I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 512 I am Montage D · Luffy, will become a man of the One Piece!

Three years have passed.

The original navy came up with him or a navy.

However, the colonel of the Navy's high-level navigation, the undercover, the colonel, the colonel of the country is very heavy, because Shangji Nai is often able to bring information about Xiaoyu and Baorence.

This is really ...

CP0 is difficult to do!

Because the organization completely blocks the country, anyone else can not be placed in addition to members of the country who originally lived and the country.

It's really not easy to say that I want to come back and continue to be a navy or it is not easy to go back.

When I wanted to come back, I naturally need a pharmacist to help it. This problem is not difficult to solve, as long as the original navigation, someone doubts his identity as a reason, it is enough to escape to Malin Fan.

For thousands of people ...

The pharmacist even suggested that a general general will pick up the original navigation.

This thing is true to make the Navy's three major people couldn't help but scratch the head. Can that leader can't wait to be in the country?

If it is said to be the original navigation ...

This kind of thing is obviously impossible.

According to the attitude of the pharmacist, Shangyuan Na Raised is naturally unable to drag, only the fastest yellow , pick up the original naissa.

This world is really magical.

The Navy's generals actually have to take the initiative to meet a black hand of the world to return to Ma Lin, who knows that the original na will be immersed in so long, I want to provoke anything ...


In the office of the Navy Marshal, the Warring States Marshal is solemnly thoroughly taught: "Being necessary to bring back Malin Fantano, he has mastered many detailed information about the country. It is very good for us. Help. "

"What should I don't show ..."

The mouth of the yellow goblin has grinned a weird smile: "Even if I have an accident, the original neighborhood will definitely don't do something ..."

To be honest.

His Navy's general may be higher.

"Huang Hua will not be too much to worry about the danger of this action."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and he looked at the opening of the yellow ok. The most correct choice. "


The yellow and slowed the point to nod.

The threat of this sentence is not too heavy.

In the pharmacist, it seems that it is true that the yellow bay is heavy in his own safety, and it is still a sentence.

But if you know what they know, the pharmacist is really meaning, that is, the neighbors of this navy and the original Nairi will come back, or he will never come back ...

Because the beast is all people.

The trip of the yellow ok is very smooth.

When the yellow gamma arrived and the foreign sea, the last navigation has already left the country, and the sea is waiting for the country to wait for this general to welcome him.

At this moment.

The first leader wrinkled his own brow, liaison with the phone in his hand: "Hey, Mihok, are you in the East China Sea?"


On the other end of the nemmobile, the sound of a gold iron strike, Joracell Michake holds the phone, while still fighting with his opponent.

After a short one second.

The sound of this golden iron was stopped.

Joracell Michac in the phone is slowly swallowed: "I am on the sea restaurant in the East China Sea, I have just met a little guy who I have just mean, I thought he was a light, I didn't expect him to have a swordsman's heart ... "

After Mihof slowly finished, Miko was whisned: "Now things have been over ... What is the command?"

"Nothing, I will ask."

Shangyuan Nai fell in a slightly curious, touch his own chin, asked on the side: "Take a look, is that a little bit of small guy is a green algae head, with a three-knife?"


Miho's voice has some hesitized.

East China Sea, Maritime Restaurants near Balati.

Mihof just defeated a three-knife swordsman who had a green algae, he slowly cleared the phone in his hand, and the voice of the phone is gradually gaining.

"I really didn't think ..."

Mi Hof's forehead gradually dropped a sweat: "Even in your stay, you can know everything happening here now?"

"take it easy."

The Shangyuan Nairo in the phone is calm the mood of Miko, and he laughed and continued to open: "Okay, I don't have anything else, tell you the little guy in front of him, but he actually has become the potential of the navigator. "

After that, the teemon is hanging up.

Mihok was silent for a while, she received her own phone, and he looked at the green algae swordsman in front of him, and his face flashed an apology.

"Sorry, Rocona Sauon, I originally approved that you are willing to be generous to die in order to become the world's strongest swordsman, I should respect the battle between you, but people who call this phone are me. Unable to reject. "

"It's ok."

The green algae head is grinned, revealing a bit of laughing, shakes his head to continue: "It seems that I lose more than I imagined, even if you are distracted in battle, you can defeat me, this is the world's most Is strong power? "

This green algae swordsman collapsed his own weapon, turned to the eagle eye extended his arm and put a gesture of death.

"what do you mean?"

Miho's eyes stared at the swordsman in front of him. He remembered that he was defeated in the original navigation, it was such a generous to die!

"Just kill me!"

The eyes of Solaron flashed, and his face gradually exposed a smile: "If you kill me! If a sword is dead, he has hurt behind him, it is a swordsman shame! "


Joracell Michac took a nodded.

Next, Mihof slammed the black knife in his hand, and the sodal's chest was cut off again, and the blood was sprayed out in an instant!

This young swordsman ...

I fell into the sea!


A burst of heart-free anger sounds in this!

A little guy with a straw hat jumped over the eagle eye hooded, and a punch is going to be on Mihok.

"He is still not dead."

Mihof is light and easy to escape the attack.

Mihof is closed when he swars a knife, and the injury of Rocirona Sauon is not deadly, soon he was got up from the sea.

"All right."

The eyes of Joracell Mikock fell on the body of Rocona, his voice became high: "If you want to die, it is too early to you, this world. The strongest sword, you haven't seen it all over! "

Just as everyone thinks that the world's strongest Sword Hawk is to motivate this post-generation, the eagle eye is the expression of the eagle eye.

The world's strongest Sword Hao has collapsed his own black knife, whisper: "Slowly learn to recognize himself, know the world, learn more!

When you really become strong, when you see the strongest strength of the world, the real weak desperation will come on your body, continue to move, Rocona Sauon!

The pain you have to bear is actually just now, but there is still a desperate you are unimaginable! "


The expression of all people in the field is slightly subtle.

How is this taste a little strange?

This eagle eye is really in motivating the versa of the Solaron, not persuading this consecutive generation to give up the swordsman.

What is painful just beginning ...

What is the truly desperate?

When anyone hears this, I can't help but want to give up?

Rocona Sauon suddenly coughed a few mouthfuls of water, he strongly supported high channels: "Hey, no matter how much pain in front, I will definitely give up, the world's strongest big sword, I will never don't Will give up, until you die, you will not give up! "


Miko's face was suddenly revealed, he slowly nodded, high: "So, remember that you have said today!"

Such a good swordsman seedling ...

It's too wasteful to become a navigator.

After Miho, slowly turned to look at the little guy wearing a straw hat around, his eagle gradually became sharp, just when he wanted to say something, the voice of the phone is rapid Rang.



Miho's face was faintly black, he put this unfained pressure, turned on the phone in his hand, quietly opening: "Is there anything else? I may still be there Have a more interesting young man ... "

One let the incense abandoned the arm ...

Gamble, the world's future pirates!

"Hey, there is really ..."

The Shangyuan Nairou in the phone is somewhat fluttering, he slowly opens: "Is the young man you said?"


Michac nodded calmly.

At this moment, he is no longer surprised that Shang Shangnai's omnipotent.

Shangyuan, the Shangyuan, in the phone, and the opening continued: "If he still wants to become a pirate, then help him let him quite king addiction!"

"What do you mean?"

Miho's eyes have some doubts.

In the next second, the bad voice of the original Nairies fell in the ear of Mihoker through the phone: "Let me hit him. By the way, I will tell him that a naval colonel called Shangji, is rushing to the East China Road. , Ordered all the pirates in the East China Sea ... "

After that, Shangyuan Na will hang up the phone.


Joracell Michac couldn't help but frown, re-collapsed the phone, and looked at the straw hat pirate in front of him: "What is your name?"

"I am Montage D · Luffy!"

The straw hat hovered a thumb, his face revealed a confident smile: "It will become a man of the One Piece!"