I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 496 is a horrified battle ...

The sea.


This battle lasted for a long time.

However, Yuxi Board and the war of two people in the swirls are still abundant. The battle between them is still wonderful, so that the two four emperors are not connected!

Baorence Festival.

Drought Jack looked at the sea that was constantly chanced by two people, standing around Thara, some hesitation of opening: "Thae, big brother, do we really don't shoot?"

"... um ..."

Kaido understood the wine, playing a loud bike: "Don't worry, sit here here ..."

The god of the country recognized ...

The whirlpool is absolutely will not lose to Unechebra!

Just at this time, a big waves rolled down to flood their warships, and the battle on the sea was once again fierce!

A group of broken clouds appeared in the sky!

Countless lightning light begins to swim in the cloudy!

Thunder ... "

Yuxi Bozuo has flashing a red light, his palm is raging, suddenly waving toward the sea: "Kirin!"

In the next second, the radiochemistry of the air suddenly fell into the beast, and smashed the whirlpool on the sea.

At this time, Unecheo Sasuke took this opportunity, and his body suddenly slammed it, and Zhang bow took the arrow!

This move is a good!

A purple bare arrow is constantly moving toward the whirlpool, the first arrow just shot, the second arrow, the third arrow is almost followed!

The whirlpool is full of surprises!

Next moment, his body suddenly turned into hundreds of meters high golden nine!

The nine huge tails quickly blocked their own faces, forking him to block the boulder huge arrows, and the bouldment dropped in the sea and set off a huge waves!

Unechebra does not care, his must be fast, so that the martial arts of Mountains suddenly pulled out the tattoo!

This sniper directly put hundreds of meters high golden nine tails!

The sea is rolling and splashed, as if it is also hurt by this, I can't calm for a long time. This scene saw that most people can't help but cook ...

Most people in the scene have suffered this way ...

The whole body must be striking, but no one can bear it!

However, the golden nine tail of the fly outstanding in the air, stabilizing his body in the air, showing the image of shadow in an instant!

After the four golden nine were separated, quickly rushed along the sea and surrounded the whole body to be able to afford it!

"this is…"

On the Mobis Dick, I couldn't stand a surprise, turned to the Malco: "Hey, Marco, is this like you like yours?"

"do not know…"

Malco couldn't help but shake his head: "And never heard this ability ... Old, have you seen what ability?"

" la la, that little ghost is not a demon fruit power ..."

White beard smiled and shook his head, his eyes flashed a light: "That is not his strength ... but his monster borrowed him!"

Even the white beards have seen a lot of unimagulous abilities in the sea ...

I have never seen the ability to avatis as the whirlpool moisture to become a golden nine tail, especially in actually being separated, and the momentum is also very strong!


Yiszo Sasuke is within the passage of Qustone, and you will lose four golden nine tails, which is not a simple shadow!

Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but bite his teeth and cooled: "You really like the shadow of the film ..."


The whirlpool is standing in the body of the golden nine, and the opening explains: "Maybe because when he is school, I am not good at it ..."

Next, four golden nine tails gathered Chakra at the same time!

A huge tail beast jade mouth must be able to spray the whole body of the center of the center!

Yuxi Bo Sasuke can only manipulate the full body must be able to wave the knife in his hand, and a piece of sketch is flying out, and a piece of tail beast is directly detonated in the air!

The fire of the big sea explosion is constantly!

A piece of tail beast is as if Chicra is generally raging in the sea, and the continuous explosion sounds in the ear of everyone!

The sea is not calm!

One wave is just falling, one wave!

"Find your body first ..."

After Yuxi Bo, after the brow wrinkled, he was able to show up the emptiness to fly to a golden nine tail, tatched out a huge tailor, and wear a golden nine-tailed chest, and the golden nine The end nail is on the sea!

After the first hit ...

Unechebra helped him without stopping, flying to avoid another tail beast jade attack, such as the process of the artillery generally solved two gold nine tails!

It is only necessary to be able to explode two big holes by two tail beasts, and even the tips in his hands are also flying directly!


Yizhi Bozo helps simply manipulating a punch to the last golden nine tail, there is also the body of the whirlpool!

Overlord's domineering momentum broke out from the body!

The paint black armed tall domineering flows on a must-have fist, indicating that the power of this punch is definitely not to be underestimated!

No matter who is ...

It is also impossible to ignore the full blow to Suzhi Sasuke, this hit is even possible to directly destroy a small island's foundation!


The voice of the whirlpool is not afraid, and the golden nine tail is tightened, and it is necessary to rush it up!

Fighter kingdom is straight to the cloud!

Whether it is militant domineering or a domineering domineering, golden nine tails are not inferior to complete body,

Whirlpool ...

Sasuke Uchiha…

They are the two Ninja, the Ninja World Station in the vertex, and their body also has two world strength systems, they have already developed their strength to the ultimate!

Even, I have known the strongest white beard in the world. He clenched the big knife in his hand, laughing in the hands: " La la la ... small, stand firm ..."


Kaido looked up a wine, and the sound was told: "Let the helmsman stabilize the ship! Find a place to hide, then you can not resist ..."

Even if you don't need two four emperors remind, all the pirates present are also known, and the collision of Yuxi Board and whirlpool is not they can resist!

as expected.

The golden nine tail and complete body must be together with the fist!

A shock wave began from their boxing to spread around, and the sky was originally branched from the crushing clouds completely scattered by this shock wave!

The sea is quickly rolled out from their feet!

In this shock, hundreds of high waves have quickly smashed from their surroundings, and went towards the periphery!

Whether it is a white beard aphid or a flagship of the Baorence, it is going to be overturned directly by this shock wave!

The white beard snorted, stood up, and the majestic fighter was flowing on his body, raised his own big knife, blocked the shock wave!

The captain on the Mobik number couldn't help but swallow the mouth of the water, and the face was looked at the waves of the shock waves!

Yuxi Board and the battle between two people in the swirl ...

It's too amazing!

Even if they are just their remaining, they are not their power to be able to resist ... even with white beards, their face is still awkward!

Thaedo's movements are more simply!

The four emperors simply stood up and slammed their wolf tooth sticks, and hit the impact wave and nailed their flagship!

Under the two four emperors, the sea-litted waves quickly diverted, and went to the surrounding sea!

"Too strong ..."

Potkas D · Es is difficult to cover, die of your fists, face fullness: "Is it a teammate that Sasuke once?"

"It is indeed a bit strong ..."

Malco slowly nodded.

It's really unimaginable. Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpiece have grown up, can cultivate these two powerful guys ...

That kind of place ...

How is it terrible?

Even the full war between the four emperors, but so? Just just the remaining waves of their collision, there is such a horrible waves ...

No wonder Yis Zhi Bo sakuo does not want them to participate ...

Because Sasuke is very clear, he and the war of the whirlpool are not the other people in the White Beard One Piece!

The battlefield center of the battlefield.

After the whole body, it is necessary to smash the other party for the first time, and the two people have started all the firepower. It seems to be a big sea in a box!

Endless somatic waves come around!

The Babiki Map of the White Beard and the Battle of the Beasts is like a duckweed in the sea. If it is not the two four emperors on the boat, their ship has already turned it!

No, it should be said that there is a ship that has been turned!

Drought Jack's mammoth oscillators are too close, they are directly affected by the first collision of the golden nine tails!

A group of hundreds of thieves holding broken ships rafting on the sea ...

As for the drought, Jack himself lying again in the sea, two eyes look at countless panic fleeted from the sea fish in front of him ...

He can only wait quietly to wait for the rescue after the battle ...


It's too close to the battlefield ...

Just as the rumor and Uchozuo are still in this sea area, the waves produced by the first wave of impact generations have appeared in the field of naval warships, and the naval warships surveillance the battlefield are also shaken!

Although the waves are getting smaller and smaller, there is still the possibility of subversive warships!

The Navy of the warship, the army, standing on the bow, armed colored imperial implants, easily hitting the waves.

"It's terrible ..."

The yellow guanhone has gradually gradually waved a wave of waves, and the mouth smiled and said: "This power, the two devils are not bad compared to Thaedo and white beards ..."


The face of the pharmacist has also become a little dignified: "We originally laid Uzo Saso to one of the evil people who must handle the naval future. Now it seems to be added with a name ..."

"I didn't expect the whirlpool, or the same monster as Yuxi Bozuo ..."

On the face of the yellow ok, he still smiled. He turned his head to the help of Yuxi, asked: "Do you have to continue the plan? Now, it is really dangerous ..."

"First wait for our aid ..."

The pharmacist took the phone in his hand, and the sound replied: "The corner, Duran Ming brother and the mortar ghosts will arrive immediately ... Navy ... Never let the pirates look at it, even the strength may be worse, no Decode the flaw on the determination of justice! "

The three people in the Qihai Sea have arrived ...

As for the rest of the moonmore and eagle eye oyster, these two kings are seven Wuhai, should I don't have to be happy now?

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses ...

The luck of Moon Morgia guys should be good, responsible for sniper his members only have the Art One Piece's Red Sand and Didara ...


Eagle eye rice Hopker, luck is not so good!