I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 510 CP9 Boss, Nicole Robin

"Say it back, we say what it doesn't matter ..."

The yellowness touched his own chin, and smiled slowly: "Paps, after all, we are also members ... You won't be monitoring us?"

"of course not."

The pharmacist opened his palm, laughed and laughed: "How do I have to waste time? I just have to find a young general, just listening to it ..."

"What do you come to see?"

The red dog slowly stood up and put on his bathrobe.

"The most important thing to know is fair."

The pharmacist looked at the green goblin, smiled and opened: "Because only the young goblin did not have the beast, Needers were worried about being unfair enough to you, when the San Suanji was given me, let me help you seal the three tails. Let you become a three-tailed person. "

When I said here, the pharmacist took the head to look at the red dog and the yellow gob, and laughed and continued: "It seems that you should know how much it can be improved to your strength, this is the gift of God. ""

"There is no need to ..."

Qingyan hooks, just want to reject this.

Although the tail beast is not small for them, but the greenness knows some. Once it becomes a column, this means that their body will be clamped in the tail, and even always monitored.

"Youth goblin."

The pharmacist smiled and spread his palm and whispered: "God's gift, I believe that someone will not refuse, you will never refuse, right?"

"Pocket staff ..."

The green gyzykly, I saw the pharmacist asked: "Are you threatening me? I am also a member of Xiaoyu, in addition to the original leader, the members we know should have no top level. "

In the message of Nik Robin, the top-level relationship of the whole organization is not strict, in addition to the original naver, all members are equal to equality.

This is still quite important.

Because Nicole Robin is very clear, she is worried that the unreasonable requirements of the Qing Dynasty may have an accident, so I have a special reminder.

If you really have no retreat, you don't need to fear the pharmacist.

Of course, don't get sin.

Because the pharmacist is the heart of the original neck.

Moreover, this person who follows the original navigation for a long time, he also learned some little temper, such as the small gas and revenge ...

What's more, the IQ of the Pharmacumn is very high, and it will kill people die at a slight place.


When I heard the blood, the eyes of the pharmacist squatted.

The mouth of the pharmacist couldn't help but hook, showed a smile: "Youth gods will be correct, but let you transplanted Sanwaoxico, it is the task that Needar is gave to me ... Do you really intend to refuse? ? "

The pharmacist has opened his palm and laughed and continued: "As a member of Xiaoyu, I believe that anyone will refuse Neurone, right?"

"Oh, no right ..."

The green flaming scratched his hair, slowly swallowed: "If I have not remembered the wrong, I seem to be more comfortable than I imagined, and the original gentleman does not like some small things ..."

This matter is also Nicole Robin told you.

In fact, the original naval is still in front of these people, and there is often no leader. I encountered any unreasonable order, and the members of Xiaoyu can also raise their own opinions.

For example, Didarana guy.

For example, the old senior.

The original Naidu basically does not refuse their requirements.

of course…

If you deliberately provocation ...

It is definitely to arrange my life.

The pharmacist looked at the green goblin, pushed his own glasses, and nodded slowly, laughed: "The gods generally said, but as a part of the neighborhood, I don't think there should be someone to take the Nairo adult. Tolerance, Wood as yourself ... "

The corner of the pharmacist is still smiling, keeping the road calm: "Forget it, since the Qing Dynasty is unwilling, then this is like this!"

The pharmacist left the bath with a step away from him, recruited: "The Qing Dynasty, I will wait for you here, after ten minutes, you will definitely change your mind ..."


Youth is still doing.

No matter what, he will not change your idea.

After seeing the pharmacist, Huang Jun couldn't help but touch his chin, slowly swallowing the mouth: "If this kind of words, it doesn't matter?"

"Xiao is still very tolerant."

The green spoof slowly turned his head and looked at the yellow and screwdriver. The low voice: "We are a member of Xiao, as long as there is a very high autonomy ..."

This is the utilization of rules.

As long as they have quite high freedom, they are more free than those of the Navy.

To be honest…

Member of Xiaoyu ...

In fact, it is more attractive than the Navy.

If you can, you can really want to resign from the general position, the corner, the people, the hundreds of thieves, will not be too easy ...

When you say this, you will have lazy waist, play a yawn, lazy sitting in the tea table: "I feel that there is no change in life and the past, if you accept this fact, actually make more easier A little ... "

"It seems really this ..."

The yellow gob is also sitting in the table, slowly opening: "If it is not the seven tail of the old man, I will forget myself.

I feel that this organization does not use our way, it is clear that we can do more things to do ... "


The red dog is sitting next to them, and the sound is open: "Don't relax vigilance, who knows the group of guys ..."



A rush of the phonology interrupted their communication.

The brow, the brow, can't help but wrinkle, it is rare to find that the people of the Huanghuo are still very good, and the guy of the red dog seems to be more than the past.

Qingli is looking for it with your colleagues ...

Really, this time ... Who is called?

When I was slowly swallowing myself, I came back to Nicole Robin.

Two people didn't talk about it, Robin said that there was a matter of work: "Why do you want to refuse the power of Sanguanjo, Shanghao, but it is not easy to agree to my proposal ..."

"what the hell…"

The green gang squatted his forehead, and it didn't matter to sway: "Hey, Robin, I don't need the power of Sanjo ..."


Is the three tail of Nico Robin? I really don't know how Robin thinks, actually let him transplant three tails ...


Nicole Robin's voice, there was a strong firm, and her tone is a lot of pleading: "Qing Yong, the original Mr. promised me, as long as you become a three-tailed person, he will relieve you Dark Contract ... "


The green gout can't be silent.

The dark contract in his body is the first navigation to enroll in order to avoid him betrayal, a clamping that is more horrible than being a column.

Say ...

Youth is almost almost, forget this.

What is he has gradually accepted the idea. Naturally, it will not care about this contract, and it will not care about the threat of contract. Life is just a dead ...

did not expect…

Nicole Robin still remembers this threat.

"Youth, I said, don't do a stupid thing ..."

In the phone insects, Nicole Robin's voice is slightly lower: "Remember that you have promised me before, no matter what happens, we must live well ..."


The green sparries hit the phone in his hand, whispered: "I know, Robin, I will go to find the pharmacist" "


The corner of the yellow ok couldn't help but wipe a weird smile.

The face of the red dog is hidden. No matter how it is, he still can't see the son of Qing and the demon.

After a few minutes.

The three major generals of the Navy stood in front of the pharmacist.

The greenness looked at the yellow and red dog around, and sighed, he looked at the pharmacist: "So, let's discuss the time of transplantation!"

"Now you can."

The mouth of the pocket is still smiling.

The face of the yellow goblue can't help but reveal a shower: "If you say this, you have to leave Malin Van ..."

"There is no need."

The pharmacist has led his palm and took the arm of the green, slowly opened: "Huang Juan, I am the Navy's department, how can I leave a job!"

A spatial vortex suddenly appeared.

At this moment, the spatial vortex has incorporated the Qing Dynasty and the pharmacist.

When they reappeared, the blood of the green gout has got three tail of Chakra, which has become a three-tail column.


The eyes of the green goblin are more dignified.

The pharmacist has sneaked into the undercover of the navy, not only relying on IQ, and there is this strange ability!

Just as the Qing Wei wanted to leave, he suddenly turned to look at the pharmacist, asked: "Hey, Pocket, Robin In order to relieve the dark contract on my body, let me become a three-tail column, what is the price? ? "

"Nothing price."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and smiled his eyes: "Just think that she has to deal with her least."

The pharmacist took the head and looked at the tall Qing, smiling and continued: "This is not a bad thing, the gods, you have the opportunity to meet often ..."

"What do you mean?"

Blue fries crumpled his brow.

"It's really interesting."

The pharmacist took his forehead and smiled: "Remember the CP9 department of Needar in the dark? The highest meeting of the talents will send a group of dark part, responsible for enriching this intelligence department.

Because Nicole Robin excellent intelligence can be helped for your price, she will be sent to the seven water, serve as the secret of the large-scale CP9, assist me to add the secret of the secret to the CP9 department ... "


Youth is silent.

In the next moment, the green gyzykly, licking his own eyebrow.

Why Nicole Robin has a super-high reward devil, a person who has been chased by CP agents, will become a boss of CP9?

This world is definitely broken?