Mobi Dick.

White Beard One Piece saw the latest news.

Malco picked up the eyebrows and looked at the news on the newspapers. It was not cool to turn his eyes: "Morgan's news is getting more and more powerful, the two four emperor's war, only one sentence Summary ...


I couldn't stand curiosity to Malco.

Malco handed the newspaper in his hand to Es, hundreds of bored: "The red-haired guy and the group of beasts have a big battle in Ponkhada, and the final incense is withdrawn. It should be a hundred The Haihai Thief won. "

"This is a matter of course."

Yiszo Sasuke looked at the junior reward for the newspaper, looked at the Huangfa youth of the reward, and his look slowly, his face gradually revealed.

On the reward order, printed a stupid youth.

Baorence Piece, the Chow, the nine-tailed demon leaf vortex, rewards 500 million, 2 million peple, life and death.

The reward of the whirlpool has not changed yet.

Because the Navy is still not very clear, the power of the whirlpool is, but Uchi Bozuo knows that his face has a grievances.

This idiot ...

Is it also from the original naval to this world?

Shangyuan Nai Luo arranged the whirlley to join the 100th beasts, obviously the whirlpiece is the opponent who picks up to him.


Potkas D · Ees screamed his back, curiously looked at the suspension order in Unecheo Sasuke: "This name ..."

"I was still in the teammates when I was in the ninja."

Yiszo Sasuke is still looking at the reward, laughing, a silly swirl, snorting, said: "Hey ... a crane tail ... I really thought hello to me?"

"It seems that it seems that there is no conviction ..."

Esbe Harha landed the shoulders of Unecheo, and laughed: "But I always like to take him as a typical typical!"

"Do not…"

Yizhi Bozuo shook his head and turned to see an ece, some angry did not fight: "I thought you were saved, now I found you more than him."

"Hey, this is too much!"

"Forget it ..."

Yuxi Bozuo helped his forehead and shake his head: "Why do I have two idiots?"

A two ...

Not very good!

No, there are still some differences.

The strength of the whirlpool is certainly stronger than the Ais, not to mention his fighting instances, and two of them are Dhalo and Ashuo's Chakra turn-off, Yiszozuo helps the whirlow people will not fall behind him. many.

That crane tail ...

I have been chasing him!

What's more, I will never send the whirls and people who will not send the whirlpool. It is obvious that the original navigation is very confident.

When you think of this, Yiszo Saso will slowly collapse the reward order in his hand. He looked at an Alice, asked whispered: "How far is our fish Island?"

"Oh, is it soon?"

Potkas D · Ees screamed his back: "This route is different from the route we came from the island of the fish, and then directly dive after finding a local coating. It should be arrived tomorrow.

"Don't think about it."

Yizhi Bozuo shook his head, his eyes fell in the sea, the voice gradually became cold: "Ece, we have can't get the fish island, today we have to face the enemy, perhaps you will appear ..."

If the white beard is going to the island of the fish ...

The war may involve the mortal ghost.

In accordance with the navigation of the guys, he is absolutely impossible to allow the war to evacuate to the martial artimatotic ghosts.

At the end of the guy, there is absolutely with the ability to manipulate the war. He will definitely block the war outside the fishman!

The speed of the newspaper is a little later ...

If this time is calculated, the beast will have begun to prevent them in this belt ...

Yizhi Bo saga will slowly closing his eyes. His sense of perception has been in an instant, and he looks at the sea under the next second!

Under the sea ...

Two huge sea boats have floated from the bottom of the sea!

In the perception of Yuxi Bo, there is a very familiar Chakra, and some of the breath of Thara, the members of the Baorence Festival ambush in the sea?

The Mobi Dick discovered that the enemy traces is not only Yisi Bozuo ...

White Beard Edward New Gate slowly took the infusion tube on the arm, reached out, after holding the big knife next to his seat, his face showed a high-spirited smile: "la la la ... small Have a guest! "

"All alert!"

The whistle of the warning spread throughout the Mobi Dick!

Next, the whole Mobi Dick number was moved, and a figure appeared on the deck. Everyone who had a domineering is perceived by the enemy's trace.

As two big boats under the seabed are getting closer and closer, they also have a strong enemy!

Squat ...

Waves on the sea!

The two huge sea boats with a coated film suddenly floated the sea, and one left and right were directly surrounded by the Modi Bik's flagship. At the flash of the sea, the coating momentum was broken!

The flag on these two sea boats is the sign of the beasts of the thief group!

Faced with white beards with shock fruit capabilities, Kaido is very clear, as long as you can't close the Mimbi Dick, you can only reduce the target of shock fruit capabilities in white beard!

Therefore, after the beast, the thief group suddenly slammed the red-haired thief group, under the order of Thara, the ship workers rushed to the hull. After the coating, they can go down to the depths of the sea, gradually approaching white. Beard's Mobiki flagship!

Thaedo's plan was successful.

The battleship of the two hundred beasts will directly surround the protection of Mobi Dick. If the gun war is made, the beasts will have occupied a huge advantage.

White beard didn't care, just slowly walked to the edge of the railing on the boat, looked at the enemy's tall Thara, and couldn't help but wipe a smile.

" la la la ..."

White beard looked at Thaedo, full of lighter, smiled and said: "Thaed, we haven't seen it for a while?"


Kaido snorted.

Just when Thara wants to answer, the whirlpiece standing around him is exciting to waving his arm: "Sasuke! Sashers! I am coming to you!"


Mobi Dick.

Yuxi Bozuo helped his face black, his face flashed a angry, staring at the yellow hair on the Baiyou Pirates.

Swirl moisture this idiot ...

Also able to chaos the rhythm of the battlefield!

This guy doesn't know what is the war time of the beast One Piece and the White Beard One Piece? This idiots jumped out to grab what the limelight?

I don't know how to do undercover ...

Do you have to learn low-key?


The whirlpool moisture does not care about the idea of ​​Uneche, his figure is flying, and it jumps up from the boat. The whole person stands on the sea!

The whirlpool sounds up and looks at Unecheba Sasuke on the Mobik, and the face is revealed and awkward: "It's been a long time!"


Yischo slammed his face black, staring at the whirlpool on the sea, couldn't help but said: "Don't learn others in front of me! We have not met, only less than a year. ... "

"Ah hahaha, is this?"

The whirlpool scratched his head and laughed and looked up: "You are more than I have a year ... But now I am catching up, Sasuke!"


Potkas D · Ece took the lead and couldn't help but looked at the whirlpiece on the sea, and he looked at Unechebra.

"Sasuke, that person can stand on the sea!"

"Stepping on the water, just the basic skill of the Ninja ..."

Yuxi Bozuo helped his face proud, smiled and said: "Hey, that idiot is long, finally learned to step on the water ..."

After saying this sentence, Unechebra helped the whirlpool could not practice the truth of Chakra control, his face couldn't help but black ...

Because Chekra is too many in the vortex moisture.

" la la la ..."

White beard looked at the vortex moon on the sea, and smiled and said: "It seems to be a newcomer that is more active than Sasuke ..."

On the side of the white beard, he turned his head and looked at Sasuke, smiled and continued: "Sakuo, is this your old friend?"

"Roughly the same…"

In fact, the relationship between Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpool is more complex.

The figure of Unecho Sasuke, flying on the sea, looked at the swirls in front of him, and the heart flashed a helpless.

"You joined the 100th beast One Piece?"


The whirlpool screamed his palm, and his face flashed a touch: "You also know that as a ninja, you must abide by the command ..."

If you can…

In fact, the whirlpools want to find a boat, pull the Yuxi Bo, take the sea, and bring the flag-like Kaki and the tap.


The whirlpiece must abide by the original naval command, in addition to the peace of the last navigation, it is even more complex identity because of the original navigation.


Yuxi Bozuo snorted and looked at the whirlpool to continue: "The guy sent you, let you specialize to stop me?"


After the whirlpool, his fist was suddenly gripped, and his face suddenly became serious: "He told me that this may be a chance ... let Dhalo and Ashura's Chakra fate, can be on the sea End! "

When you say this, the whirlpool sounds up, and the whisper will continue to say: "But I still don't want to fight with you ... Sasuke, you and the White Beard One Piece leave here!"

" la la la ..."

White beard stands on the railing, looking at the whirlpool on the sea, I can't help but laugh: "This battle is not your furhead, the little guy can decide ... la la ... Little ghost, want to make Laozi If you leave here, at least you have to come to someone! "

"Laozi's component is not enough!"

Caise is standing on the bow, holding a wolf tooth stick, looking at the white beard, looking at the white beard: "New Gate ... I am not coming with you!"

"not enough!"

White beard squatted on the boat, borrow his mouth, smiled confidently: "Kaido ... Laozi is white beard!"

As the emperor of the sea ...

There is no way to say in the mouth of these guys!