I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 494 Xiaoxiwikikan Banned!

The sea.

Just as the White Beard One Piece and the Thane Tie were still confronted, the naval warship that came to monitor their war was also quietly moored.

The Navy's generals gave a blink of the drug teacher around him, smiled and said: "It seems that our staff seems to have a little mistake, I really didn't think that this war is actually starting at sea ..."

The pharmacist did not find a reason to refute. He nodded seriously: "This is my dereliction of duty, after returning to Malin Fanto, I will ask the Warring States Marshal as a deseriality ..."

This is said to have exported ...

But all people can listen to the heart of the pharmacist, he is the most popular naval in the Navy!

This attitude makes the yellow gob.

The attitude of the pharmacist is too true. The Huanghuo's Navy's general is even a bit boring to think about the pharmacist.

The yellow tapping took the shoulder of the drug teacher, laughing with his emotions: "But don't have to be too selfless, this is not your mistake ..."

The yellow goblin is looking at the pharmacist, and the opening will continue to say: "Who can't think that the red-haired Xiangx actually comes to participate in this war ..."


The pain of the pharmacist has emerged on the face: "As the Navy's staff, we must consider all factors to provide a complete combat plan for the Navy."

After that, the pharmacist even took out his own notebook, whispered: "I will remind myself once, be careful about the red-haired pirate ... this pirate group is too random, anything happened in the future. It may be affected. "


Red-haired pirates must be arranged.

The pharmacist has never thought of the lowest red-haired pirates in the four emperors, and it will almost let his plan mistakes.

If the swirls are strong enough, if the red-haired hundreds of thieves really drive away the hundred beasts, the ghosts of the mortar are too unfavorable ...

that time…

The pharmacist is estimated to be only released by his own scorpion army.

The yellow god will not think of this. He is just the opening of the dry Barba to continue: "Don't be too harsh to you ... At least Kamo and White beards are still touched!"

"The Huangqi general does not have to comfort me."

The pharmacist sighed, and the emotions faintly depressed: "This time can only say that God is justice, our luck is good ..."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, whispered to continue: "Even so, on the sea, the battle between the two four emperors will also restrain, we want to sit after them to sit after, for us It is almost no possible. "

"It doesn't matter ..."

The brilliance of the yellow ghouh will retreate a smile: "Anyway, our purpose is to avoid a king's seven Wuhai failure ..."


The pharmacist has a bit a bit, pushing his own glasses, whispered: "But we are not completely unable to force, I hope that our colors can work!"

"It's terrible!"

The yellow goblin has also pushed his own glasses, smiled and said: "It is a new generation of intellectuals. In just a few days, the new plan is set, and the war between the two four emperors is used to attract Wang Qixi. Wuhai's power accepted the call ... "

"Wang Xia Qi Wuhai is a strong, will definitely not miss the opportunity."

The pharmacist slowly closed his palm, and his face was flashing.

The world's first big sword hawk eye rice Hopker, active bounty hunter in the sea, and the dried man of the fish people, the king of Drescent, the King Doming, Moon Mill, Moon Moria, They also want to see two War of the Fourth Emperor.

There is only Amazon Emperor's Emperor's Sherhank, the tyranno, these two people are not interested in the war between the four emperors, and they have not yet rushing ... "

"Five kings, seven Wuhai, is also terrible enough ..."

The yellow goblin is slow, and the smile will continue to say: "Moon Moria and Thaeda have old complaints, it is estimated that it is the most active one of the leaders!"


The pharmacist nodded and whispered: "I hope this Queen of Thara Wars will bring us some surprises."

The war between the four emperors is very much.

However, there is still a lot of wars, but the size of the two four emperors directly do it, especially the position of the first half of the great route is not far from the first half of the great route.

Whether it is a few of the kings, the seven Wuhai wants to pass Mary Joa or through the fish island, it can quickly arrive in this sea area.


They can also turn into part of the Navy.

Even if there are several obediences, it is enough.

of course…

A deeper level in the pocket.

This time, the king of the call is also a conspiracy for them.

According to the gap of the pharmacist, the front war between the two four emperors will definitely lead to a part of the Queen Seven Wuhai ...

Let the whole king seven Wuhai system on this big shuffle!

The three kings, the seven Wu Cape, Du Francumbi and mortar ghosts are themselves, they still come, because they have a few people around them, they want to use several people. Naruto to deal with the generals of the gods ...

The pool of the pharmacist gradually closes, he turned to look at the Huang Juan, Shen Sheng Xiang said: "These kings have a little ... I hope that Huang Jia will be able to shock them ..."

"Ah, this is not very good ..."

The Huanghuade will shake his head and open his mouth. "Five kings seven Wuhai, I am not their opponent ..."


The eyebrows of the pharmacist couldn't help but wrinkled, whispered: "Do you want to ask the red dog support?"

"Don't worry, look again ..."

The yellow goblin looked at the pharmacist of Mo, and I couldn't help but laughed: "Wang Xia Qi Wuhai is the world government booklet, can only hope that they don't dare to be too arrogant to us ..."

Several kings in the district, the seven Wuhai ... In addition to the hawk eye Michac, the Huanghuo is really not very much.

After the Huanghuo said, I couldn't help but sorry: "How did they have not yet come over? This white beard and the Wardore war immediately started ..."

"It should be fast."

The pharmacist flashed a light on the lens.

This trick of the dark shadow will be opened soon. In fact, their own people have already come!

As for the moonlight Moria and Eagle Eye Michac, the two did not come over ...

Is this still thinking? It is definitely a way to do it on the road!

Above the sea.

The beast is still confrontation and white beard.

Because this war is really not good to spread the battlefield, only the guys who can step on the water and the guys who can step on the water can be unscrupulous.

"Hey, old man ..."

Yischo Sasuo looked at the situation in a stalemate and looked up and stood in the white beard standing on the Mobik number: "Don't continue to waste time, the Navy has come here? Let me use this war and Have you gambling? "

With the loss of a war ...

It is better to let him come and the whirlpool.

What's more, Unecage Saso believes that he is a long enough time in the One of the Pihydrate, whether it is a sword or domineering, it has got a growing growth ...

This battle should be within his control!

"It's really uncomfortable ..."

After listening to Sasuke, the white beard laughed when he couldn't help but smile, his eyes fell from the enemy ship to Sasuke: " la la ... Your little ghost is so polite to Laozi, It's a bit uncomfortable! "

After the white beard laughed, he turned his head to his surroundings: "Small, Sasuke today, it is a rare temper, there is no hit the old child ... Do we want to promise him?"

"Hahahaha, of course I have to agree!"

"It's hard to see! Proture him, old!"

"This is the first time, I am so polite to the old man! Promise him!"

On the Mobi Dick, the captain of the White Beard One Piece took the tsunami, and everyone agreed to the requirements of Unechebra.

White beard looked down at the sea, grinned and smiled: " la la, heard, little ghost! Everyone has promised ... small ghost, want to do it, do it! No matter what you want to do Once you can! "

White beard seems to guess Sasuke's mind, hold the big knife in his hand, and laugh in the deck, and laughed and continued: "Sakurai, don't worry, today, Laozi is behind you!"


The palm of Hi Zhibo is tight.

At this moment, the mood of Sasuke became more and more complicated. He hasn't come yet, and the white beard promised the whole, and he is too trusted to him ...

White beard is actually not good ...

But this old man has always been tolerant.


Yizhi Boato helped his head and clenched his fists. He flashed a scarlet in his eyes. He looked at the whirlpool in front of him!

Next, Yu Zhi Bozuo's tyrants broke out in an instant, he looked at the whirlpool, Shen Xiang said: "Naruto, let's play a gaming!"

"What is gambling?"

The whirlpool is flashing, and immediately opens his hand, and explains: "Hello, do you forget? Xiaoba is prohibited from gambling ..."

This is ...

It's just a leaving.

The five-generation eyes of the group weave very much like gambling. The woman has complained that Xiaonan has been a long time, because she is always lost, the only person who can win, only a certain person in the member ...


Yischo Sasuko couldn't help but hurt, Shen Sheng: "The ban is just two people in the organization, what is the relationship with you? Naruto, let me not want this war like this?"

Yiszo Sasuo took a nodded by the whirlpool, said his own plan: "We haven't been fighting for a long time? Let us two people come to a whole!"

"If you lose, the beast is given us to let go!"

"If you win, the White Beard One Piece directly retreats back to the new world!"


After a while, the whirlpole squeezed his fist and sonned: "Sasuke, you should know that this gambling is not very friendly for you ..."

Because he is a losing is a win ...

White Beard One Piece is not possible to continue!

Yiszhike Sasuke must also know this matter. If Sasu help win, the white beard will continue to move, but it is faster to fall into the abyss; if Sasu help lost, the white beard is directly withdrawn ...

The whirlpiece has an amazing intuition in this regard, he is almost in an instant!

Because of this kind of thing ...

He is not dry!

Yisi Bo Sasuke This guy wants to lose it? Does he want to take the opportunity to protect the White Beard!

Just as the vortex sounded in front of his eyes, Yuxi Bozuo opened his mouth. "But don't think that I will leave, this time we are all ...

Let this world ...

Can also see their power!