late at night.

Seven water capital.

On this water urban terminal, a group of people hide in the corner, they are the CP9 departments of the new boss.

Just as the CP agent chats with the CP agents, a tall figure slowly walked over them, and his footsteps somewhat disturbed in the middle of the night.

CP agents were immediately alarmed.

Rob Road and the people look forward to vigilance, watching the tall man from the distance, soon, they saw the appearance of the people.

"Green Span General!"

The Carley Fifak in the CP agent is slightly, and the face is suddenly confused: "Green spar is general, how can you be in seven water?"

"Hey, let's take a look at your new boss ..."

The green oan fits the hair that is scratching, looking down over the agents present, the mouth mutter: "You are also, have people not come yet?"

"Yes, I have to wait for a while."

Rob, Luqi reached out, looked at his watch, loudly replied: "When you contact them, you will not be far away from the seven water ..."

A surmity interrupted the words of Rob Road.

With the surge of the sea tide, a merchant ship suddenly appeared from the fog of the night, slowly parked on the port of the port.

A group of young men in a group of suit came down the boat in three or five, and some weird is somewhat strange, as if they may launch an attack at any time, these suit men are scattered, and they are vigilant. Case.

These suit men quickly noticed that the Rob Road, a gang, a tall Navy, a general, and they immediately surrounded.

A group of suits came out of a white hair, and he looked up at the blue gob of the scene, and looked at the special workers of CP9, smiled and said: "Do you know how Carera Shipbuilding Company ?"

"You can walk with us."

Rob Jochi stretched his palm in the white hair: "I am the captain of Rob Road, CP9, and the current highest sanner."

"Well ... I am a flag, Kasi."

White hair slowly held his palm, turned his head and reached his palm towards the Qing Wei: "The words said, why is the Navy? Why is it here?

How do you feel your body, Sanxuan Chekra is going to disclose it, is the pharmacist does not help you apply a seal? "

to be frank…

The sensory of the flag-like Carti is not bad, because the Navy's generals are as if they are asleep at any time.

Well, this general is a lazy person.

In this regard, Kaki believes that they are also similar.

"Hey, there is no need to seal."

The green gyzykly, his hand, holding his hand, holding Kakasi's hand, his eyes may not be said: "I heard the name from Robin ..."

"Ha, is this?"

The flag-like Kakasi patted his forehead, and loosened the necklaces, slowly swallowed: "Hey, this is confirmed to be safe, go to Miss Robin to go to the boat!"

"Yes, Caassi captain!"

A long walk in a suit in a suit, several longitudinal jumped back to the merchant ship.

The greenness saw this scene, and the brow couldn't help but jumped: "Why do this feel like a nobility, what happened?"

"This is also something wrong ..."

Flag Kakasi smashed his forehead, whispered: "After all, we have come to see you, I don't know much about the situation in the first half of the great route, the first task we receive is to protect her safety ..."


The brow's brows can't help but jump.

The whole half of the great route is called the paradise, basically there is no strong hundred pirate, the only active is the art hundred pirates and corners, flying a gang, and his occasionally patrol the Navy of the Navy of the first half of the year ...

Take the organization ...

The first half of the great route can be used as their back garden!

Just at this time, a high-heeled shoes tapped into their ears, a woman wearing a hat slowly walked out of the merchant ship.

The woman reached out his palm of her hand, and her mouth showed a touch of laughter, whispering said: "In fact, there is no need to be so nervous, what should we don't encounter? Mr. Cardi ... "

"The dangers from the enemy are of course not worried."

Flagkarcasi kneaded his forehead, some helplessly responded: "But the danger of your own people is more trouble ... Miss Robin, you should not want to see the corner, the guy, you should invite you from time to time. Cooperation? "


Nicole Robin is done.

The corner is that person, saying that it is exhausted.

Nicole Robin shakes his head and sighed, slowly went to their side, and looked up to the goblin, smile couldn't help it on her face.

"I haven't seen it for a long time, and you will."

Nicole Robin looked at the goblin, smiled and continued: "I have a fulfilled agreement in this year. I have lived very well in my country. I found a lot of new companions, blue? "


The expression of the green squat is subtle. He seems to have thought of what I thought, I couldn't help but help my forehead: "I ... my colleague relationship has improved a lot ..."

This is really embarrassing.

In addition to and yellow, the two old guys have improved their colleagues, at other times, it is basically lying on the island to sleep, lying on the frozen sea, hiding in the office of Malin Fanto, sleeping , Riding a bicycle sleeping ...

It is a bit embarrassing, Nicole Robin is seriously living, but he has been sleeping.

"Okay, don't say too much, I just don't worry, come over and see."

The green gathered his fingers, knocked the hat of Nik Robin, kneeling, looking at Robin's eyes, whisper: "What is annoying in the future, just play my phone directly ,I go first."

Originally, I was worried about what happened to Nicole Rob and CP9. The Qing Dynasty came from Malin Van.

It seems that there is no problem with this side.

Because Nik Robin brought the twenty dark squad from the country, it should be not worried about her safety.

"Green Pan?"

Nicole Robin's eyes showed a little confusion, and the brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and it was embracted out his palm to grasp the sleeves of the green goblin: "We just met, will you go so soon?" "

"Well, I can't stay here for it."

The green gouting stood up and nodded slowly, and the palm of his hand was put on Robin's hat. Which step will you go? "

" ..."

Nicole Robin can't help but want to continue to say something.

However, the greenness just rolled his head in Nicole, and stopped her wanted to say.

When this tall man went to a black shadow, a bicycle was pushed from é, slowly riding a bicycle disappeared in the night.

There is a mistake in the night ...

People can listen, the mood of the green gout seems good.

Flagmasi scratched his white hair, looked at the location of the darkness of the Qing Dynasty, sighed: "The guy ... is a cool man!"


Nicole Robin's mouth revealed a smile, and she turned into a member of CP9, such as Rob, and she resumed solemnly.

"Okay, let's find a place!"

Nicole Robin's eyes gradually became serious, she went to continue: "According to the order of the original Mr. and the highest meeting, I will come to the CP9 department ... Rob, Mr. Lu, who is your direct boss? ? "


The CP agents present were subtle.

Because the CP9 department lurked before the seven water, I have been responsible for catching the son of Nik Robin, but often fled by her ...

I really didn't think ...

The world is reincarnating, Nicole Robin actually has to be their sir!

Rob Road did not hesitate to open the mouth: "For some time, all CP departments of the World Government, even those members of the CP0, authorized to give the Navy Parthen's staff, he is our direct boss ..."

"Is our own people ..."

The fengkaki's eyes turned over and slowly opened: "It seems that the mission should be more relaxed ..."

"Well, Mr. Po is actually better than me."

Nicole Robin slowly nodded, whispered: "Let's find a place to place it, temporarily use the seven water as our big camp, I will discuss with Mr. Po, see if it can be controlled in the future Justice ... "

This sentence makes people feel a little less right ...

A demon of the demon of more than 200 million Feile, a wanted criminal that was wanted by the World Government for more than ten years, and he wanted to control the Justice ...

Justice, Malin Fanto and Inberest ...

These are the most important places of the Navy.

CP9's specialists have a little subtle, how to make people feel faintly feel that Nik Robin is a woman ... I don't know how much?


Life is often more exciting than imagining.

Nicole Roben returned to the first half of the great route, gradually dispatched the secretary team in the first half of the Weiwai Airways, gradually sent a revolutionary army to act, and gradually made the world government's focus.

The pharmacist has to apply to the Five Eldest Star to expand the CP department.

This hidden agent organization, the recruitment members have always been cautious, basically will not know for the outsiders, so after a short period of time, the five old stars approved this plan.

Anyway, they only pay attention to CP0, and the remaining CP departments will be tossed.

Nicole Roben brought the twenty dark ninja teams from the country, slowly set up in CP9, which is not weak, and it is also very observed.

Said to be a lord ...

It's really not too much.

In this way, Judic Island has become the expansion CP9 base, the pharmacist has a naval staff, and the home is applying for the highest elder officials in Justic Island.

Time is slowly passing forward.

In the first half of the great route, the discounted eyes of the organization were all over the seven routes; in the second half of the great route, Xi Xiaomei was developed as thriving.

Three years later.

Shangyuan Nairi and others came to this large sea for three years, the big sea gradually began to become calm, but under this calm, there is a bigger wind and waves.

Shangyuan Nairo also received a philostel of the pharmacist.

"There are more and more people in the world, Justas Kid, North China Sea, Hawkins and Trafalga Luo, this group of new people seem to be very lively, and the West Sea Kapeng Belle Base, it is estimated that it is necessary to enter the great route ... "

"What about the East China Sea?"

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt some curiosity.

Why is there no news in the East Sea?

Lu Fei is a man who has to become a pirate, now there is no companion, or use a Swordsman who is called Rocirona Sauon?

Some of the sound of the pharmacist ("Donghai is also a clown Pakistan and Crek, a group of small pirates ... this year doesn't seem to have a new person ... still the weakest sea.

However, the time ago, Kapu will send some temper. His grandson Munqi D. Lu fly as if they are pirates, I remember that the hometown in Qa Pu is the East China Sea. "

When I said here, the pharmacist came to think about what. He suddenly opened: "I received a message, I have seen it a few days ago, Joracell Mikock seems to go to the East China Sea. I don't know his purpose. What is it ... "

"..., tune me back!"

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, slowly swallowing: "As a navy, it is always the same holiday in the country, it feels a bit to don't help himself ..."