I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 507 is no wonder that the guy of the red dog has changed!

Pharmacist pocket this guy ...

It is worthy of being the most important part of the original Needs!

The people present are simply confused. They have not yet smashed the original Nairi, and the pharmacist has given an answer that can't pick it up.

"All right."

Shangji fell to the shoulders of the drug teacher, and looked at the body of the yellow ozzid: "Let's take a look at our generals!"

"The old man is already surrendered."

The body is hurt everywhere, but his mentality has no change, even smiles: "It's really unique, you have a sparkling capacity that makes the old man amazed."

In the battle, the yellow god couldn't help but doubt what they had fallen, because the original navigation seems to have developed more capabilities.

This guy…

It is really strong!

Moreover, the armed colored domineering from the last broke out, let the Huanghuo can't help but be surprised, the strength of the armed tiles is absolutely comparable to Capu!

"Even if you change your fate, you can't change your own destiny ..."

Shangji, I watched the yellow bullish stalls, whispered: "Huang Juan, I guess you will not mind if I give you some gift?"

"what is it then?"

The yellow hook is still smiling, but his eyes have exposed a warehouse. This guy will not give him a jujube?

"Because you didn't take Xiao as your own home ..."

The original Nairou has extended his palm, a black hole gave birth from his hand, a rare worm drilled out from the black hole.

Seven tails, heavy!

Shangqi Nae returned to the heavy corner, softly open: "And I guess you may never let the rest, so I plan to give you something, do you want to mind?"

As the gap of the Navy's general, it is really not the right to find the right-sex, maybe the eight tail may be more appropriate, but it is too wasteful!

Even if you are seven tails, the corners are not very happy.

The corner wrinkled and wrinkled, I couldn't help but ask: "Do you want to give this guy seven tail? Shang, the Shangyuan, there is no extravagant!"

This leader ...

It's really a defeated!

"Just used to monitor him."

Shangyuan Nairou does not make it to spread his palm: "Because in my future plan, the Navy is especially important, we must ensure that the power of the Navy must be in our control ..."

"I still feel too wasteful."

The corner can't help but look at the yellow and open: "Hey, can not kill this guy, support the pocket to become a neighborhood general?"

"This is very trouble ..."

Shangji shook his head, laughed and continued to explain: "And, I hope that the Navy's general will truly become a member of our well-known! Isn't their power?"

The three major parts of the Navy.

Every general is a monster, plus their devil's ability, and there is no doubt that can become a high-level force.

These generals ...

Still very useful.

And this is also for the sake of yellow.

If the yellow gossel can not join the tissue, when the Qing and the red dog directly jumps to expose the identity, only the yellow gob is still loyal to the navy ...

Isn't it too embarrassed?

"What is this ... looks ..."

The yellow goblooked in the seven tail, and his eyes showed a little suspicion.

Huanghuo doesn't know the seven tail, he just thinks this ugly looks and not ridiculous big bugs, will not give him a pet?

"This is the gift of God."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at the yellow goblue of the face. The low voice: "Huang Juan, this is the gifted gift!

If you can get its recognition, your strength will get huge, the price is just a free free ... "

"Don't say so horrible ... pocket ..."

Shangyuan Nai is laughing, and slowly waits his palm.

The seven tail is heavy in his manipulation, and it turns into a group of Chakra flows to the body of the yellow gob. It is a strong firm in the voice of Shangyuan Na.

"Don't you need it?"

The look of the yellow gob is a little less beautiful: "The old man has promised that you will add a little ..."

I stuffed a monster in my body, but I won't hurt myself?

Do you believe in this sentence?

This is not a saying at all!

However, with the seven-tailed chakra flowing into the body, Huanghuo finally slowly felt that there was a lot of creatures, and there were more new power.

In his spiritual world ...

The huge geese is waiting there, as if it is possible to violent, deprive of his body control!

Shangyuan Nairou appeared in the spiritual world of Huangbo, he slowly opened: "So, heavy, Huang Juan, I hope you can get along well, don't make everyone unhappy."

When I said here, I got the original Nairu to warn a sentence: "If there is any problem, you can go directly to your friends red dog, you have two people, there is something to communicate privately ..."


The eyes of the yellow gob have fallen on the original Nairi, and the mouth is slightly smoked, revealing a weird smile: "Sakaski guy ... Will not be a member?"


Can't it be true!

Even if the yellow has always psychological quality ...

But after hearing this news, the yellow oxa still can't believe it.

If you say that the yellow ourselves surrendered, you can accept it, and you can accept the tissue of the Youth Pain, because two of them are destined that they will not care about this identity ...


The red dog is absolutely impossible to surrender!

The yellow gob is very understanding of his friend. The guy of the red dog is justified. When I met the group of guys who couldn't work, he should be preferred to join!

"Yeah, he is also a person."

Shangqi Nairou interrupted the pain of the yellow ok: "The red dog is more than you than you ... he has been used to the strength of the four tails!"

"Four tails? Seven tails?"

The brow of the yellow gobfold wrinkled, but the heart was not relieved in autonomous: "Is there a similar monster in Sakaski ...?"

This feeling is a bit subtle.

"Don't say that it is a monster, this is not conducive to you."

At the last navigation, I looked at the yellow ok. A pair thought about him: "How? What is the pressure in my heart? You and the Red Dog At the same period at the naval training camp, it is a colleague in the naval, and is in the organization Also colleague ... "


The yellow gossy is getting delicate.

Although the original Na retail this guy is correct, if there is the same monster in the body of the dog, then this matter seems to be temporarily accepting ...

After the hurting of the yellow gob, when I went to the G1 branch base to explore the red dog, I felt that the red dog became strong, I thought it was deeper ...

And always lamented a short life ...


The guy has joined the organization in private!

The yellow squats flashed and thought of a question: "Ah ... If this is counted, the Navy's general two ... is it already a bedriver?"

This figure is somewhat dangerous!

If it is just that Huang himself has joined the organization, then he still puts water to touch the fish, and it seems that there is no great impact on the navy ...

If the bare dog is also joined ...

Do you want to rely on lazy green? The Navy may be so late sooner or later.

Shangyuan Naou did not answer the problem of the yellow ok, just hook his mouth: "This thing ... go back and ask the red dog!"

This kind of thing ...

How is he embarrassed?

"All right."

At the last navigation, I watched the yellow ok, and the opening continued: "The seven tails are very helpful to you, just you can go to the New World's G1 branch, from the red dog, some intelligence about the tail beast and people He knows much more than you ... "

After that, I immediately took out the spiritual world of the yellow ok.

The goal of this trip is basically reached.

The martial artifacts are resolved by the crisis of the White Beard One Piece.

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai Eagle Eye Miko, the world's first sword, joined the organization, and the last free Navy's generals have been forced to joined in half a semi-active semi.

In addition to these, the original Nairi has completed the task about the eagle eye hood and the general, and has been quite rich.

Branch mission: defeat the Navy's generals Huang Chi (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 180,000 points, armed tall domineering 180,000 points, seeing color domineering 180,000 points.

The ability of the yellow gob should be the most trouble ...

Unfortunately, the system reward is slightly weak in the red dog.

Branch mission: The three major parts of the Navy will be submitted for their own (33), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 500,000 points, the armed colors are 500,000 points, seeing the color domineering 500,000 points.

This task reward ...

It is the most luxurious reward to date!

Even if I haven't seen this level of rewards, I have never seen this level of rewards, but this is normal, because once the generals of the Navy are convinced, it means that there is already absolutely suppressed general power ... I can't be alone. ?

In addition to these fixed three-dimensional rewards, there is a hidden task reward.

And this hidden task is still the task completed by the pharmacist, and the original Nair is just behind the scene.

Hidden task: Let the yellow gobs experience the feeling of being played (11), the task has been completed, fixed reward skill light.

The bondage of light: The use of light elements to form a small cage to limit the enemy, block the enemy's actions, and the minimum energy energy is 100 points, and the cooling time is not.

It is this hidden reward, and I will be so easy to defeat the yellow ok.

This is a success for the original Nairi ...

Perhaps the only regret ...

It is Red sand and Didara actually played by Per Lua, so that there is no solving another king seven Wuyue Guang Molia, but fortunately they have not exposed their identity ...

This sea is absolutely can't look small ...

Now, the big action, is finally over.

After the Acholar array of the entire small island, all members of the members and the mandarin were reincarnated. Under the order of the original Na, each returned to each other.

It is estimated that there is not much a few people in the entire sea, and when their eyes are still in the balance of hundred beasts, the strength of the Bennei is ... The strength of this world has already happened, has already happened.

However, they will know soon.