I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 508 Since the joining the child, I feel that life is still old, is it really needed?

The big sea news bird is in a mess.

News From the previous few days reported that Unecheo Sasuke and the rings of the two super new stars were started to boast the navy to expel the Baorence.

The entire newspaper re-praised the harvest of the Navy's new generation of the pharmacist and the power of the Navy's general.

Really ...

Do these news newspapers are not greasy?

The new world of great navigation.

G1 Branch Navy Base.

After the end of the organization, everyone returned to each home, and the pharmacist chose to return to Malin Fanto, and the yellow bonus rushed to the G1 branch base and the red dog.

When the yellow gob is coming to here, there is no need to say anything to the red dog. The two people have perceived each other in the vicinity of the beast.


Where is it ...

Everyone is still my own!

The red dog is sitting in his office, holding a cigar with a cigar, looking at the newspaper in his hand, spitting a smoke: "Hey, it seems that it is a hundred beasts, or our Navy, It has been manipulated by the guy ... "

"This is also something that there is no way ..."

The yellow gob is sitting on the sofa next to the red dog, and the hot air on the tea cup is slowly blowing: "Anyway, we have added it now ..."

After the Huanghuo said here, suddenly looked up to the red dog, smiled and said: "I really didn't expect that the future of the Navy will probably fall in our lazy primary school brother ..."

The yellow nickee is naturally referring to the green.

If the red dog heard the yellow ok, his face has risen out of an anger: "Kuzana guy ... is added earlier than us!"


The movement of the yellow ok is a bit stiff. He slowly lows his head and drinking tea: "Oh ... I look like this, we still have a colleague!"

"Your guy is slightly clever!"

The red dog looks at the attitude of the yellow god, and the anger has more, "I originally want to remind you to act with the pharmacist's boy ... I didn't expect you to take the phone or didn't change it!"

"Don't say this ..."

The yellow ganquited sighs: "Things have come to this point, everyone doesn't want ... What should we do?"

The yellow goblin continued to drink a broth, and sighed a little: "Since it is already like this, it seems that it seems serious ..."

Since the three major parts of the Navy will be the undercover of Xiaoxiao, the days after they are old and old, and they are reluctant to bring any hazards to the Navy ...

This seems to be different from the life of the yellow ok.

It feels that life is still old, it is not necessary to add Xiao Xiao, because the colleague is also the undercover, and even there is no sense of insider!

"Hey, give me a little more!"

The anger of the red dog is can't help but get a layer: "Your guy doesn't want to find this strange monster, it will be serious!

Before we are exposed by our undercover, at least you will do more peace of this sea! "

The attitude of the red dog is different from the yellow gob.

Original red dog also wants to learn yellow to touch the fish, but now the situation is different.

Since the Navy's part has been completely infiltrated, he will take advantage of himself to do things with the army of the Navy, so it is necessary to be more diligent!

Before you expose, you can catch more the pirates for this sea, how can you have to have you!

Oh shit…

Now the situation of the Navy has been seriously reached this extent, and the three generals of the Navy and the new generation of Leni will be under the control of the information!

Why is the mentality of the yellow ok?


The red dog suddenly felt that his mentality did not change.

In addition to more layers, the other is nothing to change. The diligent man is the hard-working person, lazy guy is still the lazy guy, the general of touching the fish is the general of the fish.

"To say, don't you feel weird?"

The yellow gob has slowly erected his fingers, put forward a question: "The guy of the pharmacist brocuated, the contribution to the Navy is far greater than his harm ... After he became a navalist, the war reduced more than half."

"Oh, just look ..."

The red dog snorted, reached out a document on the table: "The guy louned in Malin Fanto, must have a bigger conspiracy!"

"Although I guess it too ..."

The yellow gob shook his head slowly, suddenly opened: "Sakaski, what do you think is the faintness of the pirate?"


After the red dog was silent, I put down the documents in my hand.

The Navy's general looked up and looked at the yellow goblin.

When I said here, the red dog suddenly interrupted his own words, slowly closed his palm, and the brow wrinkled: "Say, I will get along with the four-tailed Sun Wukong ...

From Sun Wukong, I know a little detailed intelligence, about Xiaoxiao's leader, these are the intelligence, no, no, or the sex of the guy, he has not collected too much information. "

Original red dog said well ...

As a result, when I said the green, I couldn't help but up!

Mom, the people of the Qing Dynasty were lazy to a certain level!

Obviously, the guy is the first to join the generals in these three, and there is no better understanding of this organization!

"My Sun Wukong may not deceive me ..."

The red dog slowly closes his palm, holding his chin, Shen Sheng: "These tail beasts are also like the knell guys, these tail beasts prefer to call the original naval to walk in the world." "


The mouth of the yellow squat, I remembered the battle of myself, and he couldn't help but laughed: "If you say it, according to him can easily crush my strength, that person seems to be really called For God! "

"I am not discussing the problem."

The red dog interrupted the yellow ok, and the cold voice continued: "I still remember the title of Tianlong people in the world ... they claim to be the descendants of God! Because the 20 kings who have established the World Government are also known as God ... "

The red dog looked at the yellow goblio, and the sound of Shen continued: "God this title is not casually useful, the first leader, his mind may also want to reconstruct the world as the twenty king!"

this matter…

The red dog has never said it.

Nowadays, the red dog talks for the Chinese, because of their friendship, as well as the same fate.

If you know the organization really want to overthrow the world government's order ...

A situation got to explore the power of the world order, try to subvert the world, but will cause a big change!

And the naval generals in these navals, but they have to be honest, will be in a very embarrassing situation.

Perhaps it is because of this ...

Pharmacist pocket a little bit of the navy's power, constantly accumulating the prestige of the Navy, and the organization also deliberately assembles these naval general?

"Ah, if you are right ..."

The mouth of the yellow goblin suddenly came out of a smile, turned to see the red dog: "Safaski, what is the relationship with us?"

The yellow smile shakes his head and renewed his cup: "Why is it ... we are just a navy ... Continue to capture a pirate?"

The yellow gob is slowly drinking tea, pushing his own glasses, laughing and continuing: "Sakaski, just make a good intention of his inner justice ...%, now we can't do it more More! "

"you're right!"

The red dog has slowly holds his arm, Shen Sheng: "Now there is no problem in the new world, tomorrow, I will go back to the Base, Malin Fan Domo!"


"Calling Shanguo Zang, ask the drug teacher!"

The red smoke of the screw dog, his voice is shamped to continue: "If Xiazhen wants to change the order of the world, if you rule the world ... they want to put the naval justice!"

The red dog's fist is heavy, and the magma burned the table at a little bit: "No, just let go now, lest the time!"

Talk about it.

The red dog and the yellow ok directly board the warships, and they rushed back to the Navy's Ma Lin Fan Dia through the Holy Land of the Tsuan Continent.

Just, the Navy's generals gathered gathered in Malin Fanto.

When I saw the red dog and the yellow oh, he also knew that the yellow gob is joined in the same line, and everyone is on the same line. Their three generals seem to be returned to the previous state.

Perhaps because everyone has another layer of identity ...

When the red dog saw the green gob, there was no indifferently, but the sound opened him: "Kutzang, we have something to talk, come together!"

"Oh, no such thing ..."

The green punch patted his forehead, slowly swallowing: "Just come back to take the town Malin Fanto, I go out to patrol ..."

"Ku Zang!"

The red dog has interrupted the Qing's words, and the open mouth of the cold, "now the situation is very dangerous, I have a very important thing!"


The green flaming is scratched.

Red dog, how is it still so much!

According to the attitude of the Qing, now the three major people of the Navy will be the undercover of Xiaoxiao. Everyone is always in the navy, and the fish is not just good?

in fact…

I wouldn't ask for a bad thing to do.

And the organization will not harm the navy.

Because you have a private contact with private contact, he can know the situation and Shangyuan Niki attitude through Nicole Robin ...

During this time, there is more than the bare dogs.

According to Nicole Robin, which is far and the country, today has more powerful members, with tens of thousands of peripheral arms.

And it is said that the policy of being in and the country is nothing happier, and even more friendly for civilians, maybe in the future, it can bring order and peace in the world.

of course…

Youth Ganzan believes even if he said, it is estimated that the red dog and the yellow gob will not believe that he simply is directly in Malin Vantra.


Youth looked at the still bare dog, and also looked at the hiker of the expression. I could only nodded: "Then we find a drop in a place?"

Say ...

They will seem to have never gone!

Or say that you are unilaterally unilaterally, because he and the red dog don't read each other ...

Now because of the things of the organization, the red dog and the blueness now, I don't know if it is gradually getting better, but it is even worse ...

This world is really outrageous.

The first meeting of the Navy's first party is not because they are the world's highest power, but because they are all undercover.