I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 489, the White Bearded One Piece and the Thane Troupe!

Kataku and Unecheo have purely a purely.

Originally Yisi Pubo came to the waters of Big MOM, just encountered Charlotte Catchel and Charlotte Buse, Charlotte Bres.

Brothers and sisters thought that Yushuo was invaded. I want to solve Uzhi Hosi. As a result, there is no way to face Unexpectedly.

Moreover, Yuxi Houchi also has a super-high battle IQ, and Kataku is expected to defeat his own failure, and she has rescued her sister Bud, which has been protecting Bud using the mirror to leave the battlefield.

And in the process of fighting ...

Yuxi Pubie looked at Kataku, this brother, in order to protect your sister, all of them turned his body into a glutinous group, and the result is that the fire is burning light ...

Therefore, Unexpello decided to put him a horse.

I didn't expect Cata Kuchen and the tissue, there is still a little fate, two months ago and Catakusi has exchanged.

Darkly grabbed the soft ribs of Kataku, and saw the true inner heart of Kataku, and also thought that Cataku is a power of a member, so the Cata Kuchen is introduced to the tissue. At that time Catarau Chestnut rejection.

Therefore, it is not reported to this matter.

Today, Kataku defeated the Yuxi foot, because I want to give Yis Zhi's kindness, still planting it directly, I hope this guy knows that when the truth is, I am old and I am in the same time!

The tissue is not loose organization, it is not easy to join in, and if you want to quit, it is harder ...

Unfortunately, the name of Kataku is now hanging there. Now I want to quit well, it is too late.

Now Yishi Houches don't know what to say.

Yiszhiso shake his head, whispered: "Forget it, anyway, you are not our core member ... everything still wants to wait until the leader will treat you in the future!"

"The leader of Xiao ..."

Kataku frowned frown: "That person is also very strong?"

"do not know."

After Yuxi Pub, after shaking his head, he nodded, and his tone was more complex: "Human is extremely ..."

Yuxi Hoski slowly lifted his head and looked at the distance, and he mached: "But ... God, there is no limit."


Carttaki's eyes suddenly flashed a light.

In the next second, Cataku rushed to sit up, casually found something to cover his chin, whispered: "If you have anything, let's contact me! I am now Going back to Wan Guo, lest, worry ... "


Yuxi hub nodded, whispered: "I hope you can remember a little, Xiaomi needs you to do things, absolutely not so simple ..."

Kataku did not matter to sway, and the sound responded: "As long as you don't hurt my family ... Just let me do anything ..."

"Your logic is wrong ..."

Yuxi Subo sighed, quietly continued: "If you ask you to do things, you have not done it, you have to protect people, the situation will become very dangerous ..."

After that, Yu Zhi Pubie added again: "Of course, if you can do it, the rewards of harvest are not low ..."


Cataku is a question mark.

Is this well-taught, actually a threat?

Xiaomi's threat ...

No one dares to be in your heart.

White Beard One Piece, Mobi Dick.

Yuxi Bozuo is standing on the deck. The most precise thing in your life. "

" la la la ..."

When I heard Uchozuo, the white beard was revealed, and his face gradually became serious: "Sasuke, the person you said is the leader of Xiao! He takes away Is your brother? "

This is white beard guessed according to multi-party messages.

Although Unecheo Sasuo has never fully speaking his home, it seems to be because of fear and timidity in his heart, but white beards still know some things from Portkas D · Es.

For example, his brother impelloa has killed the whole family to protect him in order to protect him.

For example, his brother iszhi Subper, died in his hand, but the leader of the lecture is resurrected and reused ...

For example, Unecheo Sasher Miss your brother, but knowing the leader of his brother to know ...

Yuxi Bozuo took a look at the white beard, biting his teeth: "Indeed, the person behind the ghost is the leader of the knee ... One is definitely not what we should have to provoke people!"

"I know…"

White beard slowly supported the chair, he reached out his palm smiling and stroking the head of Unexvo, looking at the son of Mobi Dick!


The white beard's face was laughed. "Then we will help the ghost to take his brother from this time!"

"Ha ha ha ha, that is of course!"

"Yes, Sasuke, but our general!"

"We are a family! Sasuke's brother is our brother, how can it look at your family outside!"

The entire Mobi Dick number is up to a joyful ocean.

Now the White Beard One Piece offers a white beard sea, sailing in the first half of the great route, and their destination is the fish island.

Looking at this scene from the return of the fish island, slowly sighing ...

Sure enough, as he thought, the purpose of the White Beat One Piece was never a martillamon, but the person behind the ghost.


Yiszoato bite his lips and looked at the people around him. I couldn't help but knead my fist. I got a lot of red: "I don't need you to help! Now, return it back now!"

This group of idiots, how to persuade you!

If you go to play a chanmon ghost, it's okay. I didn't expect this group of guys to stand on the top of the mortar ghost!

Oh shit…

Are they floating?

True to be invincible in the big sea? This big sea really invincible person is estimated that the cat is drinking juice in a corner!

"Sakura ..."

White beards slowly squatted, hung on his face, a refreshing smile: "We are a family, what's the matter, help, but it should be ..."

After that, the white beard looked at the eyes of Sasuke, patted his head: " la la la ... Don't put a stinky face, go to drink a cup of juice, small ghost!"

"Hahaha ..."

"This is the fi thief who likes to drink juice on the Mobikk number!"

"If I am still eighteen, I still don't dare to drink alcohol!"

A good laughter came up at the end.

They obviously have no malicious, the entire One Piece has received Unecheo, even if this little guy has never shouted a white beard.

The face of Unecheo Sasuke flashed a red dizziness. He just secretly cleared his fists. This kind of enthusiastic idiot really let him embarrascore ...

This group of pirates ...

It's really more comfortable than the world of ninja.

In this group of people.

Marshall D. Tiqi is also filled with your own smile, just under his smile, hidden a bit of fierce and sad.

No matter who loses him, this war is nothing benefits to him. White Beard wants to take the opportunity to deal with the people behind the mortar, once won, take the Yuxi Pub, That, is definitely on this ship. Not going.

Once the white beard lost, then the tissue of the secret with him, the strength is too much, and it is too much. ...

Just when the white beard will sail toward the fish people, they are destined to have the opponent to be in the established battlefield.

Baorence Festival.

Two huge warships are in front of Ponkhassad.

These two ships are the battles of the beasts and drought Jack, and they only have more than 2,000 departments.

The flagship of the beast is the flagship.

Thaedo sat on the deck and drunk into his mouth, wiped his mouth, only opened the mouth: "Nara Luo Live let us rush to Pang Khaside, that is the Franmino Guy's site, I hope that all the do things ... "

After that, Thaedo scored a wine, and snorted: "This time and white beard war, Laozi can be shameful, your little ghost wins Laozi, you can make Laozi I have lost my face! "


The whirlpool squeezed a juice, and he smiled and said: "I and Sasuke started from the ninja school, I have never lost!"

This sentence has been said after ...

The whirlpool has no blush.

At the time of drinking, Capton stopped, couldn't help but open: "Hey, Naruto little ghost, how do I heard that Yizhi Bozuo is a genius in you there, you are a small crane tail!"

"Ah ... hahaha ..."

The whirlpiece smiled and smiled in the back of his back, and smiled at the haha: "When the achievements of the child! After you grow, he never won me ..."


The eyes of Thara's eyes have been doubts.

If the whirlpool is a strong force in the previous battle, Heldada is actually really believed that the whirlpool can cope with Unecheo Sasuke ...

of course.

Celeted Chemicals also have a little confidence in the whirlpool.

However, I just listened to the whirlley people called myself that I didn't lose, and the whole person of Kaido was not very good. This war will not develop in a strange direction?

This battle is mainly only relying on him and the whirlpool.

Thaedo lost to white beard, the whirlpiece lost to Yishe Sasuke, it was really to lose his face ...

But the arrow is on the strings, you have to send it!

After the organization issued the command, the war has no longer stopped!