I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 490 This is a red-haired, a mother on the big sea.

The sea, the wind is ridiculous.

Just as the White Beard One Piece entered the fish people, Thaedo led the Hundred Beasts, and the Navy would certainly not be idle.

The Navy's Pharmacist and the Huangjiao generally rushed to Holy Land Marie Joya from Malin, directly overridden landline, from the other end of Holy Land Mario, rushed to Drescent.

The pharmacist and the yellow god will stand two people on the wind, and the pharmacist touched a tall in his hand. He looked at the Huangbo General around him, his mouth hook slightly.

"latest news."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "The mind of Thara's revenge seems to be more urgent than we imagined, after the news of the White Beard, the ghosts, the beast I have already dispatched ... "

"Two four emperor margins? Think of thinking about it ..."

While smiling, the yellow god said, he looked at the pharmacist. "It is a new generation of wisdom, it seems that there is no expectation of the staff ..."

"Just occupying the advantage of an intelligence."

The pharmacist swayed and shook his head, and his face gradually solemnly: "Although everything is going on, who knows what will happen in the big sea, and finally depends on the battle between the two four emperors. result…"

"It's really humble ..."

The yellow and smile exaggerated.

The navalist this naval staff in Malin Fanto, in fact, it is still quite appreciated, because his information is recently available in the navy, plus often predicting accurate, increasingly subject to the world government and the naval.

Lookling, such a young man should be a young man.

But the pharmacist is not proud, perhaps because he grew up from the small naval base, and later experienced a lot of changes, it is very born.

Whether people in front of them are general or ordinary naval soldiers, the pharmacist can be polite, neither a general soldier, no.

It's a magical one ...

Huang Juan will learn the picture of the pharmacist push his own glasses, and the smile in the mouth gradually became more and more rich.

The pharmacist looked at the movement of the Yellow Oza, it seems to be a little helplessly shaking his head, as if there is no way to this is a big man's mind ...

New world.


Due to the command of the Naval Science Force's highest eunuch, the naval base researcher here is all withdrawn, and the prisoners in this base are also transferred to Bierton.

The entire island is already empty.

The Baorence Festival is in this case, directly logs in Ponkhassad, they will temporarily station, looking for opportunities to attack the White Beard.

Thaedo did not hide this news.

This island that is not distant from the fish island, and the beast One Pirates can follow the island's unscrupulously attack or block.

Once the white beard got this news, it is certainly impossible to sit around the 100th beasts around the battlefield. At that time, the white beard will first rush to Pang Khaside, and drive away the 100th beast One Piece.


War will naturally be carried out as scheduled.

Unfortunately, the plan can't change the change.

Thaedo did not conceal the news that he was stationed in Ponkhada, and did not bring white beard, but first attracted one of the favorite multi-tube idle in the four emperors.

Red-haired incense.

Red-haired One Piece's Red Fos is slowly walked toward Ponkhasad, and it is clear that the red-haired fragrance is not to come to Ponkhada's small island vacation.

When the white beard of the thief group may drive the world's battle, the Red Hazard is not hitting the war in the war, and he wants to control the scale of the war.

Harbor of Ponkhard.

The Red Fos is slowly swim.

Red-haired Xiangx stationed in the Leide Foscheon, waving his own one-arms, friendly, greeted the members of the hundred beasts: "It's so clever! You are also here to vacation. ?"

Red-haired One Pirates, Ben Baked Baked Baked a juice, frowning: "Although the incense is now saying seriously, in the eye of the beast, it should be full Provoke ... "

No matter what to think ...

The same as the four emperors, is indeed as challenged.

"Blend ..."

Thara had just seen the Hongfa Xiangx near the port, and his face flashed a angry: "Red-haired bulls ... Do you want to have a long way?"

This time he is to stop the war of white beards and mortar ghosts!

Red-haired this babies don't understand, come to more and more ...

Sitting in the whirlpiece around Thaedo saw the redhead on the Red Fos, he was unknown, just waving his hand in Hahaside.

"Good afternoon!"

The whirlpool taggedly laughed on the bow and smiled and smiled and said: "Hey, do you want to start with a banquet!"

After that, the whirlpool sounded again to Triago: "That person is very enthusiastic, is the old friend of our One Pirate?"


Kaido is silent.

The eyes of the whole hundred beasts are speechless, and they have fallen into the silence. The redhead is their death!

Red-haired, known as the baking egg of the first love in the sea!


When the red-haired incense, he heard that the Baoren One Piece responded, his face couldn't help but show a little amazing, and the incidentally touched his own chin: "That guy ... it seems to be a very Interesting little guy! "


Ben Bakeman stands by Xiangks, slowly swallowing: "The guy is a minister of Cairo! The whirlpool is still seventeen this year, so that a single gun is defeated in front of Single. The challenge of the super big ship ... So the guy has broken through the amount of the naval reward, it has broken by 52 million peple. "

Ben Becman is a vice captain, and it is also a big housekeeper.

For the new star character of the Baorence, Ben Bakeman is definitely concerned, he also knows some information about the whirlpool, but it is limited to the circulation of the outside world.


Everyone's first impression of the whirlpool is that this little guy is stupid, it looks like there is no brain.

"Hey? Is it so young?"

The red-haired fragrance is not thinking that the whirlpool is stupid. His interest is more interested, smile and open: "Let's go, Beckman, let's see Tham, to see this interesting newcomer ... "

Two four emperors ...

Finally met in Ponkhard!

The wars between the four emperors have not stopped how to stop, let the hundred beast One Pirates have any good faces of the red-haired pirates. It is obviously unlikely.

In a group of people, high-horses, the red-haired fragrance, with his companions, step by step to Thaedo.

Red-haired fragrance looked at Tham, showing a smile on his face, as if they were older friends: "I haven't seen it for a long time, Kaido ..."

"Red hair…"

Thaedo's eyes slowly fell on the face of red hair, his palm slowly held his wolf tooth stick, and domineering began to flow in his body!

Next, Kaido waved his wolf tooth stick, and he went to the red-haired incense: "Do you make a bastard, do you want to hinder Laozi's things?"


When a group of people couldn't help but retreat in Thara's domineering, the red-haired fragrance was pulled out of his Western sword, and it took the ground to block the wolf tooth!

Obviously two strange weapons ...

However, it has maintained a complete balance in the hands of the two four emperors ...

In the next moment, the red-haired Xiangx's body suddenly broke out of the tyrants, this domineering or even more wins, causing Thaed's domineering swept, huge air pressure constantly oppressing the 100th beast Everyone!

Ponkhard's sky has become ¢ ¢!

The cumulus of the sky is slowly divided into two four emperors. The clouds are evenly wrapped down by the domineering.

Just as some members of the Hundred Beasts, some members were red-haired by red-haired domineering, a huge gold fox tailba wrapped them.

The whirlpool is published on a layer of golden Chakra, behind the golden tail of nine Chakra coats. It is exactly his direct shot, and the member of the Baiyu One Piece is in the two four emperors. Enron is safe.

Drought Jack looked at the vortex moon. After the eyes showed a surprise, whispered: "Thank you for protecting these small guys, Naruto ..."

For yourself ...

Especially the powerful own people, drought Jack has never regret your respect; just for those powerful enemies, drought Jack often can't calm down ...


The rumor of the whirl is gradually gaining, his gaze looks at the red-haired incense with Kaham confrontation: "The guy of the red hair ... is very strong!"


The voice of drought Jack is a bit card shell. He still replied: "The guy is our old opponent, the captain of the red-haired pirates, the people who like multi-tube idle ... There is no hate him on the whole sea. Guy! "

"Hey, Jack, this is too rude!"

Red-haired incense, side and Thaell, while still turning his head, he watched his drought Jack, smiling and said: "I don't say anything now, how can you say that I have a long way? ""

Obviously, in the four emperors of Hamare ...

Red-haired Xiangx, this guy actually took the anti-drought, Jack of Jack ... This guy, in this four emperor's domineering, there is still a lot of great efforts.


Thara's brow wrinkled, slowly collided his wolf tooth stick, asked: "You are a bastard ... Is this time not to hinder Laozi?"

"Should it be?"

Red-haired Xiangx has collapsed his western sword, scratched his chin, lifted his head card, smiled: "So don't always shout, sing, so impulsive ..."

"This time you walk ..."

Thaedo's face slowed down, cold tang: "Since it is not to hinder Laozi, do you really come true?"

"Do not."

Xiangks shook his head, looked at Tham, and spread his palm: "I will definitely not hinder your business, so I want to ask you not to hinder others."


Thaedo's expression is gradually subtle.

Even if the red-haired incense doesn't have to continue, he probably knows what this red-haired bastard is said ... this fucking you fart!

Red-haired fragrance looked at Thaedo's face, not in the face, and his face was still very seriously opened. "


Thara's face flashed an angry, he stared at the red hair in the red hair, like guys who wanted to swallow his eyes: "Your guy ... is it to recreate Laozi!"

Oh shit…

He thought that he thought that the red was changed. This guy is still an old ... this fuck is not still the mother of the sea?