can use the same ability, you may not be able to completely ignore him.

If you show your strength for arsen to attract Busasolino, it is easy to escape from him, it is easy to cause the war of the country's marshal, maybe I may expose my identity of I and Kura ...

This is very dangerous to me! "


The voice of Shangyuan Nair is still a relaxation, he calmly calm the emotions of the red dog: "Don't worry, there will be no such thing ..."

"So much the better."

The red dog has hung up his phone, and he did not hear the last sentence of the last word of the other end of the phone.

"He is definitely can't escape."

the other side.

And the country, the flowers.

Shangyuan Na Lu sat in a meeting room, looked at the phone in his hand, and some people dared to hang his phone?

"what happened?"

The big tube is sitting around the Shangyu, looking at the original navigation, whispering: "What is it? Is there anything? Is there anyone who offends you?"

"No, it's okay, I am not a feather."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head. He took his own phone insects. He looked at all members present. He said: "White Beard One Piece has left their waters, Mr. Lu, immediately let Tham and vortex The Naruto departed, led the hundred beasts, the thief group, rushed to Ponkhar, ready to intercept the white beard of the thief group! "


Nara Lulu nodded, put forward a question: "Do you need a Ninja coalition to participate in the war? No matter what to say ..."

"There is no need, and the country must continue to lock the country."

Upper Nara Luo Long, whispered: "In addition to Naruto, at least before the real war broke out, I know that I identified the Ninja army, I have been trying to learn to learn domineering!"

When I said here, the eyes of Shangyuan Nai slowly fell on the court: "If there is a Ninja who wants to travel in this big sea, it must be reviewed ... even if you are there, you are no exception ..."

When I was going to continue to say something, my brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and I slowly erected my fingers, and I contacted him a long time.

It's strange, what is going on today ...

Some guys who are basically all contacts are in contacting him ...

This time the person who is in the original Nairo is Yisizhisu, because the contact between them, the idea of ​​Uzhi Poso is passed to the original navigation.

"Shangyuan Nai, I met a person named Charlotte Cataki, we have two talks, this person wants to join Xia organization ..."


The expression of Shangyuan Nair is a little subtle, just in the mouth, an Yuxi pace: "Cataku guy guy? Don't disclose my intelligence ... really, you have these brothers, there is a common language ..."


Yisi Hosi caught in silence.

The other side of the sea.

Big Mom's sea area.

Charlotte Catak is lying on the ground, and the body is burn, and the mouth is exposed. Obviously he has just experienced a war.


Cataku was defeated.

This man in Charlotte is almost called 100% perfect, but in this battle, it can only be disposed of by the enemy.

Yuxi Pubie is standing by Kataku, slowly putting down his fingers, open his eyes, a pair of scarlet eyes look at Kataku: "The leader has agreed to you to join Xia organization. You can live ... "

After the Su Zhihe said, it spreads out his palm and whispered: "And I understand that you can protect you in order to protect your sister ... I will not kill you, will also keep secrets for you ... even if you won't It doesn't matter if you join. "

"is it?"

Kataku is closed on his eyes, whispered: "It's a tricky person, forget, at least for you to let Bud do a few things ...

Anyway, you are also a loose organization, according to the information I have learned in private, it seems that you can exit this organization. "

Yuxi Hou did not hill it for a while, before the way: "Who tells you what is the matter? I have invited you to join you?"

Kataku is looking at the sky and loudly replied: "It is about two months ago. There is a guy who is called a black, once appeared in Wan King, quietly sneaking into my room, take the initiative to invite me to join Xiao, tell me Xiaoyang can help me protect my loved ones ... "


Yisizhiso fell into silence.

At this moment, he didn't know if it should be told Caigu truth.

Taking the organization has never been a loose organization. At present, any member who wants to leave the text is almost none of the game ...