I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 506, do you believe ... Is there a light existence?

The Navy's general challenges the original navigation.

In fact, everyone present is not very optimistic about the yellow gob.

At this general, this was a general in the Unexpei Assistant, but also dared to attack Unecheo Sasuke's boss in this situation?

Is the Navy's generals, is it so brave?

The japanese of Shangyuan Nae is separated from photonization, rubbing the day from the clouds in the yellow hi, and then holds the golden day from the cloud sword!

"It's amazing, I can hurt me at a little ..."

At the end of the natellite, I told a smile and looked at the yellow ok in front of it. I directly reversed the golden sword!

In the next moment, the sky in the yellow hand disappeared from the cloud sword to countless photons, illuminated the gods slightly a little wrong!

"Oh ..."

The yellow gamper shook his head, collapsed his surprise, smiled and said: "No, your strength is really terrible ..."

"is it?"

Shangyuan Nairou's right leg is instant into a golden light, kicks a foot to the yellow ok, laughing and opening: "It is really clever, I also feel that I am more and more scary! Your speed kick, Don't you try it yourself? "

"Then I am still lucky ..."

The yellow rock is slightly flashing, raising his arm, blocks the kick of Shangyuan Na, his body is a meteor, and fell quickly on the ground!

There is no helihood after the yellow island.

The power of sparkling fruit, looked up and looked at Shangyuan Na, raised his hand, and took a laser light, and we also wore the body of Shangyuan Na.

However, the action of the Shangyuan is faster than him!

The Shangyou's body is turned into a free photon, and it will get gathered toward the position of the yellow ok.

A group of golden light flashed back and forth in the four red yang!

Next, the two shadows were simultaneously recovered in the air, and they shot a golden laser light toward each other, and their body was again turned to the photons disappeared!

This scene is dazzling!

Du Franchen brother wears sunglasses, smiles and opens: "It is the highest power of the Navy, the fruit ability of Pu Salennuo guys, is really the most difficult thing in the three generals of the Navy ..."


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and nodded: "If it is not because of the ability of sparkling fruit, I will not deliberately adjust the four-digit noodles and the Sui Zhi's predecessor to arrange this no-dead angle. His action ... "

"This doesn't matter."

The mortal ghost shook his head, grinned and smiled: "Even if Mr. You doesn't need to put down the trap and four red yang arrays, the adults want to capture his words is not doubtful, the Navy will escape the power of the god ... "


The pharmacist is silent for a second, he slowly turned his hand and looked at the ghosts. He suddenly laughed: "The seniors of the ghosts said yes ... But as a neighborhood, we should be as possible to reduce the hassle as much as possible. ""

The mortal ghosts looked at the pharmacist, spread its own palm, nodded and laughed: "Mr. Dai ... is also very right."

The atmosphere is faintly quirky ...

Do Francang couldn't help but grin, but did not speak, he was almost in this time, slowly learned about the situation.

This organization ...

In fact, it is much more complicated than he imagined.

Members of the organization seem to have many people more than he imagined.

For example, the Koman of the country requested that when he temporarily blocked the trade of Thara, it seems to be a guy named Yu Zhiwei, and later let him re-carry out the trade, it seems to be a guy called the flagmarks. Contact him.

According to Dofran Ming Ge, Xi Zhibo belt and flagmark in the tissue seem to be not dealt with, is it not dealt with a ghost and pharmacist?

It is said that they were the first two people who followed the original navigation.

When two people discussed, the newcomer is really not good, but the corner is the foreigner of the organization is definitely dare to open!

after all…

In strict, the corner is looking at the original navigation.

Just as the pharmacist wanted to continue to say something, the corner suddenly came out: "Pocket, ghosts, have you have a and Didara's information? How did they do?"

The corner is holding his arms, snoring: "Hey, when I came, the little ghost flew, I had never seen them for a long time, some care about their safety, where did they have a sea area?"


Everyone in the field can't help but fall into silence.

When did they work, when is it an organized organization? Flying paragraphs are not always hated that Red Sands and Didara have to go back to the car early.

It is clear that your guy wants to reward the Art One Piece!

Even if Joracell Michake is not very intertwined with the big sword, and he has heard the name of the corner ...

It is said that the king of the bounty hunter is born, the Queen Sea, as long as the money is given enough, even if he can kill the king of the World Government!

During this time, there is nothing interesting newcomer, the rimening of the Art One Piece should now be the highest half of the whole half of the great route ...

"The neighborhood doesn't have to worry about it."

The pharmacist saw a corner, pushing his own glasses, and a little greetings on his own navy: "The senior and Didara are still busy ...

I took them when I borrowed the second-generation rigs, I heard that Month Moria fled from their hands, it is estimated that the king is still chasing the Queen Sea! "

"Hey, are you joking?"

The corners are holding their own arms, and they asked some horracted: "In this big sea, the scorpion and Didala can make the Moon Magola's demon fruit power to escape?"

As a ninja ...

As long as the mind is not like flying paragraphs ...

In this large sea, the Ninja faces the demon fruit power of the devil, as long as it can destroy the sea boat, it will let the demon fruit power caught in a desperate situation.

The ninja can walk in the sea without unscrupulous.

"Not a joke ..."

The pharmacist shakes his head. His mouth gradually hook, and he also revealed a curious smile: "It seems that there is a bit of trouble to the Moon Moria, let them be a little less happy ..."


At that time, the pharmacist listened, Didara and Red Sands said that when the Moon Mount Milly Milli Mission, a look of teeth, it seems to have a minority group, especially one of them. girl…

That little girl seems to be called Perore ...

It seems to be a ghost fruit capability.

This big sea does not think that it is so simple, there is a lot of unimbletable abilities in the world, and no one has the possibility of turning into the car ...

of course…

In addition to the first leader of the original navigation.

The pharmacist took his head and looked at the battle in the sky. Everyone told his movements and couldn't help but look at both sides of the air!

A group of dazzling golden light makes people can't see the figure of the original navigation and the yellow gob, they constantly disappear with the speed of light, and occasionally will show the truth!

Dofonteo helped his own sunglasses, smiled and said: "I feel this battle, it's almost the end?"

"Not too possible."

Miho couldn't help but wrinkled his own brows. "

They have not doubt the results of the original navigation will win.

Du Francang is because of the power of Unecheo Sasuke, and he also visited Unecheo Sasuke for the awe of Nairo, and he knew that Shang Nai will definitely have the power that exceeds Urcho.

What's more

Shangji Nai, I have already worked in the youth!

The guess of Eagle Eye Mikock is based on his own strength, he also knows the villain and pride of this well-known lead ...

Shangyuan Nair ...

It seems to be more preferred to defeat them in the field of enemies!

"It should be very fast."

The pharmacist has learned the original navigation compared to these two kings, and his face revealed a smile of a deep and long: "Needers know that we can't delay the time, he will not delay your part because of his interest. "

When you say this, the smile on your face is getting deeper and deeper: "Let's mention, no one can make Neutral adults have enough interest ... The Huangqi general is only a little interest in Nairu. Willing to accompany him for a while ... "


The expression of the eagle eye is a little subtle.

Does this guy actually use the battle of the Navy to play as a play?

The pharmacist looked at the eagle eye rice Hoker, pushed his own glasses, and laughed and continued to open: "Once Needers are greasy or tired, it is tired." This battle didn't have time! "

The pharmacist is not the best under the ministries of the original navigation.

In the next moment, a group of golden light in the sky suddenly gathered into the figure of Shangyuan Na, his palm suddenly explored, and a golden light was like a barrier.

These gold barriers have grown up!

The body of the Huangjiao's elementalized body was wrapped in these gold barriers, so that the Navy's general is in another cage!


These prisoners have a layer of layers, still shrinking!

"Eight feet Qiong !"

There is two lights between the yellow oysters, and there are countless pasteby photon bombs fall, as if they want to blow this cage directly!

However, after he just blows a gold barrier, another barrier has quickly added it. The space contracted by the prisoner is getting tighter and tighter, limiting the action of the yellow oyster!

Even if this golden prisoner is completeized to a rectangular cube that is just in the size of the body, it is still not stopped!

"Is this going to kill me directly?"

The darkness of the yellow ochma flashed a dignified, his body can only be elevated, avoiding the prisoner consisting of light directly crushed ...

The movement of the ability to use the ability to use the flash fruit is really unprecedented to let the Huanghuo have never seen before. Can you use the light to make a cage!

till the end…

This is only half-man size, which is filled with the light, which is filled with a dense Ma Ma, which is the elevated Huanghuo General ...

The Navy's general ...

Directly by Shangji Nai Luo!

"I don't want to kill my own collection ..."

Shangyuan Na will slowly extend his palm, manipulating the cage in front of his own, only patted this golden cage.

Shang Nai returned through the barrier of the golden cage, looked at the elevated yellow goblin in the bage, and the mouth said: "Huanghuo general, do you believe in light?"


The yellow cage in the golden cage did not answer.

Shangyuan Na will slowly shake his head, sighing a gas: "You don't believe in light of the power of light."


The yellow cage in the golden cage still has no answer.

In the next moment, the figure of Shangyuan Na will suddenly change, and a light shines from his body. His body instantly under the package of light, it is a golden giant!

The Golden Giant's Ray is a dazzling!

The golden giant's arm is horizontally intertwined, and a shining golden light is shining from the arm, and the golden cage of the gods is defeated!

Long-term take the initiative to maintain elementalization ...

However, it is very consumed that natural lines of fruitful power!

In the flash of the golden cage, the immersed yellow hook in the magence of leaving the cage, and finally couldn't help but restore their own body, and immediately hit the golden light!

is ...

It seems that there is no harm.

The golden giant waved his palm, and a group of armed colored dominements released from his palm, and instantly defeated the body!

That all-in-one color domineering ...

Directly run through the body of the yellow ok!

The body of the yellow ok is dropped from the air!

The navy cloak on the yellow body is broken, and the wolf fell on the island. His body is scarred everywhere, and the corner of the mouth can't help but spray a blood!

Golden giants slowly disappeared in the air ...

Shangyuan Nai's figure fell down, he bowed his head and looked at the heavy injured, his face revealed a regret: "This world, there is no existence of light ..."

Even if he fully broke the power of light element ...

It is still better than the power of armed high vigorously.

The yellow ok is listening to the question mark. He first raised his hand to surrender, and then reached out and slowly wipe it over the blood of his mouth.

Shangyuan Nai's words ...

It is really not to touch the mind.

Don't say that the Navy's generals don't understand the meaning of the original Needle, even a few members don't touch the mind, but this does not mean that they have no appropriate answers.


The pharmacist walked to the front of the original Nairi, pushed his own glasses, laughed and opened: "Maybe there is this world before the light, but the world has a neighborhood, no need to exist ..."

The pharmacist looked at the yellow gum on the ground, quietly continued: "The gods such as Neigant are really shining the light of this sea ..."