I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 514, one may become the generals of the whole army

It's really fate.

The entire straw cap will now only five people.

However, three of them have seen the original navigation, Nami and Mountains are very complicated to him. Monchi D · Luffy This no brain has been defending the original navigation.

Lu Fei looked at the beauty, and looked at mountain cure, thinking about his own head, thinking about it, his mouth was dooding.

"I don't care."

The road is flying on the sheep head of the gold Mei Li: "My sister said, although he also grabbed your money, but the original navigation is indeed a good person, waiting for you to see him in the future. I know! "


There is a cigarette in the mouth of mountains, and said slowly: "The guy is not bad!"

"Okay, don't say so much ..."

Upopo did not see the original navigation, he suddenly mention another thing that the eagle is coming, "said that it is back, the eagle is not to say, the people who call the original naval will come to the East China Sea right away. We will not encounter him ... "

"Then I can't continue to delay!"

Nami's face flashed the last face of the original navigation, she squatted on the railing of the gold Mei Li: "I have to go back to Coca Village and Niki to say, then we will go to great Way! "

to be frank…

Namei still wanted to see the original navigation on the side, but she was afraid that she was so hard to take the money and bitter money, and the Shanghai Branch's mouse was also fraudulent, who knows that Shangji is returned again. Grab money?

Do not…

According to the bad fortune of that person, will it be grab?

In fact, Nazi is more thinking, Shangyuan Na is rushing to the Cocoa Village, he is still rushing from the new world to Marlin Fanto Miluo, who is in the New World, because the Navy's Marshal Warland will make him as a face.

And if you want to enter the first half of the great navigation route from the new world, you can only pass the fish island or the way to San Mariya.

According to the meaning of Huanghuo, he naturally hopes more than a matter of less, in case the original navigation is humiliated by the Tianlong people, it directly ruined Mary Joya?

It is still a more provincial route to take the fish island.

After all, the fish island is a well-known site.

The yellowness touched his own chin, looked down at the Shangyuan in front of himself, laughed: "We can see Mr. Head from the fish island.

In the past few years, the World Government is still very satisfied with several kings of our kings, because they have fulfilled the responsibility of the Queen Seven Wuhai ... "

"Don't go to the fish island."

Shangji fell, shook his head, slowly opened: "I want to see the holy land Mario, the five old stars of the World Government are not interested in see me?"

"What this ..."

Huang Ji couldn't help but touch his own chin, and his eyes gradually became a bit. Is this leader really not a little?

Five old stars can be the highest head of the world, how can they come to see a navy collee in the district, and even the Navy is not easy to see them ...

"Forget it."

Perhaps because of the three years in and the country, the character of Shangyuan Needar seems to have become a lot, he just looked up at the red soil continent that became getting closer and closer, slightly sighed.

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "It seems that when Mary Qiao is a ruin, it is time we really meet!"


The expression of the yellow ok is some subtle, he slowly swallowed: "Should not only be here ... maybe you can see it!"

When I said here, the yellow goblin continued: "After we returned to Malin Fanto, Shangyuan Mr. is inherited and the country is active, will definitely be promoted ..."

"For three years ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell together to have his palm, sighed in the air: "The life of these three years is not people who can pass ..."


The expression of the yellow ok is more subtle.

The Navy's general gods showed a wipe with a weird smile: "Is God's life? Mr. Shangyuan is going to walk in the world's gods ... What is the interesting thing happening?"


Shang Nai was frowned, I didn't want to say it with the yellow.

The reason why the neighborhood is not good, of course, is not because of Xiaonan and Hui Night, but because the plates of the whole tissue are getting bigger and bigger.

Dienda woven, has also begun to gradually produce some factions.

Among them, the head of the eagle is naturally a member of the four-generation Lei Ying and other members. They believe that Ninja is used to this world's power system, and master enough strength, you can gradually invade this world.

Because the growth rate of the Ninja will continue to rise, but the land of the endurance cannot let the five big fortune continue to be distributed, they can only find ways to develop in the new world.

This is also in line with the meanings of the beast.

Whether it is a beast Camino or a Franmin, it is very agreed with this proposal, because they also want to take some a cup, the whole tissue strength is so powerful, do not rule the world, nest and the country of this small place What about a child?

Since there is an eagle party.

Naturally, some pigeons will be derived.

With the Navy's general, the Pharmacist is headed, and the three generals are actually a pigeon party in the tissue. They pursue the rules of a smooth transition, and they don't want the world to happen too much.

If you can…

It is best to join the country to the country to join the World Government, gradually passing these undercover, slowly ingest the power of the World Government.

Really touched ...

In these three years, the three generals gradually habits the rules of the organization. In order to get enough statements, the green swan is more than once, Nik Robin, and some little idea.

For example, wooling the peace of the five big fortune.

For example, sneak in the ground to pick up the neighborhood generals who can't see the style of the world government, waiting for a day to let these Chinese will join the tissue ...

According to the division of strength, the power of the Navy's department is not low, enough to join the tissue becoming a real member.

Navy ... ...

But there is a lot of middle general!

In the case of all, if you can join the tissue, you will get enough to get the top five of the five rivals in the class!

In the future, the organization is really going to rule the world, and these middle general will be the key to the navy's quality of the organization.

The current Navy's three major will, and the relationship between them has become a little quirky, and will meet privately from time to time.

At the internal meeting of the organization, the three major actors often be headed by green, and the greenness is not bad, because the red dog is very easy to sin.

If they discuss the Navy in Malin Fanto ...

The two people will definitely argue with red dogs and cyan.

In addition to the eagle and pigeon, there is a group of middle part of the middle party, such as Xiaoshan, Hui Night, Black, Art One Piece, Corner, Cartry and others ...

There are many key votes in these people.

No matter who is unable to ignore them, these middle schools are not strong, but they are the earliest members of the organization, holding thunder's voting rights.

Anyone wants to convince this group of unstead of unsteading a semi-retired state, it is difficult to advise the original navigation.

Just as the original navigation is still thinking about it, Mary Qia finally arrived, which is located in the Holy Land of the Peak of the Red Soil Continent.

The living place of the world's aristocrat.

The World Government and the highest power five old stars.

Because Mary Joa is located in the places, most people want to apply to the World Government through Maroa, and of course, the Navy's general general does not have this limit.

"The location of this city is really good ..."

Shang Nai, looking at Marie Joya's landscape, wrinkled her brow: "When we ruined this city, I will rebuild a new city here!"


The mouth of the yellow ok is griented with an armed smile. He has a hurry: "If you don't want to ruin Marie Qiaoa at this time, don't you have this place, say such a danger ..."


Shangyuan, looked up, and left on the face of the yellow ozzid: "Pu Saleno, do you see if I am a person who is unobstructed?"

"Of course, it is not like."

The yellow and slow swallows shook his head, only explained: "I just worry, if there is any Tianlong people dare to take the words of Shanghao ..."


The original neighborhood stretched his fingers, refers to his own mind: "I will forgive me that there is no brain, after all, I am a very large and wide person ..."


The yellow squat does not change color place.

If you seriously say, for the members of the organization, as long as they don't regain their loyalty, the Shangyuan Na will be very generous.

The yellow gob can only hope that the dragon people understand something little ...

However, it is not very clever.

When they entered Mariya, they met a Tianlong people riding a piolino, a group of guards wearing a black wearing a black suit, and a pair looks like to be high.

The world's aristocialist is different.

Even if it is the original navigation, I can't help but have a little embarrassment, just a general Tianlong people, the school is better than the leader of this well-being!

"Ah hahaha, is Busasolino ..."

This Tianlong people know the Huanghuo's neighborhood.

Because the dragon people don't have anything in the sea, the first past support is the general of the Navy, which is also a person who can trust the Tianlong people.

However, the eyes of this Tianlong people have passed through the yellow ok, slowly falling on the original navigation around the yellow and oysters, which is a strange youth.

The Tianlong people's face clearly flashed an angry, he immediately reached out his pistol: "Hey, people, how do you dare to be in front of me ...


The eyesight microscopic solidification of Shangyuan Neo.

"Charldor Luosheng."

Huang Ji couldn't help but interrupted the dragon people, slowly reach out to hand care for his chin: "We still have to leave here, Marshal Vantomo's Warring States Marshal and Pharmacist will have important things, think I have to see him! "

"Oh hahaha ... people in the parenchman?"

When I heard the yellow ok, the Tanglong people suddenly flashed a bright color, he slowly nodded: "Then this time I barely let him ..."

After that, this originally used guys who have left their guards and slaves from their own guidelines.

At the last back, I looked at the back of him. I took a little book from my own body. After writing a name, I just asked: "How, do you have a lot in this group?"


The yellow goblooked at the original naval wrote a name of Charddo, apparent that the ending of this name should not be too good, the mouth of the yellow squat can't help it: "Mr. Shang is not to say his own memory. Very good ... "

"Good memory is not as bad as a pen."

Shangyuan Na will have a small book, continue to ask: "Is it just a medium, is it in the eyes of the Dragon?"

"Ha ha…"

Huang Ji shook his head and spread his hand: "Don't be a general naval in the general naval, now he has already supported the support of Five old Star and a part of the dragon people, these Tianlong people have no way, also Will not deliberately go to the pocket ... "

Now the pharmacist speaks multi-vocational, the highest eunuch of the World Government, the highest eunuch of the World Government CP, the highest eunuch of the Navy SWORD, and the Navy will be the smallest position.

If you count this ...

Coupled with the Naval Science Force under the yellow , the pharmacist has almost touched all the departments.

When the yellow gang said here, the smile on the face gradually became a little quirky and complicated: "According to the current situation, the big probability will be the next World Government after the empty handsome will retire. Handsome ... "

This position ...

Also on the marks of the Navy.

"Is it a joke? Join the Navy for three years?"

Shangqi Needle is full of question marks, if this is true, the pharmacist pockets the way of this undercover, it is too much to be too heavy?

"No, it's true ..."

Huang Ji shook his head and couldn't help but show a smile: "Because the Warring States Marshal and Five Star often have some contradictions, the Marshal of Warring States is also very old, and the future is a bit difficult to continue the position of the generals.

Interestingly, because the poles officially succeeded in the highest eunuch of the World Government Spyware CP, he is more likely to understand the meaning of Five Star than the Warring States Marshal.

Five old stars may have crossed the ruling rules of the Navy, and will become a new military commander from the direction of the World Government.

Although there may be an overhead transitioner, but the future, the future, the world is unsuved, it is estimated that it is about four or five years old ... "