I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 499 Challenges men of the world's first big sword!

What is it is a tissue ...

Joracell Michac also pays attention to it.

The first active appearing in the big sea, the members of the Nature, who can use a strange ability to show the weird power of the ten boxing swords.

It is not impressed by Mihoque.

but now…

Mihof is only one thought.

This is not a little too much.

At the beginning, he didn't understand the situation of the organization. He just said in a word, the leader of the organization rushed over, and looking for him the world's first big sword.

This leader ...

Is your heart a little small?

This kind of guy is really a leader of the organization?

On this large sea, the leader of the real strong and great forces is not a man who is wide to accommodate the sea. This is too narrow in the heart of this well-being ...

Xiaomi has not yet known in the sea, this so-called leader should be a major reason for the impact ...

"Mr. Michac, your expression is a bit rude ..."

The figure of Shangyuan Nae suddenly disappeared in front of the eagle, his voice echoed in the ship cabin of the warship: "Do you really think that I am a human steward?"

As a high leader of the strong organization across the two worlds, how can the original navigation may come to him because the eagle eye is a hassle?

Just by the way ...

This time, Shang Nai was in person with a horse-interception Eagle eye, in addition to completing the branch mission of the Eagle Eagle Michac, the most important purpose is to control the king's seven Wuhai in his own hands!

after all…

This is also a person who can stand on the war in the future!

Next, I suddenly appeared in front of the eagle eye, I'm going to kick the eagle eye, and I will take a few steps after the big sword.

Mihof was deadly staring at the appearance of Shangyuan Na, marking his speed, only hurried out the black knife defense in his hand!

"So fast…"


Shangyuan Nai is kicking above the black knife!

A bunch of gold batches spread throughout the cabin!

Single only by kicking, it also has power to compete with black knife!

The cabin in the warship was blocked by a big hole, and the eagle eye hooded along with his black knife and kicked out from the cabin!

"Trouble ..."

The brow of the eagle eye is wrinkled, reached out his own black knife, and wants to plug in the warship directly, stop the body that he falls out!

"too naive…"

With the sound of the original Nair, a flashing shine is reflected in the eyes of Michac, that is a fruit knife in the kitchen!

This has passed the fruit knife over the eyes of the eagle.

Shangyuan Nairou's wrist flipped, the fruit knife was thrown down on the ground, and his palm of his palm was in order to fist. When the eagle eye Michac took her back, a boxing horn omelet Gust's chest!


Even if the eagle eye hopping is a black knife, it is still in the chest by a punch. This king is flying to the sea by a punch!

"do not worry."

Shang Nai, looking at the eagle eye hooded in the sea, leaned over the fruit knife falling on the deck, calmly opening: "Mr. Michac, I will create a fair battlefield, let you Can play all your strength ... "

Shangyuan Na will fall to the fruit knife, flying in the sea.

This sea area became a moment of falling in an instant, and a wave of waves spread toward the surrounding, the warship slowly pushed to the distance.

As the warship is far from, the seawater begins to gradually calm down ...

The whole sea area has become a calm, even a variety of ripples, as if it is not the sea here, but a pond of dead water.

A cold falls on the sea!

Sea water starts to frozhip, the temperature of the air declines rapidly!

"this is…"

The eyelids of the eagle eye becomes changed. He stood on the ice from the sea water, and the surrounding environment was in his eyes. He did a thick ice!

This sea area has been thoroughted in the ice plain!

Now, is this the full fair battlefield that the guy said?

The look of the Eagle Eye Michac is a little stark: "If I have not remembering the wrong, the frozen should be the fruit capability of the Navy's generals ..."

"do not mind the details."

Shangyuan Nairou does not make a shocking head.


Eagle eye oyster's expression is subtle, can you use the Navy's general capacity, or those who don't need to care?

No matter who is ignorant, I don't want to ignore this kind of power!

Shangqi Nairo's hand is holding a fruit knife, pointing to the eagle eye rice Hawk, the face gradually flashed a serious, whisper: "Mr. Joracell Michac, please allow me to challenge you this The world's first big sword. "


The eagle eye is a silence again.

After a long time.

The big sword, a sharp eagle fell on the fruit knife in the hands of the original naval, asked calmly: "If I have not mistisred the wrong, the knife in your hand is just a normal fruit knife in the kitchen. ? "

Well, I am sure that I have not read a mistake.

Because the fruit knife has been used when I was cooking with the eagle eye, I have cleared some fruit, and I did a fruit salad.

This guy…

Take a piece of fruit knife to challenge his world's first big sword.

This is challenged him ...

Still deliberately insult him?

Even if there is no big fast knife or a good hurry around, just find an ordinary knife, or like it!

"Oh, sorry."

Shangji took a look at the fruit knife in his hand, knead his eyebrow, and looked back at the eagle. The mouth was slightly hook: "Is the fruit knife is too big? But the knife, I really have to get Not too habit ... "

"It's really ... I can't help but roll up the words of anger."

The eagle eye hopker shake his head and sighed. He slowly cleared the unparalleled fast knife in his hand, and his eyes suddenly became serious!

This guy…

Absolutely challenged him!

"Since I want to humiliate me ..."

The black knife in the Hawk Hawk is turned into the night. It points to the original navigation, cold channel: "So, is you insulting a swordster, do you have a good time to get the best black knife to tear your body? The price of fragments! "

"of course…"

Shangyuan Nai was poured with the fruit knife, and rushed toward the eagle eye. His voice echoed in the cold night: "Mr. Mi Hak, maybe you can barely help me fix the nails!"


The eagle eye hopker looked at the Shangyuan Na, shakes the black knife in his hand, and the powerful sickness will go to the original navigation!


This guy does have a arrogant qualification, this world, not anyone can force him the big sea!

The leader of Xiao ...

This name is already worthy of the black knife!

That was flashed by the black knife and flew the next to the original navigation, but it was taken by the fruit knife in the hand of the dance.

"Is it in the knife with armed tall domineering?"

The eagle eye homark looked at this scene. His eyes flashed, holding the black knife in his hand, greeted the original navigation, rushing up: "Let me see it ... Xiao's leader, how strong ! "

Under the moonlight, the two people are together!

A sharp murderous murderous and domineering flew out from the knives in their hands, four surroundings!

A thick ice appeared in an instant!

The huge black knife in the hands of Mihof, and the dead man in the hands of the original navigo, directly cut out a gap!

Even afraid of the fruit knife in the hands of the original navar to cover a strong enough armed high, it will not be able to resist the strongest black knife in the world!

The eagle eye hooded's eyes flashed, instantly waving the huge black knife in his hand and cut, a black shadow, that is the knife of the black knife!

Every knife, it seems that it is necessary to directly take the body into two!

Shangyuan Na was waving the fruit knife in his hand, and continually blocked the black knife in the Hawker's hand in the hands of the eagle.

Fruit blade's gap is getting bigger and bigger!

Even if it is in this case, the black knife in the eagle eye rice Hawk is still cut in the same place, so soon this piece of fruit knife is completely broken!

"If you want to challenge the sword ..."

The figurus of the eagle eye is flipped, and the black knife. The night dances with his body to dance over a elegant arc, and a knife that is almost farmoon flashed!

This knife is so amazing!

Regardless of the original navigation, I want to hide anywhere, all within the attack of the black knife, even if he immediately returns, it is simply unable to avoid the black knife!

Center for Eagle Eye Michac ...

A circular sniper suddenly flew around!

Shang Nai, the challenge to the world's first big sword is the challenge, the challenge initiated by the Hawk is just less than half a minute. His attack is broken by the eagle eye.

this moment…

At the last naval, I saw this amazing round moon, thoroughly saw what forces in the world's top swords!

"It's really admiring."

The original Nairou reached out his fingers, arrived on the flying moon, the militant domineering momentum was put into the moment, and the perfect sketch was shocked.

"I know that I should find a good knife ..."

Shangji, I looked at the Eagle Eagle Eye Hawk. I also looked at the fruit knife in my hand. I sighed in the air: "Now you cut it, let me follow what to continue Fight ... "


The eagle eye hooded smashed the huge black knife in his hand, sharp twilight fell in the original Nairi, he didn't relax your own vigilance!

Because that is the moon sniper ...

I actually blocked it directly by a man in front of him.

I heard the original Nairo, the eagle eye hooded glanced at the fruit knife in his hand, the open mouth: "Even if your strength is strong enough, use the tool in the kitchen to challenge a swordsman, still A very stupid thing! "

Especially challenging people ...

Still this world's strongest big sword!

"you're right."

At the last naval, I looked at the eagle eye and nodded. His body floated a blue skeleton, huge must be able to pack his body!

Out of full body, open!

This up to thousands of meters must be like the gods, just like it is on the ice, appearing in front of the eagle eye rice Hawk!

Shangqi Nairou stood in the crystals that must be protracted, manipulating a must have suddenly pulled his tackle, and a blue chop broke the darkness and illuminated this sea area!

"this is…"

Eagle's eyes flamed in the eyes of the eagle eye, and he looked up at thousands of high-powered, he did not assassinate muttering: "With Yiszhike Sasuke, this is no, this The power of the stock is stronger than Yu Zhibo! "

Single only is a body shape ...

Shangyuan Na Ruo must have at least thousands of meters high, far more than the complete body of Yiszo Sasuke, and even their momentum is like adults and children!

The original Nairo overlooks the shocked eagle eye gram, manipulating the huge tackle, slowly pointing to the world's first big sword ...

This handle must be a huge tackle in his hand, slowly stopped in front of the eagle eye, the knife of the tattooed knife is like a dream, the light blue light, but its sharp knife and The horrible momentum seems to be sprested in the body!

Shangji Nai, looking at the eagle eye rice Hoker, slowly sounded in the ice origin: "Mr. Michac, this knife ... should you?"