I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 495, Ninja's battle! (Third!)

No one has seen the truly ninja battle throughout the sea.

White beard sat on the chair, dragging a bowl of juice in his hand, looking at Yuxi sakuo and swirls on the sea.

" la la la ... is really a fun little ghost!"

After drinking the juice in the bowl, white beard and smiled and asked: "We have the first time I have the opportunity to see Sasuke's full efforts!"


Es stationed in the white beard, I nodded at the hip hop: "Hahahaha, in fact, I also see Sasuke for the first time!"

" la la la ... Of course, we must be serious!"

After the white beard shook his head, the eyes flashed a wipe with his eyes: "Because of his opponent ... it is not simple!"

White beard stared tightly at the whirlpool, on the yellow-haired deh, hidden, and he never dared to despise the power!

The other side of the beast is.

Kaido bowed a look at Unechebra, and snorted.

This four emperors who have been defeated by Unecheo Saso, sitting on the deck, grabbing their own alcohol, crazy!

Under the gaze of the two four emperors, Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpiece are still calm, they look around.

"let's start!"

Unechebra hovered his finger in indifferently.

After the whirlpool is a second, the face has gradually become solemn, his fingers are slowly vertical, which seems to be a ceremony!

This is the printed print!

At this moment, the two people seemed to return to the Ninja School, and they seriously settled the opposition printed when they were practicing in Ninja!

The opposite is the symbol, which is about to start fighting!

next moment…

Yuxi Bozuo and the whirlpiece also stepped on the sea, and quickly rushed to the other party. The domineering on the two people broke out!


The arms between the two suddenly hit together!

Chakra's momentum and tyrant domineering with their movements!

The whole sea has set off a wind wave with their collision. The sky is also torn directly into two halves in an instant conflict!

A huge shock wave spread quickly around!

Three hundred pirate boats were almost instantaneous, fortunately, the white beards and Thamedo were present, and they were able to maintain the battles!

"What joke is joking ..."

White Beard One Pirates, the captain, Diamond Joz station stabilized his footsteps, looking at the two people on the sea: "The guy named whirlpool, there is also a domineering domineering? "


Ais nodded, he also had a domineering domineering, his face gradually became serious: "And actually able to compete with Sasuke ..."

After the diamond J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J Ji continued: "More surprisingly, his strength can also fight against it ... Sasuke's power, but it is almost like me!"

"Joz, the power of Sasuke is actually stronger than you."

Malco shook his head next to it, looked at the battle of the sea, whispered: "But the strength of the guy is more powerful than Sasuke ..." only Sasuke's combat skills are more powerful ... "

as expected!

After Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpiece worked hard, the two people quickly started a punch, they still maintain ordinary form!

Single only ordinary form, the combat power between them is amazing enough, and the waves are almost all between them!

Two Ninja, who grew up from small ...

In this big sea, at this moment, I contributed a feast of the body!

No, this is not a feast, but it is just their appetizer!

"Naruto, your body is deliberately cultivated ..."

In the eyes of Yuxi Bo, his hand flashed, his palm blocked the whirlpool's fist, the militant domineering momentum was covered, and the bow was born and retired with the whirlpool!

Yuxio slammed the whirlwood, and his face flashed.

"Sasuke, but my fist is stronger!"

The whirlpool is uncomfortable, and his face flashes a smile. He is not hesitant to help the His Zozuo.

"More troublesome more ..."

Yiszo Sasuke frowned wrinkled, and shibed to a wave of attack on the rumor of the whirlpool, he finally realized the importance of Chakra!

Even if the whirlpool is getting late, but because of Chakra, he has gained in this world ... it is more than yourself!

"I have been working hard to catch you!"

The whirlpool is suddenly argued to Yishe Sasuke!

Yuxi Bozuo took a foot on the sea, flew away from the attack, quickly closed his palms: "Fire, Feng Xianhuo!"

A group fireball continues to fly from his mouth!

The whirlpool is also immediately awkward, but it can only be welcomed a wave of fire. After avoiding the Fengxian fire, a huge fireball fell!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

"Hey? This is a waste Chakra?"

The whirlpool is a little frowned, and his fist suddenly condenses a group of black armed colors, and she is on the fireball!

According to their strength ...

Even if the tactics of the gun, it is inevitable that there will be fatigue, and you can only boke directly!

The rain is scattered on the sea!

Just as the whirlpool is a little doubtful, he only saw the body of Unechebra to become a flame!

At the same time, the flame behind him suddenly disappeared!

" ..."

The whirlpool rings immediately realized that Unecheo Sasuke used the sky to exchange the position directly. He felt his face on his face!

Yiszo sauo helped a punch on the face of the whirlpool, and flew the whirlwoman directly flew out, flying back to follow!

The whirlpools looked at the figure of Saso, installs a layer of golden Chakra, and entered the nine lama mode!

His body drilled a golden Chakra giant hand, directly took a pair of Sasuke, and took Sasuch to the sea!

"what a pity…"

Savi, the fourth team of the White Beard, the squad, shaken his head, sighed a mouthful: "Originally, there is an opportunity to rehabilitate the enemy ..."

"Hahaha, don't worry ..."

Huamen Besta touched his beard, smiled and said: "Don't forget to help it is a big sword! Even I don't dare to despise the big sword ..."

"Hey, Bosta, you have passed!"

Markco can't help but carry your own eyelids, spit a sentence: "I really don't know where to confidence, Sasuke's swordsman is the strongest outside the old ..."

Next moment, the knife is!

A strong snack directly out of the water!

This trick shook the sea and rushed into the sky!

Single only from the sea, you can cut out such a powerful sniper!

The whirlowman is almost dangerous to avoid this, and he has finally realized that his teammates have become stronger!

Big sword!


Sucho Sasuke's sword has also increased over this world!

Even the hands of Yuxio Sasuke is one of the world's strongest twelve unhading knives!

The whirlpool sounded a surprised, couldn't help but look at Unechebra from the sea. "Sasuke, your guy wants me to cut two halves?"


Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, waving the knife in his hand: "How can your guy will be easy to die ...%?"

What's more, even if it is dead ...

The original Nairu guy can also resurrect you!

Yuxi Bozuo helped the hand without stay, one of the roads continued to fly out of the whirlpool!

Huaying Pista looked at Sasuke, couldn't help but open: "Feel the help of challenge the world's first big sword!"

" la la la ..."

White beard shook his head, laughed: "Just use swordsman, the eagle is not so easy to defeat ..."

I want to take the world's first big sword ...

Unless Unecheo Sasukes will be held!

But now Unechebra saga, not anyone can follow!

However, the whirlpool is not careless, and more than a dozen gold Chakra giant is diamond, and a dark domineering is almost from the inside of the giant hand, from the inside and outdoor!

These giants actually become armed colored domineering!

Next, these mixed black golden giants directly grabbed Sasuke's sniper, packed these powerful sketches!

This scene makes everyone unresolved their eyes!

The heart of Unechebra flashed a surprised heart, even if he also sighed in this world to love the whirlpool!

"Here, the sea is ..."

After Yuxi Bozuo shook his head, his figure instantly disappeared in the original place, he used the sky again!

This time, the goal of the heavens hand ...

It is the sea water under the whirlpool!

Yiszo Sasuke appeared around the whirlpool, his body suddenly drilled a long gun in black black black inflammation, and the militant domineering momentum was spread on the black inflammation!

That group is black, and there is a little shining in the armed colors!

One handle is drilled with a whirlpool in an instant!

Just next second, the body of the whirlley tonar became a smoke!


The expression of Unecheo Sasuke.

No matter how long, he is most annoying or a whirlpool's shadow, this idiot has learned the flower after learning the shadow.

"I was caught by me ..."

The voice of the whirlpool is suddenly from underwater, and a arm grabs the calf of Unechebra, it is necessary to flood him into the sea!

It is a pity that Yizhi Bozuo waved the sword in his hand, and he could shed into the sea.

Two people attacked and defensive interlaced rooms, and they stood at sea ...

The appetizers of the two people have made two members of the four Emperor Heads amazed!

Whether it is a battle skill or a small trick of the ninja episode, it is more than their knowledge!

Members of the Beastshair Group and the White Beard One Piece aware that these two people have not only power, but also more superb combat skills than they!

"Hahahaha ..."

Huamei Bisada didn't think of it, smiled and continued: "But why don't you need to help? I feel faster to fight!"

" la la la ... Of course, can't use it!"

White beard smiled and shakes his head, and the opening is Sasher: "This battle has just begun! They will take a long time ... and ... that is also a corresponding power in the ghost body ..."

A shares ...

Let the white beard are sigh!