I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 497, Miho, and Shangyuan Nair

Great route.

A boat sailed slowly on the sea.

This boat has a big bit, and only one person can only sit in the ship, and it seems that this boat does not have any wind and waves from the great route.

However, no one will suspect that this boat will do things at sea.

Because the ship owner of this boat is is the world's first big sword hawk eye hopker, in accordance with his strength and superb driving technology, it is enough to easily pass through the wind.

On this way, Eagle Eye Mikock droves the boat to the sea area near the island, watch the top of the world's top war, and the way to see if it is helpful. Navy what is ...

Just as the eagle eye hooded, when he closed his eyes, he didn't induce someone in his boat, which seems to be rushing on him.

That is a warship carrying citrus.

This warship ...

Mihof slowly lifted his head, and the big hat was revealed with a pair of sharp eyes. His eyes stared at the warship in front of him, and his face flashed a doubt.

"Well? Warrier sent by the Navy?"


On the deck of the warship, standing on a smiling man, the crisp voice fell into the ears of the eagle eye: "Mr. Joracell Miko, I am the Pharmacist Welcome to your Navy's colonel, the original navigation! "

"There is no need."

The eagle eye is quietly shaking, and there is a lot of nothing in the cold voice: "I will find the sea area they fight, and if I take the Naval warship, I may provoke some trouble."

If you haven't remembered it ...

Eagle Eye Michake thought that this is the original naval, who once is the former king's seven Wu Hetrohtar, and later Klock Dal is imprisoned ...

It turns out that this guy is the undercover of the Navy in the Queen Seven Wuhai?

Such people…

Eagle is not like!

Moreover, this is a little unknown on the body of the original navigation, so that the eagle eye Michake feels some exclusive to him.

Perhaps this is the original navigation ...

It is also guy who is fascinated by the World Government CP agent?

Miho thought that he had closed his eyes impatiently: "You walk in front, I will be behind ..."

The voice did not fall, and the eagle eye Michac suddenly thought about it!

In the next moment, the eagle eye hopker's opinion was aware of the whole warship. His eyes faintly changed ...

How can this warship will only be the original navy?

In this case, it will not be too wasteful!

A little saying that there is no ...

How did the last naval have learned that his king's seven Wuhai took the secret call of this navy, and how did you know that the Navy invites him to come here?

Joracell Michac's eyes were once again lifted, and the eyes were watching the Shangyuan Na Rou on the warship deck. It seems that I want to see everything in him!

Shangyuan Naval's colonel, did not know what the eagle is thinking, he is not in the vision of the Eagle, still smiling in his eyes.

Mr. Michac. "

Shangqi Nai Lu also advised: "If our warship, the speed will be faster, and we have survive the war of the White Beard One Piece and the Beast of the Beasts, the Huanghuo general is also waiting for you ... "

"Don't stop on my way."

The eagle eye is slowly hanging down and interrupted the original Needle.

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed that he whispered continued to explain: "I am from a very far-reaching place to welcome you here ..."


Mihof slowly stood up and pulled out the black knife behind himself!

Since you are unclear, what is the situation ...

And now I don't want to pay attention to this naval colonel, or the small agents of counterfeit naval colleges ... then there is no need to continue to waste time!

According to Eagle Eye Michake's practice, he just wanted to destroy the block ship directly, continue to follow his route.

As for the way to kill the original Nair ...

The eagle eye is not deliberately wanting to do this, he just wants to destroy the warship, so as not to waste his time.

"Mr. Michac, this is ..."

Standing on the Shangyuan Nai on the warship deck flashed a shot, some horror, I have never looked at the eagle eye hooded, the whole person seems to be frightened!

"Because you are too embarrassed."

Eagle Eye Michac launched a black knife in his hand, a powerful chop directly got to this warship, it is necessary to divide this warship into two!

"This is too too much!"

Shangyuan Na's face suddenly flashed a angry, flying from the deck, directly snorted this powerful sniper!

Shangyuan Na will reappear on the warship. The anger rushed overlooking the Eagle Eagle Michac on the small ribbon: "Joracell Michac, you are just a king of the district, and you dare to Navy shot ... "

This is let people listen ...

It seems that he is the same as the Navy.

The eyes of the eagle eye rice Hawke were reappeared on the original Nairi, and the eyes flashed a touch of color. Some were surprised to kick him with the original neck.


Is it true that the Navy can do it?

Even if the Navy's department will not be like this!

At least, from the current point of view, this last naval should be an identity and strength of the same Navy collee, no wonder the Navy will send this guy to meet him ...

The eagle eye hood looks at the original navigation, and there is no expression of his own black knife. It is just a test. "Even if you are the navy, you can't casually break the agreement between the Queen Seven Wuhai. Let me drag the boat! "

After that, Mihof is behind the black knife, flying on the deck of the warship: "Okay, hurry up, go!"


Shang Nai is still looking at the eagle eye in the face of anger, he hates the bite to bite his teeth, and it seems that it is still dissatisfied with the previous eagle eye.

Shangyuan Na was returned to the eagle eye, and his face was still open with anger: "Then ask Mr. Michac to rest, I will handle it right away!"

Shangji, I went to the coffin boat of the Eagle Eye Mikock, and the face revealed that the rope was dragged the coffin ship behind the warship.


The eagle eye hopker looked at the way to treat the tugboat on his eyes. His expression couldn't help but change: "Well? Are you doing this?"

"if not?"

Shangyuan Na Run a thoughts.

Next moment, the sea breeze floated from the sea, blowing the sails in the warship, driving this warship to quickly sail!

The eagle eye hopker is surprised to look at this scene.

Can you control the sea breeze, this naval is true?

Just as the eagle eye hopker wants to ask what, he suddenly remembered the driver who was dragged and wanted to stop the original navigation: "Hey, wait ..."

Unfortunately, it is late ...

With the speed sail of the warship, the coffin ship that has just been dragged and dropped by the warship is turned over instantly, just like a wooden board, it is floating in the sea ...

What is the fairy navy!

This guy doesn't understand how to deal with the board and the sea boat!

Even if the eagle eye is calm, it is not moving for the outer object, but it is a bit hard to see at this moment, and the expression is a bit ugly ...

The eagle eye is a kind of feeling. After you meet this Navy, the whole person's mood is not very good.

Shang Nai was unconscious. He looked at the hawk eye seat for warships, and the mood was finally a little, and the eagle eye Michac re-exposed a smile.

"Mr. Michac, the journey is very long, is it to come to a juice?"


The eagle eye is shaking his head, and he fell a cold face to the original navigation: "Give me a bottle of red wine."

How do you get a juice every day?

After the end of the Ying Eye Michac, after the Wai Zhiwu Sasuke, the By the way, I saw the red-haired Xiangks, and the result of the red-haired pirates, the Bakeman's juice, dripping Touch ...

And the eagle eye is hoby, and the king of the martialmon ghost and Dofonteo has always given juice ...

When is this beginning to popular ...

How to drink juice everywhere now, is a beer drunk enough or red wine is not elegant, how do you like to drink juice like a child?

Shangqi Nai's face still hangs a smile, just shakes the head: "Sorry, the family is strict, there is no red wine on the boat, now there is only juice."


The eagle eye is hopker.

What is this broken warship, is it really to receive him?

Any navaline officer who receives the Queen Seven Wuhai, at least knowing that his king's seven Wuhai is the red bar!

Shangyuan Nairou seems to feel a bit of a rude, hesitated for a while, explains the opening: "However, the juice on the boat is filled with fresh oranges."

After Mihok silently, Miho was looking for a chair to sit down and looked at the orange tree on the warship, calmly opened: "Forget, then a cup!"


Shangyuan Na is a little bit, take a cup from the desk of the cabin, put it on the hand of the eagle.

Next moment, a sea breeze was blown.

Several oranges fall from the tree and float over the cup.

At the last naval, he slammed his finger, and the next second, the oranges were directly cut into pieces!

Shangyuan Needs suddenly clenched with a fist, a giant force appeared in the air, slowly knocked the orange pieces.

The orange sauce is dropped in the cup ...


The eagle omelette is deadly staring at the movement of Shangyuan Na, which is not simple in this Navy. It is just a bit amazing in this one.

Shang Shangnai is like a waiter, I walked to Miko's side, and I continued to ask: "Mr. Mihok, should I add ice?"


Mihok was silent for a while, looking at the smile on the face of the original navigation, only nodded slowly: "Yes."


The palm of Shangyuan Naqi took a cold, and he suddenly opened a ice in the cup of juice.

Shangyuan Nairo slowly put the fresh ice juice in his hand in front of the eagle, smiling and said: "Please use, I hope Mr. Mikock can spend a pleasant journey in this warship."


The world's first big sword is a future life ...

Perhaps, it should be, it will not be particularly pleasant.