I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 515, the dark fruit of the world

Mary Qiao is really terrible.

The people here really have few brains.

When I left Mary Joya, I was actually written for seven or eight names in Xiao Bang, whether she had a man, who is in Mary Qiaoa.

The yellow ok looked at the little bonus in the hands of the original navigation. I couldn't help but curiously open: "What will I do in the future?"

"You will know how to know ..."

Shangyuan Na will slowly put away his little book, he turned to look at Marie Joa's direction: "Destiny has already made its choice ... let's go!"

Marin Fanto.

Today's navy headquarters is a bit lively.

In addition to the neighborhood of the Navy's naval, the army of the army, the generals that have been inspected in the first half are actually there.

Even recently hot, I have been rushing over the pharmacist sitting in the town of Justic Island, Capu, the Hehong will wait for a harmonious high level.

When you see the pharmacist, the face is still a little surprised: "How do you return to Malin Fan?"

to be frank.

The crane will be bored with the sensory of the pharmacist.

Originally she has always been optimistic about the pharmacist who will develop in the Navy. I didn't expect it for a few years, I have already climbed to a higher position, and even have become the opponent of the Warring States future.

The pharmacist will still be humble to the crane. He slowly pushed his glasses and smiled: "Shangyuan Needa, I have to go back to Ma Lin Fan multi-story, I want to welcome our Sword troops. Returning ... "

In fact, the Navy's broth and two guys in the red dog are also in order to meet the original navigation, staying in Malin Fanto.

These two navy general ...

In fact, it is more worried that the original navigation will blow Malin Fan Doluo.

If you hear the pharmacist, the brow in the crane couldn't help but wrinkle: "Is it for the information about Xiao?"


The pharmacist nodded and smiled and continued: "This time, Malin Fano is needed to get the specific intelligence from the original Nairi to the school ... I need a detailed information to provide a more suitable plan for the five old stars."


The crane will fall into silence.

This once made her think that it is enough to pick up the harmonic banner, but slowly use the navy into the world government as the pedal, which has become the red man in the five old stars.

But this can't say wrong ...

After all, the pharmacist has a level of talents, whether it is in the World Government or in the Navy, will be reused, he will go sooner or later.

The pharmacist looked at the complex crane in the look and whispered: "This matter is also a newcomer's future, this year's new people seem to be more unusual.

We have to consider the future of the Navy in the first half of the great route in the past half of the great navigation in accordance with the threat of the TX. "

This year's pirates ...

It is indeed a lot of heads.

Or there are a lot of thieves in each year, and the pirates who have taken out this year have some powerful, the naval of the North Sea, the South China Sea and the West Sea has been suppressed.

The great route has appeared two super new stars this year.

A tall naval will stand around the pharmacist, scratch your hair, slowly swallowing the way: "What is the new people like it? Why didn't I feel particularly unfortunate? What is powerful ... "

"Storeli in Storeli."

The pharmacist looked at this naval general, explained carefully: "Those who can stand out from the four seas and enter the great navigation road, the future means they have posited to the navy ..."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued to say: "Things really appear like a fist in the year of the year ..."

"Fire Ash?"

Storeli will not endured his own brows, whispered: "The guy also did not cause a lot of trouble to the navy, but his greatest harm is his companion Yishe Sasuke ..."

Just as they discuss Potkas D. Es and Yuxi Sasuke, the White Beat One Piece in the second half of the new world is fierce.

This is a hundred pirate chart challenged a white beard.

Since the number of white beards, fewer times, the pirates of the new world gradually be perceived, the strongest man in the world may be really old!

If you don't challenge his words ...

White beard may have been dead!

This war was completely opened in the white beard sea!

The big ship that came to challenge the white beard consisted of several super-large pirates of the new world. The ships of the big ship group were unparalleled, and there was a hundred pirates, and the attitude of the challenger. Entered a white beard sea.

This big ship team was divided into three roads, but still maintained absolute power to defeat the hundred thieves of the white beard, from three routes from the team of the White Beard.

The first quartz, the third team, the 5th team, the sixth team, the 10th team in the leader Malco and the drilling of the enemy, the 11th to 16th team captain Responsible for the enemy of the right wing.

The second team, the fourth team, the 7th team, the 8th team and the 9th team were responsible for the strong enemy of the middle under the leadership of the white beard.

Tedu to fly in the air!

There are countless pirates on the sea.

Yuxi Bozuo manipulates that it is necessary to get out of a piece of pick, open the enemy, and dozens of pirates have been cut down every few pirats!

This war does not require the shots of White Beard Edward New Gette. When Yiszo Sasa, it has laid a victory.

After the battle is over.

This super big ship is completely broken down, and only a few boats are like fleeted, and the white beards will not pursue, and the battlefield is slowly cleaved.

Mobi Dick.

The fourth team captain Saqi hugged back, his face was a little happy: "Hey, Es, Sasuke, come and see what I found!"

"Thank, Tiqi."

Yuxi Bozuo reached out to the juice of Marshall D. Tiqi, he slowly looked at Saqi direction: "What is your homewood? Don't engage in the rare weird The cuisine ... "

Because Saqi is the captain of the 4th team, it is also a chef on the perisolic thief, which will definitely find ingredients every day.


The face of Es is suddenly revealed, he looked at the things in Saqi, couldn't help but surprised: "Devil Fruit?"


Saqi reached out with an image of a weird devil: "It's so good, actually found a devil fruit ..."

"It's enough."

Yizhi Bo saga has a little bit of abandonment: "Eat it! It seems that you will take you on the sea after you have lost your home ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

The whole Mobik did a big laugh.

Ice is around Saqi, smiles, so that Saqi: "I will try to taste it, let us see what the ability is, it is a bit like nature ..."


Savi fused his head, thinking about it after a while, said: "I have to consider it. If a chef eats the devil fruit, it will delay in the sea to find ingredients ..."

"But you will make your strength."

After Yuxi Bo saga, he couldn't help but hear: "It seems that it is not right, unless the shock fruit of the old man or the troubles of the Navy's trouble, the other fruit is not like ..."

When I said here, Yuxio Sasuke even picked a typical: "You see the Malco guy, clearly eat a vantive fruit, but in addition to a hidden sandbag, it seems to use ..."

"Hey, Sasuke, this is too much!"

"Hahahahaha, but the fruit ability of Malco is indeed too strange!"

"If the natural act is awakening, the recovery ability seems to be not bad ... but Malco's fruit is very handsome!"

... "

After Yuxio Sasuo took a habit, he couldn't help but follow: "But Malco is ugly ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

The entire Mobiki is immediately for a happy ocean.

What have you had to say, since Yuxi Bozuo is incorporated into the White Beard One Piece, these members are gradually familiar with the character of Unechebra, and the entire White Beard One Piece member is almost treating Unexpea as his brother. .

Although this guy's mouth is very poisonous, I like to install cool ...

Every time I mentioned the battle or strength, I always have a slag, which is a slag, except for the fighting power of others ...


Yisi Bozuo is more made as a white beard.

The whole white beard is almost can't pick a few people who have not received Yizuo. Whenever they encounter dangerous, once they have issued a sign, the first to support the most, must be a taller!

In addition, no matter who encounters trouble, Yizhiso will help it, his strength is only in white beard in white beard.

Just as the Mobis didn't come back, when I secretly laughed, I secretly joke this old brother, Yischo Sasuke suddenly noticed Marshall D. Tiji's face weird.

The second team of the old team, the old team, at this moment, is a bit wrong and complicated, as if I saw something surprised.

"I remember the last time I got a demon fruit illustration, and later borrowed away, now who is coming ..."

When Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled, he couldn't help but looked up Tiji: "Well? Tiqi, what happened?"

"Thief hahaha ... okay."

Tiqi hurriedly revealed a smile, and some of them were shaking: "I just remembered that today I saw the cherry part of being tramined on a ship ..."

"Then let Saqi will help you today!"

Ais-h-ha ha shot took the shoulder of Saic: "He has got a demon fruit today! Today, you must start a banquet!"


Yuxio slammed his head and shook his head, whispered: "Hey, the devil fruit map is in the way, check what the devil fruit that Saqi just get today, the value is not worth a food, this group is said to be very difficult Things to eat…"

"I am here!"

Some pirates who borrowed the evil fruit temptation took the demon fruit illustration of the hand, and looked at the fruit in Saqi's hand, whispered: "This is actually recorded, found!"


Marshall D. Tiji's face changed.

Next moment, the fighter slowly said the name of the devil fruit in Sai: "It seems to be rubber fruit ..."


Marshall D. Tiji's face is slightly slow.

Potkas D · Ees didn't help but highly said: "Hey, feed, a little careful, my younger brother Lu Fei is rubber fruit, he should only go out of the sea this year ... etc ... Wait ... Lu Fei, Is there a way? "

"Shut up, idiot!"

Yuxi Bozuo helps a punch on the head of Es, can't help but say: "No matter how this fruit is more like a natural system?"

"found it!"

The sound of the pirate has reached the ear of everyone: "The fruit in Sachi is like it is called ... Dark fruit ..."


Yiszhike Sasuke's expression couldn't help but stiff.

Potkas D · Ees screamed his head, knead his forehead: "I seem to have heard of this fruit name."

Next moment, Ais suddenly reacted: "Hey? Sasuke, do you say that I have been looking for this fruit? When we met him for the first time, there would be a few times before he came to our pirate group to visit. When I mentioned it! "