I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 501 101 deaths and 101 Resurrection

Joracell Michac's life is wonderful.

This life, he once visited the death of Corr D. Roger, and saw the opening of the big patency age, and also saw the four emperors.


Mihoke has never seen this kind of person.

Because Joracell Michac has never thought about it, a person masters the ability to die, and will use this ability to be luxuriously used to punish others ...

No, this guy is absolutely unable to call it!

If you change to a statement, should you call the original navigation, or you should call him a true god?

Twenty minutes later.

The consciousness of Joracell Michac has once again recovered, and the eyes have been closed, began to read them silently: "The 100th death and the 100th resurrection, and the sword is on the body. It is 1 cm than the last time ... "

After that, Mi Hogra's launched his arm and waited quietly to see his life again.

This big sword is completely gave up against resistance.

Because of the resurrection, Miho chose to pull out his black knife from him before he must kill himself.


It is still resurrected.

This also makes Mi Hogra's thoroughly understands one thing. His life is indeed in the control of his own, it is in the mood of the original Na.

Eagle eye hopker is worthy of your life.

However, this moment, Mihoke has a little bit of regret that he once said, why is the original naval, such a strong guy, is his heart?

At the beginning ...

Isn't it true that a word is wrong?

The guy called the original naval, after recurring him, killing him again, resurrected again, let him fall into this kind of life and death in this unable to break ...

However, this is not his mistake?

After all, I have been hidden deeply.

Even if it is a red-haired, the nerve guy, after the first time I heard the name, he must think that this is a unknown group of woven?

Moreover, Shang Nai Lu is the leader of Xiao, hidden his identity, actually disguise to become an ordinary naval superior!

Who knows this guy is a person who is strong enough to destroy? No matter which kings are seven Wuhai, it is certainly impossible to have any good face to him?

This guy…

Obviously in fishing?

Unfortunately, Mihok was caught.

Joracell Michake waited for the rays and death of the death, but found that these were not until they were.

Mi Hogra couldn't help but raise his head. He didn't see himself. She only saw that the original Needs floated in front of him.

"Is it finally ended?"

Miko's heart suddenly made a breath.

Even after the first year, he got the honor of the world's first big sword, he didn't feel the relaxation of his mood now.

"This matter is full of your attitude."

The sound of Shangyuan Nairo appeared in the ear of the eagle eye hood: "Mr. Michac, is you willing to join Xiao this unknown group of groups?"


Mihoke was in silence.

After a long time, the world's strongest sword is looking at the original navigation, and I asked calmly: "If I agree, what do I need to do? I refused, what will you do?"


Shang Nai wrinkled and wrinkled. After thinking about it, he only opened: "We still talk about your rejection! I may still kill you, then bring your soul from the meditation, use another Survival as a ... "

When I said here, Shangyuan Nairou opened his hands and continued: "Of course, I can put you, then cut off all your embarrassment, kill your friends, what is it ... anyway, you can let you live It is better to die. "


Eagle is silent.

Is this the leader of the reading?

It is really not dying, and it is purely because the strength of the original Needle is too strong.

Shangyuan Nairi thought after the member of the childhood, knead his forehead: "If you choose to join the tailor, you can't disclose my identity, it seems that there is nothing special to do it?"

In addition to the war outside ...

Do you really need an eagle eye?

The eagle eye Mikoke continued to ask: "Well, I probably know ... So, what is the purpose of Xiao?"

"Let me think about ..."

The original Nairou is still kneading his forehead, and asked the mouth to ask: "Now, it is possible to bring peace and justice to this world?"


Eagle eye hopker's face is quirky.

This sentence is not to believe in anyone who listen, can you believe it?

The eagle eye is temporarily slightly skip this topic and will continue to ask: "So ... what about your true identity?"

"You have too much."

The face of Shangyuan Needle is cold, and the golden light of the time is falling on the body of the eagle eye, and this scene makes the expression of the eagle.

next moment…

Shangyuan Nair took a black knife in the ice, the night, the fierce knife flashed, directly broke the throat of the eagle, killing this big sword again!

A few seconds later.

The eagle eye is re-resurrected.

Shangyuan Nairou lost the black knife in the hands, gave the eagle eye hooded, and asked calmly: "Now, I just need to know that your answer is enough, obey your inner real answer, don't think about it My perception. "

After the original navigation, I watched the eagle and took the black knife, and continued: "As for what you want to know, you will slowly understand, you want to spy the world's truth, at least let me see you can give the truth How much price ... "

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai have gradually become more complicated. His voice is slowly overcast: "Your life and strength is not enough to see the world's truth!"

"I know."

The eagle eye hopker bowed his head looked at the black knife in his hand, and also looked at Shangyuan Na, which was close at hand, slowly took a breath.

If you can add a well-known organization, you can see the fog hidden on the body, it is worth mentioning, it is a member of this organization!

Joracell Michac took up his own black knife, and his eyes were obedient.


At the place of the original Na, I opened my heart, raised my palm: "Let's go, we will welcome another newcomer to join the organization!"

With the movement of the original Nair, the waves have turned over.

A warship and the coffin boat drove behind it, and slowly swayed over the surf and stopped in front of the original Na.

This time, the harvest of Shangyuan Nair is not small.

Branch mission: Beat the world's first big sword, Qiaorakul Mikock (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy 200,000 points, armed colors domineering 200,000 points, seeing the color domineering 200,000 points.

This is the harm of yourself ...

Perhaps it is the skill or inheritance of rewards, but it is directly exchanged for three-dimensional value, but it is true that it is true that the original navigation needs.

Hidden Tasks: Use a knife and the world's first big sword. Jora Kolk Miko is fighting and winning (11), the task has been completed, fixed reward passive talent skills world swords.

World Kendo: The world's most extreme Juan Talent!

This description can be simple ...

Shangqi Nairi stood in the warship and thought for a while, waving a knife, and smashed his own heart and smashing!

The sea in the distance is instantly by him a hundred-meter-high waves!

This is not used ...

The world's first big sword is defeated by him, and this big sword has also joined the organization and became his .

The eagle eye hooded looked at this scene and slowly wrinkled his brow. This knife relied on the black knife. It was not can't do, but like the original naval, only one ordinary ice knife can be handless Split out ...

The leader of Xiao ...

His swordway is also very powerful!

This man named Nairi, with a number of endless power, he can manipulate any strength, even the sword is no exception?

Then ...

In the face of the original naval, the four emperors who stand in the new world will be his opponent?

At least incense ...

Eagle eye hopker thinks may not be too good.


The eagle eye hooded's brow is slightly, I remembered the purpose of this trip, asked: "White Beard and Thaeda's war are over ..."

"…not yet."

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "I hope that two guys can end this war quickly! Now they haven't used it ..."

after all…

After the woven scene, the war is manipulated with white beard and Thara, the real purpose is to lead to the Navy's generals, and the By, the By, a few kings will lead to the seven Wuhai Sea.

the other side.

Yizhi Board and the war of the whirlpool is still going on.

Members of the White Beard One Piece and the Beast One Piece are more tense, because they feel that the waters of this battle seem to be too dangerous!

The whirlpool screamed the golden nine tails and smashed the paws, Chakra and domineering quickly fell into the palm, gathered into a constantly rotating tail beast!

"Immortal · Armed Super Heady Beast Yu!"

This tail beast is flying out, and the purple of Unezhi Sasuke must be flying in the past. Once this is hit by this addressed tail beast, even if it is a complete body, it will be able to Fried directly!

Yizhi Bozuo manipulates that you can pull out the tailor and wipe the tail beast jade, put the tail beast jade directly, and continue to fly to the golden nine!


The tail beast jade has risen to the Mobi Dick!

Even if Mobi Dick is getting farther and farther away from the battlefield, it is still inevitably suffering, and white beards have pinched their fists, and they gathered in boxing.

After the white beard solved the crisis, he bowed his head and watched the unfounded people. I couldn't help but laugh and open the mouth: " La la la ... It is really dangerous ... This battle is not a person who can watch it. what!"


It is indeed not everyone to watch.

The flagship of the beast is rescued from the drought Jack and a hundred thief, leaving the battlefield far away. There is only a hundred beasts in the battlefield, and one is still watching ...

In Yu Zhiwu Sasuke and Swirling Strong Battle, Kaido can't protect his ministry, can only temporarily retreat first ...

This is the gap.

After all, the shock of white beards is strong, and it is indeed solved a lot of trouble, and Mado's body is only the animal system of the valerious beast.

I want to protect the hundredth of the beasts ...

Then I can only use his body hard to resist.

However, whether the whirlpool is still Yizha, two people's attacks have fallen in Thaedo, but they can break his defense ...

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Yiszozou helped to stand in the crystal of the need, and saw that the white beard solved the tail beast jade, it was reluctant to relieve a breath.

Yuxi Boato helped forward, his eyes stared at the golden nine tail, and he suddenly opened a long bow in his hand!

"Naruto, one hit and decided to win!"