I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 504, um? Are you playing him?

If you can…

The yellow goblin really wants to give the pharmacist.

When the original yellow ok could not break through the red barrier, he also thought of and arranged a red barrier behind the scene, covering the drug teacher, the new generation of Leni, who will leave here, because the Warring States Marshal's order is to protect the pharmacist.

Results The pharmacist seems to know the truth of the island blockade ...

Even this guy has also participated in this thing!

This is ...

Let the yellow ok whole people are very confused!

At this moment, the Huanghuo suddenly felt that he didn't fall into the whirlpool, why did the pharmacist know that he can't leave here?

"Pocket staff ..."

The yellow goblin slowly pushed his own glasses. He looked down at the pharmacist in front of him. If I didn't listen to the wrong words, I didn't know the secret of us still don't know! "


The pharmacist nodded and looked up at the tall Navy general. The face still hanged a smile: "It's not easy ... After all, I want to deal with the Huanghuo General, we know how much people do!"

Single nothing else ...

Just the periphery responsible for the arrangement of four Chiyang arrays and Yuxi Wavefire, which is enough to let the ninja of the country!

The initial generation of the gentlemanship of the mortar ghosts ...

The second generation of the second-generation rigs and thousands of hands tongged there.

The three generations brought by Du Franchen brothers flying Japanese ...

The four generations of fire shadow brought by the corner ...

And the most powerful ninja Yuxi Bouvel!

If this lineup takes out, even if it is to attack the Navy's Ma Lin, they can only be peripheral, in order to capture the gods of the gods and arrange the blockade!

In front of those arranged in these arrangements, the mortar ghosts, the angle and the Du Francience can only be added and cheerleaders.

In addition to this ...

Shangyuan Nair has also arrived in person!

Even the original Nairidae has a new year's world's first big sword. This lineup takes to destroy the world anything, maybe there is no problem ...

However, all this ...

It's just for the power of the gambling fruit!


The eyes of the yellow goblin are getting tighter and smashed, scratching your forehead, can't help but open: "If I have not remembered, this organization is very secret!"

Our master people are also paying attention to this organization. The World Government has always searched the members of the child. It didn't expect that our Navy's new generation of Zhizhi will be a member of the Navy!

Really can't help but scared spies ... "

"Yeah, I didn't think about this!"

The pharmacist took the palm of his hand and laughed and responded: "After all, the world government and the Navy look for the person in charge of the organization, which has always been me."

Speak this kind of thing ...

It really can't help but laugh.

Since the Pharmacist has become a Navy's staff, the Navy and the World Government's intelligence organizations are within his jurisdiction.

The Naval Marshal Warring States recognize that any intelligence can obtain more detailed content after analyzing the pharmacist.

This set of operations in the Navy and the World Government is also helpless, because the pharmacist can maximize the intelligence to achieve the strategic purpose of the Navy.


The expression of the yellow ok is very subtle.

Even if the yellow goblin is wide, I can't help but I want to ask Marshal Marshal Marshal Malin, what is his mind?

The Warring States this era will seem to be called the pharmacist to make the pharmacist in the palm of the palm!

"Our Marshal is really old ..."

The corner of the yellow ok can't help but show a bitter smile, it seems to be a little self-deprecating, it seems to be some of the feelings that you want to make your own mood.

"This is also normal."

The pharmacist shakes his head and explains calmly: "Because I observed the entire navy, the Navy has three major orders, there is no need for a stronger Navy general, he needs a new wisdom, so I have been playing this role ... "


After the Huanghuo thoughtfully, I couldn't help but nod: "I didn't expect that the Navy's problem will become a vulnerability that the enemy has entered."

"So ...?"? "

The eyes of the yellow ok slowly fell on the seven Wuhai next to the king, and these hundreds of pigeons did not show any surprised expression from beginning to end ...

These guys ...

Either informed or indifferent to these things.

"Looks ..."

The eyes of the yellow okay finally stopped in the Dofran Mingge, couldn't help but open: "Several kings are seven Wuhai, maybe and Xiaoyu is also a shallow!"

"They are my colleague."

The pharmacist did not hide. He looked at the few people around him. Lucky and said: "Now ... what should be said to be ... except for the Huanghuade, everyone is a member."


Even if I have just guess, but the exact news from the mouth of the pharmacist, the Chinese people still have some speechless.


These days, the whole boat on the ship ...

In addition to his general, others are a group?

Huang sighed, visiting a few kings, seven Wuhai, whispered: "The three kings, the seven Wuhai, is it a member of Xiaoxiao? It is really fear of the enemy ... Your hand is not Too big! "

This organization ...

It is absolutely underestimated!

In addition to the Pharmacist, this is a member of the Navy's high-rise, I did not expect that the three kings, the seven Wuhai is actually their people!

"You guess wrong, Xiao's hand is beyond your imagination."

The pharmacist took his hand to open his palm, calmly opened: "In order to lead your Navy's general leaving Malin Fanto, Xiaoke is a tribute to create a war of the four emperor, and successfully let the Warring States Marshal will send you this Navy general ... "

The biggest hand in it!

It is the leader of the lecture that is released!


The eyes of the yellow gods were slightly surprised, and they were re-converged by him.

Even him did not think that Kawang will use the war between the four emperors to lead him a general of this Navy!

But this is normal ...

Unless the Dragon people are hit, the yellow bay will not be easily dispatched.

The pharmacist looked at the eyes of the god of the gods. The light continued: "On this way, I continuously adjust my plan.

On the way, I carefully speculated what you mean, in accordance with your wishes to supplement my own plan, successfully losing you into this trap ... "

"It's really painful!"

Huang Ji couldn't help but shook his head and sigh: "It is too much to deceive others!"

On this way, there are few suggestions for the Huanghuo; however, the pharmacist is very valued whenever the opinion is made.

Even the naval staff said very well.

Even if the Huanghuo, this is always good at hidden people who hides their emotions, and I can't help but have a lot of good feelings to the pharmacist.

did not expect…

These are in order to lure him into the trap.

" ... deception?"

Dofontech reached out to help his little sunglasses, couldn't help but smile: "Busasolino, we have hidden in front of you for several days!

Every day, I looked at your navy's general provisioning our nerves. Now I think I really feel interesting! "


The corners are holding their own arms in their own.

Obviously, for the capture of the Navy's part of the Navy, it will send so many powerful combat efforts, and the corners are not very recognized.

The martillamon gains, laughing, laughing: "Don't say this, Mr. Dofeng, the attitude towards newcomers should be slightly friendly ..."

" ... I know."

Du Franchen is nodded slowly, and the smile on his face is getting deeper.

The Naval Branch of the Huanghuo has always been very proud in this trip, and sometimes it will make it inadvertently created to suppress what it means.

I think about it now ...

His performance is really naive.

I really don't know the Navy, what is the mood now?

Will you feel very shameful?

The yellow goblin did not think that after he shook his head himself, he retained in the body of the pharmacist: "Say, what do you want to capture? What is it? Power? "

"of course not."

The pharmacist shakes his head and the sound gradually calmed down: "We sincerely invite Huang Hiss Hiss, join Xia, become one of us!"

"that is it?"

The eyes of the yellow goblin revealed a little doubt.

What is the brain of this pharmacist?

I spent so much strength, in order to let him tell the navy?

The yellow goblin always thinks that this guy is also the same as Bergunk, wants to take him as a test product!

"Then I will agree directly!"

The yellow goblin is slow, and it will continue to say: "Join such a huge and very hidden organization, it seems that there is no problem for me ..."

Don't say anything else ...

At least you can get a message.

And as a strong force that implements ambiguously justice, the yellow is really not very much, whether it is a pirate, a good navy ...

As long as you can perform the justice in his heart, the other doesn't matter.

One sentence of the yellow ok, almost directly let the pharmacist have some breakfight, this Navy's generals are too fast!

Is this not spending so many games?

" ... don't make a joke!"

The forehead of Dofran Mingge can't help but jump: "You are the general of the Navy, how can it be so easy ..."

"I can report from the Navy."

The yellow and slowly put forward a solution.

Whether this active Navy is a true surrender or a fake surrender, once he is separated from the Navy, there is an imagination of blowing for the honor of the entire navy!

The pharmacist shakes his head and sighed.

"Hey? Is there this necessary?"

The face is slightly surprised on the face: "Is the entire navy's information not in your control? Need I have laid in Malin Fanto to steal news?"

Every time you talk about this kind of thing ...

The yellow god can't help but worry about the future of the Navy.

The entire navy's intelligence has already fallen in the hands of the organization, and even the high-rise of the Navy is still complacent to them, they have found new wisdom!

Wisdom will be a ghost!

This is a superner!

Huanghuo looked at the pharmacist, his eyes were once again rumored: "Let me let me continue to stay in Malin Fanto, should I want to want to hit the Navy against the Navy when I want to be in the future "

"This is not too likely ..."

The pharmacist wrinkled her own brow and pushed his own glasses: "According to the personality of the adult, he only needs you to admit it to his department, and the task he handed to you is enough, generally very simple…"

Sentences are really ...

The three major generals of the Navy is more like a collection of the original navigation to collect, and their strength is really not so important.

"grown ups?"

The eyes of the yellow goblin flashes slightly.


Do Francine brother seems to think about what interesting, the corner of the mouth is slight: "And only the leader of adults can be added!"

"What is the leader of Xiao?"

Huang Ji hinds to the air, he remembered that he was a very fierce red-eye man when he was looking for exports.

That man, shouldn't it be the leader of Xiao?

next moment.

A space black hole suddenly appeared in the Red Rate.

Two people slowly came out from the black hole, one of them was the world's first big sword, Haquek, Mikho, and another person is the original navigation.

After the pharmacist retired halfway, he opened the way.

The eyes of the pharmacist slightly swept the figure of Mihok, just through the renovation, the pharmacist has already speculated that Joracell Michac's world's first big sword is already joined.

At the last naval, I looked at several people in peace, frowned, and his eyes stayed in the yellow.

"Well? Have you talked?"

The gods of Shangyuan Na will be slightly surprised. Looking at the pharmacist, I can't help but ask: "Do you play him? How this naval general looks so honest?"