I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 503 Needar, you can start capturing!

White Beard One Pirates and Baoren One Pirates also retreated at the same time.

Because the white beard and Mobi Dick are left together, the Huanghuo general and the pharmacist will naturally go to this hard bone, the Navy puts the target in the flagship of the 100th beast.

Due to the past, when I gave Yuxi Saissa and the vortex, it was detected that the warship of Thara, the whirlwood and the beast, the pharmacist was immediately borrowed, and the flagship chasing the Baorence Group was arrested. Drought Jack's plan.

Always, the three kings, the seven Wuhai, have already placed it.

A Navy's general, a naval colonnament called the intelligence, the three powerful kings, the Queen Seven Wuhai, a little bit worse, grab the drought Jack is straight to the hand.

No reason is to oppose.

The naval warship has been chasing the hundred beasts, until they rushed to a quiet and small island, a strange change suddenly happened!

"Ibold the Four Prefecture!"

Suddenly open a red junction barrier around the island, these junction barriers are tens of thousands of meters, and they will not be top!

Just as everyone is somewhat confused, an arrogant voice appears over the sky, spreading this island: "The interval, this seal surgery is still a defect ..."

"Spot, don't make trouble, hurry up the gap!"

"Hey ... Yuxi Mo Fire"! "

With the proud voice falling into the ear, the sky suddenly has a red junior barrier, and the island is completely closed!

These red junction barriers are all surrounded by these red junction barriers between the entire small island!

And just came to this island, the Navy and the three kings on this small island, and they seem to have not slowed their gods ...

Huang Hua will scratch your head, some doubtfully hit: "The old man just ... it seems to hear Unecho? Is it an old husband to listen?"


The face of the pharmacist has changed, and the sound said: "That voice ... seems to be said to be a matter of Zhiso! Let's leave this island first!"

" ..."

Dofonteo does not look forward to the sway, hip hop how to open: "Don't worry, take a while, do you have a staff, I heard that the relationship with Ms. Her and the relationship is good. How is her recent body?"

The Francumbi brother's face smiles ... mood is very complicated, he really underestimates the lower limit of the members of the organization!

Oh shit…

This pharmacist has played like that!

Is the trap of this small island not arranged by this guy?

It is said that this time, in order to lay the trap of the Huanghuo, the pharmacist pockets to mobilize five powerful combat power, even because of this, and delayed the battle of the Art One Piece and Moon Moria.

Really ...

It makes people feel away.

"Everything must be cautious."

The pharmacist looked at the lazy people, and the brow was slightly frowned. The Huanghuade will lying on the ground to rest, and several other kings are too lazy to move.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and the son continued to urge it: "Huang Yong, the corner of the corner, the ghosts, Mr. Duran Ming Ge, in order to avoid the mistakes, now leave this small island now! "

"It's really sleepy ..."

The yellow smile sat up and shook his head helplessly, keeping with the pills of the pharmacist, and several other kings saw the sea, and they also followed.

Although the Huanghu general does not know what happened, because there is a strong force on the body, the heart of the yellow ok is not panicked.

Even, he also felt that the pharmacist has a little bit of a small matter.

As for several kings, seven Wuhai, they naturally don't panic.

When a group of people arrived at the outside of the island, I found this island from the outside sea, and was completely closed by the red rinse, even the seawater stopped the flow!

"Ah ..."

The Huang Ji touched his own chin, couldn't help but looked at the red necritical barrier, surprised to open the mouth: "What is this ... What is going on?"


The pharmacist shakes his head. His figure slowly stepped over the shallow sea and walked to the red necritical barrier, trying to reach out of the finger above the ricinth!

In the next second, his fingers were instantly burned!

"This is like a flame general barrier ..."

The eyebrows of the pharmacist couldn't help but wrinkled, reached out, took a knife, but did not respond to the neighborhood.

Obviously, these junctions have a high strength.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and shook his headself sincerely: "Impossible, any small island with a strange force, I remember that this island should have no accidents, this island There should be no talent to ... "

The pharmacist turned his head and looked at the people present, and asked: "You can try to destroy this red barrier?"

"Then let me try first!"

Cartry ghosts slowly closed his palm, and Zhangkou spurted a huge water flow in the red rigor: "Water Water!"

The water fell over the red rinse, and it was not accidentally blocked directly by the red knot, and even directly became a water vapor!


Dofontech arbitrarily reached a finger and shot a bullet line, but still did not have any effect on the red barrier.

The means of the corner is obviously more casual.

The king's seven Wuhai pinched a stone and smashed on the red barrier, and there was no ability to use anything. This guy is perfunctory!

Because the corners know ...

In the face of the four red yang, ordinary attacks could not work!

Everyone's eyes can't help but stop, these eyes have some condemnation, which is obviously a little dissatisfaction with his perfunctory.


Their eyes quickly fell back on the body.

A laser flew out from the hands of the yellow gob, a group of people couldn't help but look at this scene, as if they were expected to work with this laser ... However, this laser fell on the red barrier, there is no What role.

"No use ..."

The smile of the yellow ok slowly converges, and the brows can't help wrinkle: "I feel that this barrier is more troublesome than the armed colored domineering defense."

This barrier ...

Really quirky!

The figure of the yellow ok sudden disappeared in the original place, turned into a red barrier, and kicked on the red barrier!

Speed ​​kick!

As the power of sparkles, the yellow gob is capable of incorporating light, and the body can attack with speed and use of light speed!


This foot speed is kicked to easily kick a building of a building, but there is no effect in front of this red junction barrier!

Even when the yellow gob is back, there is even a dark firem on his shoes, which is the burning effect of the red necritical barrier!

"Unable to shake ..."

The yellow gum looked at the red barrier and slowly shake his head. I touched my own chin guess: "Single one by attack, it seems that it is impossible to destroy! It feels like kicking it on a mountain ..."

"so what should I do now?"

Dofu Lon brother grinned, when looked at the yellow, showed a smile: " ... we can't stay here?

I still have a lot of business to handle, if I don't want to respond to the restriction of the Navy, I will not leave my country ... "

"Will it be a ghost called Yuxi Bo?"

The macaron ghosts took their own muscles and frowned: "After all, we have heard what Yishibo is ..."

"Unclear, don't know, don't ask me."

The corners shook their heads in indifferently, this new Jinwang seven Wuhai hugged his shoulders, and his face was full of impatient.

This group of people discussed to discuss and did not have results at all.

Everyone seems to try their strongest attack, but it is still unable to shake this red barrier, so there is some trouble.

The pharmacist is trying to contact the outside world, but there is no signal at all, and everything seems to be blocked.

Pharmacist pushed his own glasses and put forward a suggestion: "Perhaps the internal barrier is too powerful, the Huanghuo general, can try to use the elemental to try to break the barrier, break the blockade of this barrier from outside ? "

"Hey ... feeling is a less reliable proposal ..."

Huang Ji couldn't help but shake his head and whispered: "This barrier has some powerful power, elementalization is impossible to break through ..."


Suddenly, the sky came from the proud voice: "If you don't try, how do you know or not!"


Huang Ji couldn't help but looked up for four weeks. I asked curiously: "Who is it?"

"Yu Zhibo ... spot!"

This voice is very proud when introducing yourself!

When everyone listened to this name, everyone couldn't help but change, even if the smile of the yellow goblin is slowly converge.

Come this year ...

Anyone who comes out is a group of troubled guys!

This guy named Yu Zhibo is just exposed. I actually put the goal directly on the Navy's general and the king of the Queen Seven Wuhai.

This guy…

It is also not so simple!

"Huang Hua General ... Leave it!"

The pharmacist is standing around the yellow ozzid, his face is very extremely nervous, slow down on his voice: "Please use the photonization to leave here, quickly bring the information here back to Malin Fanto!"


The expression of the yellow ok is slightly puzzled.

The Navy's generals converge their own smiles, narrow their eyes, watching the expression of the pharmacist: "It's really ... I am now a big crisis! But I still want to send an intelligence in this situation. ? "


The pharmacist looked at the yellow ok, pushing his own glasses, pushing his own mouth: "After all, I am the naval staff of the" "" ""

"Troubled little ghost ..."

The yellow gob shook his head and sighed.

Next, the figure of the yellow gob is differentiated into countless photons!

A group of shiny photons quickly appeared in the direction of this island, looking for a red barrier vulnerability or export!

This is the way to leave the yellow.

The yellow gob is not worried that he will be blocked, he can rely on this speed movement and photonization ability to find the right exit!

this world…

No one can block the power of the light!

As long as this island has a gap, the yellow gap can escape!

It is a pity that the Sijagan is started from the sea, and the island is closed. There may be a gap between the barrier, but the gap should be under the sea.

"It's trouble ..."

Countless photons re-emit the body of the yellow ox.

The clothes of this Navy's partner have some burning coke.

The yellow gum took his forehead, sighed in the quiet, shakes his head: "Pockets, can't find any leaves ... It seems that we can only think about these blockade barriers ... "


The pharmacist embraces his own brows, and the face is hidden. "The Huang Hua General can determine this matter?"

"It should be sure!"

The yellow ,, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

If the left is left, the yellow tid does not continue to open.

Even if there is enough gaps that are enough to leave, his demon fruit power cannot leave the sea.

In this case…

The person who wants to leave this island, it seems that I can only find a way to crack the red barrier in front of the red barrier or defeat the people who arrange the barrier.

The yellow hook shrugged, looked at the pharmacist in front of him, apparently he meant to let the pharmacist pocket this Navy's staff to take the idea.

Who can get it ...

The pharmacist slowly erected his fingers, and hooked his mouth: "Preliminary judgment, the Huangqi general can't break freely, we can start!"


The eyes of the yellow gods slowly emerged.