I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 500, the world's first big sword

Shangyuan Nair ...

I don't make sense.

The eagle eye hood looks at the sword of the blue rays, his mood has gradually become heavy, and he has only seen the power that is obedient.

Once you are needed to be a knife, you are in front of it ...

Even if it is a giant, it will be directly broken by a knife!

Eagle Eye Michake once personally faced the purple mustache of Unechebra, he knows that it is a great force, and the power is even if he is also full.

And the original Nair's blue must be able to ...

Absolutely have the power that is far-winning Udo Sasuke!

Mr. Michac. "

Shangqi Needan to stand in the crystal of the mustvas, manipulating the huge tackle of the hand, his round, flashed a cold: "So next, let us continue!"

Next moment, tall must sound the talents in the hands!

One half-shaped blue rays broke the sky, and the super-striking, which must be smashed out, and the air is as if it is shattered by this powerful.

The eagle eye hopker is surprised to look at the hit, the ice cream of the ice is broken, it is the huge pressure brought!

This sick has not fallen in Michac's body ...

However, the power of the compression has made him some difficult to resist!

This knife does not have any sword skills. It is just a knife that is awkward, even if it is a desperate that is difficult to compete!

Shangqi Na Raise ...

But there is ten times the power of his body!

The eagle is not given up, and the new foothold is looking for a new footpoint, while waving the black knife in his hand, he took a picture of the sky!

Regardless of how much Mihof is smashed, all the blue scatters hit the Blue to the blue, just let the blue light that falls slightly bleak ...

In this case, you can't stop this hit!


Eagle Eye Michake finally stood on a solid ice, slamming the black knife in his hand, caching the half-shaped light blue rays fell in the air ...

The eagle's eyes finally broke out this.

Directly, you will be able to score a blue blue.

Even if it is blue, the Eagle Eagle is a knife, it has been in two halves, and there is still a powerful destructive power. When you have a thick ice layer!

The cracks in the ice layer are slowly revealed ...

"It is the world's first big sword ..."

Shangqi Nai stationed within the crystal of the mustvas, looked at the Eagle Eye Michac, and then shouted on his face. "So, please let me lead to the world A big sword is the limit! "

next moment…

The whole body must be like a martial art, which is constantly moving towards the eagle eye Miho, and a blue curved scorpion is not in the land!

Each curved strike has a force that destroys everything ...

Once you can't break it, you will definitely die!

There are more than a dozen arcs, and they are covered with this ice cream, so that the eagle eye Mihof is nowhere to avoid, only quickly raised the black knife!

The black knife in the Hawk Hawk is directly blocked in front of him. It tries to use this handle that has been a big fast knife who has lived as a life, as its final resistance ...

Attempt ...

A gorgeous blue rays fall!

That is the first to fall on the ice cream. The other blue light is followed, covering the sky, usually shrouded the sky of this sea!

!! ...

The ice original is crushed by a blue ray!

Each falling blue ray is a smashing that is enough to destroy the earth, even if it is only the remaining wave brought by nearby, let the Eagle Eye Miko feel the power that is enough to defeat his body. !

This ice origin made by Shangji Nabi, was destroyed by him, under the attack of the mustvas, the eagle eye hooded felt his own small and weak ...

No, weak is not only him ...

There is also the sea that is shivering down in the heavy pressure of the need!

The blue of thousands of meters must be as if the real god is generally, it is enough to destroy the world!


No one can block it?

But as a swordsman, how can you get zoom in here!

The eagle eye hopker looked at the sky, and the blue knife was swayed, and his black knife was against the powerful impact!

A black man flashed from the black knife!

The eagle eye hooded fell the black knife in the hand, blocked a blue sniper, his teeth couldn't help but bite, the thunder in the palm of the palm gradually showed!

This power is too strong!

Single only the hard-catching one of them, let the eagle eye mook hidden some painful, Unechebra is worth the difference than this strength!

This is…

What is the leader of Xiao?

"A swordsman, how could it be here!"

The eagle eye is raised, and the throat is finally awkward, and the black knife in the hand will stop the hardcore.

The eagle eye hooded fiercely charged his own power, and an foot is empty on the ice, and the black knife in his hand raised again, jumping toward the air!

Black man flashes in the moonlight!

The second front flies to the blue chop of the eagle eye, which is flying by him!

The third blue rays ...

Come one after another ...

Eagle eye rice Hofke can only raise his own unparalleled knife, barely arrange a defense for his body!

next moment…

Even if the eagle eye Mikock uses the black knife and militar domineering defense, after all, if it is still unable to stop the powerful power, the third blue rays quickly defeat his figure!

The eagle eye-horn body is not from autonomous, flying on the ice, flying back on the ice, the hat on his head has already broken, the original elegant Swordsman is also blushing, the body is everywhere. Cracking wound ...

Blood was quickly blotted, and the ice is dyed!

The Mihok single knee is on the ground, holding the black knife in his hand, and a knife is directly inserted on a cold ice, barely supporting his body.

"It's amazing power ..."

The Hawk Eye Michake's palm is slight, slowly raising the head, looking up to the present, still have a must be able to move!

This gap is unable to make people feel desperate ...

Because the eagle eye hopke once witnessed Yishe Sasuke to be able to fight, this kind of force like Wu Shen's general figure can play, Mihok's heart relies on some ...

In strict sense ...

Shangji Na Ruo is now just attacking, as if it is like attacking the kitchen, it is like attacking, this battle is like playing with the child ...

But even so ...

The eagle eye rice Hawke is exhausted to resist.

The heart of Shangyuan Nai is still surprised than the eagle eye. Because this is the first man who can hard to defeat, even if he is just a must, the strength is also enough. amazing…

That is ...

Even if you put it now, it should be enough to cut the moon!

"It's a wolf ..."

Eagle Eye Mikock reached out to put his black knife on the ice, barely support his body stood up and slammed his arms!

This posture means he gives up the resistance!

Miho's golden eagle looked at it. He gave up all the defense of his own defense, and the voice was highly open: "Shangyuan Na, take all everything! Honor, or the world's strongest black knife! "

"Are you serious?"

The sound of Shangyuan Nairo fell in the ears of the eagle eye, and he stood within the crystal of the tall, and looked at the bloody eagle.

The face of the Eagle Eye Michac gradually recovered calm, accumulated his strength, and the sound of Shen Sheng said: "As a swordster, recognize the gap between himself and the strong, I have no necessary Continue to go ... Kill me! "

The eagle eye is horn, and slowly closes his eyes: "A swordsman can only stand down, when I still stand in you, kill me!"

"Then I just ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Na will be slightly smashed, he repeatedly manipulated him, once again raised the huge tackle: "Become you!"

Shangqi Nai Lu overlooking the eagle eye, the loud success: "As a prize for you, you can dare to resist the power of the mortal body of the district.

Joracell Michac, I recognized your strength, if you only have the fight between people, the world's strongest sword is known, you are really deserved! "


The hawk eye is a shot on the face of the Hawker.

Next, the world's strongest Sword Hao's face slowly revealed a smile, apparently the enemy's recognition, no doubt, can let the dead.

This life ...

There seems to be no shortcomings ... from the small cultivation of swordsman, determined to become the world's first big sword, he has already done it!


A trace of taste is brought in the sound of Shangyuan Na, and his palm is flipped, and a ray falls on the eagle eye, which is the resurrection force of the time.

The sound of Shangyuan Nairo has fallen into the ears of the eagle eye: "Mr. Michac, between us ... but there are several bills not clear!

Joracell Michac, you won't think the reputation of the organization, can you cancel your fault? "

next moment!

Sudoku Sword suddenly falls!

When the eagle eye is still surprised, his body is a must-have Sword, and his life is cut off!

After a few seconds.

Mihof's figure returned to the ice, his brow was slightly frozen, staring at your palm of his hand, and his eyes were hidden.

"How is this going?"

Miho's brow wrinkled, he looked at the clothes on his own, and looked at the black knife inserted on the ice, as if everything just didn't dream.

Isn't he died?

Just when Mihoke is a little surprised to the situation, it is a golden rays falling on the body of Michac.

Follow the next ...

The tall must be able to wavily wavily fall again!

Miho was shocked by the huge tattooed knife, if it was not his physical injury, he couldn't help but suspect that he had just experienced this scene ...

No, I have experienced it!

The pain of the bones, is still very clear in memory!

Next moment, Mihoke once again felt that his body was taken with a sword, and his consciousness was again sinking!

A few seconds later.

The eagle eye hooded again.

When he just resurrected still afraid, a golden light fell again in his body, and this big sword is finally understood.

"Resurrection ... or reincarnation?"

The face of Eagle Eye Michac has become a bit stunned. He lifted his head and looked at himself. He was able to kill this time? "

as expected…

The tall must be able to wavily waving, but the knife is on his body!

The eagle eye is so different that every time you have to fall, he is being resurrected by people, and it is re-killed!