I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 491 is another monster to be inspected?

This large sea.

Red-haired fragrance has a famous love.

Or, this red-haired guy prefer to make fun.

The whole sea spreads throughout the white beard, the thief, to attack the king's seven Wuhai wheat ghosts, and also spread the news that Kamad is planning to be in the fish island and the white beard war. This guy is at this time. Jump out.

Thara's nose spurted a hot gas, glaring with unhappy incense, couldn't help but hold the wolf tooth stick in his hand: "If you want to recreate Laozi, you are coming wrong!"

"Don't say this ..."

Xiangke is hung, laughing, laughing, watching Mado: "I am also too bored on the sea, is it not good to do your opponent?"


The drought Jack stepping forward, stepping up, snorted, directly avatar for mammoth form, and said: "Who do you think you are ..."


Ben Bakeman interrupted the drought Jack, he slowly sucked his own juice, looked at the huge fierce elephant in indifferently, and continued: "When you don't talk, don't just open it ..."

The whirlpool is a bit slow, he looked at the fierce elephant next to it, reached out his palm to stroking the fierce, opening: "Jack, this is your fruit ability? This is too powerful! Big How can I have such a long ivory! "


Drought Jack's momentum is weak.

This vortex moon is a ghost big supervision? Now this time is the brain is getting offline?

Even the faces of Thara did not help but black, Xiao Zhihua sent him that there is no IQ only?

Drought Jack twisted his head, overlooking the whirlpool, showing a drop of cold sweat on the forehead: "Hey, Naruto, now not say this time ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

Xiangks can't help but kneel your belly: "Hey, Thaedo, your newcomers on your boat is really cute ... hahahaha ..."

The entire red-haired thief group couldn't help but laugh.

When the people around me were laughing, Ben Bakeman's brow couldn't help wrinkled, and glanced at the whirlpiece who stood around the drought Jack ...

Ben Bakeman thinks different.

According to Ben Bakeman, there are some heart-sighted guys in the sea, they will not obstruct external things, but it is more likely to focus on cultivation ...

That is to say ...

These nerves are large, and sometimes the guys who are likely to go from time to time, because more focuses, compared to those who have a high smarter, it is easier to stand on the big sea.

Absolutely a role that is difficult to deal with!

And these guys are very embarrassed, often do not hit the South Wall and don't look back. According to the message that Beckman masters, the guy who is like the whirlow is likely to have this potential ...

"The vortex moon, is a bit!"

Thaedo's face stopped the whirlpool, his eyes turned to the red-haired Xiangx's body: "Faster us to solve the red-haired bull of the red-haired love, we have to look for white What is the trouble of beard guy! "

"Yes Yes Yes…"

The whirlpool is regrettled to release the ivory of drought Jack.

The whirlpool eucalyptus slowly turned, and he looked at the red-haired pirates. His fist suddenly closed, and a long domineering moment was emitted from his body!

"Then hurry out them!"

The golden Chakra outside the whirlpool is blooming. The nine huge tails fluttering behind him. His eyes tightly fell on the crowd of the red-haired pirate: "I can't wait to see it. Sasuke! "

have to say…

The whirlpool is still trustworthy.

With the movement of the whirlpool, the members of the hundred beasts, the members of the hundred beasts behind him, each out of the knife and gun, and looked at the red hair!

The members of the red-haired pirate look at the opposite enemies, unplugging their weapons, and everyone will gradually bring together their strength.

Although the members of the Red Hair Tie is obvious, but their body is very powerful, almost everyone is a strong!

The entire Ponkhassad in the moment is a sword!

This battle is unavoidable!

"Jesus cloth, look at the color of the ghost ..."

Ben Bakeman shouted a man standing behind himself.

One of Ben Bakeman has not finished, a hundred thief standing after Bakerman suddenly played a gun, holding the sniper gun in his hand, directly aiming a swirl moon.


A bullet flying out!

The whirlpool sounds suddenly slammed a golden Chakla tail, which slammed the bullet directly, but the tail was also shot in an instant!

But now I have no time to lament ...

The war has announced the beginning!

With this shot from the red-haired thief group, the two sides immediately rushed to the opponent, and the two hundred pirates were told into a group!

Thaedo waved his wolf tooth stick, and a hit hard to smash the red hair, and the battle between the two four emperors will open!


Powns waving Western swords on the wolf tooth sticks!

Thara's palm suddenly harded, a little pressed down: "Redhead, the people of Laozi can be more than your department!"

"The number of people can never be an advantage, Kaido!"

The mouth of the mouth revealed a smile, took out the woolen swords, and suddenly took a wolf tooth stick, and suddenly took a shot, directly forced backhand!

This youngest four emperor broke the ground!

The sword of the Western sword is like a rain point, and the moment is in a moment of Thara, there is no number of electric lights flashed from Thara.

Kaido a punch forced to be incense, looked at the battle around him, full of face: "Number ... is an advantage!"

Although Kaido said that ...

But actually the battle is somewhat different.

The two sides have just started war, and the entire red-haired hundreds of thieves almost look at the wind. The Baorence will not resist the attack of the Red-haired thief.

"is it?"

The red-haired fragrant corner showed a smile, he also looked at the battle around: "But now looks, it seems that you lose the probability ..."

If you don't wait for Red Hair, the whole battlefield suddenly sounded a young voice: "Forbearing, more shadow!"

Next moment, hundreds of whirlpools have swarmed out!

These swirls have integrated into the battlefield, and the sound of the Naruto releases the sound of the tissue, and a spiral pill flashes black light!

"Armed Super Domineering Spiral Pills!"

This is a bit naturally stunned, but it is absolutely unpredictable!

The member of a red-haired pirate quickly stopped in front of a whirlpool, his upper body became a paint, and the map was stopped with armed tall domineering defense.

However, a armed colored spiral pill fell on his body, but broke through his defense in an instant, and the spiral pills directly hit his body, and even the domineering in the body could not condense!

Thae's eyes flashed.

Is this a ghost to break through his body defense?

Fortunately, they are now a group, have to say that the support of the organization is very powerful, and Mado seems to feel that any war has won the victory!

When you think of this, Thaedo's eyes are reset on the body of Xiangks, and the cold sound is open: "The number still has an advantage ... red hair ..."

"It's really ... look at it!"

The face of red-haired Xiangks became a little solemn, he slowly raised his own western sword, Shen Sheng: "So please allow me to go!"

"Oh, you lost your arm ..."

Thaedo waved the wolf tooth stick, full of dismissive: "Is there any qualifications and Laozi's efforts to go!"

Their battle suddenly became intense!

At the battlefield of the entire Ponkhadard, I was directly catering the beasts and thieves of the disadvantage after the war.

These hundreds of pirates even launched a counterattack under the driving of hundreds of whirlpools, and played the entire red-haired One Pirate Festival in a time!

Ben Bakeman's face is ugly, his hand suddenly took a pistol, a shot of a hole in a whirlpool!

I saw that the niece's fellowship was turned into smoke!

Ben Bakeman name has the strongest brain. He immediately realized that this is the weakness of the enemy. The pistol in the hand wear a shadow of the thigh, and only the shadow is also broken into smoke!

Ben Bakeman's pistol once again took a branch, whisper: "These are fake, their body can't afford any attack!"

"Beckman, I also found it!"

Jesus was recruited, smiled and filled a bullet in the sniper gun. No need to be aimed at all, and hit a shot of a shadow!

This battle is really twisted.

Although the combat power of the red-haired pirates, they face the battle scenes of the ordinary members of the Baorence, just like the whirlpools face their general ...

to be frank…

The battlefield is a bit subtle.

The reason why the red-haired pirates can not fall in the wars, because the red-haired fragrance occurs when the red-haired fragrance is stopped, and the strength of the incense is a few parsman Ben Bakeman, on the battlefield Start mowing the grass without unscrupulous.

right now…

The situation has finally changed.

Among the four emperors, the White Beard One Piece also has a member who has a counterweight with Ben Becman.

No, this statement is wrong.

That announced that Unechebao Sasuke, who has joined the White Beard, even under the tremendous disadvantages of the Tiantians, and the great disadvantages, and directly overcome Bakeman.

Then ...

Does the vortex moon in the Baorence, do you have a corresponding power?


Ben Bakeman gave him a smoke and looked at the whirlpiece who was rushing on the battlefield, and spit it out of a smoke ring slowly, and welcomed the whirlpool.

"Is another monster to be inspected?"