I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 492, two people who are looking for their own front teammates

"Armed super domineering spiral multi-live!"

The whirlpool smells suddenly fell out of more than a dozen gold Chakra, holding a dark spiral pill in each palm, and flying more than a dozen enemies.

Once the battle is encountered ...

The whirlpool is unusually keen!

Even if the shadow of the whirlpool is eliminated, only the body is left, it can collect his strength, facing the members of a group of red-haired thieves, and his tobach ratio Yuxi Bozuo is more strange!

Use armed torrential and Chakra, a spiral pill, which can directly break through the armed high domineering defense in the enemy's body!

The whirlpool taggedly glanced at the battlefield, and the situation gradually tilted toward the hundred beasts, let him relax a little, in his horizons, suddenly appeared in his hand, a paint black short knife, DPRK Take him step by step ...

The vice captain of the red-haired pirate, Ben Becman!

Ben Bakeman waved his talents, and the leisure will take a few pirates to attack his pirates, step by step to the swirls.

"Ben Becman."

"Swirl sounds."

The brow of the whirlwood wrinkled, he could clearly perceive the power of the Ben Becman in front of him, this guy and others are different!

After two people reported their names, they did not waste time!

Ben Becman suddenly rushed!

The speed of the whirlpool is not slow, and his hands instantly picked up a bitter. The militant typical gas is on the hard, stopping the Benkman's knife!

A smuggling domineering suddenly spreads from the battlefield!

The scarlet's domineering was wrapped in black, and he flew all the enemies around them almost in an instant. This battlefield will not allow the weak!

Even if it is still in the fierce game, the two people are, they are not compromising their eyes on the whirlpool and Benkman!


Thara couldn't help but snorted, and the face was disdainfully recovered his eyes. Waving the wolf tooth rods once again smashed the incense: "The whirlpool is the secret weapon to deal with Unechebra. It seems that your deputy captain is going to be killed! "

"Do not…"

On the face of incense, there is still a smile. The woolen sword in the hands blocked on a spike of the wolf tooth. He laughed and opened to refute Kam: "Beckman guy will never lose ... He is my deputy captain! "

"He has already lost!"

Thaed Dominantly pressed his wolf tooth stick, and he smashed his smash: "Red and hair ... I remember it, it is best not to hinder Laozi!"

"This is not a leisure ..."

Red-haired Xiangx feels the power from the wolf tooth, and his face gradually became serious: "Mare, I just stop you ... hindness others!"

"... crown emperor ..."

Kaido was in the cold voice.

Next, the two waved the weapons again, and the sky of Dresrosa seems to be a cracked!

No, even the earth will gradually bear the power!

Whether it is a fight, or the swirls and Ben Becman's fighting, their full effort is to make this island moment may be on the edge of the crash!

"Immortal! Wind! Armed! Super domineering spiral hand sword!"

The vortex moon's palm instantly condenses a spiral hand sword, and the various energy in his body fly into this spiral hand in the sword!

In the next moment, the whirlpool voice waved this weird spiral hand sword to Becadem, the spiral hand sword almost unobstructed, the past!

Everything around is destroyed by this black spiral hand!

It is not polite ...

Anyone in front of the sword in the spiral hand will be cut directly by the militant wind blade of the militant color, its sharp ratio from the big sword.

Ben Bakeman saw this kind of move, he also knew that it was strong, if you were hit, even killing him!

"Little ghost, don't read the red-haired vice captain ..."

Ben Becman deeply took a breath, twisted the cross knife, and slammed a screw!

This trick is almost the full blow of Ben Bakeman. This trick left a deep pit on the earth. This knife is not responsible for Bakerman's expectations!

Cut the spiral hand in the ground!

Ben Bakeman finally made a breath.

Although this crisis now solves this crisis, this is called a whirlpool, the little ghost, really can't look small ... No, no, no solved!

Ben Bakeman's face change, almost dare to pay attention to the army in the sword in the spiral color, like the fine needle, and gather together secretly ...

Countless militant dominated fine needles, continue to fly over him!

This plug-in spiral hand sword power is almost very difficult to control, and it is directly detonated by Ben Bakeman.

The energy in the spiral hand sword out of the moment!

This is the real killing of the sword!

The whirlpool is no longer going to see Bakeman. He seems to know the enemy's fate, calmly spread his palm: "It's a terrible opponent, now the spiral hand sword, even if it is Sasuke Can't block it easily ... "

"Don't be too small to see people, small ghosts ..."

Ben Bakeman snorted, his knife in his hand, the strength of the body quickly flourished, and smash it as a hurricane, and the power of the spiral hierarchy broke out!

A dazzling radiant flash ...

The energy of the spiral hand has disappeared without a trace, but the earth has left a wounded scar, the swirls and the battlefield of the whirlwoman and Becman, completely formed a gully and gully area where the gully, high and low!

"It's amazing ..."

The whirlpool tonar looked opposite the barten Bakeman who gasped, smiled and said: "I thought you would be accidentally killed by me ..."

"Is the little ghost so big?"

Ben Bakeman bites his teeth, the face is faint, it is not very good, this little ghost gives him the feeling, how is it better than Uz Zhi Bo?

No, it should be said to be a battle between human forms.


According to Ben Becman, this is called the whirlpool, although there is no such thing as Su Zhi Bo, but it should also be a powerful illusion of the beast fruit. ...

if not…

He is absolutely sitting unstable toast the position of the hundred pirates!

However, for the present, the whirlpool is only showed once in the tyrants of Thaedo and Xiangks' domineering, and now he seems to have not used its own eudacle form. ...

"Little ghost, use your full force!"

Ben Bakeman has extended his own knife, pointing to the whirlpool: "Let me see, the Baomeracetrack, the departure of the beast, I have the powerful power, I know this is definitely not your little ghost ..."

The momentum of Ben Bakeman has exploded, and he still has a power to fight with the whirlpool, but Ben Bakeman doesn't want to drag again!

"Is this?"

After a while, the whirlpiece had hestemted, his face suddenly became solemn: "Just ... I also want to speed up!"

next moment…

A powerful breath appeared on the entire battlefield!

Everyone is not self-satisfied, I feel a suffocated pressure!

These pirates in half of the long-term route are almost immediately, and a horror monster will come out!


A huge snoring spread through Ponkhassad!

The golden Chakra dress on the whirlpool is open, and his body is turned into an eye to a hundred high golden nine tail foxes!

A full of domineering is surrounded by the golden nine tails, and it is instantly spread around. The pirates on the battlefield have been forced by this domineering.

"this is…"

Ben Bakeman stretched out the arm blocked the domineering collision, his face was a little dignified, just watching the tall golden nine tail, and immediately started thinking about the information you have mastered.


Unlike any fruit!

"Immortal · Armed Super Heady Beast Yu!"

In the next moment, the golden nine tail of the whirlpool troper fierce opened his mouth, and the Bakeman spurted a paint black tail beast!

Ben Bakeman rushed out his own knife!

Fortunately, his reaction is enough, this knife blocked the attack of the tail beast jade, no, or just blocked a few seconds!

In Ben Becman's perception ...

This tail beast jade has the power of destroying the earth, and if it is exploded by this tail beast jade, even if he can't survive!

No, even people around you can't live!

Ben Bakeman blocked his beast jade, slowly felt that his physical strength was not branched. When he had some difficult to resist, a figure appeared in Beckman!

It is always concerned about the red hair in this side.

Xiangke hurried away from the battlefield of Thara, waving the Western Sword in his hand, and the Bakeman is working together to pick out the tail beast jade!

The dark tail beast is empty, far away from the coast side of Ponkhard, explosion, the fire, the fire!

The whole ponyhas is as if the earthquake is general!

In the impact wave of the explosion, the big sea set off like the sky-like waves, swept the depths of the sea!

Everyone is trying to steady their body, and the horror is unite and looks at the explosion. The corner of this island is actually blown down ...

If you come back more ...

The entire island will be destroyed!

"Do you still have to continue?"

The voice of the swirl echoed in Ponkhaside.

"Wait, there is no light and old little ghost ..."

After Kaido blocked the whirlpool, he said loudly: "Jack, bring people to the safe place ..."

The red-haired fragrance deeply saw a golden nine tail, and made the same decision immediately, whispered: "Ben Becman, immediately take someone to leave ..."


Ben Bakeman wrinkled, and Shen Sheng will refuse red and fragrant proposals, just looked at his own stubborn captain, he can only promise himself: "I know, wait for me to bring people Take you again after walking! "

"No need to."

Xiangke shakes his head and holds the western sword in his hand. Shen Sheng: "After solving the trouble here, I will go to you soon."

This sentence is equivalent to the red-haired thief group.

Whether it is inhabiting or Ben Becman, incense is not in solving things, but to break after the captain.

This war ...

They can't continue again.

Although it is one thing to prevent Kahabee's battle, it is not worth it for the red-haired incense.

"Hey, you will go, red hair ..."

Thaedo sat on a stone and put down the wolf tooth stick in his hand, and didn't care about the waving: "Since you lose, don't hinder Laozi in the future."

Now, Kamada also has no intention to leave the red-haired pirate.

Task, which is tested in Thane is to prevent white beards from invading the fish island, destined to sacrifice too much time for him for a redhead.

As for red hair ...

Not worth mentioning in the future!

Thaedo has enough grasp. If this group of guys come to the idleness, they have a lot of strong people, they can directly kill the entire red-haired pirates!

Xiangks heard the words of Thara, slowly recovered his sword, and waved his own ministry to put the knife gun.

Xiangks looked at Thaedo, and his face was re-exposed. He hip hop. " Deal with ... "

Although the White Beard One Piece is still in white beard, even Sasuke doesn't do any position ...

But when discussing the war, everyone mentioned the White Beard One Piece, which is generally listed alone two people.


Kaido glanced at the incense, cold channel: "Laozi and white beard guys once on a boat ... His trouble, Laozi is a clear!"


Everyone in the field couldn't help but furnish.

Xiangks even remembered good friends in Pakistan who often quarreled with themselves, saying that the white beard guy did something special to sorry Thae ...

Thaedo actually would rather let go of the chance of the red-haired thief ... nor will they let go of the trouble of finding white beards!

Just, the whirlpool also dispelled his golden nine-tail state, walked to Thaedo, laughing and opening: "I have also been in a class! But his strength is not very good, than I want to be bad. A lot of…"


Everyone's eyes can't help but be more subtle. Anyone who has seen Unexpello Sasuo really strongly ignores the last sentence of the whirlpool.

This world is really wonderful ...

According to Thaedo and White Beard, Swirk, the relationship between Suzuo Sasuke, the positive deputy of the beast is what you want to find your front teammates?