I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 509 gradually introduces you to the tissue

Marin Fanto.

A hot spring soup.

Three Navy's generals are tanded, and the chest is bubble in the hot spring. Three people can't help but slowly squint their eyes and enjoy the long-awaited relaxation.

Especially the red dogs and cyan ...

During this time, the psychological pressure of two people is quite big.

Malin Fan Dodo has so many Navy. Once they know that the two Navy's generals are undercover, they have more despections. Now the three parties are all undercover, and it seems that I can accept it.

"Kuzan ..."

Huang Xiao smiled and turned his head and looked at the green goblin. He asked slowly: "What is the Tub praise? If there is nothing wrong, you can relax together ..."

"Oh, sometimes it will be in the sea and fish ..."

The cyan is slowly supported up his body, leaning on the stone in the bath, whispered: "Busasolino and Saskaski?"

"We are generally here ..."

The yellow guanhone looked at the red dog who closed his eyes. He smiled and said: "Men's life ... always need some different colors ..."

"Hey, Busasolino, don't say this will make people misunderstand."

The red dog broke the yellow ok, his arm was also on the stone, the pattern on the shoulders and the hand on the arm appeared: "Okay, let's talk about it, now the danger is not ignored. "

"I don't feel particularly dangerous."

Youth swallowed, slowly swallowed: "According to my intelligence here, Shangyuan Nai is a third generation leader, and the strength is the strongest existence in the leader of the past generation. It is said that the original navigation is only Failure once ... "


The mouth of the yellow god is grinned, and I have been a bit of interest: "It seems that our leader is not invincible!"

"Bolurasolino, you are a navy!"

The forehead of the red dog couldn't help but jumped. He glanced at the yellow gum, he said: "But you are not wrong, a failure ..."

"I think you should listen to me."

The greenness shakes his head, sighed and continued: "It seems that the original Nairi is twelve years old, and it is lost to the brother of Yiszo.

Hey, there are still some small news. It is said that Utizhi Boohed and Unechebra helped the brothers, have been in the palm of their palms, and he was controlled by his brothers. "

"Is this so small?"

The face of the yellow ok is some subtle.

The look of the red dog is very quirky.

Blue frost wrinkled his own brows and continued: "This is not called ... The guy regards everyone in the world as a chess piece.

But his heart is not too bad, and the results of handling anything is generally good, but the process is a little cruel ... "

When I said here, I thought about it, and I added it again: "Oh ... may, more than a little cruel."

This is really modest.

Where is cruel, distinct is cruel ...

Listening to the original navigation, it is a bit like a rainbow after the wind and rain, but there is not much psychological quality, it can be strong to the frenzy rain raining that is the original navigation ...

The green oan scratched his hair, sighed a good air: "Call, the guy is not as just as the navy, but it is not so evil ..."

"Hey, Guzan ..."

The eyeliner's eyelid shakes, snorted, "Remember your identity, you are the general of the Navy, your guy will not really become a whispering saying?"

Sakaski. "

The green spoons shook their heads slowly, got up to climb out from the bath: "I have no need to chat with you here, and have a waste of time here, it is better to think about it.

"Oh? Don't worry ..."

The yellow hook suddenly opened the blood, and smiled and slowly pulled the atmosphere between them: "Kutzan, Saskaski, now not a tatful relative! We will have the words, the group of groups may have better Master! "


The green goblin and the red dog have been caught in silence.

Huang Ji stood up and sat on the stone, reached out for himself on a bathrobe, smiled and said: "Suskaski has a guess, our leader has been called God, will be called God. Will not he want to replace the dragon people living in the Shengdi Marie Qiaoa, change the order of the world ... "

"I don't know this."

The greenness is also sitting, surrounded by a bathrobe, looking down at the water vapor in the bath, whispering: "According to the information you get here, the members of Shangyuan Na Lei are called God, even more Langming brother is no exception ...

In addition to the power of the original Nair, there is no opponent in this world, there is a reason why it is strange but recognized.

It is said that he is a person who has a reincarnation of the world before the millennium. Of course, there is no relationship with the slag slaughter of Tianlong people. This sounds like some son.

Although the original navigation has been denial, but the mother of the Millennium, that is, the beginning of God, is the point of her pro-recognition. "

The green span has opened his arm, and it is not angry. "If you follow your statement, the original Nairu is that the guy wants to replace the dragon people, and it is not a bad thing.

Nowadays, the organization of occupation and the country is a big camp. The civilians in the closed country seem to be better than civilians in other countries in this world, even if they are homeless or have a place ... "

This is true.

Because the civilians and aristocrats of the country are equal, at least in terms of nominals are equal, for example, in civilians and nobles will receive education in the same environment.

Perhaps they differ from the gap between the rich and the poor.

However, civilians really have an opportunity to pass their own efforts, and no longer rely on the giving of the noble or king.

the most important is…

Even if the Ninja Legion under Xiaoyu, you must not hurt innocent civilians, and anyone must comply with the peace rules developed by the organization.

And after the country is flat, there is no orphanless death or starving to death, even if Nicole Robin is surprised.

This world ...

No country can't do it!

These ones…

It is the reason why you are truly aware of the attitude of the organization.

And you can do this step, no matter what you want, you can't think of a bad guy, this is that the group wants to knock down the World Government's revolutionary army has not done!

If you don't know that Nicole Robin will not deceive himself, you don't believe it is a bit ...

After the young spots said a bunch, scratched his hair, sighed a good air: "If there is a chance, let's go to the country to see it!"

"And the country can be very dangerous."

After listening to the green goblin, the red dog couldn't help but frown, Shen Sheng said: "It is a Thaedian site there? Although the organization is invaded, but it also has to cross the sea of ​​Thara. After eliminating the 100th beast, after Custom, you can pass ... "

"There should be no problem in our words."

The green swan shakes his head, and she will continue to look at: "If the words come back, the beast is under the control of the control?"


A voice suddenly fell into their ears.

If there is no sigh, the three generals have changed, and their opinion is not aware that there is anyone in the dark!

Next moment, a big snake suddenly slammed out from the bath!

This big snake slammed the blood of the blood, slowly spit out the body of the pharmacist, and he pushed his glasses and looked up and looked at the three part of the general smile ...

This scene makes people see it hurt some ...

This pharmacist ...

What power is it?

The pharmacist opened his palm, laughed and opened: "The gods goussing is true, the beastsharpicious group is the periphery of Xiaoyu ... If you want to go to the country, just need to go to Nerat Apply well. "

After the pharmacist said, the eyes slowly stayed in the body of the green, his mouth slightly hook: "The words come back, the gods will actually know so many news, it should be the lady of Robin, tell you. "

"Nicole Rob ..."

The red dog's brow is wrinkled, Shen Sheng: "Is that year from O'Jara Escape the devil's devil? Kutz, this year, you put her away!"

The yellow ,,

The attitude of the yellow octus is still ambiguous.

Some things can do, some can not do.

Now it is indeed the responsibility of the cyan, let alone, they seem to find Nicole Robin's position, it is said that she has been following the neighborhood ...

If you count this ...

Youth can always know the original Nicole in the mouth of Nicobin?

The yellow and red dog can't help but look at the green goblin. This has always been a very lazy school, and it is actually use of spies!


The spies of the green gout are a bit anti-effect.

It is not a strategic enemy, but he is against himself.

After I learned enough information after giving you a sufficient information in the mouth of Nik Robin, you may have to take yourself into the organization.

The pharmacist didn't care about this effect. His face flashed a smile on the bottom of the people: "Youth goblin, it seems that Ms. Nicole seems to collect information more than the imagination, I I can't help but let her join the CP organization ... "

"Don't hinder her life."

I took a cold on the green, he calmly spread his palm: "This is what I let her do it, and the people who know, Robin will not refuse my request, let alone her also Didn't really do something wrong? I am also a member of Xiao. "

I am also a member of Xiao.

This sentence is obviously very copied.

There is more weighty than other words that you said.

Even if it is a parenchyma, I have a bit helpless. What should I say this? Youth and Nicole Robin have really not doing anything wrong, Shangyuan Needs will not be considered more ...

And Nicole Robin is also very smart.

Even if the pharmacist wants to adjust Nicole, it is not so easy to say ...

Because Nicole Robin has not yet doing things, this time has always been in the country to read the historical text, and she will naturally choose the highest status of the country.

That is the teacher Xiao Nan.

Therefore, Nicole Robin is that he has heard a lot of the story about Shang Shang, and also knows the gap between this teacher.

The leader actually listened to the teacher. The strength is strong. It is actually a good kind of good child (possibly incorrect), often likes a person in the mouth, too soft ...

In fact, the original, his ear, is also very soft ...

This matter…

It is quite confused.

Nicole Robin has reduced a lot of vigilance.

If Nicole Robin follows the original navigation for a while, I have seen the original navigation, I have been doing a person, she really doubts that the Shangyuan is a fake ...

It is precisely because Nicole Robin told you to talk about these interesting stories, so that you have a lot of good feelings on the original navigation.