I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 505, really fight first!

The situation is slightly more complicated.

At the same time, I listened to the report of the pharmacist. When I was watching the yellow ok, I didn't expect the Navy to do so.

The yellow gob is more complicated than the original navigation.

The Navy did not expect that the world's first big sword hawk eye Mihof is also a member of Xiaoyu, and Wang Xiaqi Wuhai is a person ...

The king of the world government has developed, the Qi Wuhai policy is now basically a reserved place for the tissue?

This is tailored ...

What is the penetration?

" ..."

When Dofang Ming brother saw Mi Hoker, his mouth couldn't help but hit his own small sunglasses, showing a strange evil: "I really didn't expect, the eagle of eagle that has been alone ... I will also join us! "

Dofontech slowly discovered that he had got a happy joy after the organization, and everything in this world is in the hands of the trend, it is really wonderful!

Who can think of ...

He is also a man who is involved in the secret manipulating the world!

"I didn't care what organization didn't care."

Joracell Michac watched the people in the scene, but also fell on the Dofran Ming Ge, calmly opened: "I didn't think of it, you will actually do this. Willing to make people ... "

"No, no ..."

Dofran Ming Ge looked at the eagle, shakes a hand, and even a smile on his face: "This is not a fierce! Our leader ... but a real God! A God sufficient to change the world! "

Dofran Mingge smiled and spread his hand to continue: "I want to be a victor of the world. Of course, I have to join God, stand in the right side, this is to me ... don't seem to make it difficult to choose Things! "


Joracell Michake couldn't help but looked at the Franmin.

This is unable to have a day night fork on the big sea, and actually, this is so well, this time is it so well?

This guy…

It will not be grouped by the upland to get to the dead reincarnation!

"Hey, Mihok, what is your expression!"

Dofonteo saw the emoticon's expression of the eagle eye, and his face flashed an angry: "You are thinking about what you want, your expression is very rude!"

"No, no."

Mihoke shake his head, and it was unhappy.

Dofran Ming brother did not believe in it. He slammed his head to the original navigation. He sincerely expanded his palm: "The leader, the hawk eye, the guy is not wanting, we can't help Guarantee his loyalty! "

The Francium's face flashed a smile: "It's better to kill him, arrange our people in his position!"


Everyone couldn't help but looked for a venue of Franmin.

"Dover ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell, he couldn't help to help his forehead. He shook his head helplessly: "Do you have to learn bad together? How is so small!"


Everyone in the field is again silent.

Everyone's eyes are not compromised on the original Nairi.

"You guys ..."

Shangyuan Nae lost slightly, his palm of his palm suddenly, coldly swept away from the scene: "What does this expression ... What does it mean?"

"No, there is nothing special meaning."

Dofonteo smiled and spread his palm, smiled and transferred the topic: "The leader is not as good as the current thing! We know that it is very powerful to imprison the navy. This place ... "


Shangqi Nairi looked delicately looked at the Franmin.

Is this Wang Qi Wuhai that have been perfectly integrated into the organization?

The two moments who want to save the navy in the two moments of the red dog and the green gyzykly, Dofonteo seems to be more belonging to the organization's belonging ...

Of course, it is not discussing this time.

Now it is the most tight, of course, it is to deal with yellow.

"There is nothing to solve, I have promised to join Xia ..."

The yellow hook was scared, smiled and looked at the original navadi: "I really didn't expect that the leader of Xiao is just a naval colonel in the Navy ..."

Although the identity of this navy is not usually ...

After all, the Navy SWORD troops are also confidential departments that have been cultivated since the Navy. It was originally used as a member of the company as an undercover.

did not expect…

Xi Xiaomei has penetrated here.

The Navy sent to the member of the hopes as a member of the undercover, and it was also a person, and the navy would not be penetrated into a sieve?

Especially this guy called the original navigation ...

If you haven't remembering the wrong, it seems to be the war of the country, the Marshal Iron, which is a Navy who added it. This is what something ... Sure enough, their Navy's Warring States Marshal, because the brain is already broken?

"Is there any biased on the Navy? Mr. Huang Hua General?"

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at the yellow and frowned: "Do you see the Navy lower than your own military?"

"Not this ..."

The mouth of the mouth of the mouth is slightly smile, slowly continue: "I just worry, this position is really unconfiguring the identity of the leader! The Naval Science Force is a vacant in the middle of the Navy ..."

This guy…

So really talk!

Even if I saw the leader of the original Nairi, I was slightly foolish, I immediately hide my emotions and adjusted my attitude!


Everyone's expression becomes more and more quirky.

This yellow gob is more than what they imagine!

Whether it is the level of speaking or an attitude of doing things ... It's a little not in line with everyone's expectation for the Navy's general!

As a general, at least a little resistance?

And it feels so far, it is clear that it should be the advantage, but it seems that everything is in the rhythm of the Huangbo!

This guy…

Seeing people saying people ...

See God, directly clam your horses?

Shangyuan Nairou can't help but somewhat, his brow couldn't help but wrinkle: "I just listened to the report, it seems that you don't rejection about the joining ..."

"Yes, it is…"

The Huang Juan will talk to a very good voice, laugh and open: "Single only to see everyone in front of you, I can see the back of the bench.

When you don't have a long time, this big sea is destined to set off a huge wind and waves, join Xiao, and you may be a correct choice for me ... "

"Don't play ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead.

This yellow ok ...

It's a natural actor!

Shangyuan Na Rou felt that the hobrie was really born to join Xiao, this guy is also a fear that the world is not chaotic, and the temperament is also a person who is also evil.


This guy puts his actic skills!

The expression of Shangyuan Nairo gradually became indifferent, he looked up and looked at the Huangjiao opening: "Huang Juan, forgot to tell you, talking about half of the truth in front of me, there is generally no good end ..."

"Ah ..."

There is a little quirky.

The yellow said is indeed half of the truth.

Joining the Treatment For the Huanghuo, it is not a big thing ...

After the Huang Hao was rumped up, it quickly converges his expression, and his mouth and sorrow: "No, I am talking about the truth ..."

"Huang Juan."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses. The eyes gradually became serious: "Nairu adults have the power of the heart ... If you want to deceive adults, you will not be too understood!"

"... this is not a deception!"

Huang Ji shook his head, smiled and continued: "I understand about the existence method ... I really have a good sense for this organization, you let me continue to stay in the Navy, should not let me give up some justice ? "


Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his own temple, sighed, "But I still hit you a meal! After you finish, discuss these things!"

"... do you say it?"

Huang Ji couldn't help but sigh, knead his forehead: "If you don't speak, can you still use force to solve it? I hate these ..."

However, the next moment, this Navy's general figure suddenly made a light, and came to the original gallop: "The speed is power ... Are you kicking it?"

Facing the unknown character of the original navigation ...

The yellow god actually launched an attack. Everyone in the field couldn't help but surprised!

This navy's general gherge is too great?

Who is giving him the courage, let him go to attack the original navigation?

"Mr. Pu Salino, it is best not to be fearless sacrifice!"

Before the Huanghuo has not worked, the pharmacist has aware that his figure suddenly blocked in front of the original navigation: "If you want to take the adult, it is too much not to force!"

When the spatial vortex appears in front of the pocket!

This vortex is definitely impossible, and it is an unknown field!

The yellow gob is about to stop when the space is about to hit, and his figure fly back!

Some of the Navy's general suddenly realized: "It's really hidden people ... it is no wonder that Malin Fanto is used as an undercover ... Pocket, you also have an imagination!"

"Let the opening, pocket!"

The sound of Shangyuan Na, and a touch of the wind blows the pharmacist.

In the next moment, the palm of Shangyuan Na Run suddenly raised, suddenly explored to the direction of the yellow ok, a rabbing gravitation exuded from the original Nairi!


This gravity pulled the yellow gobli in an instant to the original navigation!

"Is it the same ability as Yuxi Bo?"

The expression of the yellow ok is slightly changed. The Navy's general aware of the existence of this gravity, immediately elevated as countless photons!

He wants to try this gravitation!

If you haven't remembered, this gravit will take the enemy directly into his control, but unfortunately, if this trick is not prepared in advance, it is absolutely difficult to escape!

as expected!

Unfortunately, after the octaves used the elementalization, they could not be separated from this gravitation, and countless photons still flew out to the original navigation!

"God Luo Tian!"

Shang Nai was frowned, and a huge repulsion was emitted from his hand.

The countless photons were taken directly to the repulsive moment, and the light was quickly re-emitted into the image of the yellow ok. The body smashed a boulder!

Shangyuan Nair's figure galloped, just when he wanted to do something, the voice of the pharmacist suddenly fell in his ear.

"Nairies, please be careful."

The pharmacist pushed his glasses and whispered to explain. Destroy four red yang ... "

The pharmacist is not worried about the battle of the original navigation and the yellow.

The pharmacist is just worried that the Huangli will escape from the sea area after the break of the Ask Yang, which is not very good to know the organization.

"I know."

Shangyuan Nai's figure is a golden ray, uses the power of light elements, and the speed of fasting is rushing to the location of the yellow ok!

"Can you use the power of sparkling fruit? Day from the cloud sword!"

The yellow gods are somewhat suspicious. The next second is in his hands, and the photomicizes are the golden sword.