I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 498 I have a responsibility to let you know, know what organization!

A warship filled with orange trees.

When I arrived at the eagle eye hooded juice, I watched the Cross of the Michac's chest, and I looked at the black knife on the hands of Michac.


A bit mean.

The cross is a knife.

The black knife is named night, is one of the twelve sorts of this world, known as the world's strongest black knife, is the world's first big sword hawk eye rice Hawker's love knife.

Eagle Eye Michac drank a cup of juice in a cup, couldn't help but bought his own brows: "It's really unimaginable. Why do people like to drink this kind of child ..."

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, loudly and explained: "Perhaps because of those people's homes are more strict!"

The original Needs felt that their character became more and more friendly.

If you change it before, the current eagle eye is hopker should be lifted by him, and he is hanging behind the warship ...

right now…

Shangyuan Needo will not do it.

Shang Nai, I looked at my system panel, whispered: "Mr. Miho, there is enough lounge in the cabin, and has not been disturbed. I didn't bring too many soldiers. We will rush to the white beard in the morning tomorrow morning. Regional and Baoren One Piece! "

"I know."

The eagle eye is slowly nod, and the face is suddenly flavoring: "Shangyuan Needo, are you a demon fruit power?"


Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, and nodded carefully: "It can be said, but it is not a complete ability."


It seems that you can say this.

Now he can show many natural actual capacity.

If the natural fruit capability, the domineering of Shangyuan Nairo should now be stronger. Recently, I have been quietly acting in the sea near the country. I have been temporarily placed in peace. .

During this time, Shangyuan Na was marketed on some great route navigation, these ordinary navigation mission rewards.

Branch task: Continue to save (2811000) in the great route, the task is not completed, and unknown.


It is like let him deliberately travel like a great route.

Maybe this is the meaning of the Pirace world? As long as you continue to sail, his strength will become stronger and sooner or later, you will have this world in the bag.

Really ...

It makes it a measurable.

Shangyuan Needle (conventional form)

The power of the world: 5200000

Life energy: 1215300

Fighter Kingdom Domineering: Top

Armed toner: 1215300

See you: 1215300

Life energy recovery: 1296 seconds

Armed tall domineering recovery: 1024 seconds

See the color of domineering recovery: 1024 seconds

Remaining gold coins: 14210

During this time, Shangyuan Needs, such as a member of the tissue, homogeneously, but he is in the darkness.

I really feel that I am more and more like a post-way black hand ...

It is a bit too unfair to the past.

The reason for the original navigation today, naturally because of the eagle eye Mojk as the world's first big sword, there are several tasks ...

In addition, Shangyuan Nair is also a bit worried about the other members, maybe it is possible to turn over the eagle eye.


This looks like a big sword that is very interesting.

To be honest, the members of the organization are too unfair, those guys often do not do people, very much like this, the big sword is needed to improve the overall style of the organization.

The sun falls.

The moon color of the entire sea is gradually bright.

This warship filled with oranges is still sailing.

Shangyuan Na will slowly erect his fingers, looked at the Art One Pirates and Moon Morgia 's Fight, and the battle between them will be a long time.

After the first navigation wrinkled, he also monitored the end battle between Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpool. The battle between these two guys is estimated to be longer ...

have to say…

This world has increased greatly to Ninja, and physical strength has become energetic, whether it is physical quality or Chakra energy is slowly enhanced.

A little big ...

If there is no black hole skill and the growth of the goddess level, it is just the regular state of the original Nairi. It is now really nothing to grasp the two guys who can cope with Unexpea Sasuke and the whirlpiece.

When I thought here, Shangyuan Nai felt not to read an eagle eye hoodker, this is the first sword of the world that can make white beards amazed, will not play it very much?

The eagle eye hopker looked at the original navigation, wrinkled his own brows, opening: "Mr. Shang, what happened, don't you do dinner?"

"Hey, forget to bring the chef ..."

At the last naval, I looked at my system panel. His face just showed a smile: "Sorry, only thinking that those soldiers bother, but forget to bring chefs, my craft is only rough Fish, don't know ... "


The eagle eye is a frown, and asked: "So, is there enough food in the killed kitchen?"

"Maybe there ..."

In the next moment, Shangyuan Na's fingers were connected, and the sea water rolled up in an instant, set off a spiral sea flow, and sent a sea fish directly to the deck!

Shangji nodded and nodded, turned to the horn, whispering: "Now there should be."


Micho's eyes are more likely.

Since he got on this warship, the Navy in front of him was in front of him, and there were some rare abilities.

This guy…

It's really not simple!

The eagle eye hooded personally cook a dinner, looked at Shangyuan Nai, who was a big place in the restaurant, and a little less than a little.

This navy is collected ...

Is your brain really no problem?

For so many years, the eagle eye is more than a lot of characters, because people see more and more, the eagle eye is more and more likely, I like my own knife.

However, like the original navy, the gutty, the neat, the neighborhood, the first big sword, the world, is not very knowledgeable ...

"All right."

After I have eaten dinner, I wiped my mouth after I was satisfied, and I looked up at Michac sitting opposite the table, and hooked my mouth.

"It is worthy of the world's first big sword, the craft is really good ..."

In the eyes of Shangyuan Na, he revealed his sincerity and asked very much: "said something to do! Mr. Mihk, do you want to come to this boat, do the chef of this ship?"


The air suddenly was quiet.

The entire warship restaurant gradually appeared a murderous.

Murderous is a Sword Hao for many years, it has been contaminated with blood, and with the emotions of Sword, it will affect the surrounding environment, let alone the world's first big sword!

Eagle is the world's first big sword!

How can I become a chef in a warship!

No matter who is clear, this is absolutely impossible, this is a kind of insult to the eagle eye.

This guy called the original navigation is provocating him!

This guy…

Either strength is strong, or it's crazy!

Joracell Michac glanced quietly with the original navigation, look at the look: "Do you know what you are saying ..."

"very clear."

Shangyuan Na will slowly sound his fingers, ignore the murder of the eagle eye, smile and continue: "This boat is now my car, it is not very much, the chef is natural. Can't choose from ... "

"Nor interest."

Joracell Michake interrupted the original Nairo, reached out to the black knife around him, and there was a little uneworted on his face: "When I boarded this warship, I thought I saw an interesting. The guy will have a fun to travel ... "

In the next moment, the black knife in Joracell Michac's hand was aligned with the original navigation, the cold voice will continue to say: "You are the second person who breaks through my endurance, because I have a little power, I want to "

"Wait, who is the first person?"

Shangyuan Nairi is obviously different, he touched his own chin, slowly swallowing the mouth: "The red hair in the four emperors Suks?"


Michake was silent for a second.

Obviously, I arrived.

When the battle of Michac and the red-haired Xiangx, so far, it was still in the heart, and even Mihok rushed to the red-haired sea area and he learned the sword until the four emperor came. I only went wrong.

Even so, Eagle Eye Michac also recognizes the friendship between red and fragrant, and understands the degree of delinement of the guy, greatly improves Miho's endurance limit ...

On this sentence, I'm going to discriminate the idea of ​​Joracell Michac's thinking and next I want to talk ...

Now not mentioning red-haired Xiangks!


Joracell Michac slammed the black knife in his hand, pointed to the original navigation: "Unknown generations, no need to waste our time, report your true name and identity, like you Guy, I can never be an ordinary navy! "

"This is too anxious?"

The original neck shook his head and sighed.

However, after the arrival of Naid, there is no way to continue delay.

Next moment, Shangyuan has helped the table, slowly stood up, watching the eyes of the eagle, his face gradually became calm.


The first word of Shangyuan Na Lu said that Mi Ho's eyes flashed a light, because the name of this name, but in the sea, it is very big!

It is because of the unexpected Hoshi foot of the organization, it has led to failure of the Navy forces to encircle Yu Zhi Bo Sasuk!

It is said that ...

This is a hidden organization!

And recently the big sea faintly rumored, Yischi Sasuo, who is a member of the White Beard, seems to be one of the members of the organization ...

It is said that the king's seven martial arts and persimmon ghosts, maybe I have an inexplicable relationship with the text, so far, it has not been identified; and the four emperors of the new world in the second half of the world seem to have become the allies of the organization. .

"Do you know?"

The black knife in Mihof is getting tighter, and his eyes are faintly revealing a dignity: "How can you find my whereabouts, if I have not remembered, there should be no more involvement between us ..."

"Do not."

Shangyuan Needan slightly evoked his mouth, erected a finger shakes his head: "Need me to remind Mr. Miko?"

Shangji Nai, looking at the eagle eye rice Hawk, the smile on the face is getting deeper: "Remember if you said in front of Yuxi Subso? Xiao is a unknown group ..."

next moment…

The eyes of Shangyuan Needs suddenly exposed a fierce light!

"As the leader of Xiao ..."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, the joints of the joint were passed out: "I have a full responsibility, specially coming to tell Mihok ..."

Shangyuan Nair's body gradually floats a tie up domineering, his eyes became slightly: "Let you know clearly, Xiao ... what is it!"