White Beard One Piece ...

In fact, it is true for Unecheo Sasuo.

Although in Unechebra, they are all idiots who have no brains, but in any case, these idiots are now his companions.

of course…

The whirlpool is also a companion approved by Unechebra.

However, now Yiszo Sasuke feels a change in things that happens. He wants to protect the White Beard One Piece, as the whirlpool is the same ...

A purple long arrow looked up!

Next, a black inflammation slowly fell in a long arrow, and a group of armed colors was slowly wrapped around the arrow!


Yiszo Sasuke manipulates the complete body, Saasso slowly pulls the giant bow in his hand, and the long arrow to be black is shining, and people can't help but stand!

Even Unecheo Sasuke is still not enough!

A electricity falls on the arrow arrow, that is the light of the thunder, no matter the attack or destructive power is absolutely super group!

This is his strongest blow!

Sasuke ... "

The vortex is gradually dignified.

Under his manipulation, the golden nine tail gradually grows a giant claw, constantly condenses Chakra and domineering, gathering a spiral pill of a form of spiral pills.

If there is no replacement of the original Naid ...

Both two people will be the vertices of another world!

Even in this world, it also has the power of ordinary people who are unable to enter!

It is therefore, in addition to the tissue of those core members, the entire endurance only has a whirlpool, and Yizha, two people have the power of free action in the One Piece!

" la la la ..."

White beard cleared his fist, and his mouth came a smile: "Seeing these two little ghosts, it is really a young man who thinks of young!"

It's just like…

When the white beard and Gorgon D · Roger fight!

Even now, the white beard still maintains the strongest title of the world, but still inevitably go to the age, and even let him simply be helpful with Unechebao, the young people like the whirlow are fighting for a long time. ...


Yizhi Bozuo manipulates that it is necessary to complete his own style, a black long arrow in a group wrapped in electric light, flying toward gold nine tail!



Welcome to the long arrow ...

Is a dark spiral hand sword!

The black arrow and spiral hand hit the sword, the huge flames illuminate the night, the next second is dramatically explosion and sounds in this sea!

The sea is trembled in a dramatic earthquake!

This sea area seems to be average earthquake!

After the first wave of explosions, the second wave exploded quickly and swept around, and hundreds of meters high fires were spread out, instantly enveloped Unecheo Sasuke's feasant and swirls. tail!

In the explosion, a group of black light seems enough to destroy everything, and quickly drowned to be able to and gold nine!

Two strokes are enough to destroy a small island attack, but there has been a dramatic collision here, no one can speculate the ending between them ...

Everyone is unfolded by autonomously, and I have seen the color of domineering, I want to see who is gone in this time!

After a long time.

The huge explosion is directly blown out of the huge explosion, and the seafront is continuously circulated in the recesses ...

On the semicircular sea surface of the recessed.

Yischo Sasukes standing aside, there must be only one skeleton left, his palm slowly covered his eyes, and his blood tears slowly dropped his eyes ...

The golden nine tails on the whirlpool is also the disabled, and even two or three tail barters left on his body ...

"Your guy ..."

Yuxi Bozuo raised his head and looked at the whirlpool, and he would force to force the launch, refurbished to complete form!

At this time, the mind in the mind of Unechebra came from the mind, interrupted the idea that he wanted to continue fighting: "Ha, Sasuke, so desperate, is it to protect the White Beard One Piece?"


Yishacy's expression is stiff of a moment.

This is the voice of the original Nair, the guy is in the eyes of the eyes and contact him ... Is that guy would not be in this sea area?

Next, Unechebo saga was awake.

The battle between him and the whirlpool, is not worth delightful, because according to their conventions, the Baorence Festival will enter the road, and the White Beard One Piece will enter a larger trap;

Failure is not worthwhile, because this will let the white beard will have a reason to go back, protect the white beard pirate group of idiots ...

Yuxi Bozuo is very clear that the power of white beard is strong enough, but it does not mean that old man can defeat the original navigation ... in accordance with the power of the boldness, he is a gain of God!

this moment…

Unechebra saga slowly clenched his fist.

Now he is the choice of failure ...

Or continue to fight until you defeat the Naruto?

"Naruto guy ..."

Yuxi Bozo helped his head and looked at the whirlpool. When the fist was smashed, he slowly released his fist: "When I was quarantane, I was joined ... At that time, he should be more than the present. I am more tangled? "

That time the whirlpool tweet ...

I want to protect the wood, and I don't want to hurt him. It is simply a no-critical idiot. Where is the world's two full beauty?

Sasuke. "

The whirlpool moats looked at Unecho, slowly spread his palm, and his face was borderless: "Do you still continue? In fact, there is no need ..."

"You win."

Yuxi Boato bite his teeth, and his face suddenly interrupted the whirlley voice, slowly closed his eyes, and lie on the sea.


The whirlpool is in silence.

"Sasuke, the old man let us go home!"

The voice of Malco suddenly fell into their ear.

Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but turn over a white eye. He glanced at the air of the air. "He hurriedly grabbed me, I am not strong!"

"Hello, support it, then support it!"

The blue non-dead bird spread wings to the sea, grabbed the body of Unechebra, slowly flew away, leaving the whirlpool, still standing in the original place.

The whirlpool is nothing to win, but he only looks at his chest with himself, there is a ring that is a formal member of the organization.

The whirlpool sighed, looked up and looked at the unstead of flying in the air. His mouth suddenly hooked slightly, showing a smile.

"Sasuke guy ... Is there a lot of friends?"

Because the whole seventh class knows that Unechebra is a midwhere, in this world, it is indeed a happy thing.

this matter…

More fun than the so-called victory.

The battle that lasted for a night, finally ended.

It is a pity that the whirlpool is not to know that after Unexpello, after returning to the Mobi Dick, the captain is the most curious thing is the whirlpool.

These idiots are not losing things in Meisi Sasuke.

They are just curious as Zhihua Sasuke and whirlpooling, because in intience, Yuxi Board and whirlpiece should be good.

Mobi Dick.

Yuxi Bozuo is sitting on the deck, slowly lifting the friendship between himself and the whirlpool: "The guy is the cirrus tail of the ninja school ... Hey ... I am the first place in the Ninja School ... After graduation, we were divided into it. The same team ... "

"Hey, Sasuke, don't boast yourself!"

"Bastard, I am serious!"

" La la la ... Saqi, don't interrup him, go to the banquet!"

"Yes, old! But I still feel ..."

"Stupid, go to the banquet!"

Malco knocked on the head of the Sagi, turned over the white eye: "Stupid Sachi, are you afraid that his future life is too happy?"

Yuxi Bozuo does not play the whirlpool ...

Is it still can't live this chef?

Yuxi Bozo helps a long-awacked Saqi, leaning on the railing, and then continues to say: "Although I can't see the idiot, but sometimes he also takes a little bit ... "

"Really? It seems that it is a very serious person!"

"It is estimated because he has recently been learning to become a whitling reason ..."


"The village of a village, just called Huangji."

"The village is too strict, do you need to learn?"

"If you count the strength of the Narler, the village also has the power of the four emperors, and there is a possibility of launching a war. Although they are already under the control of the control, Naruto also join Xiaofu ... "

"A Ninja Village ..."

"We defeated, save the people of the village, must be a lot of companions!"

"Intercourage, don't dream, that is, it is Xiaoyang! The hundred beasts will also become their chess! Let me know that the takeover ruled the village, nor is there nothing ..."


The entire White Beard One Piece is listening to Yuxi Bozuo to tell him the story of him and the whirlpool.

Until Suzhi Sasuo slowly mentioned the tissue, the atmosphere became more dignified, because the white bearded pirates knew that Xiao is a tissue that is a fear.

"My brother is a member of Xiao ..."

Yuxi Bozuo took the palm and continued to follow: "Later, his brother got me in order to protect me, after I met Es, I became a pirate, because it violated the will of the leader, so I Don't want us to collide with Xiao ... "

In these words, semi-halving.

Yiszhike Sasuke slowly looked up, watching the night sky, whispered: "The leader of Xiao, the guy who is known as God, likes to manipulate the fate of others ..."

"Control fate?"

The Sword Bista can't help but be a little curious. He reached his finger, couldn't help but move back: "How can the fate how this kind of thing may be controlled?"

This is ...

It's not too reliable.

Destiny This kind of thing sounds some empty.

The people in the people in the population are also confused, and everyone said that Unecheo Sasuke is unable to accept a small partner who grew up from a child, and the spirit has a little bit of problem ...

Only Marshall D. Tiki is slightly changed.

Because he has already touched a member of the brief, he saw the true face of the brother impeller of Unecheo, and the man broke his mind!

Destiny this kind of thing ...

Not as deficiency!

"do not know…"

Yisizhi saga shook his head, some heavy and complex in the eyes: "The guy monitored everything in this world, the encounter between people, the reincarnation of death, perhaps in the control of the guy, people Unclear and false ... "

such as…

This time they and the War of the Beasts, must be under the control of the original Najo, but Unecheo Sasuke does not know the true purpose of the original navigation.

In order to frustrate the incapacity of the white beard of the thief group in the sea?

Is there any reason? Still, the guy is finally going to start against the White Beard One Piece?

" la la la ..."

White beard shook his head, laughing and smiling, comforting Uneche, "Sasuke, people's life, but will not stop because the so-called fate is going forward, do you want to drink a big glass tonight?"

"Old, I just gave you a bit!"

The Malco stationed next to it couldn't help but interrupted the white beard, and the flocchematical mutter: "And the future week, no, you can't drink a month ..."

White Beard One Piece did not be depressed for a while, and the hundred beast One Pirates also slowly evacuated this sea area.

And the Navy in this sea area has been monitored, and after the evacuation of the two four emperors, there is a new action.

Just as the naval warship and the corner, the martialmon ghosts, the three kings of Dofran Ming Ge, after the Qi Wuhai, immediately under the command of the pharmacist, choose the chase of the hundred beasts ...

On the road ...

Navy's generals of the general ...

I have encountered the biggest crisis in history!

The true goal of the two four emperors collision is finally going to the stage of the net!

The members of these walking in the shadows finally showed their hunting in the dark!