I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 513 Straw Hat One Piece

It's really a confident little guy.

Springs D · Luffy standing in front of the Eagle Eye Michac, when he wants to become a pirate, do not know the difficulty of this matter at all.

The eagle eye hopker flashed, whispered: "I want to be a pirate, this is the difficulty of becoming the world's first big sword."

This is not an eagle eye.

It is said that the eagle eye is thinking that I want to be the true world's first big sword, so I must defeat the terrible man of the original navigation.

Want to become a pirate ...

I must also beat the man's man.

Justice from the Eagle Eye Michac's understanding of Shangyuan Na.

Once the original navigation mentioned someone, this person happens to have not joined the organization, which means that his life may be more unlucky.

That is to say ...

Whether it is Munqi D · Lu Fei or Rocona Sauon, it may face the original Nairi's control. They want to achieve their dreams, and it is difficult to make a person who will be alone.

It's a pity ...

I don't know where the two little guys can go!

Just when the eagle eye Mihok sighed, the road flew smiled and spit his tongue: "I don't care! Anyway, I will be a Shanghai thief!"


The eagle eye is silent for a while, step by step is close to: "Why do you have to become a pirate?"

"Because I think."

Montage D · Road flew his fist, flashing on his face and firm: "So I must be a Shanghai Thief!"

His theory is not quite simple.

What is the reason why Monchi D · Luffy is very simpler than what other people mentioned in the world and the wealth of the world and the big secret treasure.

Because I want ...

Be sure to do it!

However, the eagle eye hooded frowned, and a punch was smashed in the small belly of Lufei. He didn't help but bend his waist: "What is your guy ..."

"Remember this time at this time."

The eagle eye hooded recovered his fists, looked quietly, and the opening continued: "If you want to become a pirate, you must become stronger ... strong exceed the previous One Pirate Downer D. Luo Jeirlry! "

Even if it is based on the roughness of the Eagle Eye Michac, he believes that the original navigation will definitely be more than the power of Gorr D. Roger One Piece!

The eagle eye hooded flying on his coffin boat and looked at the road to high voice: "The little ghost, your true test is just coming, this is just a appetizer ..."

"what the hell…"

Lu Fei couldn't help but mutter.

The eagle eye is not explained too much. He just drove his coffin ship slowly sail, leaving the last sentence for Lu Fei and others.

"There will be a navy to be ordered to come to the East China Sea. The name of the naval officer is called Shang Na, and his strength can easily destroy all the pirates in the East China Sea. You don't want to enter the great route ..."

When leaving, the eagle looked at the Krickshair group near the Balati restaurant, and a knife was completely disintegrating the Creckhai thief.

This is also a discouraged ...

The road flew her head and looked at the eagle eye gram, and suddenly couldn't help but hear: "Hey? Shangyuan guy finally became the Navy? I thought that guy may not be a navy, I want to invite him to join me. One thief group! "

Unfortunately, Lu Fei is not heard by the eagle.

Others don't pay attention to the road.

The sea restaurant is a frying pan between Balati.

"Shangyuan Nair ... Is the Shangyuan Needle, who has been here,?"

"That eaten a meal, also grabbed three million baili's bailout?"

"I heard that Shanzhi is very fast!"

A group of chefs suddenly called.

Just when they were noisy, a voice suddenly fell in their ears: "That, you said Shangyuan Nair ... Is it a laughter and be very good, but don't be a guy?"

The person in question is a beautiful girl.

This beautiful girl is from Namei from Coca Village, which is currently temporarily serving the Temporary Navigator.

Although Cocoa Village has no discounted in Alan House ...

But Nami did not change the problem of his own thief, not to mention the new trouble now, that is, the Mouse, Donghai Branch.

After the mouse was dead in Aole, he did not find the right financial resources. He heard that Na Beauty's thief was threatened by the Dragon Heief.


When Namei heard the original navigation, it became a hidden god in the moment: "The guy has become a navy?"

Original Namei also wants to act with the rumble group of Lu Fei, then after he goes to the great route, he will sneak the original navigation!

Because Namei has remembered that the original Na Ruo has said that Cocoa Village will also face the threat of the world's strongest pirates White Bearded One Piece ...

Originally Namei also wants to rely on the Baroque Totocope, the result of the three years, the situation in the sea is like a cloud.

The Baroque Total is dying.

Shangyuan Needa did not know, this is also Namei once again heard the original Nairi.


Here I heard that guy became the Navy.

This thing makes Namei's heart, and she has always been used by the original identity of the Eastern Sea Branch base. Let her only continue to make money!

"Ah, beautiful lady ..."

Sea Restaurant Balati's chef Shanzhi stepping on an elegant foot, appearing around Namei: "Do you know the bastard of the original naval? I just heard it, the Shangyuan Nairo in your mouth is once Balati ravaged people! "

After that, the mountain is not vague.

This chef said that the sea restaurant Balati once received the original Needle, and they were deliberately prepared to pick up the feast of the problem.

It is even also grabbed three million baili in the name of a waste time.

"What is 3 million baili ..."

Namei's face flashed an angry, she reached out his palm: "Three years ago, more than 3 million Bailei, was taken away by the guy!"

It's still angry now!

Because Shangji Nai returned to the Pelilers who had worked hard, they also dug a lot of Belmel's orange trees.

Two people chatting and talking about some hungee.

Munqi D · Lu flew in their side, smiled and said: "I know this thing, Shangyuan is to help people like Maceno, will take away your Bailee bar. ! "

"To shut up!"

Namei couldn't help but smash the head of Lu Fei: "Your guy doesn't know all! The guy is a good person ... But do you know how much is the guy?"

"That is!"

Mountain is also licking in Namei.

Namiyi fists in the head of the mountains: "Hey, don't be too much, although the guy is not a good person, it is not so bad ..."

At least, he destroyed Along.

At least, no one is dead again throughout Cocoa Village.

At least, the entire Coco Village has also renounced freedom, the only unfortunately, Namei is taken away from wealth.

Lu Fei and Mountain Can't help each other, and turned his head to Namei. How is this woman's personality?

Does she want to marry?

Only two of them have not continued to think about Namei.

Lu Fei sincerely invites Mountain, this chef has joined his own pirates. The first thing to do in the straw hat pirates is to hide the upcoming murder!

This kind of thing ...

Shanzhi really agreed.

Shanzhi joins the 100 pirates, wants to find allblue, but also want to solve the trouble of the original navigation, and the mountains still remember the threat of the original navigation.

That rascal…

Know that he is a member of Wens Mark!

After Lu Fei went out of the sea, his trajectory didn't seem to change. He met Namei, Roculoa Soon and Uso, and a Meri One Piece.

Now, the chef of the mountains, let the straw hat pirates have a complete class, and they can finally go to the great route.


Namei is a bit worried that the Ministry of East China Harbor is a mouse, and therefore, it is conceivable in Cocoa Village. After all, the guy seems to be with the same greed as an upland ...

"Forget it, I can only take a step."

Namei looked at this group of guys around him, and the brows couldn't help and jumped: "Is this group really able to enter the great route?"